9 Oct 2011

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So the news topic of today is that our State Police Commissioner (whom I'm oddly fond of even though I don't know anything about him as a person LOL He just seems incredibly sensible when placed next to the politicians who employ him) has made a few comments about binge drinking in young people. Amongst the advice he dealt out today was a message to young women, that they should inform each other of their plans before they go drinking so that if a friend spots them doing something NOT on their plans, they can stop them.

The Sun-Herald editorial had this comment about it:
It's a remarkably candid approach to the worsening problem of binge drinking among young women. That someone in such high authority should take it upon himself to lay down behavioural guidelines to members of a generation far removed from his, will raise some eyebrows. His brief is to police, not be a social reformer, it will be argued in some quarters.

Uh. Actually, no. I don't understand how people would see it as any different from the police asking people to lock their doors before they leave the house. The police is not only entitled to give behavioural advice that would protect against crime, they're practically obliged.

It would be like saying people would be shocked about doctors giving advice about preventative measures - like wash your hands after you go to the loo, or STOP SMOKING, or avoid unprotected one night stands - because doctors are there to treat disease, not be a social reformer.


Making it more difficult for crime to happen is much better than sorting out a crime after the fact.

....So I couldn't bring myself to read the rest of the article even though I know it's supposed to be supportive Orz

In other news, I finally picked up my bag of Oriental Beauty Tea. Took me a few tries to get the brew right, but now I love it ♥ It has this beautiful fruity aroma whereas the less fermented oolongs tend to have a more high-pitched(??!) floral fragrance. Taiwan has turned me into such a tea nut. Damn them and their delicious $2 teas.


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