18 Jul 2011


18 Jul 2011 03:50 pm
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So after submitting my clarinet to "instrument neglect" for about...20 months or so, I dug it out today to play my ode of farewell for the last of the Harry Potter movies.

I've come to the conclusion that a leaky clarinet 20 months overdue for a service sounds almost as bad as a poorly played violin Orz

It can't be helping that all the abdominal muscles that had such a workout during band has now undergone liquefaction...or lipidification LOL

I still love the sound of Hedwig's Theme on the clarinet though. It's the exact sort of haunting melody that fills with echos and dimensions when played with a clarinet's vibrato-less woody timbre XD

On the subject of Harry Potter, this article perfectly expressed my utter apathy for the titular character.

Harry Potter is an everyman, and that is why he sells. If he can save the world then so can a cat.


There are actually a lot of cats who can boast of being instrumental in saving the world. Like Aslan XDDDD

I also met the writers of Harry Potter porn, who like to imagine the characters in different sexual couplings: Harry and Dumbledore; Dumbledore and Hagrid; Hagrid and Dobby. (To understand how disturbing this is, you have to understand that Hagrid is a half-giant and Dobby is an elf who acts like a drinking alcoholic.)

Oh honey, you obviously haven't seen LotR fanfics. My brain died at the sight of Treant and Legolas. (To understand how disturbing this is, you have to understand that a Treant is...basically, a tree, and Legolas is an elf who acts like a ninja. And his OTL is so obviously Aragon. LOL.)

This article made me LOL at its dumbness.

Harry Potter is not a jock. He is a twerp, although that does not exclude him from being a jock since his dad is also a twerp and, actually, a jock. He may have had rich and beautiful parents but they're kinda dead by the start of the first novel and he grew up in a cupboard. Okay he grew up for a few months in a cupboard, but you don't get much humbler than that this side of living on the streets. Which I guess feeds perfectly back into the previous article about humble beginnings and being dropped into fame and eventually working your way to heroship through a series of well-placed misadventures and other plot devices being the representation of what readers, living in our mundane everyday ordinary lives, want. On the subject of dead parents, that has frequently been a source of wangst in the books and you can't possibly feel you're not an outcast when everyone's gone home to meet their families for the holidays.

Ron is a misfit because though his dad is in a ministry job, the guy is far too straight-laced and not ambitious enough to be cool. Ron's also the perpetual recipient of hand-me-downs and good-natured bullying from his elder brothers, which is just uncool, even if your elder brothers are awesome (or unpredictably embarrassing, like the twins). Also, his mum may be big in heart and body but is also embarrassing because of it, especially when you're thirteen and the guy bullying you has a dad who stole his perfect blonde hair from...since I mentioned him before, Legolas.

Hermione is an outcast in a similar way that Harry is, both of them are dropped into this wizarding world with no prior knowledge. They're ten years behind everyone else and the way they've formed their worldview is vastly different to, say, someone like Ron. She's made up for that by studying much harder than anyone else, but there are plenty of general knowledge, practices, values etc that you can't pick up from simple reading.

I watched the last 10 minutes of the movie. I have to say I'm amazed at the number of redheads, red hair being a recessive gene and all. Must be a wizard thing.


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