12 Mar 2011

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Aside from the sheer enormity of the disaster that struck Japan and the continuing aftermath, it's so moving reading tweets from Japanese celebrities many of whom continually give updates and information for their followers.

Utada Hikaru is amazing (or her PR team is...but I'd like to think it's her). She's pretty much been posting nonstop in Japanese and also in English about where to access information and help as well as offering condolences and updates on the situation, presumably for the millions stranded in subways or far from their homes without access to news.

But this retweet (by her) nearly made me sniffle:
@utadahikaru この呼びかけを広めて下さいm(__)m⇒『皆さんにお願いです。今現在 命の危険が差し迫っている方が消防、救急へかける電話が最優先です。各地で電話を使ってしまうと回線が混合います。安否確認できたら電話は控えて下さい。今 電話が繋がれば救える命があるんです』

Roughly translates: @utadahikaru please spread this call m(__)m --> "Please everyone. Right now the most vital phone calls are those going through to emergency services due to life-threatening situations. A lot of phonelines are getting clogged up around the country. After you've checked the safety of your loved ones please resist using your phone. Right now, there are lives that hang on whether contact can be made by phone."

It's just......so sweet, and so thoughtful, and so logical in such crazy circumstances.

I hope Fukushima's nuclear plant turns out okay. Rising radiation levels does not sound promising...

Also, this is so true:

(Hope no one minds me hotlinking)


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