18 Mar 2011

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Saw Rango today.

I was hoping for a review from Paul Byrnes before I went but he seems to be making precious few reviews these days. Sandra Hall doesn't even bother disguising her Disney fangirlhood, and I won't even start on what a load of BS Jim Schembri comes up for his reviews.

They say Rango is chock full with in-jokes for the Westerns buff. Having endured...maybe zero westerns in all, the movie is still incredibly entertaining on the same merits that made Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one) a hit - some incredible rapid spluttering of long vocabulary by Depp, slapstick, long chase sequences, very well-defined and colourful misfits as characters, and a whole bunch of slightly neurotic humour techniques that would be familiar to anyone who've watched PotC. To cap off, is of course the amazingly detailed animation as well as Hans Zimmer's usual quality music.

The movie supposedly used motion-tracking technology and had the animation made afterwards, which is probably just as well because though Depp is hugely entertaining and versatile, he doesn't quite have the crisp diction of long-term voice actors and I wonder how they'd have done if they had to time it to the lip movements as people normally do. Hollywood stars really have it easy XD

As much a fan of Depp as I am, I have to say his voice is a bit...characterless? Like, his acting is brilliant, but unlike Bill Nighy his voice isn't instantly magnetic (I felt that way in Corpse Bride as well...it almost seemed like it was anyone).

The movie was enjoyable but not very memorable for me. However, it is clear that much love went into what seemed somewhat like a creative experiment. It was both made as a "blockbuster" animated comedy and an artist's exploration of expression and the medium. It breaks the fourth wall multiple times, which got a little jarring and disorienting especially towards the end.

It felt like Gore made this because he couldn't get his own way with Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3. Heck, even some of the scenes seem lifted right out of the PotC movies. Unless Verbinski has a running fascination with running wheels (pun unintended) and imagines the afterlife to be a deserted white haze..........

I have to say, I LOL'ed no end when the doctor animal got his gloved finger ready at the first mention of prostate XDDDDDDD
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After brooding on this for a night, I've realised that Rango makes a perfect study for a post-modernist film, without being so tied up with its own self-importance and techniques to make it unenjoyable.

It's been many years (*shakes head*) since I studied post-modern literature that I've forgotten most of the key features and techniques. But let's go through what Wikipedia has listed...

Cut for length and spoilers )

Wow...I don't think I ever bothered reading this much into a story since the HSC XDDD

There were more...I just couldn't be bothered LOL I think it makes a really good text, actually.


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