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Open it up in my heart...
Open it up in my...

When alone, the night tends to be especially black
When alone, the heart tends to quietly fragment
The cold hands tremble, the hot tears fall
When alone, one wishes someone could appear

When alone, it's like falling into a ravine
When alone, it's like seeing through all of the world's lies
Time won't go faster, details won't stop replaying
When alone, one fears that someone might appear

Filthily accept my love
It's contemptible to liberally allow yourself be hurt
Dragging the wounds on a flight across the horizons
Leaving just yourself to return

Sigh a long sigh for my love
No one wishes to leave you alone
But if the world is boiled down to only the passing of seasons
Possessing too much will also become unbearable

Filthily accept my love
It's contemptible to liberally allow yourself be hurt
Dragging the wounds on a flight across the horizons
Leaving just yourself to return

Sigh a long sigh for my love
No one wishes to leave you alone
But if the world is boiled down to only a passing greeting
Possessing too much will also become unbearable

When alone, the night especially tends to turn black
When alone, the heart especially tends to crumble
When alone, even though all the emotions can't...can't...can't be escaped
When alone, you still must force yourself, to let things be


獨處的時候 夜容易特別黑
獨處的時候 心容易悄悄破碎
冷冷的手發抖 熱熱的淚墜落
獨處的時候 好想有誰能出現

獨處的時候 像跌進了深淵
獨處的時候 像拆穿全世界的謊言
時間不肯快走 細節不停穿梭
獨處的時候 好怕有誰會出現





獨處的時候 夜特別容易黑
獨處的時候 心特別容易崩潰
獨處的時候 儘管所有情緒都逃……逃……逃不開
獨處的時候 還是要勉強自己 想得開

Just a little intro - Sodagreen is a Taiwanese band whose main singer is a prolific songwriter and has a very remarkable falsetto. It took me a little while to get used to his voice, but there's no argument his songs are amazing.

My favourite album is their latest (from 2 years ago?) "Autumn: Stories". I think I read somewhere that they're going by the Vivaldi route so expect a Winter album to come soon.

Maybe because I'm an Autumn child (though technically I was born in spring...but now I have my birthday in autumn), or maybe because their music and lyrics have matured over the years. The songs in this album are appropriately filled with a sense of longing, melancholy, sadness and watching the sun dipping unstoppably below the horizon, like taking a walk through fallen leaves as the sound of wildlife retreats, like an old man (or woman) confronted by the reality of his age.

"When Alone" is not my absolute favourite song, but I think there's something universal about these lyrics.

We're living in a world that is more and more interconnected, but only electronically. We see more and more strangers, and more and more of our relationships are built through a screen. Even though we're constantly with people online, many of us are also frequently alone.

And I think, when most of us are alone, we all have these doubts, these fears, these thoughts that seems to take the world apart and strip it of warmth and truth and all good things, and I think it will speak to everyone who's thought of all these things and then forced themselves to carry on.
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This song kept turning up on TV when I was in Taiwan. In a way it is unforgettable. Maybe because I miss Taiwan LOL

This is comparatively a much simpler song, but the tune is quite nice.

Sigma 淚奔 translation )
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Recently went K with a friend and since we had 3 hours between 2 people, practically booked every Japanese and Chinese song I've vaguely heard of, simply because I don't actually know that many XDD

And so I came upon 花太香 and fell in love with it all over again. Apart from the fact that Richie Ren's 楚留香 was amongst the worst I've seen, the song encapsulated the very spirit of 古龍 *__*

Hua tai xiang lyrics+translation )

You know...years later, with the experience of years behind me, I have a feeling that "flowers" don't actually refer to flowers at all >_>; At least not all the references refer to real flowers >_>;;;
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Yamazaki Hiroyo is a Japanese reporter on entertainment news. This is apparently from his blog post...and I think he's trying to clear up some fan misunderstanding about the news and about the members' words being taken out of context.

i.e. the press conference was NOT given in context of the announcement of Akanishi quitting.

Translation under cut )
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By the spate of posts you'd think KT has taken over my life, which is not strictly true because what's taken over my life is really boring clinics and the perpetual need to sleep. I keep having creepy dreams these days, like my bedroom would mysteriously restore itself after we rearranged the furniture, or people prescribing drugs to kill each other...................yes. But mostly they have been mundane but unhappy, which is a bit annoying because even though most of my dreams tend to contain homicidal themes be mildly unhappy, they're not usually mundane, and not usually of such high frequency ~~;

"Love Yourself" sold 35.4k copies, which is an improvement on their last few singles. As usual, it prompted more bickering between DBSK and KT fans ==;; It's starting to annoy me as much as the AO vs KO bickering.

純粹是想練習一下英翻中 倒不是因爲我很喜歡它
後來發懶就沒翻 而且想著人才那麽多 遲早會有人翻出來
發現意思不太準確 所以又找出這首歌來試一下

2:這首歌的英文水平要比love juice等遜色很多,有些地方不是語法不通就是不知所云
4:鑒于第二和第三條,我翻譯的版本也有很多地方是猜測,因爲真的…………有時不知道他想說什麽,沒有人會那麽用詞的感覺 @__@
6:you = 你們或你,我覺得歌裏的you可能多數指“你們”。不過除非有特別指定是複數,我決定還是用“你”。
7:我是以這首歌是獻給他的粉絲為基點這麽翻譯的,雖然我覺得它好像還在暗示其他的事,不過……再次出於第二條,只能做到這種地步 Orz

Akanishi Jin - A Page translation )
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Firstly, ophthalmology is awesome. Not because that it is awesome or that its 9-5 office hour days are awesome and its $200/hr private consultations are awesome, but that the teaching is awesome. Although the other reasons are obviously good considerations for career path XD I hope I get to see a fluoroscein angiogram before I move on to ENT ♥

Secondly, I'm signing up to the hordes of fans who think that the PVs for "Love Yourself" and "D-motion" are ewwsome. I actually prefer "Love Yourself" (but I've only seen the previews for both so I might change my mind). I think my single discriminating factor is that Kame's hair doesn't look quite so fugly in "Love Yourself". I hail the Jin fan who called Jin "a fly with sunglasses on". NOW I CAN'T GET THE IMAGE OUT OF MY HEAD. I hope there's a legitimate reason for Kame not cutting his hair because he obviously thinks it's long since he ties it whenever he can =@ YOU BETTER GO CAMEO IN RYUUMADEN OR SOMETHING << you just want to see him with Fukuyama ==;

"D-motion" turned out less sugary pop than I thought, but I'm not into the whole electro-disco/Perfume type movement. But I liked the MS performance BECAUSE KAME TIED HIS HAIR UP (is it at all obvious how much my opinions of things hinge on his hair?) except it reminded me of the nosebleeding 1582 dance, especially the way he manages to sashay on the spot *facepalm* I wonder why so many people compare it to K-pop. I obviously don't listen to enough K-pop. In any case, KT has always equaled ass-shaking in my book even though it's really just Kame and Ueda. But Kame has been doing it before they debuted and I really don't think it has anything to do with K-pop =0=; The dance sequence reminded me more of some of Arashi's dances than anything else (apart from Kame's random bum shake LOL) At least they don't get off tune on "lives" any more << oi

Thirdly, Kame you still have no chemistry with girls *facepalm* Turning up the fighting between Sunako and Kyouhei was cute (and well overdue) though.

A: Hello
K: It's a bit cold but, is everyone doing gooooooooooooood (fist)(fist)(fist)
A: For a so-called "Mail Special", isn't it a bit ordinary?
K: Ordinary is the best (stars)

SUB: Baseball and soccer
Text: Kame-chan, Jin-kun, hello. A few days ago, about...about that!! I went to Johnny's Sports Day. As someone who has such bad luck with lotteries, I was very happy [TN: tickets are balloted]. The two of you, thanks for the hard work. I stood the whole time to watch, but I didn't feel tired at all~ Kame-chan was very active in baseball and Jin-kun in soccer. In fact I don't play either of them, I don't really understand so please tell me what the attractions of baseball and soccer are. Also, you must you must!! Hold another sports day next year. From kekkoukenoji

A: Yup=w=
K: I want to do it next year too(tension up)
A: It was fun I didn't play much baseball though so I wouldn't know
K: That's right=w= It was fun
A: I've always played soccer, I just like it If you ask why, I don't know Well, it's the feeling Anyway it's just fun
K: Baseball, for each and every person there's a moment to shine(stars) Everyone being gathered together...nowadays I still play grass baseball but...after a match, everyone has a common conversation topic(stars) Like "That time you should've done this~"=w=, a moment in which anyone could be on common ground with each other, it's fun Playing as a team, becoming one, it's great

SUB: Valentine's
Text: Pleased to meet you. It's out of the blue, but what do you think about Valentine's? I think I am going to give three boys chocolates this year, but I think it's best to narrow it down to one person...I think, I'm a bit bothered. Enough of that (lol), I'd like to ask about memories the two of you have of Valentine's. You must have gotten a lot of chocolates~ Even though I can't use them as an example for what usually happens, but I'd definitely definitely like to know. Please tell me. From aryamakoryama

K: Valentine's is...for, for me not something that I celebrate During high school it did happen, but since working in this job What exactly is Valentine's? I wonder
A: I don't remember much of it either
K: Such as someone to like...
A: Getting chocolate is good, not getting chocolate is also goodlightning) Don't eat much sweets anyhowlightning)
K: Once you become an adult, occasions like Valentine's stop being an essential way of being a witness to your love (hurricane) You make your own special occasions ne Well, if you receive anything it's still something to be happy about
A: Yup See you next month(tension up)

After extensive psychological profiling by me and my friend << uso desu, we have concluded that Kame is the creepy obsessive type who likes to celebrate random anniversaries like, "The first day I went karaoke with Fukuyama" and "The first day Kimura gave me a present" and "The first day I went to have ramen with Uchi" and "The first day Koki confessed to me".....(Jin: WHAT ABOUT ME?!) You? Who are you? XD

Kame really loves teams doesn't he ;__;
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Like with Kame no Shizukun Kami no Shizuku, this is the only time of the year that Kame bothers spamming his fan mailing list with mobile diary entries. Unlike Maru, who frequently writes very long philosophical theses XDDDDDD

But the emoticons are so cute XDDD I'm sure these translations are floating around elsewhere, but here they are again LOL:

Subject: Hi everyone(dash line)(exclamation)

I am Takano Kyouhei (vein pop)(fist)
Today, from 10 at night the drama Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge will begin (double exclaim)(double exclaim)(double exclaim)
I'm saying you better go watch it(exclamation)
Even though it's a bit aggressive I think I will keep serialising with this sort of tone (fist)(fist)(fist)(fist)(fist)(fist)(fist)

Suntt- (tension up)
Please "shout" like that(double exclaim)
AH, I wrote the wrong kanji (vein pop)(vein pop)
Please "read" like that(exclamation)(double exclaim)(exclamation)

Then I'll see you at ten(double exclaim)
Puhyuu- =DX_X(wink tongue)-_-^o^(grr)(heart eyes)

Damn you Kame and your emoticons <-- 3 second enthusiasm

Scroll text:[??] 1 Suntt- Puhyuu~ Oyoyo(fist)(vein pop)
Subject: (Secret)
The so-called "The Road to Kyouhei's Free Accomodation"

X_X1 oyoyoX_X

Hi everyone(thumbs up)
I am Takano Kyouhei (wink tongue)
Ah~aa, forgot to get the money back from Masao(vein pop)
Anyhow, can Nakahara Sunako really become a lady??
She keeps saying "so dazzling" and rarely looks me in the face(fist)(fist)(fist)
So, any tips??
Maa~ Today once again for the sake of free rent(peace)
Doing my suntt- best!!

Apparently "suntt-" is a KT-made word meaning "very". Wonder where it came from O_o;

Scroll text:[??] 2 Suntt- Puhyuu~ Oyoyo(fist)(vein pop)
Subject: (Secret)
The so-called "The Road to Kyouhei's Free Accomodation"

X_X2 oyoyoX_X

I am Kyouhei!
Today was once again an early start!!
And afterwards, had lunch with Takenaga and Ranmaru(peace)(music note)(peace)
For Kyouhei it was a pretty expensive lunch(secret)(secret)(secret)
I'm going to suntt- chomp on it!

Five years onward from looking so sulky about giving Yankumi an extra piece of chashu, he is still bribable with ramen XDDDDDDDD Gaki ka, omae.

I wish I could find the Japanese original (because of all these membership/copyright/whatever issues people only post it in secret places). It would be so much cuter XDDDDD

Episode two two hours!

Update (23/01/10) Can't be bothered making another post...

Scroll text:[??] 3 Suntt- Puhyuu~ Oyoyo(fist)(vein pop)
Subject: (Secret)
The so-called "The Road to Kyouhei's Free Accomodation"

X_X3 oyoyoX_X

Perfect girl evolution(double exclaim)
Second episode(exclamation)(tension up)(exclamation)
Begins at 10 tonight(peace)
Please suntt- take care of me (fist)(fist)(fist)(fist)(fist)(fist)(fist)
That's it from Kyouhei(double exclaim)
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A friend asked me about this yesterday and I remembered that I hadn't done this for a while XDD

The Akakame mail is really short this time because Jin is busy with his movie and Kame with his new drama. I got excited when I saw the new drama heads-up in Myojo because Kame had short hair, until I realise he couldn't possibly have cut it in time and they're just re-using his pictures from last year's Shizuku days in the hopes that HE'LL CUT HIS HAIR ARRRH.

SUB: Hello
Text: Kame-chan, Jin-kun, hello!! I've been reading this corner since its first entry. From that young, growing to become this's indescribable. Are there anything the two of you sort of want to do in this corner? Please tell us. From Yuu.

A: There isn't =w=(flying sweat)
K: As for me~ I want to do a corner of beautiful camera shots (camera) Mail is good, but camera would be good too ^o^

SUB: Good-looking...
Text: Pleased to meet you. My younger brother is turning 13, but he's not really good-looking. So as his older sister I want to give him a makeover. What should I do to turn him into a good-looking guy like the two of you? I know it's probably a difficult question but Kame-chan, Jin-kun, please teach me how!! From Rimi

A: Eh--... (hurricane)(hurricane)(hurricane)
K: I'm not lightning)lightning)lightning)
A: Yeah (hurricane) Good...looking (stop) I'm notlightning)
K: Well, it's because what girls think are good-looking is different from what guys see as cool ^_^;^_^;^_^;
A: Gee, it's fine the way he is, your brother ^_^;
K: Well then, Merry Christmas (xmas tree) (To those who buy the magazine on its release date)
A: Have a happy new year (stars) (To those who buy it before 09 ends)
K: Greetings for the new year =w=(tension up) (To those who buy it in the beginning of the new year)
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Ugh. As soon as I finish my exams, I got sick. I suppose in a way it's good timing because it's not before or during my exams =__=

Gakuen Alice chapter 124 summaries )

Next issue: 20th January

Yes, long wait ahead!!

Edit: This fortnight's Hana to Yume free wallpaper is Gakuen Alice. Get it by filling out the quiz on their website.
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The title of this article is "Zhejiang 'temporary rape case' to be reopened" and I Temporary rape? As opposed to permanent rape?

And when I read it, it was even more I decided to share with you the wtfness of the Chinese legal system. (My legalese is terrible so I'm sorry if I got some of the legal terms wrong.)

Due to pressure from the community, the strongly criticised case of "rape of temporary nature" in Zhejiang Nanxun has experienced a change of fate. After reviewing the case, Zhejiang Province Huzhou Intermediate Court conceded there was an error with the original sentence, that it was too light, and will set a date to reopen the case.

According to "Chongqing Evening Newspaper", on 10 June this year, two police assistants in Nanxun [TN: they cover some police duties but are not officially part of the police force], Qiu and Cai, took two fresh high school graduates Chen and Shen out for dinner. During the meal, all four drank lots of alcohol. Chen, who had low tolerance for alcohol, was knocked out by the time dinner finished. After the dinner, Cai drove everyone to a hotel in his own car and booked a room. While in the room, the two men raped Chen while she was unconscious and unable to resist.

On 19 October, Nanxun court found "according to the facts of the crime, in light of both persons having committed 'a reckless offence of temporary nature', with no premeditation, and voluntarily turning themselves in afterwards, and being able to obtain the forgiveness of the victim; in view of these circumstances, the sentencing will be reduced", and sentenced both men to 3 years.

The sentence caused a huge wave of dissent online, with netizens demanding, "What sort of concept is 'rape of temporary nature'? Are rape crimes divided into 'official and unofficial' and of different durations? The two men took turns raping the victim while she was unconscious, why was this not gang rape? How did they 'obtain the forgiveness of the victim'? Did they 'seal her mouth with money'? If this sentence sets a precedent, then from now on are all 'reckless offences of temporary nature' going to have their 'sentencing reduced'?"

Netizens pointed out that to get a high school graduate drunk, and then to take her to a hotel and rape her, is clearly a premeditated crime, and not "of temporary nature" at all. People joked that if this becomes a trend, things like "murder of temporary nature", "bribery and corruption of temporary nature", "drink driving of temporary nature", "robbery of temporary nature" are going to appear...if all crimes use "of temporary nature" as an excuse to reduce the sentence, it's easy to see that an era of "of temporary nature" will soon be upon us.

In response to the criticism and denunciation from all corners of society, Zhejiang Province Huzhou Intermediate Court reviewed the case and conceded there was an error with the original judgement, that the sentence was too lenient, and will reopen the case some time in the future.

Original article in Chinese here.


17 Oct 2009 05:53 pm
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I was reading a Chinese article which translated "Edo shogunate" as "爱都少干内特"

服了 ==; 我真的服了 ==; 懶得翻就隨便用音譯代替 ==;;;;;;;;;


可是至少也要查一下詞典啊 囧

那篇文章還說新宿是Edo shogunate于1601年建的……但wikipedia怎麽說德川幕府是1603年才正式登臺的 ==;;;; 誰來給我上上日本歷史課吧

On Tuesday had to crawl out of bed at 5:30am to get to Concord at 7:30 to the very eloquent words of my friend..."shit" ==;;;; We were supposed to watch a colonoscopy but we ended up watching 3 gastroscopies and half a colonoscopy. One room has really nasty nurses that keep trying to kick us out even though the doctor was more than willing to talk to us =__=;;

I've started studying for exams, although not very much ==; I have a feeling anything I learn now I will forget by the end of November, when we have our last written exams ==;;;;;;

I cut my hair last week. First time I went to a hairdresser. It's now layered and shorter and so I can tie it up with two elastic bands instead of 5 ~~;;;; I can also clip it, which makes me very happy LOL

I want a really long holiday, during which I want to run a 200 episode marathon of Gintama =0=; I wonder how many days that would be LOL. Assuming 2 hours per 5 episodes.........................80 hours?!?! Orz

I wish I didn't like the Shinsengumi so much, because it's really getting in the way of me enjoying the episodes in which they don't appear >_>;; But I find Shinpachi really annoying and boring, and I also find Otose and Otae and Hasegawa really annoying and boring. I think I would have liked the Yorozuya trio a lot more if Shinpachi didn't exist...I'm so sorry ==;;; It's not that I dislike the guy...he's a really normal and nice kid, but when he's with Yorozuya he's just....annoying. He gets in the way of everything, whether it's fighting or having fun or being crazy =__=;;;
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SUB: Curling out...
Text: Pleased to meet you. Jin-kun and Kame-chan, hello! My hair is really curly and every morning, not matter how much I comb it, it immediately starts curling outwards. It's particularly bad when it's raining. Jin-kun and Kame-chan, how can I make my hair straight? Please teach me! Thank you in advance. From Mamii

A: Eh... ^_^;(hurricane)
K: I don't straighten it (stop)
A: My hair actually curls out too (tension down)
K: I actually make it into a perm ^o^
A: Just let it curl (double exclaim)
K: But, well, I know how you feel =w=(stop)

SUB: Man and woman
Text: Akanishi-kun, Kamenashi-kun, hello. I have a friend has someone she likes and when she confessed, he said "I'm not interested in girls". Then when asked "What are you interested in?", he said "Guys".... If it's Kamenashi-kun and Akanishi-kun, what would you do? From Please Tell Us Your Name!!

K: That would be a pretty big shock ne~ (scream)
A: Well, hmm, it can't be helped right? (pig)
K: But then~~ That's kind of good too, isn't it? (tension up) The way he was being honest about it ^_~
A: It'll be goo~d if you become friends with that guy (tension up)
K: That's..right (music note) Become friends (stars)
A: Then, see you next month (stop)
K: Sorry about how short it is this month o_o;

Okay, the second question is full of WTH.
1. Of all questions, this was the one that's chosen, out of the 2 slots that they could put.
2. The person didn't even leave a name! Is it even real??
3. "What would you do"? LOL. The wording is just weird given that the scenario is of a girl who confessed to a guy who replied that he's gay. It's not asking "what would you do if the girl you confessed to said that?", it went straight for "if it's you guys, what would you do?" Ummmmmmm......the chances of them having the personal experience of confessing to a guy who only likes guys unmentionable number. LOL!!
4. If this is a real case, you guys are so slack for laughing your heads off and not showing a shred of sympathy for the rejected girl =____=;;;;;;; Their entire answer is full of ...HRRRM.


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