5 Jul 2011


5 Jul 2011 11:10 pm
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You know that horrible feeling you get where you're perpetually stepping forward but contrary to logic the world around you isn't moving and you're just plunkering on in the same spot and you're getting exhausted but when you stop you realise you're still at the same place?

...Or maybe like Sisyphus but instead the summit is still a distant sparkle and you can't stop lest the boulder starts rolling backwards and crush you on its descent. Or something like that.

Anyway, aside from the boulder of impending doom looming constantly like an ominous and vaguely stalkerish storm cloud, I've actually really enjoyed my med terms, which is a vast improvement on last year. Vascular surgery was always so long but there were quite a few interesting cases I had only heard theoretically about but never watched, like open carotid endarterectomy and AAA stenting and varicose veins stripping (really creepy the first time LOL)

Infectious diseases is also really interesting. I've always loved microbiology, and ID is turning out to be a remarkably diverse learning experience. The range of conditions and the complexity of the patients are amazing, and I think I also like the aspect of meeting with very challenging cases but being able to focus on just one aspect of their overall health and manage it. It's probably one of the few medical specialties that focus on getting patients better or cured in a short space of time (unless you're talking about recurrent or chronic infections, then you're in for the long haul). I'm also picking up a lot of antibiotic names, and I can finally differentiate (some) fluroquinolones from (some) aminoglycosides, for example >_>;

A month ago while I was making cake I accidentally caught my finger in a drawer. I was so busy doing the C & E of the R.I.C.E. in order to stop the blood from dripping all over my hand that before I knew what happened my aunt slapped a slob of fresh ash (from burned paper) on the wound. Apparently there is a theory in Chinese medicine - "blood stops when it meets black".

It worked a treat: as I mentioned before the blood was oozing bad enough to trail down my hand, but after the ash went on, even after several hours there was only a small spot of blood on the bandaid I put over it. But then I completely freaked out when, after washing the finger, I realised the ash was not coming off and was completely adherent to the wound ||||||||Orz

Another time I might have taken my aunt's word that it would come off in time, but I had the misfortunate experience of accidentally pricking myself with a pacer 20 years ago and to this day the (graphite) lead that broke off under my skin is still there as an off-colour "mole". It didn't help that no amount of scrubbing or soap would make the pitch black patch even budge. And that the black patch covered half the surface area of all the visible skin between my D.I.P. joint and my nail Orz

Anyway, to cut the long woeful tale short, the whole thing eventually vanished one day, just before the wound itself actually scarred over. Nevertheless, not an experiment I wish repeated unless on a much less visible area ==; It was surprisingly effective actually, because with the ash covering the wound was completely dry, but if I picked the ash off then it would immediately start oozing.

We had a meeting of The Big Bosses today. It's one of those sessions when you realise, in a pinch, who really makes an effort to understand the students whose interests they supposedly foster and represent. My fondness for a number of supervisors has just increased that much more *___* Thank you for acknolwedging people have - and have the right to have - lives and livelihoods outside med.


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