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So anyway, saw another cat today, and at first it was a little scared, but after I patted it, it ran up and stuck to my legs and kept rubbing its head and I was like "NOOO" and then it ran away. But it kept loitering about and it was so sweet-tempered even when I pulled its tail a few times. LOL. And then the toddler who stood there watching us sprayed pee out of his nappies. It was like those fountains. He looked like such a cherub.

The weather here has turned glorious again. I realised I could see the ocean from my toilet HAHA. It looks pretty boring, I do not understand why people want plain waterviews. The doctors here are fully old-school. They're probably the ones who can pat themselves on the back knowing they've spent their live being real doctors...and I actually don't mean that in a sarcastic sense. I think us measly medical students can only aspire to doing anywhere near half the stuff they've done in their lifetime.

In old news, I think I came to terms with my harddisk dying...which means I lost pretty much all of my writing, especially the ones I haven't sent around to people...namely the bits that tells me what I'm supposed to write next Orz Thank god I've managed to get what I have sent around back from people T-T

I think the latest chapter/edition of Next Assignment is gone forever. So are those Fealty prequel and sequel I started on. I actually had the whole sequel all planned out, and it's now gone. GONE! It's gone from my head too, so I actually do need them Orz

Fortunately I had copied out all of Vivant's story, but there was one and a half chapters I wrote back in year 11 or something about Vivant that may or may not exist on another computer =/

And the story I started in year 8...the one that predated everything...I don't know if I still have an electronic copy of it, although I do have the printed version, which must have sacrificed at least a small bush >_>;;;;

...I can't even begin to remember how many drawings I must have lost T___T I do not have backups for those TT___TT
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And there needs to be more days in a week or something T-T

After getting past the constipated bit in my writing I am now in verbal diarrhoea and have been writing nonstop for the past week. Yes...I know there must be better metaphors but somehow this analogy is so apt =w=

News about "Going!" came out. I am going to be against the loudest voices and say.........YES, I CAN NOW ACTUALLY ENJOY WATCHING THEM PROMOTE IT. Music Station and Utaban and Hey!Hey!Hey! will be a group that is more cohesive and respectable and delightful than ever before!

I'm also have to do a big "SEE I TOLD YOU SO" moment about Maru's and Koki's solos being included =w= SEE I TOLD YOU SO. Just because K and A released their solos first doesn't mean they're getting "special treatment" geez =_= Interesting that they didn't split it this time.

Looking forward to the album =D
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[ profile] a_cryptic and I have gotten together and opened up a collaboration art blog ♥ Please come visit at Cryptic Moon so it doesn't feel lonely LOL.

It might motivate me into drawing again as I'm currently 8 months overdue on our art diary swap project....hah.

I've also moved my writing blab blog to here but all I've done is imported everything over. I haven't updated yet. I haven't written anything since May. It's sad.

But it's good. All these unfinished projects will ward me from the evil known as Runescape. LOL.
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Before I get into the main point of this post, let's just say it's about time that the American public has become alarmed at the vacuousness of the running mate for the Republicans...

It's getting to be one of those moments where, if McCain and Palin do get elected, it happens only in America. Amen.

===================== I divide, ergo I divide =====================

This is your "birthday present" Serena XDDDD

Well, it wasn't meant to be, but you may feel pleased with yourself(?) that having your birthday as a deadline somehow contributed to the miracle of this being finished so quickly =D And since it's your "birthday" you get the whole thing unshrunken! Muahahaha~

My favourite couple *ahem*

And in its original unshrunken black and white glory

The item Vivrael is holding, is, of course, this thing XDDDD

I'm both pleased and annoyed by the picture, but as I am not simultaneously pleased and annoyed, it's a complicated sensation involving unpredictable fluctuation between the two extremes.

Tried to go for a slightly different colouring style here. I'm still very much experimenting with colouring styles. I wanted a pastel-y effect, but ended up with a watercolour-y effect on Solen, which I'm okay about. It sucks when Solen is so pale and Vivrael is so...well...vivid? Solen's pallor is intentional, by the way (apart from the fact that he's probably also naturally paler)...he's anaemic!.....?

I'm pretty happy with Vivrael's hair this time around. His hair's always been an absolute nightmare to colour ==; I love drawing it, and I love it when it's black and white, but I hate colouring it =0=

More ranting about Viv/Sol =D )
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在杉菜和道明斯大人幸福的婚禮舉行完后~~ )

I can't believe I wrote so much ==;;;; Hope you found at least some of it funny =P
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One overcast dawn
Playful nature
Brush laden with viscid white
Smudged cirrus across a tin-coloured sky


Even though that made no meteorological sense whatsoever.

It was last Saturday.

Off-white wisps and tapered strokes liberally streaked on a canvas of uniformly metallic grey.

The storm, though, did not come.

Less poetically, the takoyaki at Chatswood was droooooooool. I WANT YAKISOBA *SOB*

I am, incidentally, starving.

I shall go to bed.
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In the throes of boredom, I checked up my horoscope for next year.

I take this as a very-not-subtle sign from above for me to get off my lazy ass and finish my writing:

You may want to get involved in writing, be it lyrics, poetry or just self reflection. Your idealistic nature is inspired from a strong connection to your surroundings, and you easily express yourself from a place of inner awareness. Your natural ability to communicate ideas to others is keenly perceptive now. Focus on trusting your intuition and you will get through nearly any circumstance. You need to lighten up about difficulties in life. Don't be so critical and overly concerned about details.

Yes, yes, point taken.

For [ profile] jezjezjezza, there are these wise words: Your sunny disposition will bring harmony into your life this year, resulting in an integration of all that you are becoming. (Yes Jenny, you previously existed as differentiated, separate beings.) Guard against taking on too much responsibility this year, otherwise you might end up feeling overloaded. (And spontaneously combust.)
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Bittorrent getting licensed O__o;

I'm still kind of confused as to what the licensing entails, but interesting O__o;

I wonder what would happen to the spate of BT-based programs like BitComet and BitSpirit.

Anyone still remember the good old days when anime was only 30mb (tragically condensed realplayer versions)...? And when bittorrent first came out? It made the anime file sizes bigger...LOL.

And it was an easier alternative to queueing up for days on IRC.

Talk of US elections is up again ~~;

Screwed up my first exam today. My brain wasn't working. I can't believe I mistook a slide of appendicitis for asthma. Argh. Just because they both had 20 layers of smooth muscle cells and leukocyte infiltration........

Must study for tomorrow.

*Goes back to the battledome*

==========I am an updater============

I'm so tempted to do the NaNoWriMo after exams this year (that would be 15th). But..........

It would mean an average of 3333 words per day in order to reach the goal by 30th November T__T There's this story I want to write, and I want to write it quickly and sketchily, as a guide rather than a polished tale. That way I can get it over with and move on to finishing the previous two stories I've started.

...Yeah, so, relax, I'm not going to attempt to finish Vivant's story in 15 days. It would make him/me/readers cry.

Speaking of writing, I dropped by the Basement bookshop or whatever it's called, in Central, today, and flipped through some of the books. Sara Douglass has another enormous hardcover trilogy out >__>;

I also flipped through Dan Chernenko's The Bastard King (see someone's review here). Somehow his style of writing really irked me. I know on Amazon they said "simple language and straightforward narrative", but I have a hard time dealing with sentences that average 7 words and beginning with conjunctions. I just don't see the point of writing an entire book like so:

He put his sword down at his feet. Then he picked it up again.
He looked tired. But he had six hours of sleep. So it was expected.

Too many full-stops make the passage fragmented and awkward.

Aside from griping about the language, I'm not sure what it was about this particular scenario that irked me so much that I slammed the book shut and stuffed it back onto the shelf:
The boy king (bastard king) is nine, and his advisors/regents try to tell him something that's different from the news that he's somehow acquired himself. He then badgers his advisors, who stutter about how he is misinformed. As part of the interior monologue, the boy mentions "he held on to facts, because facts would never betray him".


Apart from the melodrama dripping from that, how can a reader trust a 9-year-old's definition of "fact"? Especially when the particular "fact" that the boy is referring to is clearly contentious and is dependent on perspective (because he's disagreeing with the view point that the regents just presented). And especially because anyone presenting "a fact" to this particular boy would not be presenting it in an objective manner, because everyone appears to want to manipulate him. How can fact in this sense be considered reliable and unchanging? It's not so much a "fact" as "information", open to interpretation and open to distortion by whoever is telling him the news. He questions the regents' news because he's heard an earlier different version. What makes him trust that different version more than the regents' version??

I know I'm just jumping to conclusions here based on about 3 paragraphs from 3 different pages spaced about 50 pages apart...........

If anyone actually slogs through the book in full, tell me what it's like.

But I know for one thing I won't be able to sit through the language >_>; It jars with the fantasy background and the pace.
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I hate how science invades my brain cells and overtakes everything T___T

I was going through my bedroom last week and stumbled upon my 4U English major work. I was amazed at the quality. Okay, not the overall quality, because it had many aspects that were utter crap, but the writing voice was so beautiful. Even Prophecy doesn't compare - it's the word choice, the double symbolisms (okay, there weren't all that many), the pictures and sounds that are painted that's so enchantingly fairytale-like (which was also the whole point, which was good).

On the other hand, the plot was utter bullcrap and didn't exist. I love postmodernism. It can explain away so much laziness on the part of the author XD (Don't hit me, all ye postmodernists!)

Honestly, the language of it was more than what I can achieve today. Reading it made me realise again why writing was so cool in the first place, the ability to harness language into something so riveting; the way that words we use and see everyday, scattered about without order, could be brought together and tamed to create something so beautiful.

Haha...I sound like such a classicist...whatever that is. Madness is fine, but I prefer method in mine =P (Don't hit me, all ye Shakespeare fans!)

That brings me back to my original point. I really hate how science is invading my brain cells that were previously occupied by 20 synonyms of the word "shows". The tone of Next Assignment is kept purposely simple and bland, but Prophecy is nowhere near the level of sophistication (in word choice) I achieved in my major work, even though it is supposed to be just as melodic.

I still suck at dialogue unless it drips with sarcasm.

The 8am classes are really painful T___T

Edit: I think I'm also one of those horribly anal people when it comes to spelling and grammar. No one has flawless grammar, but I think if you're going to proclaim publicly that "I aspire to be a writer", get at least your bloody spelling right, even if you're just posting on a forum. Everyone has silly typos, but if you're going to consistently have mistakes with spelling simple - but not easy - words, I really doubt the ability of you being a writer. Getting your basics right is an important habit, rather than depending on Word (which is utter crap) and your beta-readers.

And if you're going to put your story online for others to read, you better damn well have gone through it yourself at least twice with a giant thick red marker. (I'm talking about original fiction here. I don't even dare venture into the fanfic area.)


20 May 2006 03:51 pm
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Due to popular demand procrastination, has spent last 2 days working on this.

Hmm =___=

I recommend reading from bottom-up. (Argh-ness, by the way, because I'm so sick of the first chapters)

Updates not guaranteed. I just don't want to post all that stuff here and am too lazy to organise a site from scratch XD

*Runs away embarrassed*

PS: Jenny I'm still waiting for that story you were going to write =P I hope it has started to exist at least.
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Click here if your name starts with Ca or Se )


Not meant to ostracise.

I just don't think I should put anyone else through the torture of half-witted crap written in the throes of procrastination about stuff you would not have heard of, anyway.

Yes, the comma goes before the anyway.

Verse 5

3 Mar 2006 12:57 pm
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The world is alien on an overcast night, when the faithful moonlight rails vainly to penetrate the unmoving clouds. Enshrouded in darkness so impervious that even the wind stayed its breath, the familiar scrabbling of night life had long been consumed by the silence that tolled sternly, prolonged and suffocating.

It was a world described only by touch and smell and taste; my existence confirmed by the restive flutter of the wind that on occasions carried with it the scent of ocean salt, and dreams of home.

The skies sometimes opened up, and the dust between my toes would turn to mud and squelch until baked dry by the sun that rose the next day. The rain would fall unheard, drowned out by intense flashes of lightning that came accompanied by the alarmed shuddering of the frail wooden hut that housed me.

The clouds would clear the next day, and the sun would rise over the horizon, welcomed by birds that would have begun their overture when the sky first brightened.

But for me, I lived in that silent, stifling midnight.

Just felt like practising a little writing. Away from Rowan's blander way with words.

My descriptive skills have seriously gone down the drain and is now floating somewhere in the Pacific waiting to be eaten by a starfish.

It's all Rowan's fault (...) that this story was started in the first place. I would have happily left it until I finished Next Assignment but I'm so sick of writing with Rowan's tone! It's so boring! And...boring!

Yes...there was a change of tense right at the beginning >__>;

Carmen, have I sent you verse 4 yet?
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Random gripe:

If you're writing fantasy/alternative world, check your language please. Common expressions like "Gee" or "Geez" or "Christ!" or "OMG" shouldn't go anywhere near your characters, unless they happened to also have had a Jesus Christ son of God ==;

That also goes for expressions rooted in our modern culture, like "gay" or "queer" or "punk" or "cool"...


Yes, that's right, that includes "he's so cool" and "she's so hot", expressions reserved for something to do with temperature, thank you.

If you're going to have a character that speaks slang, make up your own slangs, or at least check for their origins. If it has anything remotely to do with electricity in a decidedly non electricity world (i.e. "he's all wired up" or "his brain's short-circuiting" or "the experience was electrifying!"), Unless you're Terry Pratchett =P
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Anyone entering the NaNoWriMo this year? Anyone been through it last year and is game to do it again? =P

Writing 50000 words in 30 days is a pretty daunting ask... I almost want to try it =P (No, I'm not masochist. No, I'm not sadistic either. I insist.) I haven't done impromptu (I imagine it would be largely impromptu) writing in ages, and certainly not over any sustained length or time resembling that.

*Pokes Chen* Chen! This sounds like your sort of thing!

I suspect I won't have access to a computer for the last half of the month, which might cause grave problems if I wanted to enter the competition...that, and the fact I have end of semester exams first half of the month. Why November?? Why not January?? When I'll be sitting on my bum all day and have nothing better (or more urgent) to do anyway??

On the other hand, I'm not too sure I want to spend 30 days writing 175 A4 pages of bull that I won't end up liking. Is probably more practical to spend that time on...other stuff, very neglected stuff lying in various neglected corners of my room and hard drive...*sigh*....


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