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Even if it's just one step at a time
Don't let go of this hand
Those days we passed together
If only it could go on forever

Til that moment we fall apart
Even if torn to pieces
At that time, at that place
Exists a bond that cannot be erased


Probably still his coolest role to date (made awesomer by the fact that he snarked at Yankumi all the time without liking her romantically).

Those were the golden days. I suppose we would never know what happened, if anything happened. Or perhaps it's so deeply confined in my memory I can't remember if there were any solid evidence. Unlike another certain persons in a certain band who certainly split-but-did-not-split =_=

But the Kizuna you wrote of, I wonder if you think of it now with intense irony.

I wonder if you think of it at all.

I wonder why you never sang that song again, when you sing Seishun Amigo yearly with sardonic resignation.

Quietly thinking back on the days I spent with you
You were the one who taught me that I was not alone
When you come upon hard times I will be the first to stand by you
Don't forget, I love you

Even if, tonight
Even if I were to lose you
Don't forget
I love you

I hope these words were for someone who deserves them.


PS: I can't believe KT's new song is Lock On.

I mean, LOCK ON.


GAAAH I might accidentally buy it just because of the name ||||||||||Orz
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On (last year's?) G Fest, they held a character poll and Setsuna came 3rd..and Miyano Mamoru fell off the chair XDDDD It's the first time I've seen a main character rank so low on a poll LOL. Usually they come first, or if the main antagonist is really interesting, at least a second. First was Lockon...okay, usually dying gives you a spike in popularity, but to beat the main character...LOL! Apparently whenever Miyano says Setsuna's famous "I am Gundam" line in the recording studio, everyone cracks up laughing. Phew, we weren't the only ones who thought it retarded.

Also watched the Gundam Seed festival where they screened a 2 hour summary clip of the story and had the four main characters narrate a quarter each. I don't know why when Tanaka Rie (Lacus) and Hoshi Souichirou (Kira) come on screen I have to close my eyes to actually recognise their voices as their characters. The narration was really nice though, even aside from the dramatic and convincing live voice-acting the four seiyuus put on. It gives a lot more insight into Athrun and Cagalli's motivations and conflicts in the first half of GS, especially since in the series we only saw things from Kira's point of view. It seems a much more believable segue into Athrun's indecisiveness and doubts in GSD, because I actually had the impression that he was quite confident in what he believed in and what he wanted to fight for in early GS, but it's nice to see that he's been having a lot of doubts ever since running into Kira. The same applies to Cagalli, although her doubts were more obvious in GS, but I still think it takes a huge leap of faith to be convinced at the sobbing mess she became in GSD ==; She was so cool in GS...the amount of cheers the seiyuu got when she walked on shows how popular her character is. They also slotted live performances of most of the songs in between important scenes, which was nice (even though I skipped them LOL).

Speaking of Ishida Akira (Athrun), I was watching Book of Bantorra and I mistook Graham Acre's seiyuu for Ishida *掩面* I'm so sorry T_T

Katsura does sound exactly like Athrun ==; I was expecting Katsura's track in the Gintama drama CD to be completely "Zura janai, Katsura da", but it only had "Katsura janai, Zura da...ah iya chigau, Katsura da" ("I'm not Katura, I'm wait that's wrong, I'm Katura." LOL baka) I TOTALLY cracked up at the line "Katsura Kotaro, Zura, hasshinsuru!" (Standard launch phrase) A spoof of Gundam! By someone who was a pilot in Gundam!! LOL. Although as I remember, Athrun's standard phrase was "Athrun Zala, Aegis/Justice/Saviour, deru!" so it wasn't a direct spoof of Athrun...which is a pity. For some reason Gintama has not spoofed the GS (or G00) franchise at all, even though they've taken on the other Gundam series.

Sugita Tomokazu actually looks somewhat like Gintoki...especially the dead fish eyes *gets kicked by his fans to Mars*

Okita's drama CD track (memorable lines) was totally facepalm. Out of nearly 20 phrases, 6 directly referred to Hijikata by name (starting off with "I'm begging you, die Hijikata you bastard"), 2 was him introducing himself as vice commander (and thereby wiping Hijikata out of the picture) and 1 was making fun of Hijikata's mayonnaise...Okita-san, Okita-san, your immense Hijikata complex is getting a bit too obvious Orz Even Hijikata only mentioned mayonnaise 5 times in his track LOL

I always wondered why Okita always refers to Hijikata as "Hijikata-san" (unless they're strangling each other, at which point it becomes just "HIJIKATAAAAAAA"), even though Hijikata calls him (surprisingly affectionately...considering) "Sougo". In the CD track Hijikata actually says "The only one who can call me Toshi is Kondou-san". Hearing him say without background music "Ore wa ai no senshi, Mayora 13" (I'm the warrior of love, Mayora 13) is just hilarious XDD
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I finally watched the final episode of Gundam 00. I suspect I'm missing some giant joke or some hidden meaning, because I don't get it. In the end Celestial Beings haven't changed an ounce in their self-belief as the governing force of mankind. I mean, okay, left up to these individuals it's really not too much of a threat since at the moment they've got their head screwed on the right way, but humans don't take much to become twisted and what happens if they lose their way? As Vimes says - who watches the Watchman?

This whole thing feels like a chronicle of their heroic journey to prove themselves right, which feels somehow even worse than Gundam Seed Destiny being the chronicle of Kira proving he's a more scene-snatching hero than Shinn, which clearly shouldn't be the point.

I don't get it. I don't get how this thing can be so...incomprehensibly terrible. And terribly incomprehensible.

If we talk about politics, it started off nicely and derailed approximately in episode 7 in both seasons. It's all very fine setting up such a complex political climate, but it's crazy to think that everything was solved by A-LAWS clashing against Kataron in the end, especially since the vast majority of people on Earth weren't even informed about A-LAWS' activities.

I don't understand what the series is trying to say. I don't understand what changed over course of 50 episodes. The conflicts and prejudices and misunderstandings that drive war are still there. Just having an international police is only going to drive it underground, not eliminate it. I've forgotten most of GS and GSD but at least the conflict is better delineated as mutual dislike between Naturals and Coordinators, which was finally pacified by them being forced to cooperate for the sake of self-preservation.

Characters changed and learned things about why they wanted to fight. Or perhaps they lost their conviction, but nevertheless they learned what they wanted to fight for. We learned about their personal conflicts and we were allowed to sympathise with them. There are way too many characters in G00 and none of them are allowed time to fully develop, and someone needs to tell the scriptwriter that character develepment isn't giving a 3-minute monologue backstory. None of the major characters had a distinctive message, and none of the minor characters had a distinguishing personality. Learning their own reasons to fight doesn't equate to reiterating the line, "I am going to fight because I am a Gundam Meister" or "I am going to fight for the sake of peace".

Even the fights were boring ==; The characters in GS and GSD all improved in piloting skills over the course of the series. None of the four Meisters had any real growth in the series. What changed was only their mobile suits, which kept getting a convenient power-up whenever they needed one =___= The final battles all ended up being two streaks of light smashing against each other. I didn't realise I was watching Dragonball.

There should be a central message to the story. GS was about the need to accept the responsibility to go to war if one wants to protect anything. GSD was about the value of freedom of choice and freedom of dissent, even if it is at the price of longlasting peace.

I don't know what G00 is trying to say - that we would all understand each other if we could communicate our thoughts? - Then why wasn't that mind-reading Trans-Am shown to promote understanding in those people on Earth? Why didn't it move beyond the petty misunderstandings between quarrelling lovers?

That humans can make their own peace without the need for an overruling "Innovator" entity? - Then why hadn't they done so already at the start of the series? What exactly is different now from the start?

That there needs to be an ulterior "police force" to prevent war? - Then how is that different from A-LAWS? Certainly, one is objective and the other subjective, but what's the difference if you're merely using tyranny to wipe out dissent?

That understanding was the key to peace? - Then where is the promotion of understanding at the end of the series? How will someone living in a highrise in Tokyo come to even sympathise with the plight of an orphaned child living on the wastefields of Kurdistan?

All in all, this series FAILED. It failed to deliver a central message, it failed to provide well-developed characters, it failed to deliver well-planned and interesting battles, it failed to show any of the problems at the start of the series were resolved rather than destroyed.

And they're making a movie out of this, to be released next year ==;;;
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Before tonight's Gundam 00 episode takes this godawful series into the last tenth walk of its excuse of a plot, let's make some predictions about who's going to stay alive to see the ending song at episode 50, and heavens forbid if anyone in Sunrise lost their mind, a sequel.

Going by the unspoken corollary that 90% of all my favourite characters a) die or b) doesn't get the girl or c) die and doesn't get the girl, it therefore seems obvious that 2.7 of the following characters will die:
1) Tieria-kun
2) Soma
3) Mannequin

Considering also that this was such a failure of a series that the fondness I could have/once had harboured for any character quickly faded into either apathy or stark distaste, 6.3 of the following characters may also die:
1) Graham
2) Louise
3) Lyle
4) Sumeragi
5) Allelujah
6) Shirin
7) Ian

Then there are characters who are so far away from the trodden path of good that you know they're set up to be cannonfodder, but I never bother remembering their names.

And finally, these are the people I want dead:
1) Marina
2) Marina (yes, I want her dead, twice)
3) Saji
4) Saji (yes, I want him dead, twice, too)
5) Setsuna (it's simply coincidence that the main characters take up the top 5...)
6) Andrei (his voice is the worst thing I've heard in anime for a long time, and so's his excuse for patricide)
7) Billy
8) Wang Liumei, if she isn't already dead

Now I'm actually looking forward to the ending. Muahahahaha!
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哇哈哈哈哈哈哈!!!!*叉腰* 终于有人死了!!!都45集了还不快点跟冥王老爷打招呼去。那几个不男不女的怎么现在还剩三个 ==;;

Even though by comparison I actually didn't dislike Lyle and Anew (as much as I dislike, oh, I don't know, 90% of the other characters), am so glad that Anew is finally gone, as we half-expected from 19 episodes ago.

Even Yuna's beautiful a cappella "I love you, I trust you, hikari demo yami demo, futari dakara,, hanasanaide" couldn't garner up a shred of sympathy for these two, even though the lyrics were perfect for the moment. The fight is best summed up as:
Lyle: Blah blah blah
Anew: Blah blah blah
Anew: Lyle... ;__;
Lyle: Anew! =D =D
Anew: Stupid human. BLAH BLAH BLAH
Lyle: NOOOOOOO (*For the record, this was the point I cracked up)
Setsuna: URUSAI *kills Anew with the finest precision he has ever displayed in his piloting career*
Then cue the obligatory "hero's love interest is dying" nekkid scene.

All I can say is, wow Lyle, 你不但性格、人缘、狙击都比不上你老哥……连看女人的眼光也比不上 Orz Shoulda gone for Feldt when a chick as hot as that was still going for you!

I got a little excited when Lyle said he was going to defect, but NOOO, the anime couldn't do anything mildly exciting and interesting, could it! I also got excited when Lyle threatened to pull the trigger on Anew, twice, and I am resigned to the fact that I'm an idiot for having such high expectations for this series.

Seriously, I think this is the first anime that I'm deriving pleasure from watching characters die off =__= Man, I miss Seed. I miss it so very very much. I think I can even love Shinn now. Okay, maybe like. Okay...maybe just a little bit more fond.

I think someone needs rewrite Neil's last lines, "Lyle, I'm sorry I left this mess to you. Have fun with the rest of this series, suckers, I'm so glad I ain't in it."

PS: Dear producers, I'm starting to suspect that the number of times you're playing Marina's stupid song is inversely proportional to the number of CD sales you expect on its release next week.
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Ever since last episode I've been really bothered by pretty much all of the characters. I don't know if it's intentional - I've given up on working out what's intentional in this crazy series - but all of the characters cite tremendously hypocritical reasons for fighting. Even the coup d'etat guy rubbed me the wrong way.

This all culminated with Andrei skewering Sergei this week, screaming "For the sake of my mother!!" Yes, okay, Athrun screamed that a lot too (though a different and longer version of it), but to kill your dad "for the sake of your mum"? When all he did was to stick to his duty?

Andrei's philosophy was already bothering me last week, when he sprouted, "I'm in A-LAWS so I can now protect what I want". What you want? Isn't that the whole problem with militant states? The soldiers have the right to protect/obtain what they want, at the expense of the civilians?

I mean, selfish reasons to fight are abound in Gundam. What Andrei said is not much different from the string of main characters we've had. But it's a bit rich coming from a guy dressed in A-LAWS' livery, accusing others of his own suffering...meanwhile laying waste to other people's homelands and killing civilians in thousands. It just annoys me because he feels that its enough justification for his actions. It annoys me in the same way that Shinn annoyed me - probably for the same reason.

Kira fights, and when forced to, kills, but at the end of the day he'll sit down and admit that he's destroyed someone else's life through an act of selfishness - or self-preservation. It's infuriating that Andrei should get so high and mighty about Celestial Beings and Kataron for "disturbing the peace" that A-LAWS so wants to build, when A-LAWS itself is destroying what little peace the civilians are enjoying.

He's no better than Saji, who screamed blue murder at Setsuna, but at least Saji had a moment of realisation when Kataron was attacked because of him. Andrei gets angry because he thinks Sergei and war have created his source of bitterness, but he has no qualms about creating sources of bitterness and suffering for others.

I hope that was an angry Soma in the end. Go kick his butt, gal!


1 Feb 2009 12:39 am
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I think Gundam 00 must be blamed for singlehandedly turning me off all anime. I mean, the second season started off with so much potential...with potentially even more potential than the first season. But ever since it derailed in that WTF episode it hasn't gotten back onto the rails, with each new episode either being more boring or WTF than the last.

Went K with a bunch of high school friends, and then dinner, and then dessert. I think I've had my sugar intake for the month. I'm on such a sugar high I can't sleep, even though I've only had about five hours sleep this morning. I think I've also spent my budget for the year ||||||||Orz Am a poor barely-employed student, must note to self I can't afford to spend $50 per outing =__=;;;;;;;; The highlight of the day was finding KT's "Bokura no machi de" (do you know how HARD it is to get contemp Jap songs in K here?) and also finding it actually HAD THE PV ♥♥♥ Although I spent too much time trying not to read the crappy incorrect romaji to look at Kame's kireina kao. Sad. On the other hand, a certain person was "studying in America *coughcough*" when this song was released so I didn't need to avoid looking at his face either. Man, they must update the Arashi songs!!! I want "One Love"!!!!

Came home to watch Love Shuffle, which is currently on my list of "sit down and turn off brain" dramas. And then totally flipped at this scene:

Are..............nande kore? Orz

This was totally out of nowhere, and I'm glad the other characters agree with me. In fact, the entire plot of Love Shuffle at times feels like it's all coming out of nowhere. What's with the recent obsession with random onscreen kisses between the same sex anyway (I say so because they're not between homosexual characters), what with Shun going on a mad kissing spree in HanaKimi. But uwahh...Tamaki and Shota. Somehow that makes me want to go scrub my eyes out with soap. I think I'll stick to seeing Eita and Toma walk arm in arm in companionship.
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This episode continued to have way too much Marina, so therefore it stank. I mean a lot of people equate her with Lacus, but Marina just pisses me off so much. If Lacus is a Mary Sue - which I'm sure any good litmus test will confirm that she is - then Marina's the breed of helpless hopeless hysterical shoujo heroines that just get in the way of every rule of plot development and common sense.

And Setsuna X Marina has to be the least convincing/likeable couple since Shinn X Lunamaria.

But this episode was good because of one thing - we get a new ending - which is excellent for a number of reasons:
1) we don't have to listen to the hyena wails of the last ending
2) it's sung by Itou Yuna ♥
3) it sounds R&B-ish and yet sad and nice at the same time. A potential tear jerker when people start dying...although at the moment I don't really give a damn about anyone, except maybe Tieria-kun XD
4) it actually has continuity with the last ending sequence. The snapshots of Louise and Saji's hands becomes Saji pulling Louise after him; Tieria pointing a gun at his own image in the mirror becomes Tieria turning and pointing the gun at Regene; Allelujah and Soma lying side by side move closer to one another; and YES, the person behind the curtains with Lockon is Anew - and he drops his gun and moves in for a kiss. She also looks nekkid Orz

There was also a coup d'etat this episode (that was fast). Graham vows to make Setsuna have eyes only for him. No explanation as to why Mannequin doesn't recognise Billy when they went to the same college and both knew Sumeragi.

The whole "is Lyle a double agent" issue became a non-issue as everyone unofficially acknowledged Lyle as their Kataron liasons officer this episode LOL Tieria is being so thoughtful and nice it's so cute XD I'm tempted to say that Neil has more lines dead than alive, but that would be a minor exaggeration.

Marina's insert song is pathetic. I don't know if it's because I'm so biased against her, but it has none of the poignancy or emotion or style or beauty of any of the insert songs in Gundam Seed or - even - Gundam Seed Destiny. I mean in context it's like the "Fields of Hope" of G00, but that was such a pretty lullaby, sung so serenely as their shelter was bombarded with shrapnel.

Maybe if I were Japanese a bunch of kids singing "Boku wa ne, genki da yo" is much more moving ==; Mou wakannai.
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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Thank you CLAMP for finally pulling through with an epic far enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you go into permanent hiatus at this point like you did with the Fuuma stabbing Kamui 5 years ago, you will observe a global spike in voodoo doll sales, in spite of the economic depression. Let us hang our heads and spare one minute of silence for Mr Clonie. I'm expecting more people than this to die though! Don't tell me you're getting soft too, CLAMP (especially after all the eye-gouging and gut-stabbing and arm-amputating).

The scream of a fujoshi

For people who don't read Chinese, this is two different people =P

Decided to take some caps while watching Kame no Shizukun Kami no Shizuku and the episodes I missed of Bloody Monday. The other Kame pic is from Gokusen.

They're also about the same height too, I think ==;;;; Take-chan (LOL at how Miura calls him that...and then he "accidentally" points at Miura and calls him "Micchan" XDDD)...umm, as I was saying, Take-chan only looks like Kame in certain angles but the likeness in those angles are pretty freaky =0=;;;; I don't know if it's because of their personalities or because of the cultures in their different agencies (most likely both). Kame never seems comfortable in the loud excitable role types that Takeru is just adorable in, whereas Takeru doesn't quite have the Johnny's posturing air for the "cool" quieter roles. J家培養出來的孩子是形象第一嘛~~ XD

Gundam nothingness
Newtype is such a treasure trove ^^v The TV guide predicts lots of fighting and a "coup d'etat". Bloody katakana (bloody French)...had to look that up. Setsuna also takes forever (2 episodes) to rendez-vous with the ship, and apparently that's a huge handicap. Like, since when was Setsuna so indispensable =__=;;;; The other guys need to upgrade man. Mr Bushido will also make an appearance in Masurao, the kanji of which means "husband" in Chinese, so it's all manners of ewwwww.

But the treasure is this:
The Gundam Meister Rock Band )
LOL...what the? I'm sick of seeing Saji being shoved in with the Meisters. Just drop dead already zomg. Then Louise can go on an awesome killing spree. I know this is belated and I probably mentioned it before...but I can't believe how quickly Memento Mori got wasted. I thought it was a boss weapon Orz
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Yesterday I had a dream that was more interesting than this week's Gundam 00, although that's probably not saying much.

It seems to be set during the Communist Soviet Union times (because the person in the dream actually writes "Soviet Union"). There was a rebel who pretended he was a famous author (who happened to be a voice of propaganda for the government) and he graffitied on a prominent public structure a paragraph of "anti-revolutionary" or anti-government quotes. I can't remember what exactly they were, unfortunately.

The government got really pissed off and closed off the city in an attempt to corner him, but he had the foresight to get onto the train that left just before the crackdown was in place.

Except this guy is really smart and good at a lot of things, so when he resettled in other cities, his achievements still came to the attention of the locals because he manages to win several awards. Eventually the main government is notified, and they send "special agents" after him.

He ends up running all through the city trying to hide, and splits up from a girl who's quite important to him. He eventually runs into a hospital (it's sooooo sparkling clean and pretty and big glass windows and marbled floors and fountains outside zomg if only hospitals looked like that) where he dresses up as a cleaner/garbage collector. While the spies have lost track of him, he calls (on a cool-looking gadget phone) an amnesty group outside the country asking for help, and they check his situation against their database and say that permission's been granted to send out a rescue craft the next day. He remembers the girl and calls them again, asking them to send a craft for him tomorrow, but try to get the girl out of the country today. The awesome gadgety thingy actually says "Attempt to upgrade emergency level to immediate" or something equally awesome, and they scan the database and their own resources again, but suddenly the line starts repeating itself, and he thinks that it's been hacked. He looks up and there's a man dressed in a beige-coloured suit jacket looking at him and taking out a gun.

...And then I don't remember the rest. GAH.

Gundam 00 on the other hand was bleh. The new opening song is okay, but the sequence isn't as meaningful as the previous one. What's with the parade of nekkid people =__= (Although, to be fair, you only see just enough below their shoulders to know they're nekkid...unlike Gundam Seed openings =___=||||) The only thing we learn from it is A) Anew has boobs, and B) Tieria doesn't. I swear they put that scene in after that misleading sex change episode =0=;;;;;;

I can't remember much of what happens apart from -
a) People inside the Fed is getting sick of A-LOLS
b) Bling was cannonfoddered. I love that name. Bwahahaha!
c) Bling twin appears
d) Graham gets a new MS with a stupid name
e) Setsuna fails to kill Ali because he heard Marina's bad singing
f) Tieria is human!...Or so he says XDDD
g) Katagiri is still acting like a woman scorned
h) Anew is the only one catching on to the fact that A-LOLS always seems to be able to pinpoint where they are
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So in lieu of anything constructive to post for the New Year (yes capitals), I bring to you 10 of my favourite Japanese songs released in 2008~

I should probably say in advance that I'm extremely biased about these songs, in that if I didn't like the band/drama/anime/movie/person, I probably wouldn't haven't liked the song as much. I naturally gravitate towards ballads, normally XD

1. Arashi - Truth (Maou theme)
I think I'm at least in agreement with the Oricon charts for the first two songs, since these two are the highest selling singles for the year (and the first time since the 1970s or something ridiculous like that when the same group managed to snag the top two selling singles in one year). The song is different to Arashi's usual happy pop-rock style, and really grows on you...especially after watching 10 episodes of people successfully trying to kill each other.
2. Arashi - One Love (Hana Yori Dango Final movie theme)
This is the first Japanese song I've listened to and been moved to sniffles by the lyrics (without having actually read the translations first). It's so sweet and ridiculously romantic and yet so appropriately Doumyouji. The song itself is bleh, but at the chorus "Hyakunen saki mo ai wo chikau yo..." I bet every girl in the audience got teary. LOL.
3. KAT-TUN - Don't U Ever Stop
If they were an American pop group, this would be a fairly standard boppy song. But this was the style that KT did so well before they debuted and went with weird things like "Signal" and "Lips". I really miss their old songs like "Never Again" and "Gold" =( There's an extended version of this PV, which probably makes more sense out of the whole smashing crystal ball thing.
4. Utada Hikaru - Prisoner of Love (Last Friends theme)
I really like the erratic rhythm of this's kind of hypnotic, which makes it rather fitting for the title? Utada Hikaru has gotten...fat...ter......
5. the Brilliant Green - Ash Like Snow (Gundam 00 2nd opening)
I don't like the PV ==; But at least it's better than the one she did for "Pray" where she looked like a soulless zombie. I like this song better than "Friends" (even though that one has a nicer tune) because it seems more fitting for the characters at that stage, who aren't friends or comrades, but are fighting for things they had lost when "the world changed". ♥ the orange Haro =D
6. KAT-TUN - White X'mas
OK 我承認我偏心 =P I like this song purely because of the kirakira PV. The hue is so pretty XD Kame is so pretty XD 老大 is so pretty XD And I'm still automatically blurring Akanishi out of the picture.
7. Exile - The Birthday ~ Ti Amo ~
This is the only song I liked without liking a) the band or b) this song being connected to a drama/anime that I like. I have a soft spot for Latino music XD It also sounds Korean, but I swear they're singing Japanese. There's an extended version of this PV that contained quite a bit of Mandarin and also...rolling around in bed naked. So uh, yes, if that's your persuasion.
8. Hey! Say! JUMP - Mayonaka no Shadow Boy (Scrap Teacher theme)
For some reason I think this sounds vaguely Latino as well O_o; And I like the PV...or specifically, Yama-chan's little smirk at the end XD
9. Nakashima Mika - Orion (Ryusei no Kizuna insert song)
Good thing I didn't like "Beautiful Days" or Arashi would have three songs here! I like Nakashima's singing...sometimes. And the PV stars my favourite Jap actress~ though not quite looking her prettiest, but hey XD
10. Becca - I'm Alive (Kuroshitsuji 1st ending)
I know this entire song is in English, but it IS released in Japan. She's like Avril Lavigne but with more spirit and less attitude. It's so infectious XD

Other songs that would have made the list if it had a PV: "Eternally" by Utada Hikaru and "Hikari" by Elisa. See...all the slow songs I liked didn't have a PV...

Other songs that nearly made it to the list..."Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi" by On/Off, "Promise" by Michi (it's really catchy, I just didn't like the middle "rap" part), "Friends" by Stephanie, and "Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi" by UVERworld. I need to give it time to grow on me.

Also, I have nothing to say about this week's G00 except that it's like an extended commercial for the Gundams' Trans-Am. But at least we see Lockon finally use Trans-Am in battle. Why didn't they just use Gundam 00's invincible Trans-Am to power Ptolemis, and it probably goes faster than Allelujah's Trans-Am and can also ATOMISE. Saves the whole trouble of using shields. Am not particularly happy about Gundam 00's ridiculous Trans-Am mode.
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So last night I stayed up watching Hana Yori Dango Final, which by its own merits is a pretty shoddy film, but because Japan is such a huge fangirl of F4 and the harrowed princess that they'd turn off the lights in Ueno Park just to film was such a squeee film nevertheless XD MatsuJun and Mao-chan has wonderful chemistry~

And then afterwards I got around to the new episode of Gundam 00 and the new chapter of Vampire Knight and their cumulative effects made me stay up an extra hour reading other manga just to get the foul taste out of my mouth =_____=

Saji is like the godchild of Shinn and Kira. The "it's all your fault!!!!" combined with the "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I don't want to kill people". He and Louise were never popular characters in the first season, but now Louise is the awesomeness of Stellar (but with more brains) while Saji just continues to sink. If they want us to sympathise with his character, they better start salvaging him soon.

Spoiler: Gundam 00's overriding power is the ability to dematerialise and rematerialise. This makes it practically invincible =__=;;;;; What sort of technology is that? How can it do that while preserving the physical integrity of the pilots??

Also, after last week's debacle with Saji and Louise, Louise comes to the conclusion that Saji had always been part of Celestial Beings - because Setsuna once lived right next to him, see. Let's forget that Saji's sister DIED trying to find out more information about CB. Or that Setsuna kept ignoring Saji's approaches. It just goes to show how much Louise and Saji's relationship depended on communication.

Memento Mori is fired twice more, once at the military camp of another Middle Eastern country, which happened to be right next to a large refugee camp. It is then fired at Kataron's space troops, which pisses Lockon off, while the other CBs utter sounds of compassion. Unfortunately, though the firing of Genesis in Gundam Seed was cause for sympathy, Saji's incessant whining and crying took up so much screen time that it practically overshadowed the main plot =__=
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So this week, after a whopping 36 episodes, we finally learn what the heck's up with Double O.

Yes. Observe the O rings

Nostradamus that he might be, Aeolia has weird taste in human DNA templates. He's also a lazy ass:

Summary starts here )

It ended the episode of me screaming "WTF JUST HAPPENED?!?!" at the screen, although obviously not out loud since it was nearly 3am in the morning =0=;

There are a few ways Aeolia's Twin Drive system could work - maybe by heightening the pilot's perception it acts like a mechanical "Newtype" system, allowing the pilot to predict the moves of other people.

But the other way it could work in realising Aeolia's ultimate goal is that it does what it did here - connects the consciousness of everyone within its vicinity. War is based on misunderstanding and incomprehension, isn't it? So theoretically if you built a system whereby everyone could communicate in unbridled ways, it would boost understanding and solve conflicts. It would be idealistic and romantic way to end wars - as opposed to the Innovators interpretation, which is to establish a global dictatorship.

I doubt it'll go this way because the Gundam franchise is not given to metaphysical musings and cleverness like this. This is the sort of creepy consciousness network that you'll find in cult hits like Serial Experiment Lain.

I'm probably reading too much into this, but where "Aeolia's plan" is concerned, there seems to be references to organised religion in this, with the different interpretations leading to different sorts of ideals and violence, and the Innovators' unquestioning loyalty to the plan itself. Sure, they don't agree on the ways to do it, but none of them question their own existence as beings to realise his plan.

The scene with Anew is typically ambiguous. Either Revive communicated with her to find CB's nest, or Anew sensed Revive like Soma/Marie did. Soma/Marie did remark that "the brainwave was not directed at me...who was it?" Ribonze seems to be able to use his brainwave just to observe people, so it might not mean there was any communication.

Okay, I admit, I want Anew to be a "good" Innovator. Otherwise our Tieria-kun is going to be so lonely LOL!!!

I wonder if Lockon being especially nice to Anew might suggest Anew is the person behind the curtain the ending sequence holding Lockon's hand.

At any rate, Saji and Marina are so going down as the most annoying characters in this series =__=+
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This week's episode is like a fruitcake made by a bakery very short on fruit. You have to dig through all the sweet but fluffy sponge to get to the goodies.

- We continue Sumeragi's flashback from last week, except longer and with audio. She was a prodigy student who graduated from - what looks like college - at age 17. She's a big fan of Mannequin's tactics, who was even more of a genius.
- Mannequin associates Sumeragi joining CB with Emilio's death, and considers Sumeragi's/CB's idealism silly.
- There's one country in the Middle East who's strong enough to stand up to A-LAWS, and Kataron decides to negotiate with them by releasing information (held by that country) through Kataron's network that would at least gain some bad press for A-LAWS, who is otherwise controlling the press. Ah propaganda. What is dictatorship without it.
- Marina continues to piss the hell out of me. True, they called Lacus hypocritical for supporting war efforts while being ideologically against war, but anything's better than standing there and waiting for someone to save Azadistan for her.
- A-LAWS figured out that CB is stationed somewhere near Lagrange 3. Some random Innovator is sent to attack them with a new MS, which Setsuna with Lockon's help drives off with difficulty. It not only manages to create a GN Field, but also has spiky claws too.
- Setsuna's losing focus because of Marina. Tieria's losing focus because of the Innovators.
- Kataron sends an envoy to negotiate with the Middle East kingdom.
- After docking in Lagrange 3, we get introduced to Ian's wife and a pretty girl named Anew, introduced by Wang Liumei to work for CB. Geez...what happened to those useful zapping brainwaves. Tieria didn't notice Anew is a Innovator? Orz
- Gundam 00 and Arios get upgrades, which allows the Twin Drives to synchronise beyond expectations.
- Nena meets Ali, and recognises him as her brothers' killer, but he overpowers her easily duh. They're both on the same side now, which makes
- A-LAWS unveils what is essentially the Gundam 00 version of the Gundam SEED "Genesis" weapon. Located in space and aimed at the Middle East country, it wipes out the negotiations with Kataron. The shockwaves, as Sergei watches, sweeps towards where his troop is stationed, as up in space Marie screams for him to run for it.
- It's not given which one it is that causes everyone sensitive to brainwaves to go crazy - either the over-synchronisation of Gundam 00 or the use of Memento Mori - but Marie, Allelujah and Tieria all get reactions. Seriously...what's with the nekkid Tieria shower scene.
- The best part - the brainwave interference awakens HALLELUJAH. WOOHOO!!! Don't get me wrong, I ain't much of a fan of Hallelujah, but anything's better than Mr Romeo lovey dovey Allelujah at the moment. He needs to kick backsides!

Gundam 00 is sprouting more Innovators than new mobile suits at this rate, and they all look inexplicably indistinguishable from each other in spite of different hairstyles and uniforms and voices etc =__=

I don't think Sergei is dead at this point. It would be such a waste of a good, useful character.
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- Wow...Ali is like, totally, superhuman. What is wrong with that guy. Secchan and Tieria went 2 against 1 with Ali and still lost half their equipment. Tieria is so cute these days XD
- Ali leaves when Sumeragi sends Lockon and Allelujah to help. Tieria wants to chase after him, but gets stopped by Allelujah, and Tieria snaps "that's Lockon's enemy!"
- Back on ship, Setsuna tells Saji that Louise asked after him and asks whether Saji wants to contact her. Wow, Setsuna actually thinks about others once in a while.
- They get interrupted by Lockon and Tieria stamping through the door, with Lockon demanding to know about this "enemy" thing. After a typical anime time skip, Lockon find out everything.
- He laughs - with a hapless expression - and says that it was so like Neil to hold on to the past. He comes out with some philosophies that's surprisingly more mature than Neil's in thsi convo.
- Setsuna interrupts with "what if your enemy is right in front of you?" He then reveals he personally knew the kid who suicide-bombed the site that killed Lockon's parents/sister. WE ONLY SEE ONE LOCKON. Hm. Maybe that's why it mattered so much to Neil because he was just a few paces away from getting his parents out of there alive. Setsuna insists it's because he didn't stop the kid.
- Instead of threatening to pump bullets into Setsuna's head like Neil did, Lyle merely says that even if he stopped the kid, terrorism would have gone ahead anyway...which is so surprisingly insightful. I mean, terrorism is a movement, not a single person...even if you chip off a few fingers (in the form of actual bombers), the head is still there. He then says that they're fighting for the future, not the past...which presses a sore button on Tieria.
- While Sumeragi makes plans to return to space, Tieria mopes about what he should be doing. He's torn between his own sense of justice and the goal that supposedly comes with his existence as Innovator, and the "future" he's supposed to realise. Elsewhere, Regene asks Ribonze whether the Twin Drive system was part of Aeolia's plans or developed by CB alone - essentially he's questioning their interpretation of Aeolia's plan, I guess.
- Graham goes and meets Billy, who calls him Mr which Graham snorts that people are just calling him that and he finds it stupid. GOOD. YOU HAVEN'T LOST ALL YOUR BRAIN. He asks Billy for a new MS, to which Billy agrees but says he must make it his task to wipe out CB. Wow...fury of a scorned woman much?
- Mannequin believes Ptolemy will aim for space while Mushroom Head says they'll be too chicken to stay in the water. Revive puts up a hand for Mannequin and Mushroom Head is defeated by majority. For some reason they're aware of the Trans-Am system and it being able to be used to power Ptolemy. I mean WE didn't know that until this episode!!! Bloody spies, better informants than the scriptwriter.
- Things go as Mannequin predicted, of course, but Ptolemy rises too fast for their air troops to deal with anyway. Revive is waiting up near space with a giant rail gun, which he shoots Ptolemy with and redirects its course towards where an ambush is waiting.
- But Sumeragi is one step ahead and already had Setsuna deployed (since his Trans-Am was unstable and couldn't help Ptolemy anyway), and he dismantles the command ship before we even got to see the guy's face properly. Soma Marie doesn't look too happy about it.
- Mannequin forwards a message to Ptolemy, in English: I express my respect for the tactics of Leesa Kujo of Cestial[sic] Being. Colonel Kati Mannequin. Autonomous Peace-Keeping Force. Sumeragi starts having static-charged flashbacks at this, of her student days with Billy and Mannequin.
- She says she can't escape her past - and this cuts across Setsuna, Lockon and Tieria, so presumably she's speaking for them as well. I guess Allelujah having met his one twu luv strikes him off the list.

It's surprising how a screaming psychotic role can make you forget the voice actor XD I almost forgot that Ali's seiyuu is Black Cat's down-on-luck Sven XD Conversely...Lockon's VA was screaming his way through Black Cat as Creed.

I wonder if Marie/Soma would leave CB? Or do something, at any rate. She had like one line this episode - "Daijoubu".

Lyle is so mature. I mean people say "oh he's immature because we saw him lose it at the Katalon base". But come next episode he's gotten himself under control again. At least he's not Neil, who nearly went to blows with Setsuna, and recklessly threw himself onto the battleground with his dominant eye useless.

Then again...he's had an extra four years to grow up. And I think him not being personally there at the scene of destruction really did make a difference to how much the revenge mattered.

.....And then again, he could be just putting it on. He's really good at keeping his thoughts under wraps.


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