12 Apr 2010 01:04 am
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Arr I hate EBM. It's killing my brain. I have to present something on Thursday and it's meant to be four weeks worth of work but at the moment I still haven't decided on which paper to use. Ugh. Why must they all contradict each other rarrr. I just have to find a pretty way to say things that will please the examiner ="=

I have been drawing another Tarot picture after a long while. I spent an hour colouring the Hinkan/"The Star" picture last weekend but I still haven't made much progress. The main character of this new one is Rossaer! Yay! So I decided to give him a place amongst the cards after all ~~;;; He is "The Hanged Man" but I'm actually not sure it fits all that well. Initially I thought the card meant sacrifice but apparently it's meant to indicate a moment of epiphany. The hanged man is the fool who shed all his worldly possessions and while hanging upside down on a tree, saw the world in a different view and found the path he wanted to follow. Which, I suppose, could fit.

My main gripe is that somehow Rossaer can look yaoi-like just by himself |||||||||Orz I think I should just change my career and go write yaoi manga or something.

And finally, but most importantly, PLUG: [livejournal.com profile] going_gonin

Recommended for anyone and everyone who voted for a K_TTUN community =D

Just note that trolls will be sporked and fed to banshees =w=

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7 Feb 2010 03:54 pm
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For ONCE Akanishi's solo English song is socially acceptable and people won't give you weird looks if you randomly start humming the lyrics on a crowded train. Well, they still would, but at least they won't try to get you hauled away for indecency.

Except I have no idea what it means even after reading the English lyrics. I'm not sure if it's trying to say anything, but it seems like it is, and I think a lot of people immediately associated it with the LA episode.

Well, "the motivation gets a little stronger"...you said it man, I'm holding you to it =__= At least cut your hair and stop looking like a goldfish ala sleeping with your eyes open during interviews. He didn't even blink when everyone admonished Kame for having his fly open in front of the camera and Koki tenderly(?) doing it up for him XDDDDDD

"Heart beat" is such an Arashi-like song, not least because the lyrics are so optimistic and sweet and joyous. I think I'm going to like it because of the lyrics ^^v I actually liked Kame's falsetto a lot more than Jin's (what's wrong with me LOL)...Jin sounded really thin during that falsetto bridge and the background music just swallowed his voice.

Yamanade 4 was once again unremarkable. It's starting to remind me a LOT of Atashinchi no Danshi, which I didn't like because in-between long moments of boredom there were flashes of goodness and I do not like waiting 45 minutes to see 3 second flashes of coolness.

Aye, back to the grind again tomorrow. I think ENT is going to be so boring after all the fun we had at ophthal. Half of me suspect we had so much fun at ophthal because we were trying to squeeze 2 weeks worth of learning out of 1 week, and there's nothing like a logbook that drives one's enthusiasm to rush things through. That said, the amount of paperwork is driving me up the wall and while the reg's are very nice about it, they obviously think it's ridiculous too. We have to get signed for every patient we see and every tutorial we go to. It's retarded. Ultimately you get out as much you're willing to put in and I think that alone is reward enough. Forcing people to have records of everything they've seen is such a mothering way of doing things and increases the work of everyone and decreases the enjoyment of everything. So much for "this is adult learning".
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I need to figure out the most ergonomical way of standing for 8 hours straight before I end up with OA of multiple joints ==;;;;;;;;;

Watched 4 cataract surgeries, sorry, cataract extraction and intraocular lens implantations, and one trabulectomy+cataract (wikipedia is amazing). I don't think I saw the iridectomy though O_o;

Pretty much stood from 9 til 4 with one 30 minute break in-between for sitting down ==; Really need to learn how to stand properly LOL I think my shoes are too tight, and it's starting to give me calf pain =0=;

Will be following the patients up tomorrow, so hopefully they all come in gushing about how they can see now, like they did on Tuesday.

These 9-5 days are making me grumpy especially because I am getting no study done =___=

I have been reminded that Kame really isn't suited to ballads...........Orz

Actually, he was not that bad with "Kizuna", as far as my measly memory serves me, so I have no idea why he sounds like he's on his dying breath in "Aishiteiru kara". I think I must be the only one not hot about that song >_>; I love the lyrics, not because inherently they're really amazing or anything, but it screams "hidden meaning" =v= I mean it's a pretty tune but I think I'd get bored of it really quickly and delete it (although that's what I thought too about "Please come back to me" and I still have it). I'm sorry but half the blame is with Kame for his monosyllabic singing. I like the tune better than the arrangement, which gets a bit intrusive sometimes, and so I keep thinking I'd actually like it more if Jin sang it, or if Kame sang it like Jin would sing it......which is to string the syllables together and stop sounding like he's got COPD Orz

Now....let's hope Jin comes up with something that isn't the same level as Love Juice. From the title "A Page" it sounds like it should be okay but better not let our guards down Orz

Wow, he cowrote the lyrics to "D-motion". No wonder the Engrish made no sense whatsoever *gets kicked to space*
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Wow...once again, ratings are shocking =0=;;

Bloody Monday 7.9
Hidarime Tantei Eye 7.7
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge 7.6
Nakanai to kimeta hi 10.2 (eps 1)

What's going on =0=;;;;; At least Tojo Kabachi!! is hovering at 9.1%. Is the TV watching era truly over in Japan?? *Cues ominous music* Honestly I'm more surprised about TK!! being so high and BM2 being so low than I am about Yamanade or Hidarime (oi)

Edit: Before I get pelted by Kame fans (again), I'd like to say one can see Kame is doing his best in a drama that is pretty poorly written. The comedy is subdued, it doesn't stick to its goth/punk rock origins, the romance is jerking along too fast, it doesn't have enough "eyecandy/fanservice" moments...therefore it fails to properly cater for any of the audience groups. The plot's not funny enough to be pure comedy and not realistic enough to take seriously. The whole thing comes across lacklustre, and I think a lot of it is the fault of the script, not the actors.

If it makes anyone feel better, most of the comments on Japanese (non-JE) forums that were negative about the drama had positive things to say about Kame's performance.

Spent 9-5 at the eye clinic today, which ends up being practically a 12 hour day for me because of travel time. I just want to get all my forms signed and then I don't have to worry about sitting there watching people fiddle with slit lamps =___=; I mean it's not technically a bad experience, because all the staff there is soooo nice (unlike other departments I've heard ==;) but it gets so boring because there's nothing to do except.......watch people fiddle with their slit lamps. Talking to patients is nice, and for some reason they tend to be a lot friendlier with students than doctors.............muahaha.

Ophthals have such a nice day ==; They start at 9:30 and then they finish at around 12, and they bum until 1:30 and go til about 5:30. Arrrrh. I want to be an ophthal just for the hours LOL.
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Firstly, ophthalmology is awesome. Not because that it is awesome or that its 9-5 office hour days are awesome and its $200/hr private consultations are awesome, but that the teaching is awesome. Although the other reasons are obviously good considerations for career path XD I hope I get to see a fluoroscein angiogram before I move on to ENT ♥

Secondly, I'm signing up to the hordes of fans who think that the PVs for "Love Yourself" and "D-motion" are ewwsome. I actually prefer "Love Yourself" (but I've only seen the previews for both so I might change my mind). I think my single discriminating factor is that Kame's hair doesn't look quite so fugly in "Love Yourself". I hail the Jin fan who called Jin "a fly with sunglasses on". NOW I CAN'T GET THE IMAGE OUT OF MY HEAD. I hope there's a legitimate reason for Kame not cutting his hair because he obviously thinks it's long since he ties it whenever he can =@ YOU BETTER GO CAMEO IN RYUUMADEN OR SOMETHING << you just want to see him with Fukuyama ==;

"D-motion" turned out less sugary pop than I thought, but I'm not into the whole electro-disco/Perfume type movement. But I liked the MS performance BECAUSE KAME TIED HIS HAIR UP (is it at all obvious how much my opinions of things hinge on his hair?) except it reminded me of the nosebleeding 1582 dance, especially the way he manages to sashay on the spot *facepalm* I wonder why so many people compare it to K-pop. I obviously don't listen to enough K-pop. In any case, KT has always equaled ass-shaking in my book even though it's really just Kame and Ueda. But Kame has been doing it before they debuted and I really don't think it has anything to do with K-pop =0=; The dance sequence reminded me more of some of Arashi's dances than anything else (apart from Kame's random bum shake LOL) At least they don't get off tune on "lives" any more << oi

Thirdly, Kame you still have no chemistry with girls *facepalm* Turning up the fighting between Sunako and Kyouhei was cute (and well overdue) though.

A: Hello
K: It's a bit cold but, is everyone doing gooooooooooooood (fist)(fist)(fist)
A: For a so-called "Mail Special", isn't it a bit ordinary?
K: Ordinary is the best (stars)

SUB: Baseball and soccer
Text: Kame-chan, Jin-kun, hello. A few days ago, about...about that!! I went to Johnny's Sports Day. As someone who has such bad luck with lotteries, I was very happy [TN: tickets are balloted]. The two of you, thanks for the hard work. I stood the whole time to watch, but I didn't feel tired at all~ Kame-chan was very active in baseball and Jin-kun in soccer. In fact I don't play either of them, I don't really understand so please tell me what the attractions of baseball and soccer are. Also, you must you must!! Hold another sports day next year. From kekkoukenoji

A: Yup=w=
K: I want to do it next year too(tension up)
A: It was fun I didn't play much baseball though so I wouldn't know
K: That's right=w= It was fun
A: I've always played soccer, I just like it If you ask why, I don't know Well, it's the feeling Anyway it's just fun
K: Baseball, for each and every person there's a moment to shine(stars) Everyone being gathered together...nowadays I still play grass baseball but...after a match, everyone has a common conversation topic(stars) Like "That time you should've done this~"=w=, a moment in which anyone could be on common ground with each other, it's fun Playing as a team, becoming one, it's great

SUB: Valentine's
Text: Pleased to meet you. It's out of the blue, but what do you think about Valentine's? I think I am going to give three boys chocolates this year, but I think it's best to narrow it down to one person...I think, I'm a bit bothered. Enough of that (lol), I'd like to ask about memories the two of you have of Valentine's. You must have gotten a lot of chocolates~ Even though I can't use them as an example for what usually happens, but I'd definitely definitely like to know. Please tell me. From aryamakoryama

K: Valentine's is...for us...no, for me not something that I celebrate During high school it did happen, but since working in this job What exactly is Valentine's? I wonder
A: I don't remember much of it either
K: Such as someone to like...
A: Getting chocolate is good, not getting chocolate is also goodlightning) Don't eat much sweets anyhowlightning)
K: Once you become an adult, occasions like Valentine's stop being an essential way of being a witness to your love (hurricane) You make your own special occasions ne Well, if you receive anything it's still something to be happy about
A: Yup See you next month(tension up)

After extensive psychological profiling by me and my friend << uso desu, we have concluded that Kame is the creepy obsessive type who likes to celebrate random anniversaries like, "The first day I went karaoke with Fukuyama" and "The first day Kimura gave me a present" and "The first day I went to have ramen with Uchi" and "The first day Koki confessed to me".....(Jin: WHAT ABOUT ME?!) You? Who are you? XD

Kame really loves teams doesn't he ;__;
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After a whirlwind 2.5 days of orientation whereby anyone previously oriented to person, place and time are now completely disoriented, I am currently looking for an institute that offers a PhD in Organisational Timetabling or something to that effect, just so I know where to be to be doing what.

The organisation of 3rd year is that...it's not. The fortunate amongst us are given a rough schedule of what the medical teams we'll be attached to are doing, then we have a bunch of required fortnightly/weekly tutorials, and on top of that random assessments and presentations that take place weekly. Most of the group tutorials aren't fixed and right now very few people in the groups know what they're meant to be doing when, so it's like the uncertainty principle with twenty variables.

I'm going to need to buy a new diary, preferably one that has time slots printed in, preferably in 15 minute blocks and even more preferably, beginning at 7:30am and ending at about 5pm...Orz I still can't get used to the fact that I'm at uni in January (we in Aus don't start til March) and I keep writing down dates for Feb until I realise no...I'm actually still living in January!

The very thin grey line on the cloud is that I won't start my ophthalmology attachment until next Thursday afternoon, which is both good and bad because a) I get a super long weekend (until Wed) but b) I end up only doing one week of ophthal instead of two. The supervisor sounds very enthusiastic about his specialty which...again could be a good or bad thing.

So yeah, how this relates to anyone is that at the moment I pretty much only know my timetable for the next day, which means I have no idea when/if my free times are. The learning is also structured so that it is almost entirely self-directed which is going to be very bad when the new year enthusiasm wears off in about 2 days.

This could be an........interesting 2 years. At least the hospital has year-round air-con. LOL.
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I passed~~! I passed~~ I have proven that it's possible to cram two years worth of med in one week~ Which is exactly the sort of thing you don't want to know about your doctor...LOL!!

Unless they sent me the wrong email =_= I'm such a sceptic of modern technology.

I have to say, I haven't crammed so hard since...oh I don't know. I don't think I've ever crammed so hard in my life <-- person who "studied" for the HSC by writing about 60 pages worth of fiction during her break.....*cough*...kids do not try this.

It just goes to show that cramming does pay off =D (duh)

It also goes to show that clinical days are more useful than anything else because that's about the only thing I consistently paid attention to and usually prepared for =__=; I don't think I went to any lecture this year (although I did listen to some of them at home), missed most of the theme sessions, and was usually unprepared for PBL.

So learning by osmosis is a real phenomenon =D


Does anyone want to watch Sherlock Holmes with me? Does anyone want to watch Sherlock Holmes with me? Does anyone want to watch Sherlock Holmes with me? =D

Edit: Does anyone know if there's any way we can complain to LJ about stupid ads? Why the hell does an ad for teeth-whitening have a woman dressed in a bikini lying prone on a bed?!


28 Nov 2009 05:53 pm
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Just realised yesterday that for the prostate history in the OSCE I forgot to ask about sex life. ....UGH. I can't believe it took me so long to realise it. UGH.

I wonder if I'd have remembered it if I were a guy. LOL.
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Okay, how is one supposed to study when the questions contradict each other?

Q1: Which of the following causes hyponatraemia and hypokalaemia?
Ans: Vomiting

Q2: Causes of hyponatraemia include vomiting, true or false?
Ans: FALSE. Gastric secretions are low in sodium.


My notes agree with the 2nd statement, which is why the first question totally screwed me up.

Apparently diarrhoea is not a cause of hyponatraemia??!! WTF?!!! Using "MOST" diarrhoea is caused by water loss only is not a frigging good excuse! So what happens to the SOME diarrhoea that's caused by massive chlorine dumping accompanied by sodium and water flow into the lumen??!??! As well as inability to absorb ions because of intestinal disturbance/damage to brush border/whatever??!?! That's not A CAUSE?!?!



27 Nov 2009 12:53 am
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Why is it that when I'm doing the practice questions for gastro block it seems that the lectures only covered 1/10 of the material that's being tested? I've read all the relevant lecture material on it and I still can't answer the questions =@

And I love how they test stuff at greater depth than the stupid physiology textbook. Does knowing trypsin cleaves at the C-terminal of an arginine or lysine really going to affect my medical career? I'm not here to become a biochemist!! UGH.

And this:
"The major component of liver and gallbladder by weight is bile salts."
FALSE. They are 80% water. Bile salts is the major organic component by weight.

FRIGGIN 強詞奪理 You'd think they'd test your knowledge instead of testing your ability to sort through stupid word puzzles. YES even the average person knows that the human body is like 80% water. Can we just skip that part now?!

I hate epidemiology. I hate the fact that they use epidemiology data from 1993 =__________= WTF. I hate the fact that any epidemiology and EBM we learn now can become inapplicable by the time we practice. Ugh.

(Sorry it's hot and it's late and there's still a stack of notes I need to go through and ......this is really pissing me off)
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I'm just thinking how helpful it would be if I went to sleep tonight and dreamt that I was a nerve impulse travelling along the nerves all the way up to the brain. For example, I could start out in some peripheral nociceptor and maybe travel up the Radial Street and merge into the Brachial Road and finally go through the tolls at the Dorsal Root Ganglion, where I then enter the Spinothalamic Highway (maybe at toll gate C7 or C8 XDD) and cross over to the other side and zip all the way up to the Thalamus, as I wind down my windows and wave at the motor decussation in the pyramids and the olives and the posterior inferior cerebellar artery. And maybe I can figure out if I am then supposed to turn onto the Internal Capsule so I can get up to the Cortex. >_____>;

Where's the magic school bus when you need it. Sigh.

Our uni website died an hour ago, which was exquisitely timely as I was halfway through the online revision questions ==;;;

I had an interesting dream a week ago that I didn't write down and now I regret it because it was more interesting than driving up and down a spinal tract. There was a bag of powder which hid a strange chemical/toxin/medication that got delivered to a teenage boy by mistake, and some evil organisation kept trying to get it back from him, except he gave them a fake bag of powder and handed the real one in for analysis...and then the evil organisation kept trying to get hold of him because they wanted that powder.

This morning had an incredibly bizarre dream involving NCIS agents in the middle of a crime case and thanks to Madam Director, Ziva got killed in an explosion. Then McGee called Gibbs and there was a total role reversal as he snarked Gibbs into coming without giving him an earful =0=; I haven't even watched NCIS in a while.

Sigh. Where are all the good dreams when you want them.
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Am here reading "Clinical neuroanatomy made ridiculously simple". Not sure if it's a credit to the book or because I've actually learned something between May and now, but things are actually making sense to me now ==;

This sentence made me LOL though:
[The facial nerve] heard there was some sex to be had over by the 4th ventricle and began in early development to grow in reverse direction, into the brainstem. On arriving at the 4th ventricle it realised that it misunderstood. It was six, not sex, and the facial nerve did an about face, travelling around the nucleus of [cranial nerve] 6, to exit anterolaterally.

Now I'm never going to forget the naughty facial nerve =0=;

I hate cranial nerves ==; I hate neuroanatomy. I hate anatomy =__=;

And finally, just something I did a few days ago:

Click me to read more
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For the one person who was interested in knowing whether I am still alive, I am, sort of. LOL.

Our two days of OSCEs finished yesterday, which is the practical part of our assessment gone. I hope there's going to be some massive scaling there, because pretty much everyone said they screwed up the paediatrics bleeding history and the thoracolumbar/sacroiliac examination on the first day. Both of which I screwed up, too ==;

Then again, I don't trust other med students when they lament about screwing up, because they're just neurotic obsessive-compulsives who've asked every single bloody question except one minor thing that I bet isn't even on the examiner's checklist. While I, on the other hand, really screwed up ==; I would have been totally fine doing a spinal exam, but they threw the sacroiliac in there and I went.......WTF. We had such a great rheumatologist last year, but WTF sacroiliac joint (that's the bum joints) =__=++++ I swear we haven't learnt it. Basically walked in, freaked out and forgot everything.

The bleeding history kid didn't even have a paeds history ==; I asked the dad when the kid was weaned off breast milk and he mumbled "About the normal time?" ...Gee. That's just helpful. People wean anywhere from 3 months to 12 months =____=||||| And then he massively confused me by referring to himself in 3rd person, TWICE. Me: "Are there any other health problems in the family?" Man: "Like, on the father's side?" Me: *WTF* "UMM. YOU'RE HIS FATHER RIGHT?" For a moment thought I walked into a really bad soap opera script where the kid was not the kid of his parents and this guy was the real dad but.....anyway, not the sort of thing you want to be thinking during an exam. Especially if you've only got 5 minutes to ask all the right questions. UGH.

Well, we are allowed to screw up 4 stations, so there goes 2 of them ==; I always walk out early of an physical examination station. I don't know if that means I've missed half the stuff or if I was just able to get through it quickly ==;; I'm banking on the latter.

Tuesday was just a crappy day for everyone I think, even aside from those two stations that threw most people off-track. We were initially given the impression that we'd be out by the time the last group that's gone in, but apparently the five different clinical schools didn't have the same amount of people and so we had to hang around for an extra two hours waiting for a mystery clinical school to finish. And then someone spread the rumour that it was us who kept everyone up! Dreadful, dreadful lies!

I was first on Tuesday which meant by the time we got out, I had been at the bloody place for 5 hours for an exam that went on for 45 minutes =__=++++ We had to be "kept quarantined" to stop us from giving tips to our mates, whatever ==;

So anyway, yesterday wasn't too bad. I was surprised at this year's procedural skills stations, blood pressure and peak flow! I can do those! With my eyes closed! (Yes, really XDD But I'm sure most people can...it's about the two easiest stations you can get) But I think I missed half the steps in peak flow because it seemed incredibly short ==; But the patient did the procedure correctly...what other feedback am I supposed to give? T_T Everyone was thinking CPR (because the first years apparently failed it) or intramuscular injection (because it was brought up as a practice station) or venepuncture/cannulation (because they're evil).

Afterwards went with two friends and completely splurged on lunch in Burwood. $15.50 for a unagi bento is pretty expensive, but it came with miso soup and soft drink and apart from the unagi, it also had salad and salmon sushi and tempura!! With a prawn! Was happy when I saw that, even though there was only a few tiny pieces of unagi. Don't eat raw fish so gave salmon to friend XDD

Came home and pretty much just...chillaxed. Shall get back into the studying groove today...maybe... LOL. Final exam finishes 1st December. One of the admins was saying yesterday, "There's no point cramming. If you don't know it by now you won't."

Nooo lady, never underestimate the power of cramming. The fate of many a HSC student had been changed by skilful cramming!

Maybe today I'll just tidy up my room. Step 1 of the idiot's guide to procrastination...LOL.

My computer died a few days ago so I'm functioning on one that only has 2GB of storage max ==; It's good because it means I'm not downloading stuff to distract myself, but still a bit sad =( I shall have to reinstall everything after exams. Had a bunch of music files and sheet music on C that I'm just going to have to find all over again. Sigh.


17 Oct 2009 05:53 pm
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I was reading a Chinese article which translated "Edo shogunate" as "爱都少干内特"

服了 ==; 我真的服了 ==; 懶得翻就隨便用音譯代替 ==;;;;;;;;;


可是至少也要查一下詞典啊 囧

那篇文章還說新宿是Edo shogunate于1601年建的……但wikipedia怎麽說德川幕府是1603年才正式登臺的 ==;;;; 誰來給我上上日本歷史課吧

On Tuesday had to crawl out of bed at 5:30am to get to Concord at 7:30 to watch...in the very eloquent words of my friend..."shit" ==;;;; We were supposed to watch a colonoscopy but we ended up watching 3 gastroscopies and half a colonoscopy. One room has really nasty nurses that keep trying to kick us out even though the doctor was more than willing to talk to us =__=;;

I've started studying for exams, although not very much ==; I have a feeling anything I learn now I will forget by the end of November, when we have our last written exams ==;;;;;;

I cut my hair last week. First time I went to a hairdresser. It's now layered and shorter and so I can tie it up with two elastic bands instead of 5 ~~;;;; I can also clip it, which makes me very happy LOL

I want a really long holiday, during which I want to run a 200 episode marathon of Gintama =0=; I wonder how many days that would be LOL. Assuming 2 hours per 5 episodes.........................80 hours?!?! Orz

I wish I didn't like the Shinsengumi so much, because it's really getting in the way of me enjoying the episodes in which they don't appear >_>;; But I find Shinpachi really annoying and boring, and I also find Otose and Otae and Hasegawa really annoying and boring. I think I would have liked the Yorozuya trio a lot more if Shinpachi didn't exist...I'm so sorry ==;;; It's not that I dislike the guy...he's a really normal and nice kid, but when he's with Yorozuya he's just....annoying. He gets in the way of everything, whether it's fighting or having fun or being crazy =__=;;;
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Not sure I passed the exam but anyway. I think I totally skipped the top part of the Yerkes-Dodson Curve (I know wiki says "arousal" on the horizontal axis, but I've always learnt it as "stress") and went straight from "I can't be bothered yet" to "I can't be bothered cos I'm so screwed anyway".

They introduced a new format of questions in the exam, which is basically multiple choice but you have 12 choices and only one correct answer. Apparently it's to eliminate the chance of you guessing. I wasn't too happy with it. On the one hand I could put it down to my wobbly knowledge, but on the other it's still MCQ and MCQ has always been about elimination of unlikely choices. This is just...time-consuming and requires incredibly detailed and specific knowledge about a lot of things ==;;;

A few nights ago I had another creepy dream =D And [livejournal.com profile] jkylk made a cameo in it LOL

We and my mum were going home on an underground station, and for some reason [livejournal.com profile] jkylk was going to Hurstville with us (I think I asked in the dream but I can't remember what her answer was ==;) It looked a bit like Redfern but there was another track that curved out of and then joined up with the track closest to the platform. As we were walking down the escalators, we saw a lot of people who had just gotten off the train holding Easyway teas in their hands, and I remarked on it, and [livejournal.com profile] jkylk said there was also an Easyway in Bankstown - which I didn't know but which turned out to be true ||||||||||||Orz

I remember there were quite a number of people standing on the platform, but it was strangely stifled in that everyone was talking quietly. The train pulled in to the platform but went for a short way into the tunnel. No one seemed surprised and everyone kept waiting patiently. Then I noticed there was someone - I couldn't see the face at all but I remember thinking it looked like a teenage girl - someone dressed in dark colours and quite skinny, standing straight and unmoving on the tracks. She had her hands in her pockets and it was a surprisingly laid-back stance.

Then the train started reversing backwards toward the platform, and she didn't move and just stood there waiting. Then there was a thud and a short scream that seemed to echo. I just remember how stifling and muted everything was. No one screamed out for her to get off the tracks, and she was standing in full view of everyone. Almost immediately afterwards, a lot of people sat down where they stood, as though knowing that the trains would now be delayed. It was just such a...resigned and unfazed reaction. No one screamed out afterwards, even, the only sound apart from muted talking was her scream.

Then [livejournal.com profile] jkylk said she was going to go home on her line because our line will be delayed. As I walked a short way with her up towards the escalators, I saw a glimpse through the crowd of a body lying next to the tracks, dark liquid smeared over a mobile phone still clutched in her hand, and the Cityrail workers trying to take care of things.

I've never dreamt of people committing suicide in front of my eyes before ||||||Orz In fact, I think this is the first time someone's actually died in front of my eyes in my dream. *Shudders*


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