23 Oct 2011

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Tis the season of the trailers in the build-up to the holidays season, the Oscar season, and even the summer season 2012 >_>; Release dates are according to Eventcinemas, and trailers are linked from IMDB which I don't think you can embed =/

Contagion (Currently showing): I'm actually only putting this link here because the comments are so stupid they make me laugh and restore my faith in the depth of human stupidity. Quote: "For years conventional medicine believes that viruses cause diseases. So far there is no one single proof about the existence of viruses. It is not viruses that kill people but the couple of symptoms associated to a specific emotional-organ disruption that is most of the time healing."...amongst many more.

Puss in Boots (8 December 2011): this trailer makes me LOL non-stop. The first trailer was mediocre, but both the 2nd and 3rd were hilarious. "Show him the golden eggs---" 'NO!!!" XDDDDDDD (Calling to mind Gintama there HAHA) Dreamworks is great at doing female characters with, ahem, character, and great at intertextual humour (wow, haven't used this word since year 12), and always reliable at making feel-good movies without ramming a sentimental message down our throats...want to watch!

TinTin (Boxing Day 2011): the extended trailer looks much better than the first trailer, which looked oddly stiff and plastic. This version better portrays the dynamic movements that they're able to achieve with the 3D animation technology and actually makes me want to watch it. It also looks like they've tweaked the story quite a bit to make it faster and bigger and louder, which is fine by me, since it's a comic after all XD

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (5 January 2012): From what we can see of the trailer, basically the movie is best summarised as more fighting, more explosions and more Holmes-and-Watson-bromance. Ah well, as long as they're having fun.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (12 January 2012): I really need to read the book, but I'm not sure I can stomach something dark and twisted at the moment Orz I am bemused by the fact that Daniel Craig (and most of the other characters) keeps his British accent and yet Lisbeth speaks with a...presumably Swedish accent that she slips in and out of >_>;

Hugo (12 January 2011): I love the look of the set. It looks very magical and very Oliver Twist and it makes me want to go read the book XD I'm a bit confused about the crediting of Depp in the cast, his name was removed a while back and now it's back on so I don't know what's happening.

The Avengers (25 April 2012): The most awaited trailer of all time...by me XDDD There is such a huge geek factor in this movie. I've never even read Marvel comics (or for that matter, DC comics). But at least now I know Batman is DC and X-men are Marvel. The things you learn....*rolls eyes*

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (no release date, currently out overseas T-T): another book adaptation for which I haven't read the source material. However, with a cast list that reads like some of the most venerable British actors of the day and a trailer that looks like more brains than brawn, it's definitely on my to-see list *__*


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