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If life was Gintama, Gintoki will have a lot to say about this plushie LOL

It's actually supposed to be a cinnamon roll plushie. There are some foods they should just not make plushies for =_=

As much as I love Gintama, sometimes life in that world just does not bear thinking about...especially that time when Edo got taken over by an infestation of space cockroaches each the size of a pony *shudders*

I never really understood the overwhelming popularity of Kamui (I think he is on the verge of overtaking Hijikata in the last character poll) or even of Takasugi...although the latter made a little more sense since the historical characters tend to have their own fanbase. But I did get an occasional twinge of fondness when Takasugi helped Kamui seize control of Harusame.

Kamui still reminds me too much of a powered-up version of Okita, but at least Okita makes a lot more sense to me...even his trigger-happiness, and he tends to have moving side stories. Besides, OkitaXKagura is just plain cute. I wonder if Kagura at any point thinks of him as like her brother. Well...they bicker like a married couple already LOL
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What use is a sinologist if s/he can't speak the language? LOL

But thanks to whoever it was that "vetted" this, we have one of the most (unintentionally) humourous cover to ever grace a scientific magazine:
studying physics for hot girls!

Now I'm not really good at reading squiggly emboss-type font like that, especially when they're that small, but it said -

You'd have to be pretty Chinese-illiterate to NOT see that as an ad for.....well, invitations to visit certain services.

I mean it starts off okay..."With high salaries we have employed [people] to be present during the day at all times" and then it goes completely........well, obvious. "Director KK (*) personally presents nubile maidens (#) / Northern beauties of thousands of persuasions / Stay-home young wives with bodies to ignite your desire / Sensual and bewitching, soon to be here"

Like. Seriously. "Open to interpretation" my ass. The interpretation's pretty obvious.

* This line didn't make sense even in Chinese. Director KK? Director KK and Director Jiamei? Or Canadian-American Director, named KK?
# These days I don't think 玉女 even has the virginal meaning any more. It's sad. Jade was always meant to be unsullied.

I can't believe a major scientific magazine didn't even bother to choose something appropriately scientific, but just slapped on what they thought was "classical Chinese characters in a non-controversial context". It's not like the Chinese civilisation has done nothing but twiddle their thumbs and write poems for the last five thousand years. It shouldn't be difficult to find appropriate illustrations or texts with scientific nature. And they obviously stole it from somewhere because apart from that one line, everything else not only made perfect sense, but was succinct, descriptive and efficient in explaining its.....very clear message.

And what's the point of consulting a sinologist who can't read Chinese? Orz
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Only in Japan can a giant franchise about Serious Warfare get away with a crackpot season preview like this: kekkonshitekure~

Lockon's VA is totally having a field time there, as you can tell. *Allow me 5 minutes to fangirl Miki Shinichirou*

Parts of the episode was shown at a festival, and here's someone's translated summary: here

Of course, the benefit of killing a popular character is so that you can totally twist the knife whenever you like, which is what they're doing by the sounds of it.

Good thing that HE WASN'T RESURRECTED LIKE MWU. So we now have confirmation that it is indeed the twin (unless there's another plot twist and he's not the twin after all). Twins are always such useful plot devices.

Now for the boring serious trailers (in roughly chronological order):
One - mostly reused scenes. Also noticed how Setsuna yells "I am...WE ARE...GUNDAM!" (Other 3 pilots: Oi...don't drag us into your identity crisis)
Two - it's a sad day when Marina looks better than Wang Liumei =0=;;; I think I'll just have to come to the conclusion that the art does not compliment anyone passing through the ages 20-25 ~~;; Saji ain't so Kira-like now, is he! XD
Three - EVIL-LOOKING LOCKON!!! =D=D=D=D (okay, he just looks annoyed, but anyhow~). Setsuna, 4 years later, is still SHORT.
Watch it all in one go
DVD Preview - A combination of scenes from above with some new stuff...namely Saji trying to kill Setsuna and Sumeragi in bed with the glasses dude...? Orz

By the looks of it, the opening song will be by Uverworld, who did the first opening and ending themes for Death Note, and this makes me happy =D Not because I love their music all that much, but because it probably suits the series more than L'arc-en-ciel's quiet Daybreak's Bell.

It does worry me that there seems to be a lot more new characters to be introduced than those who were killed off last season.....GAH. Its main weakness last season was the number of characters and the ineptness at developing them!

I'll have to add...yes...Louise is now a pilot: updated character designs for season 2 minus Meisters. Louise has regrown her missing appendage...ah...the wonders of future medicine. Unfortunately the cosmetic industry is slower to capitalise on these advances and people like Graham (and Sergei) are left permanently scarred, thus the creepy Darth Vader-wannabe outfit. Or Graham has a Darth Vader complex, which is probably not far from the truth. That person who looks suspiciously like Tieria and trying to singlehandedly and surreptitiously snap Louise's neck is a new character called Regene.

Now time for some hilarious stuff:
1. Original Hare Hare Yuki dance sequence from Suzumiya Haruhi......Recreated by the Gundam Meisters....Gotta love Japanese fans XDD
2. Even though I never got into Code Geass, I'm simultaneously Orz-ed and wowed by this. Plus a lot of wtf?! LOL
3. Setsuna's "Gundam fantasy" is destroyed, thanks to two cameo idiots

As an off note: if you're willing to be scarred, here's the English dub for Gundam 00 season one. It was pretty good up until I heard Lockon (which was kinda meh) and then Setsuna..........UGH. I know no one measures up to Miyano (LOL) but what's with sounding like he's just reading and not acting??? Found a clip of Gundam Seed...Kira's VA is actually pretty good. Lacus' voice isn't bad but acting was off. I have no words for Athrun T___T
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While waiting yesterday in the moldy underbelly (or intestines, or whatever) of Town Hall station, watching the throng of wet and sullen commuters agitating at the crackling reiteration of "The train on platform four is cancelled" and "the train on platform four is delayed by approximately 19 minutes"...[livejournal.com profile] bludger1985 and I held this amusing conversation by SMS......

Rainy day.
Train cancellation and delay.
Dismay ToT

To which he suddenly replied...
Let us pray
That the gods may
One day
Make us gay(happy)!!!

...at which I cracked up...but seeing the 5:29 train is still nowhere in sight at 5:45, I decided to continue this ridiculous rhyme....

Though they say rain is luck
Cos less need of a firetruck?
Rainy days still suck...
Yet I won't buck
To say the word that rhymes with duck

I think at this point it was getting to be 江郎才盡 =P and he said...

Darn you're good
Churning rhymes on the move?
I ma try my best too!
Oh hush...is it...toot toot!!
It must be the train WOOTS!!

Personally I have never heard anyone actually say the word WOOTS.....but I suppose it has to rhyme with toot?

By that point I was already on the train, but to distract myself...I said...

Not bad not bad
Your efforts make me glad
And there's further joy to be had!
Train's here so no longer mad
Then getting picked up by dad
Rest of day shan't be so sad...

And the final reply started off....

There I was hopin'
That you would stop SMS'in

So I took that advice =P
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Nearly had a heart attack yesterday when I thought I spent $300 in the last 2 weeks. Fortunately I then uncovered a very crumpled transaction record that showed I had in fact withdrawn only $200, not $300.

Still...that's $200 in 2 weeks. Even though about half of it was "inevitable spending" (e.g. club registration fees ==;)

I'm spending too much on food ToT Damn expensive North Sydney food. I am so glad I don't work in Wynyard ==;;;

YAY!!!! I finally found it!!! After searching the net for ages for his blog...

The best Chinese GS/GSD parodies ever, now bringing youG00 parodies XDD

Okay, Vampire Knight anime will be starting in April.

Here is the official site. (Official manga site here)

*Cough cough cough*

...Interesting character design. The angst-o-meter already reads about 500%

BUT!!!!! Miyano Mamoru as Zero!!!!!!! Woohoo~~~~!!!!!!

I bet he's feeling so ripped off with his lack of lines as Setsuna that he's busy trying to grab other roles ==;;;

Although G00 will be finishing in time for VK to start...still. I bet his bored.

The sound director is the voice actor for Leorio in Hunter x Hunter ==;; The what?
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To the phrase "I'm gonna die in my exams"....

I had the horrid dream this morning. I was going to an exam, and for some reason I saw Julie and Carmen there. Which is utterly weird, but that's not the creepy part.

Well, Carmen's there early, as would be expected, so when it was nearly time we went into the exam place. It's a really dark, old looking place, with narrow corridors and mouldy walls. There's a map near the front of the corridor that shows which room people need to go. It's divided according to the alphabet of your last name. Carmen found her room just fine, but I couldn't find the room for "L".

Later, a lot of people in the same boat as me started wandering around the corridor together. The room simply did not exist. After consulting the map carefully again, we saw some weird scribbles next to some stairs, and we guessed that maybe it was split level, so the room was actually on another level. Most of the people in the group immediately went upstairs (maybe because the staircase was closer), but a few of us looked at it a bit more and decided it was downstairs, but everyone had already ran off like a herd of sheep, so we sighed and went downstairs ourselves.

We found the room when we got there (we were still early to the exam, by the way, so it's not one of those "late-to-exam-nightmares") but it was locked. We asked at the office (which was almost directly opposite the room) for the key, and the lady gave a small electronic tag to us.

The room lock was one of those old key-style locks, so we got confused because there's nowhere to put the tag. Then we noticed a slot in the large key that was hanging on the doorknob, and once we stuck the tag in, the key kind of...changed its conformation (too much enzymes Orz) and fitted the door lock.

And here comes the scary part.

When we opened the door, there were already people in there. But on a second, closer look, we realised that these people were sitting still at their desks, still holding their pens and facing their exam papers, but they were decomposing. Their face features were all indistinct and they look kind of dissolved. Someone with me touched one of them and the body's fingers fell off.


Before that dream, I had one involving spaceships and nuclear bombs and awesome magnetic-based accelerating machines, kind of like the magnetic plates in particle accelerators, but these were huge and could accelerate and redirect entire space ships (and bombs).

It was awesome.

I've been watching too much meccha shows.

Speaking of awesome, this LOTR parody is awesome. Hahaha, love Boromir XD (Well, I don't, but I would if he were half as amusing as he is here.)
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Haha...I'm quite a loyal fan of BTPig. While they do have mistakes here and there (usually with coding more than anything else), I've never recalled a problem with their translations. Sure, I might not like the way they translate some names, but I completely dismiss names when I watch Chinese subtitles anyway. I probably do a better job of picking up the Japanese when they say it than I do trying to decipher the daunting mass of strokes that forms the transliteration.

This is why I'm often wary of fast English subs. Guaranteed fun. Probably more fun if you were a native Jap speaker. Like the now infamous subtitles of Backstroke of the West.

Unfortunately, that page didn't have this precious cap:

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering where all that talk about Graham suddenly being gay came about XDDDDDDD

What is actually said is this:

Graham: If I don't use some force, we'd never be able to woo the Gundams.
Other guy (smirks): This guy's in love.

"That's what made me fall for him."


Yup, word of advice, AVOID these subs!

Oh god, this is too good not to save.

The best so far is in the 20-40 minute mark.

Oh, dear Aragon, if you had truly introduced yourself as such in that unshakeable gravitas of yours.................

*Dies laughing*
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I have a prac book due tomorrow, but I'm currently experiencing the effects of inertia, which according to the laws of Physics, is the natural way to be.

You know that lovely feeling you get when you walk out of an exam, realise you've only been able to answer about 10% confidently (the other 90% was pure ingenious creativity), and at the same time, realise that everyone else would have fared little better?

That's right, the 4 Unit Maths Effect.

Well, that was the feeling walking out of the prac exam today. We've never learned the protein codes =___= Can't believe he asked as about all those digests.

Quote du jour (paraphrased, due to bad memory):
A: Under the Coalition government, Australia has seen a period of great economic growth, of which Labour governments are incapable.
B: Rainfall was at much higher rates during the Labour government, an area in which the Coalition clearly has not been able to match!
A: ..............WTH??
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(Off topic, but I love how this video said "my apologies to Wilson in advance"...at the end of the video XD Poor Wilson. Would love to see House really serenade that.....HAHAHA!)

Briefly on Gundam 00 )
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First, let me get these out of my system:

1. USO. Nodame anime covered the same length of plot as the Nodame drama?!?!?!?! ARGH. I was all looking forward to watching Chiaki and Nodame crashing out in Paris. Particularly Nodame's poker-faced book-reading as she sits in a fancy restaurant with Chiaki, "Oh no! I have been raped!" And Chiaki's subsequent frantic "Non! Ce n'est pas moi!"

2. It's only been about two hours since the first episode of Gundam 00 screened on Japanese TV. And the raws are already out on bittorrent. The power of fandomism is amazing Orz

============== I am a divider ==============

The following occurred one day several months ago when we were standing in peaceful demonstration outside the Chinese embassy. (I'm sorry it's so huge, it honestly didn't look that big on my 13" monitor. Gee. I wonder why.)

============== I am another divider ==============

Must cordially thank [livejournal.com profile] beliael for hosting me ^^v I haven't actually done anything except re-upload everything I had previously, with some minor changes, and I don't foresee any noticeable reconstruction in the near future, although reconstruction it desperately needs.

So this is the once in a blue moon post where I have actually bothered to scan things and upload them.

Haven't been drawing nearly as much as I should like, which I suppose is a good thing, because theoretically this means I have been doing more important things nearly as much as I must.

But then there's that insurmountable gap between theory and reality.

Also because I very much did forget about [livejournal.com profile] a_cryptic's birthday, a fact I am rather annoyed with because it has brought me down to her level of forgetfulness (J/K =P).

Think of this as a pre-birthday gift...hehe.

And may you resume the ability to eat watermelons before summer arrives with its entourage of smoky skylines and inextinguishable bushfires, and regales us 40-degrees days. Hip-hip-hooray.

Under cut for being waaaay tooo graphic heavy )
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Absolutely adooooore this guy

Okay, okay, full credits to [livejournal.com profile] bludger1985 for bringing up his act when we were discussing TGYH one day......

Love how he's funny without resorting to plain obnoxiousness. Okay, he can be obnoxious too, but he's always so....educatedly obnoxious. It's hilarious XD

"It's strange to have a segment consisting entirely of American newsreaders mentioning our name," says Shaun Micallef, anchor of upcoming comedy news program Newstopia, on SBS. "With Port Arthur there was almost this sense that we've made it; that we're up there with any number of mass shootings across the world."

LOL....just the sort of ridiculously irreverent and politically incorrect thing he'd say...

=================== I. Am a. Divider. Am. ===================

A beautiful, eloquently written essay reflecting on the recent events at Royal North Shore hospital (a mother miscarried after waiting two hours in emergency) and problems it revealed about the Australian health system. Including the busy blame-shifting and snarking of the politicians.

I don't do economy, so a lot of economics students might disagree. I study and I am interested in the health field, and what the government has done in the last three terms of its reign is to withdraw funding from both these vital fields.

I wonder how many more prescription drugs could have been issued with the amount of money spent on making barricades and hiring snipers and making raincoats driza-bones and throwing dinner parties for APEC.


14 Sep 2007 12:33 am
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Oh dear, my laughing muscles have received quite a workout ever since I've become unhealthily amused by Youtube clips of The Chasers, Thank God You're Here, Shaun Micallef and Bob Franklin.

.....I think I'm just weak for Bob's lovely ♥ accent XD

Hee. Shaun Micallef is so funny XD The swashbuckling Sotto Voce. HAHAHA.

Loved his interviews with Bob Franklin (which was less an interview than a one minute silence) and Shane Bourne XDD Too bad we don't see Shane do much comedy himself on TGYH. (Since we're on the topic of Shaun, might as well point out the hilarious drunken room and drunken wine cellar. And the prostituting file cabinet aka computer. LOL.)

American TGYH is so.......different. It's the vibe, you know, the vibe. From the two I watched (Fran Drescher and Nicole Sullivan, who are arguably very capable comedians), their BS-ing skills are so much better than the female comedians over here. At least there isn't that awkward "uuummmmmmmmm" moment where you hear the gears of their brain turning.

The other thing is there seems to be more ad-libbing from the scripted comedians. There's seems to be more interaction between the guest and the scripted characters (at least for Nicole's one), rather than just direct questioning or leading.

Hehe...does anyone remember how cute Matt Newton was when we watched Volpone? Mosca♥~~ It was such a cool interpretation XD I was so disappointed when I missed his appearance on TGYH, but I found it! XDDD


1 Sep 2007 10:08 pm
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I keep forgetting to bookmark the site.

The best Gundam Seed flash parodies archive


Too bad they're in Japanese.

Without subtitles Orz

My favourites are:
1) Kira conquers all of Athrun's possible love interests.
2) The Wii release.
3) Gundam00 trailer hijacked by Freedom.
4) Athrun is balding, to the song of "Your image is like mine".

Admittedly, they're the only ones I understood at all XD
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People who know me probably knows how pedantic I am about English and writing in general.

Which is why I couldn't help but snigger at this paragraph in The Department of Immigration and Citizenship's media release:

The second associated challnge is the ageing of our population. We have an ageing population because two things are happening. One is we're living longer, which is a great outcome, the other is that we've not been reproducing ourselves for about 40 years. The combination of those factors means year by year, the average age of the population grows older and that's compounded by a third factor, namely that the last great demographic shift in Australia was the baby boom from the end of the Second World War.


Nope, there's been no children born for the last 40 years. The obstetricians and paediatrician department have been closed down, and Westmead Children's Hospital is now defunct and used as a storage facility for disused surgical masks.


(I know what they mean, but it's just a really awkward way of saying it.)

But wait! There's more!

More than 39,000 (80%) of the 2006-07 family stream were spouses, finances or interdependent.

Either my understanding of immigration policy is failing me, or there are no such things as finances seeking to get a permanent visa through the family scheme. Guardians, okay. Fiances, better. Financers, hmm. Finances??



15 May 2007 11:07 pm
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Shueisha has asked the popular male idol band F4 to rename itself...The artists formerly known as F4 initially came together to play the fictional F4 in the cast of Meteor GARDEN, the 2001 Taiwanese live-action television adaptation of Yoko Kamio's manga.

At first, Shueisha allowed the use of the name as part of the Taiwanese drama series. However, the issue of confusion arose as the idol group's popularity grew across Asia and two native Japanese live-action television adaptations of the manga, Hana Yori Dango and Hana Yori Dango 2 [Returns], began airing in 2005 and 2007, respectively. Angie Chai, the Taiwanese drama's producer, chose the new name JVKV last month after the first initials of the quartet—Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu and Vanness Wu—in order of descending age.

*Snickers* JVKV?? *Snickers some more*

The Chinese capital of Beijing has been banning horror stories near schools to protect the "physical and mental health" of students. Among the banned small-press publications and Internet-distributed copies are local adaptations of the Death Note suspense manga. This follows reported attempts by schools in other areas to ban the Death Note manga from as far back as 2005 to this month. In 2005, students in the northern city of Shenyang were imitating the manga by writing names of people they disliked in specially printed stationary and pretending that this marked them for death.

HAHAHAHA!!! Since when is DN a horror story? Watch out CSI, you're next!

It's a wonder anyone growing up in China has any imagination ==;;; If I recall correctly, the kids who wrote those names got disciplined for it ==;;;;;; Riiiiiiight.


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