21 Nov 2011

JFF 15

21 Nov 2011 11:19 pm
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After years and years of wanting to go to the Japanese film festival in Sydney, finally made it this year~~~ *Throws flowers*

Watched Gantz 2 and Mr and Mrs Oki's honeymoon to hell so far, the former having caused me to have sequential homicidal dreams that are slightly more homocidal than my normal ones. In fact, yesterday I had an involved dream where I threw a club that Superman has been using as his weapon out the window so that he had to go fly and get it, and then later I smashed something into Batman's car causing it to explode, killing him. I never knew I had so much hidden resentment against DC heroes HAHAHAHAHA.

(The Superman dream is especially WTH since I don't think I've ever even watched any movies)

Gantz 2
As far as being loyal to the Gantz universe goes, this movie completely ran the story to ground. However, as far as movie-making concerned, this was a much better movie than the first one and probably one of the most put-together Japanese film I've watched to-date, a contrast that's especially apparent when compared to Honeymoon to Hell.

The first movie was well-made but caters more to fans. It runs almost exactly parallel to the source material, and hence has all the flaws as well as missing the one merit of the source material - the characterisation, which was not so much an oversight as a limitation. It was episodic and builds to a linear climax much like its shounen-esque origins.

I haven't actually read the arc where the second movie is adapted from, but even from the outset there were obvious deviations. In the manga, Gantz is maintained as a largely chaotic neutral entity. Justification of the motive of Gantz never seemed to be a top priority in the manga. It was interesting that the movie portrayed Gantz in a more ambivalent light (even more than it already is), and that their missions became a vicious cycle of creating more enemies out of races capable of much more aggression.

Gantz 2 has a higher body count than the first, but as the story deviates, the violence becomes a lot more stylised. Some of the fights are amazingly choreographed and wonderfully imagined, and I wish Marvel (or indeed, any Hollywood comicbook superhero movie) would take a page out of Gantz 2 because the climax really felt like a climax in this movie, even if it were just a one-on-two fight, unlike Iron Man...or Captain America...or Thor...

There were obvious logical flaws in the story, and some rather hamfisted storytelling that made people laugh when it should have been more stirring. However, the whole package felt quite neatly put together even if the story was very skimpy to go on.

Honeymoon to Hell
Takenouchi Yutaka appeared in person for this event and got promptly swamped by screaming girls. It was actually pretty funny XDDDD He wore his Boss mo' and looked adequately impish for it.

He also stuffed up his talk big time XDDDDD It started off nicely and his enunciation was surprisingly good...and then somewhere he stopped making sense and it all went funny from there XDDDD

He summarised our feelings for the movie exactly. We walked out and thought, "Uh...so what was that all about, again?" It was supposedly about the conflict of a married couple weary of their relationship, but there was very little conflict. They were classic type A and type B personalities, but the husband remained the perpetual gentleman no matter how irritable she became. I'm not sure what they learned about their relationship through their trip. There are probably some symbolism somewhere, but they are either too opaque or culturally specific Orz Not a movie I'd recommend again, even for the melting smile with which Takenouchi took Mizukawa's hand in the last scene. LOL.


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