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I thought there'd never come a day when I'd have to say this because I didn't think that many people would read these summaries LOL

But. Please do not repost these summaries elsewhere. Link back instead.

Thank you.

Gakuen Alice chapter 125 summary )
Next issue: 5th February
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Brief summary this time because 1) still have exams and 2) this computer does not have Japanese input = can't use dictionary ==;;;

Gakuen Alice chapter 123 summary )

Next issue: 5th December
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Thanks again for the raws source guys =D

Gakuen Alice chapter 121 summary )

Next issue: 5th November

Yes, that means the series is taking an issue off.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, by the way~
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Update: Thanks guys for the raws!

Gakuen Alice chapter 120 summary )

Next issue: October 5th
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It's been really hard to find early raws these days so if you guys know of anyone who scans Hana to Yume...please give me a message =D

Gakuen Alice chapter 119 summary )

Next issue: September 18th
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I usually find my raws on Mangahelpers but they didn't have it this time ;__;

Gakuen Alice chapter 118 summaries )

Next issue: 5th September

Yes, it's taking an issue off.
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Gah. Have been too busy reading con reports to notice the Gakuen Alice came out. Uwaah. I swear two fandoms is too much for me to keep up with.

Anyway, here we go!

Gakuen Alice chapter 114 summary )

Finally, the flashback is coming to an end!

Next issue: 5th June
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Thanks whoever it was for the heads-up about the Japanese scans =D

The Chinese scans aren't out yet, so you'll have to deal with my wonky Japanese interpretation for now. I'll clear things up when I see the Chinese version.

Gakuen Alice chapter 113 summary )

Next issue: 20th May
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Sorry it's a bit late this time~ Had trouble finding the scans. If anyone knows where to get Japanese scans please tell me LOL. I want to cross-check because the Chinese scans I read this time seem a bit off.

Gakuen Alice chapter 112 summary )

Next chapter: 2nd May
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Gakuen Alice 111 summary *updated* )

Next issue: 4th April
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Okay, I think I'm going to do a template entry from now on because people don't necessarily read back entries Orz

I'm getting confused by the release schedule. Why is it out so fast? =0=;;;

Gakuen Alice chapter 109 )

Whew...that was long.

I have to say...Kaoru has more charisma than her son.

If I'm not reading this wrong...the next issue will be released March 5th (Hana to Yume issue 7). Long wait ahead.
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Wow, the scans are out quick this time. Or I just haven't been paying attention.

Chapter 108 summary here )

Awww............♥ Naru~~~~

In many aspects their relationship parallels Natsume and Mikan's, but poor Narumi is destined to have no result LOL. It's a different sort of sadness to Natsume's experience =(
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Just in time for the new year =D )

There's quite a bit in this chapter =) I'm sorry if my Tsubasa/Mikan love is oozing from the lines XD Just to set the record straight, I don't want them as a romantic couple, but I really like their relationship now.

I think Ruka mentioned somewhere that everyone in Natsume's family had the fire Alice, but I wonder if the explosion Alice that Shiki has was Kaoru's Alice? Then again, Kaoru must have died quite a while after Yukihira died, since Natsume's the same age (maybe a few months older) than Mikan, and he has a sister a few years younger... So she probably won't come to grief when Yukihira does...

I would be very =/ if Mikan attempts to change the events that lead to Yukihira's death. I know we haven't had a proper death in Gakuen Alice and everyone's young which usually means a young audience, so authors tend not to like killing characters...but this is Hana to Yume we're talking about, not Ribon, so it's not beyond the magazine's calibre to have likeable characters dying in gruesome ways.


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