9 Jul 2011


9 Jul 2011 12:12 am
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On a random note, the ill-fated story of Eros and Psyche was one of my favourites out of the Greek mythology. There is something really sweet about the god of love falling in love himself (and then having his mother come in and ruin everything).

The Dorothy Dunnett book I was hoping to buy at the 2nd hand book stall in our weekly fair is gone, but I did spot Victor Kelleher's Del-Del, one of the most memorably creepy books I read in high school, but not in the Goosebumps way.

It's about a family whose middle child had recently died of leukaemia. The youngest son - the sibling closest to the child - begins to behave strangely on the first anniversary of her death, and says that he is someone else, called "Del-Del".

As with most of Kelleher's books there's a big twist in the end, and I think this is probably the best twist he's done. I wasn't at all impressed with Parklands, for example.

I remember a lecturer discussing psychiatry in fiction, and though he listed an Isobelle Carmody short story as an example, this book is always the first that comes to mind for me. It was creepy not because it was surreal or supernatural, but that you never knew what was real and whether anything was real, and I think the hanging cloud of dread, of rationality falling away to something that was either alien or insane, was a terrifying thing to confront in a family member. The sense of dread never really clears by the end of the book. There's a sense that the beast had gone to roost but the portal remains open.

Woman tries to cure her PTSD with simulated rape

Without knowing more about this case, I really shouldn't comment. I hope she really had more prolonged contact with the victim and she didn't get PTSD just from the victim screaming at the rapists =___= But I don't know if it's the tone of the article or what, it sounds more like a decadent re-enactment of a rape fantasy than an attempt to adjust to an illness =___= I'm glad they added that psychiatrists really do not recommend her method.

In celebration of SPEC movie and special being announced (and Kimoto's brief return to BOSS?), I have added an Erika icon. Alright, the real reason I'm saying anything is because she looks unrecognisable as herself >__>;;;


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