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Happy news for Pratchett fans =DDDDD

1. Snuff is completed:
According to the writer of the best selling crime novel ever to have been published in the city of Ankh-Morpork, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a policeman taking a holiday would barely have had time to open his suitcase before he finds his first corpse.

And Commander Sam Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch is on holiday in the pleasant and innocent countryside, but not for him a mere body in the wardrobe, but many, many bodies and an ancient crime more terrible than murder.

He is out of his jurisdiction, out of his depth, out of bacon sandwiches, occasionally snookered and occasionally out of his mind, but not out of guile. Where there is a crime there must be a finding, there must be a chase and there must be a punishment.

They say that in the end all sins are forgiven.

But not quite all…

Published 13th October 2011

2. Good Omens TV adaptation: Pratchett and Gaiman have signed for Good Omens to be adapted...which is a double coincidence since I just finished (re)reading the book and supposedly the end of the world is next year LOL. Always mixed feelings when it comes to adapting a favourite book. Hope the casting is as good as Going Postal
So, ladies and gentleman, I can hereby exclusively reveal that - YES - Neil and myself have shaken hands and received groats from Rod Brown sealing a TV deal. An official announcement from Prime Focus will follow in a couple of weeks time. However, I can reveal right now that Terry Jones (yes, the Python) and Gavin Scott (not a Python, but he gets it) are already on the job. It's been a long time coming, but it's looking good.

3. Discworld TV adaptation: Will let the news speak for itself
Sir Terry Pratchett and Rod Brown, Managing Director of Prime Focus Productions, announce that they have come to an agreement for the unprecedented and exclusive worldwide television rights to create brand new storylines for the iconic characters of Pratchett’s phenomenally successful Discworld series.

(...) Whilst there have been three successful mini series adaptations of his Discworld books made for television in the UK, this is the first time that Pratchett has granted a production company the international rights to his characters and world, for the creation of new stories exclusively for a television audience.

The main focus of the series will be set in the bustling, highly mercantile, largely untrustworthy and always vibrant city of Ankh-Morpork and will follow the day-to-day activities of the men, women, trolls, dwarves, vampires and several other species who daily pound its ancient cobbles (and, of course, Igor in the forensics department). Terry commonly refers to the City Watch police force series as “the jewels in the Discworld Crown.” These richly developed and highly compelling characters will feature in a ‘crime of the week’ episodic storyline. As each weekly adventure unfolds, viewers will be taken on a ride through Pratchett’s genius imagination, with the author overseeing the creation of the series, where wild and exciting encounters with werewolves, dragons, dwarfs, trolls and golems and the classic heroes and villains, are an everyday occurrence…and where many of these characters even make outstanding crime fighters!

It will be almost like NCIS! But weirder XDD

Not so sure about being dumped right in the middle of the Watch, since one of the joys was to watch the dynamics develop. Do I spy "vampires"? I was hoping Sally would NOT feature in any further Watch series ==; Damn. It'll be so many people to introduce at once though. Even just the core group is huge - Vimes, Carrot, Nobbs, Colon, Angua, Detritus, Cheery...and since they promised them, Sally and Igor. I'd like to see Dorfl if only because I'm partial to stone/clay/rock things XD And of course any series in Ankh-Morpork must feature Vetinari...=O

Again...hope the casting is good Oo;

I just found out that the motto of the Guild of Seamstresses is "Where the customer comes first". I paused, and then said "oh gawd", and forever hated myself for making sense of it.
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MUST be in want of a wife XD

Plucked up the resolve a few days ago and bought Pride & Prejudice (BBC version).

I wanted to wait a little because JB Hi-Fi had it bundled with the original book, and I already have a copy of the original book (although in a rather banal shade of pink). When I went again this week, they had the DVD by itself for $38........whereas the DVD+book was $33..........

There was a Chiaki moment. LOL.

(A very obtuse reference to that scene in Nodame where Chiaki stood and stared at a fish stand for many long minutes going..." two fish cheaper than one?" A few minutes later, with two fish in his bag and thinking about what to make for the parasite Nodame, he sees Nodame stuffing her face in Mine's dad's shop...)

I only had time to watch the first 40 minutes of it, but I must say I don't find the people as unremarkable as I did in year 12 Orz And now with their faces plastered on my screen I can actually appreciate their fine acting.

Mr Bingley is so cute XD

Speaking of Nodame, I saw the first movie. It probably would have worked if it weren't a movie, because then it didn't need to accommodate a whole bunch of things, especially the possibility of someone needing a 20 minute recap in a 1hr50min movie. The recaps were run to Beethoven's symphony 7 and they played the whole first movement for it, and that runs to at least 14 minutes.

The ecchi fake gaijin conductor (Chiaki's "master") is really annoying me...his dramatic "woe, disaster shalt fall!" annoys me, every time he appears on screen with his ominous ruminations it annoys me. It really interrupts the pace and the mood of what is meant to be a fun movie. I hope they don't spend too much time feeling sorry for him in the second movie =__= Even though the manga was fairly sympathetic to his cancer problem, it did so in the minimal frames instead of a whole 40 minutes (combined) of him sitting in archaic rooms/gardens/places by himself wearing the SAME furry cloak in every scene and surrounded by lots of antique furniture and candles.

Aye~ But I want the orchestra recordings, as usual =3=
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It's not often that I actually review an American series except to squee in fangirl high over them for two minutes without saying anything useful. LOL.

But it's also not often that a spinoff would generate its own spinoff, and NCIS went into its 7th season shouldering a lot of expectations.

The 2-part special last season as a prep for NCIS: LA was interesting, although I got rather bummered to have my only favourite character out of the LA team gunned down in the last two minutes. Fortunately Gibbs said Callen was still alive one episode later and now he's back at work...although how he survived being shot in the chest at close range by a machine gun is still beyond me, but hey...this is NCIS, where Gibbs can teleport.

I've actually seen the first two episodes of both series, even though only one has been screened in Australia *cough* I have to say...I hope the scriptwriting lifts up over the course of this season, or both series will lose fans. Yes, including the original.

It's true that NCIS has never been the cream of the crop as a forensics procedural. I like it - and I think most of its fans like it - because of its team. But while character-focused episodes are therefore playing to its strengths, 7.01 and 7.02 were so full of...I don't know how to describe it...fanwanking? It's full of moments that make the sentimental side of you go all gooey while the tiny little rational voice at the back of your head screeches "WTF?!" Albeit not very loudly, as it's drowned out by the giant "awwww".

That said, Tony and McGee have been growing quite a bit on me in the last two episodes. This is amazing progress considering I used to find Tony mostly annoying and McGee mostly...dull. I've never been a Tiva fan, but the Tiva moments these two episodes oozes of chemistry. I'm even finding Tony's jock antics kind of endearing after watching NCIS: LA, but I'm not sure what that says.

Moving on to the LA spinoff, the first and most glaring problem is it doesn't have an authoritative figure. I'm not saying it needs Gibbs, or even "a Gibbs", but if the original NCIS team was a family headed by Gibbs as the strict yet indulgent dad, the LA spinoff seems like a band camp with a bunch of ill-defined but invariably juvenile personalities.

There are also too many nerds. I know the original team has three as well, but at least Abby is a goth specialising in everything forensics and McGee is a computer nerd, while Palmer is a pure nerd who doesn't have much screen time. Nate, Dom and Eric are mostly indistinguishable from each other except in their manner of ineptitude.

The only charm that the LA team has over the original is a good comaraderie between the two male leads, but it's treading so precariously on the homoerotic line that sometimes it's just plain...cringeworthy.

I'm going to give it time to grow into its shape, but I think the first remedy it needs is someone to give them the Gibbs glare when the smartass quips run out of hand.
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Firstly, I thought I'd do this:
[Error: unknown template qotd]Haro!!! I WANT a Haro~! I want a BLACK one. I want a real one that goes "Haro~ Haro~" and jumps up and down and rolls around looking stupid XDDD

So anyway, because I got home and came to be in an incredibly foul mood on Friday night, I drew this:

I know...I draw happy pictures when I'm pissed off. LOL. The sketch was a 40-minute job, so yeah...I didn't even bother drawing the clothes properly. But this is one of my favourite characters ♥ I should draw him more often XD

After I scanned this picture I found out that because my laptop Bluescreen™ed several times, Photoshop insists that I have to reactivate it. Grr.

So this was coloured in OpenCanvas, which I would use more often if only I figured out how to do a channel mask in it. I also don't like its colour picker as much as I do for PS, which makes for a double frustration when my laptop LCD is pretty unreliable - especially when it comes to choosing skin tones. It always ends up either too pink or too yellow or - on a very bad day - too green. OC has a cooler brush system though I don't use it nearly enough to know which ones I want to use. I end up just using the oil marker because that gives me consistent solid colours LOL.

Merry Christmas~ I'm exactly one month late! XD

(PS: I can't believe channel 7 put on the bloody NEWS right in the middle of the Federer vs Berdych match!!! When he was down 2-1!!!! ARGGH. Me and my friend had to watch Federer win that fourth set by watching the live scoreboard on the AusOpen website Orz. At least Fed finally got back on form in the 5th set and breezed through it like he usually does.)
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Absolutely adooooore this guy

Okay, okay, full credits to [ profile] bludger1985 for bringing up his act when we were discussing TGYH one day......

Love how he's funny without resorting to plain obnoxiousness. Okay, he can be obnoxious too, but he's always so....educatedly obnoxious. It's hilarious XD

"It's strange to have a segment consisting entirely of American newsreaders mentioning our name," says Shaun Micallef, anchor of upcoming comedy news program Newstopia, on SBS. "With Port Arthur there was almost this sense that we've made it; that we're up there with any number of mass shootings across the world."

LOL....just the sort of ridiculously irreverent and politically incorrect thing he'd say...

=================== I. Am a. Divider. Am. ===================

A beautiful, eloquently written essay reflecting on the recent events at Royal North Shore hospital (a mother miscarried after waiting two hours in emergency) and problems it revealed about the Australian health system. Including the busy blame-shifting and snarking of the politicians.

I don't do economy, so a lot of economics students might disagree. I study and I am interested in the health field, and what the government has done in the last three terms of its reign is to withdraw funding from both these vital fields.

I wonder how many more prescription drugs could have been issued with the amount of money spent on making barricades and hiring snipers and making raincoats driza-bones and throwing dinner parties for APEC.


14 Sep 2007 12:33 am
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Oh dear, my laughing muscles have received quite a workout ever since I've become unhealthily amused by Youtube clips of The Chasers, Thank God You're Here, Shaun Micallef and Bob Franklin.

.....I think I'm just weak for Bob's lovely ♥ accent XD

Hee. Shaun Micallef is so funny XD The swashbuckling Sotto Voce. HAHAHA.

Loved his interviews with Bob Franklin (which was less an interview than a one minute silence) and Shane Bourne XDD Too bad we don't see Shane do much comedy himself on TGYH. (Since we're on the topic of Shaun, might as well point out the hilarious drunken room and drunken wine cellar. And the prostituting file cabinet aka computer. LOL.)

American TGYH is so.......different. It's the vibe, you know, the vibe. From the two I watched (Fran Drescher and Nicole Sullivan, who are arguably very capable comedians), their BS-ing skills are so much better than the female comedians over here. At least there isn't that awkward "uuummmmmmmmm" moment where you hear the gears of their brain turning.

The other thing is there seems to be more ad-libbing from the scripted comedians. There's seems to be more interaction between the guest and the scripted characters (at least for Nicole's one), rather than just direct questioning or leading.

Hehe...does anyone remember how cute Matt Newton was when we watched Volpone? Mosca♥~~ It was such a cool interpretation XD I was so disappointed when I missed his appearance on TGYH, but I found it! XDDD
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Here at YouTube (You get to hear a snip of L'arc-en-ciel! =P)
Crispy sharp screencaps

No release on voice actors until 19th August, if my Japanese doesn't fail me. I wonder if the (first) announcer at the end of the trailer is one? It's a voice I can put up with XD

Anyone laying the money on Miyano Mamoru making it in? XD

Does anyone watch Claymore? >__>; It's the first time I've listened to a Japanese song and thought it was sung by a (girly sounding) guy who turns out to actually be a girl Orz

Half the time it sounds like a guy and half the time it sounds like a girl Orz

...Maybe because I haven't watched the series, I'd rate the songs 7/10 for "too noisy" =__=;;;;

Also, while listening to Nodame Mongoose Box (one of its many soundtracks), I came across a song named "Koi no G Cup" (G Cup of Love).

I'm yet to figure out why it's sung by a girl and why it sounds so damn nice Orz

After watching NCIS finale tonight...can I just say that Jeanne is, like, le twitch? (Substitute tw for one letter after "a") She's so snarky with her patients, and not even in a cool House-like way.
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with the world if a (self-proclaimed) 40-year-old lady, married with a boy and a girl and a respectable job, writes fanfics of Snape x Hermione disposition.

And she's an NCIS fan ToT

......Ten has already started their advertising for House and NCIS and Supernatural. Damn it!! I want to watch! But I don't think they (except Supernatural) be back for at least another month.
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...will never be the same again.

*Wipes away crocodile tear*
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Had not much to do over the past few days (apart from listening to my dad whine about how little I had to do), so spent it watching TV...

Naively, thinking that it finished at 8:30 and not 10:30pm, watched Australian idol =0=;;;;;;; Can't believe I spent 2 hours sitting in front of the TV wondering when the verdict would be.

As a matter of rarity, I actually liked both Jess Mauboy and Damien Leith's voice...even though Damien's rendition of Night of My Life last week spiralled off-tune about 20 times...

Whatever people said about last year's contestants, I didn't like Emily Williams' voice. The way she sang high notes really grated my nerves.

I liked Mauboy's voice. She has the kind of voice I wouldn't mind listening to on the radio, it's full but unpretentious.

Also watched Australia's Brainiest Idol (or whatever it was called)...

My jaw nearly hit the floor when someone said "pass" on a question that asked "how many natural satellites does the Earth have?"

I guess they're too busy serenading to look outside the window on a moonlit night.

Edit: Mozart's Symphony no. 31 makes me smile...don't know why XD Maybe it's the whole "pinkness" of Mozart to begin with XD I can't believe the clarinet part has one note that have to be held for 33 beats =0=||||||| And it's in D major...which translates to E for clarinet...T___T Don't like things with too many sharps and flats.
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...had its usual audience (including Jenny) plus myself.

It's the first episode I watched in full and my conclusion is: everyone is gay except those who are not including those who are not but also is.


Am surprised did not fall asleep. The westerner's Chinese sounded better than the Asian guy's ==;;;; That "zai jian" was so stiff and un-Mandarin.

Er, so who are gay again? >__>; And why are those three people living together? @__@ Who likes who likes who likes who? What?

Also watched NCIS repeat, despite telling self should sleep early.

I still like Ziva. People complain about her being "the golden girl" and being "too perfect" but I think that's far from the case.

What I see from her character is a woman trying really hard to play equal in a man's profession, so she's trained herself to be extremely capable when on the job. ...My brain is currently too fried to think, but her character examines the phenomenon of "strong women" in our society. Though Ziva may be better on techniques and skills, at the same time she has lost the traditional "feminine" strengths. She finds it hard to be empathetic, she find it hard dealing with stress and emotions in a non-masculine sort of way, and she finds herself so set in her domineering briskness that she has trouble being gentle...being "feminine" when the time requires.

She's seductive, yes, but even that comes with an aggressive streak. I find that more interesting than Kate, who is a much more traditional female >__>; With Ziva we find someone whose personality is extremely masculine, and it's interesting to see how under stress she clashes with the team in an aggressive instead of bitchy manner, rather than being the "emotional glue" that holds everyone women in these shows tend to do.

After surviving on barely salted meals for the past day, stuffed myself full of greasy barbequed pork and ham and garlic tonight =___= immune system needs protein....

Or so I tell myself.

Does anyone else buy Home Brand milk? Is it just me or do the recent batches taste weird?

...Or maybe it's just the Marrickville branch that sells weird-tasting milk?


18 Oct 2006 09:50 pm
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Can't anyone go into a series finale without blowing up the main character any more? ==;
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I think my lecturer on parasite infections had made some snide remark last semester about how bad journalists are at popping down medical terms XDD

A spokesman for the Queensland Education Department said the students were suffering a suspected gastro virus and their parents were being contacted.

Lol...gastro virus. This is what happens when people just let abbreviations roll off their tongue. Any chance they meant gastrointestinal?

Medics were assessing all the children - some of whom were crying - and placing either green or orange tags around their wrists. The green tags were marked "walking".

TRIAGE!!! (Okay, only about 1 person will get this and she never reads my LJ). Marked walking...that's a hilarious clarification in itself XDDD

This reminds of the mistaken diagnosis House gave for Foreman's mysterious ailment was Cryptococcus neoformans. The problem with that diagnosis is C. neoformans almost always cause disease only in the immunocompromised (as in, people who are already sick with something else). Another strain of the same species, C. gattii, causes disease in healthy humans. Both the policeman and Foreman were healthy before they got the disease, so it's less likely to be C. neoformans than C. gattii, and House being the pedantic asshole he is would know this.

Of course, C. gattii doesn't have quite the tongue-in-cheek connotation as C. neoformans...I suppose. But he could have gone by its other name...Cryptococcus neoformans var gattii. Muahahaha.

(PS: I thought the woman yesterday had tetanus >__>; It's a wonder they didn't even mention it when her contractions came on....And wow...what are the chances of a baby getting an autoimmune diseases like coeliac disease? *Genuinely interested*)
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Not saying mine aren't cool, of course =P

I can't believe Channel 10 is going so low-key about it ~~;; It's the season finale next week. So yes, we find out (finally) who killed Lilly Kane. Of course, me being me, and the net being the net, and America being not Australia and is thus 1 entire season ahead (yes, they just finished their run of the 2nd season), I already know who did it, and it's not one of the major suspects thus far.

Aww. Poor Duncan.

Feel so sorry for the guy. He's one of those archetypal ideal romantic leads who, aside from all the superficial appeals, has the nauseatingly sweet quality of trying to take the entire burden upon his own shoulders. I bet if this was some crummy tuppenny love novel, it would run something along the lines of "he didn't want to tell Veronica that [he found out from his 8itch of a mum] that they were [supposedly] siblings, and would rather be hated by her for the sudden unannounced breakup than tell her the reason and make her feel guilty about it too".

See what I mean? Nauseatingly sweet ~~;;;;; (It also makes me annoyed the way he was bunked off the show, but that's another season's story altogether. On the other hand, it was really neat how they got rid of Lilly's murderer. Oh, that's also another season's story altogether.)

I'm still not a big Logan fan, who is a perfect ass at his worst. Weevil and Wallace are full "awww-ness" though, especially all Wallace x Veronica moments XDDD

I'm not actually holding much hope out for Ten renewing this for the next season, although I'd vote this any day over trashy stuff like The O.C., although that show gets a loud cheer and applause for booting its main character off the cast >__>;

...Someone please verify the rumour that JAG is back on? What channel? What time? And what season is it on? I want to catch the one where the NCIS team appears ;__;

...Should stop watching so much TV. Hey, at least I've crossed Futurama off my regulars list.
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Channel 10 is showing ONE PIECE?!?!?!

...Okay, admittedly I've never even watched that anime, but the fact that it's 49 volumes going on 50 (or was it more than that?) and 100+ episodes going on 100++ episodes is testament to what a classic it is.

OMG One Piece!! What next? Naruto?! XDDD

(That, would be, like, beyond cool.)

(I don't even like Naruto.)

(It's just nice if Australia got some "mainstream" anime once in a while.)


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