22 Apr 2011


22 Apr 2011 09:25 pm
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On a spur of the moment I dragged a friend to watch Thor with me, in spite of superhero movies totally being not up my alley, even though I did enjoy Iron Man...possibly on RDJ's goofiness.

A very long time ago, in the days when I could still gobble up a book like a very starved...bookworm, I read a brick-sized book based on Norse mythology and concluded that they've somehow managed to be more screwed up than the Greek myths.

And halfway between then and now I read The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul and suffice to say that since then I've always had an impression of Thor as being a slightly idiotic trigger-happy thug.

Thor kinda reinforces that image, although it is clearly a story of maturation and might have been enjoyable if only it hadn't been so damn predictable every step of the way. It gets a bit boring when the audience is always one step of the movie: he's going to turn evil isn't he...the hammer is going to come isn't it...he's going to let go now...

That said, it is a visually STUNNING movie, apart from the giant metal guardian and quite possibly a lot of the animations, which could tone down the comic convention somewhat. But the landscape of Asgard, the great metal pipes jutting like stalagmites into the purple sky, the glittering rainbow bridge...

It is basically a giant 3D RPG experience, equipped with a cheat key XD

Plot just kind of...proceeded without much regard to climatic or emotional highlight. Somehow the romance happened, somehow he changed, somehow people and things turned out the way they did.

I never thought that "show and don't tell" could be an advice applied to movies, but this one clearly should heed it. Jumps in character development might be acceptable in games, but not so much in movies.

Still, it managed to be an enjoyable movie, and I think Chris Hemsworth really deserves kudos for making such a...block-headed character likeable. Not that there was all that much acting involved, all he had to do was split a grin. There is something about Thor's air that's very pup-like...albeit at 2 metres tall and with giant abs >>;

About halfway through the movie I realised I was supposed to like Loki, and I can't exactly remember where from. Probably comes from Odin and Thor being such thick-headed idiots who personify the alpha male (i.e. like gods of modern rugby players) it's nice to have someone who derives endless amusement at their expense. Aiiee...I remember I was so taken by Mephistopheles (Faust) as well XDDD

PS: Stayed after credits (man..it really was after credits...the whole damned credits) to watch The Avengers leadup. I stayed for your sake, Iron Man!!!! No1curr. It was Samuel L Jackson, that's who it was LOL. I really don't think I can sit through Captain America ==; Seriously I half-suspect I went to see Thor simply because I want to watch The Avengers and THAT is only because I watched Iron Man and thought "WOW, I can actually understand you, Sherlock!" .............*Facepalm self*

The movie completely satiated my inner blue-eye fetish *dreamy*


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