17 May 2011

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By some miracle of divine intervention, I passed my O&G exams. I never ended up looking through the lecture notes, although in defence of my self-preservation instincts, I did read my O&G book cover-to-cover within 2 days...which is either a reflection of my speed-reading skills or...something else.

So I'm technically on break now, which means I am immediately swamped with demands on the perceived free time (especially from parents). Sometimes...well, okay, all the time you'll hear medical students whine about wanting a break, but inertia is one of those horrible things that enacts a force not only physically, but psychologically. The effort of starting up again and dragging your feet out of the mud is so much more than the effort of keeping steam and eyes forward.

Vaguely depressing reflections aside, I managed to catch up on two movies I had always intended to see, which is very productive XD

Tangled was every bit as light-hearted as I hoped it would be. The characters didn't grow on my very much though, and I felt curiously sympathetic towards the evil woman who imprisoned Rapunzel. A woman that smart and manipulative deserves to be queen XD I did like the two non-talking animal sidekicks, who brings a freshness to the comedy. That said, they're not the first non-talking animal sidekicks in a long while, so it's not like Disney is doing anything new. AND (I'm sorry, Disney fans have been getting on my nerves of late) Disney practically invented the annoying talking animal sidekicks trope, so much so that Dreamworks satirised it, so there's no use getting on a high horse about it either way.

After that I decided to choose something somewhat of a classic. Or something somewhat of a defining movie for the Brangelina brand. Unfortunately Mr and Mrs Smith turned out to be excruciatingly slow and mind-numbing, IDGI. And the plot, what plot? It's even worse than Thor *facepalm* I seriously don't get what the movie was trying to do, but in any case it produced a relationship of two very photogenic megastars and a whole hockey team of children and endless magazine fodder, so some good came out of it *rolls eyes*
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In an effort to stay relevant and motivated, I have decided to start a 30 day meme~

Stop using your motivation on uselss stuff like this.

Since I haven't properly watched anime in, like, 3 or 4 years (or however long it's been since Gundam OO scarred me for life), this will be more a memory exercise than a prolonged fangirling session. See, memory exercises, good for you it is XD

In fact, it is so good for you that I am going to do two characters, one from anime and one from J-dramas XDDDD

Day 1 ~ Favourite character
This is hard because I like characters for a lot of different reasons, so in the end I settled for the characters I love to watch.

Kira Yamato
Hijikata lost out by the existence of Tosshi, whom I find unwatchable LOL. Basically Kira won by dint of me never remembering him to have annoyed me too much, and that he was either kicking butt or he was putting up a very impressive fight. The fights he loses are generally more spectacular, but that's another complaint altogether.

After three years of fangirling GS I really don't want to exposit on his character again. Suffice to say he's a nice guy with a whole heap of very understandable insecurities, but who nevertheless got the job done.
Osawa Eriko
This lady hath no rivals, seriously LOL In a society where women traditionally viewed employment as a temporary measure to burn up the time between graduating and marriage, it is always refreshing to see a woman who is more manly than a man XD She's brainy, efficient, poised and at the first sign of danger she'll be off kicking butt...well, someone's butt anyway, although most of the time it seems to be her own team's collective butts...

And how can you say no when she's brought to life by Amami Yuki =3=


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