20 May 2011

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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is really what PotC 2 should have been, and I'd be more than happy if they made it into a brand and did self-contained episodes like the James Bond movies.

As much as I miss Will (not very much) and Liz (not at all), this is the fun romp that it should have been. The plot is still full of holes, granted, like why they didn't destroy the chalices ages ago if all they were going to do was smash things up when they get there, but people are back in business. It feels like they've had more time to hone the script, and Jack Sparrow retains his witty incongruent banter without descending into incongruent babble. He's also much less of a rat, and has the sort of twisted backbone that he did in the first movie - he does have principle though they may be buried under a very thick layer of dirt.

The choreography of the fight scenes continue to be brilliant, and I think some of the superhero movies (*cough*Batman) can really take a page from how resourceful the sequences are...practically everything on set can be used as a weapon or for comical effect, and there's a natural stumbling flow to it all while keeping the theme of ships and sails and ropes. Every fight scene that doesn't take place on a ship somehow harks back to seafaring.

Penelope Cruz's character isn't much different from Elizabeth in terms of personality, but she handles it with much less bitchiness more grace. Angelica and Jack Sparrow is a cute pair but unfortunately I don't see much romantic tension between them despite proclamations to be otherwise. They seem much more like familiar bickering siblings.

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