11 Aug 2011

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I came across an article on a Chinese website (Secretchina) that reminded me of a dream I recently had.

In 2004 a man called Hasumi caught a train at 11pm. After travelling without stop for 20 minutes, he posted on 2CH (popular anonymous forum) that normally the train would stop after 7-8 minutes, but it hadn't stopped for a while today. Some netizens suggested that he go to the driver's compartment to check, which Hasumi did but received no reply. After the train passed through a unfamiliar tunnel, it came to a stop at midnight at "Kisaragi Eki" (some translate it as "February" station).

To his bewilderment, there not only was no one in the station, it was very empty outside the station as well, and he was unable to pinpoint his location with his mobile phone. He called his family and asked them to relay his demise to the police, who unfortunately dismissed it as a prank call as "Kisaragi station" does not exist.

As the night grew deeper, Hasumi continued to chat with netizens on 2CH. At 2am he left a message that he could hear the sound of bells and taiko (Japanese drums) nearby, and he caught sight of a one-legged old man. Netizens quickly thought this was unusual and advised him to quickly follow the tunnel and find his way out of the station. After Hasumi left the tunnel he ran into someone who kind-heartedly offered him a lift.

Ignoring the warnings of his fellow netizens, Hasumi got into the stranger's car and posted the following message at 3:44am, "The driver is driving into the mountains and has remained silent the whole way. I am intending to make my escape." That was his final post.

In recent days a netizen had a similar experience and shared it on Twitter, along with pictures of the train and station. This particular person said he got on at Kanto and after Chiba he realised he was at a strange station: the time at this station was 1 hour faster than the internet time. Also, that night there was a Richter scale 5 earthquake notice for Kanto, but he did not feel it.

Fortunately this man successfully left Kisaragi station and found his way to a supermarket, after which the station disappeared from view. Afterwards he checked his ticket information and there was no record for alighting at a "Kisaragi station".

Some netizens analysed his photographs and found that the station name boards are in the style of Kansai area stations, and the particular train was unlike any train that travels close to cities.

This story could easily be a hoax (especially since it's 2ch) but I had a creepy dream just recently that I planned to write about and then thought it was too creepy LOL.

I remember there was a school with grassy hills and two friends (or a boyfriend and a girlfriend?). There wasn't any conflict in that world as far as I could tell. Later on when the boy left the school to do something (while the girl waited for him in the school), he was walking along the street when there were the sound of bells and the atmosphere sort of changed (and I might have imagined this but I remember sakura petals billowing around XD). A green train with red embellishment just rolled/floated along the street past him towards the direction of the school, unimpeded by any buildings or pedestrians or anything. None of the other people turned to look, so none of them saw the train except him. For some reason he realised that it was a train to pick up souls and only people who were related to the incident would see it. He rushed back to the school and found everyone - and there were at least 20 or so people who had stayed behind at the school for various activities - were gone. The school was entirely empty even though they were meant to be there. And he never found his girlfriend/friend either.

The only thing I was comforted by was that there was totally no one in the dream whom I could recognise >__>

PS: I apologise to everyone I owe comments, replies, emails, messages, lunches, dinners, movies, books, etc, to. I shall be more alive after Monday. GAH long case.


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