1 Oct 2011

mayoraasei: (Reflective)
So in the week before exams I had a lot of dreams of people dying, getting killed, killing each other, the usual XD

Had an X-men-like dream yesterday and the people I recounted this to kept saying I should write it as a story XD

Basically there were a bunch of young people who had various superpowers (hence X-men like). They were under some form of threat which I can't remember, but one team was like the "front" team who acted as a distractor. The second team had to break into some sort of...strange building. Amongst the second team was a young man (he looked very Matt Damon-ish =_= I don't even like Matt Damon) and a Chinese girl...or at least a girl who had all the comical conventions with the Chinese robe and bunned hair =_=

Anyhow, apparently the young man has a second personality that was a lot more aggressive but it was also the only personality that had access to his superpowers, but it doesn't come out unless his life is under threat. So the girl, who could fly, took him up to the sky and dropped him in order to make his other personality come out, but she had to fly back down and catch him before he hit the ground just in case. However, because he knew she would catch him, he didn't feel in danger and the other personality wouldn't come out |||||Orz

So she had to fly him up higher and higher, until she got kinda frozen/chilled Iron Man-like in the clouds. The guy's other personality actually likes the girl, so when she was in danger, he finally came out.

When they arrived at the place they were supposed to sneak into, they met their teammates from the other team who said that things were all sorted out. The guy somehow saw that they were shapeshifters/not their real teammates, and without saying anything, grabbed the girl and jumped with her into the giant water tank/pool outside the complex. He swam underwater for a long time and went through a grate, and came out inside a long narrow pool inside the building. And the first thing he did was huggle the girl to make sure she was okay...aww.

The inside of the building was very strange. Basically there were green glass-like walls on both sides of the narrow pool (which was only about 1.5m across) and there were square lights glowing in rows and columns along the wall as though they were some sort of store?

And then more enemies appeared but I woke up =(

Dug through my DVDs yesterday and found 斗茶 which I downloaded ages ago but never got around to watching. It has Vic Zhou and Toda Erika, both of whom I like but......wtf is the story, such a waste of time =________= The dad was such a 萬年綠葉 type actor but he always seems to be pretty likeable XD I knew he was in Ryoumaden but totally forgot he was in MR BRAIN and Shinzanmono LOL.


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