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To finish off the casting round, we have the Murata siblings and the Shinsengumi.

Gintama live action 2017 - Murata Tetsuya and Murata Testuko
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The Murata siblings )

Gintama live action 2017 - Hijikata, Kondou, Okita
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Cut for the long-awaited Shinsengumi trio )

And that's a wrap!

I think it's a good mix of people who are reliable at acting, and a few unknowns cast in roles that won't require a huge amount of acting. Will that make it a success? Who knows. Japan has gone full steam with live adaptations of manga works in the past few years, and there's been a very small handful that's really struck gold with audiences (Rurouni Kenshin being the only one I can think of).

Just in the next few months, from the ones I've heard of, there's going to be Sangatsu no Lion, Blade of the Immortal, Full Metal Alchemist - not to mention at least another half a dozen romances coming to either the big or small screen. Generally Japan has better results with small screen adaptations of shoujo manga, but has traditionally struggled with shounen due to the scope, often the much darker themes, and the occasional leaps in suspension of belief required of the audience.

Possibly a good comparison will be the Oguri Shun-led Nobunaga Concerto, another historical fiction that has its comical and serious moments. It managed a respectable result at the box office and became the first film to squeeze Star Wars out of its top spot.

It will depend very much on the script and even at the best of times Gintama is not an easy material to convert into live action. Even just converting from manga to anime, given some of the crazy premises and the dependence on comedy, is no mean feat and speaks volumes about the professionalism of the writers and actors, and the maturity of the animation industry in Japan.

I have some carefully measured hopes, but given some recent failures in translation of popular manga onto the silver screen, I'm also carefully preparing myself for a disappointment.
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Moving onto the rest of the team today, starting with the antagonists in Kiheitai.

Gintama live action 2017 - Takasugi, Okada, Takechi, Kijima
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Late last month, the Gintama twitter team had finally finished releasing photos of the whole cast, starting with Yorozuya in December and unsurprisingly ending with the ridiculously popular Shinsengumi team. The rumour mill is fairly quiet, unlike *cough* Marvel movies. Judging by the presence of the Murata siblings though, this is going to rehash the Benizakura arc once again, which is a real shame given how far Gintama has come and the other wonderful stories ripe for retelling - but, I suppose, it's the first big serious arc of the series and a good way to introduce the characters.

Fans of the series will recall that the Shinsengumi actually play a negligible role in the Benizakura arc, which was the first proper hint at the complex love-hate/respect-disdain relationships between Gintoki, Takasugi and Katsura. One of the recently released set photos shows what looks like the Yorozuya trio hunting for crickets, which I suppose would be the quickest way to involve the Shinsengumi.

Glaring omissions from the photos so far include Sadaharu (not surprised, and the amount of money they can save by not doing CG for the mascot they can spend on other effects), Otose (it would be nice even if she had a cameo) and Yamazaki (how can you have the Shinsengumi without jimi Yamazaki?)

Before I start discussing the live action cast, I just wanted to say briefly that Gintama anime has been blessed with some amazing casting and after so long in their roles, their voices have become so much of the experience - the joys and sadness and reflective scenes the viewers live through with them every week, so the live action cast will always have that tremendous hurdle to climb over.

Gintama live action 2017 - Shinpachi, Gintoki, Kagura, Katsura, Otae, Gengai
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今天中午吃飯的時候,不小心點到銀魂2016晴天祭,結果回過神來已經把昼篇和夜篇都看完了 <-- 這人真的是在複習的節奏嗎

I'm revising my seiyuu-con roots LOL

The most amazing thing about the Gintama matsuris is the amount and quality of amazing afureco (live dubbing) by amazing seiyuus. I just used amazing 3 times in that sentence.

Both the noon and night sessions featured the Shogun Assassination Arc as its main story, which I skipped because I couldn't bear sitting through one of the saddest arcs in the whole series.

The night session used Saitou to voice the event opening...initially I LOL'ed at all the viewer comments going "OMG SUCH A NICE VOICE" until I became "OMG SUCH A NICE VOICE", then I googled and realised it was (of course) Sakurai Takahiro. GAH SUCH A NICE VOICE WHY YOU PLAY SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T SPEAK. Then I realised there's a lot of new characters that have amazing voices which I had skipped (I really can't bring myself to watch the 4th season because of the Shogun arc T-T) like Morikawa Toshiyuki and Hirano Aya (*__*) and Inoue Kazuhiko (!!!) and Namikawa Daisuke (OMGGG)

The confession series were hilarious, and it's always hilarious to hear droolworthy voices ruin themselves screeching as one would in Gintama. Though I don't like Sarutobi as a character, the voice actress is absolutely riveting the way she gets totally into her do-M and jealous character and cannonballs her way through the lines. It always amazes me how different and gravelly Chiba (Kondou) sounds compared to his usual smooth and genteel voice.

Nakai-ossan always has this inexplicable 反差萌 about him, like even though Hijikata is the oni-fukuchou, Nakai always acts more like Tosshi during live events and is a bit of a pushover XDDD Suzumura (Okita) has always been a fan-favourite and though it feels like he's speaking less in recent years, he's usually pretty easy-going and fun-natured, and the character he plays allows him to be coolly judgemental towards everyone else XDDD

Sugita (Gintoki) has the same 死魚眼 as the character he plays but he's a lot more unflappable - though he'll pop out with the weirdest stuff at the most inappropriate times to hilarious effect. Similarly Ishida (Katsura) is usually pretty quiet and hangs in the periphery but would occasionally pop out with some surprising retorts at the least expected times.

I can't tell if Yamazaki and Shinpachi's seiyuus are like a heightened version of themselves or just playing their parts, but they certainly do the whole 地味 and 吐槽 gig to a tee.

I have no feelings towards Kugimiya (Kagura) or the girl who plays Otsu...they seem pretty popular with fans but the whole cutesy thing doesn't really appeal to me. There's no 月咏 this time, which is a pity.

Now, in case anyone hasn't seen it, here's the live action Gintama main cast cameo-ing as their anime counterparts. Sorry Sugita...I still think Oguri has a better voice (even though he's trying to rough it up a bit here). Shinpachi's voice doesn't sound different at all, yappari the megane is the main point ne (whut). Actually Suda Masaki has grown on me a bit in the last couple of months, and I think he'd do a really good job with Shinpachi (not sure it's a compliment LOL).

Ayeee~~~~I just watched a trailer of Oguri Shun kicking ass in his new drama CRISIS. I don't know how I'm going to deal with seeing him as Gintoki...........

It's going to sooooooooo ruin my fond memories of gentlemanly Hanazawa Rui (HanaDan), cool Sano Izumi (HanaKimi), straight-man Takakura Sou (Tokyo Dogs), imposing Danno Tatsuya (Ouroboros) TT_____TT

At least, with a CV like that, I hope it'll be very hard for him to ruin Gintoki.

Also glanced at something with Yoshizawa Ryo in it - I think he'd make a good Okita. 顏值到位 XD <-- 這是重點嗎?

PS: I loved how the bit where the actor for Itou was reminiscing about his recording days, and he said, "When I got the part I didn't know anything about Gintama, and when I recorded the first episode I thought, wow, this is actually really touching. When I said this aloud, all the cast members were like, 'No, no, no, this is not normal, normally it's about pee and poop and nothing much happening.'" All the cast members immediately start nodding XDDD

PPS: Also the number of tweets saying "Thank you Gintama, you have acclimatised me to dirty jokes." to the point the cast members were like, "Are dirty jokes the only thing people remember about this show?" LOL
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I wonder why it's called "The Blaze of Yoshiwara Part 1"? O_o Where's part 2? Is the current Spider arc the 2nd part? Or is part 2 going to be whenever Kamui turns up to fight Gintoki?

And yes, I wonder why it's called "The Blaze of Yoshiwara" and where the actual "blaze" was as well...even if the question got chucked into the wastebasket by Gintoki XDDD

The Yoshiwara chapter improved my opinion of Kagura a lot, even though I liked her before. The author frequently banks on her innocence to deliver moving stories based on very simple joys...such as the one where she spent a month doing morning exercises in the rain to wait for a sick boy to turn up, or that one where Gintoki bought her a pretty umbrella because she felt inferior watching all the other girls being dressed up.

Kagura's subplot in the Yoshiwara arc was a long time coming. You could probably see it screaming 250+ chapters back when she was first introduced as a child of the Yato clan, and her early proclamation that she would fight against her bloodthirsty instincts. I like the way in which the stories deal with her angst by being very understated about it, by not giving her copious amounts of angsty monologue and therefore leaving most of her naivety intact.

Considering Kamui was ranked 7th on the recent character poll (more than 500 more votes than Shinpachi, who came 8th), I actually didn't like him much. Then again, considering Takasugi is ranked 4th, I guess there's something about Gintama fans and psychotic killers. Either that, or the more likely scenario is it's biased voting by fans of the real historical people, which would explain why everyone in the top 5 apart from Gintoki had a historical base, and why Yamazaki was 5th last time even though he never did anything much. Poor Yamazaki...he used to be cool until he got into this anime XDDDDD

I think, actually, the thing that bothered me most was Kamui reminded me too much of Okita ==;;;; I guess that would explain Kagura's perpetual camaraderie/rival relationship with Okita, but I'm sure that wasn't the intention? He has the same uncaring attitude, the same way of setting himself on the sidelines to watch with amusement, the same manipulative interfering streak to make things more interesting for himself, and even the same battle lust, although Okita's usually kept in check. Even the way he drawls "Danna~" is the same ==;;;;;;; I know there's no way Okita would match up to Kamui in a fair would probably take Okita and Hijikata and the rest of the Shinsengumi, as well as all of the Yorozuya and the Hyakka and probably a good helping hand from Katsura and the Jouigishi to keep Kamui down, and even then >_>;

Tsukuyo is cool, and she kicks major ass without being a moody manipulative self-centered bitch like Otae ==;;; (For the record, I don't hate Otae, I just think...this is an accurate description of her) I started to found Seita annoying once he started whining how he wasn't going to abandon Gintoki and he was going to help by staying. You're eight, bloody hell, staying anywhere near the battle scene is just going to distract those fighting on your behalf. If it were me, I'd kick him out the door the first chance I get.

It was a good arc but it was a dark arc, probably even more so than the Shinsengumi Douran arc. It was really not something you'd sit down with a 10-year-old to watch, even though they've half-censored what happens normally in Yoshiwara, but it doesn't change the fact it was an opulent cage in which women were imprisoned and forced to prostitute themselves. On the other hand, I doubt Gintama is suitable for 10-year-old even normally >_>;

It also had a lot of really good fighting scenes, although I remember thinking as I watched "guys...please don't use up your budget for the rest of the year on this"...and when the 4 minute time-waster clip came up I totally LOL'ed XDDDDD

I think I have developed a fondness for Nakai Kazuya hollering at the top of his lungs and it is entirely not unrelated to my fondness for Hijikata of course LOL I find Kondo's holler really annoying though ==; But Hijikata's screeching is either hilarious or cool XDD "Ore wa...shinsengumi no fukuchou, Hijikata Toshirou da, konoyarou!" ♥ ♥ ♥

I think I'm learning way too many rude words from Gintama ~_~;; (It is said that the Japanese language doesn't actually have rude words, hence it's always rather disturbing when they pick up English and drop b**** and f*** and s*** more often than the Irish ==;;;;;) Nevertheless, it's disturbing when I listen to drama CDs and the few words I pick up are stuff like ch*nch*n and osh*ri ==;;;;
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On (last year's?) G Fest, they held a character poll and Setsuna came 3rd..and Miyano Mamoru fell off the chair XDDDD It's the first time I've seen a main character rank so low on a poll LOL. Usually they come first, or if the main antagonist is really interesting, at least a second. First was Lockon...okay, usually dying gives you a spike in popularity, but to beat the main character...LOL! Apparently whenever Miyano says Setsuna's famous "I am Gundam" line in the recording studio, everyone cracks up laughing. Phew, we weren't the only ones who thought it retarded.

Also watched the Gundam Seed festival where they screened a 2 hour summary clip of the story and had the four main characters narrate a quarter each. I don't know why when Tanaka Rie (Lacus) and Hoshi Souichirou (Kira) come on screen I have to close my eyes to actually recognise their voices as their characters. The narration was really nice though, even aside from the dramatic and convincing live voice-acting the four seiyuus put on. It gives a lot more insight into Athrun and Cagalli's motivations and conflicts in the first half of GS, especially since in the series we only saw things from Kira's point of view. It seems a much more believable segue into Athrun's indecisiveness and doubts in GSD, because I actually had the impression that he was quite confident in what he believed in and what he wanted to fight for in early GS, but it's nice to see that he's been having a lot of doubts ever since running into Kira. The same applies to Cagalli, although her doubts were more obvious in GS, but I still think it takes a huge leap of faith to be convinced at the sobbing mess she became in GSD ==; She was so cool in GS...the amount of cheers the seiyuu got when she walked on shows how popular her character is. They also slotted live performances of most of the songs in between important scenes, which was nice (even though I skipped them LOL).

Speaking of Ishida Akira (Athrun), I was watching Book of Bantorra and I mistook Graham Acre's seiyuu for Ishida *掩面* I'm so sorry T_T

Katsura does sound exactly like Athrun ==; I was expecting Katsura's track in the Gintama drama CD to be completely "Zura janai, Katsura da", but it only had "Katsura janai, Zura da...ah iya chigau, Katsura da" ("I'm not Katura, I'm wait that's wrong, I'm Katura." LOL baka) I TOTALLY cracked up at the line "Katsura Kotaro, Zura, hasshinsuru!" (Standard launch phrase) A spoof of Gundam! By someone who was a pilot in Gundam!! LOL. Although as I remember, Athrun's standard phrase was "Athrun Zala, Aegis/Justice/Saviour, deru!" so it wasn't a direct spoof of Athrun...which is a pity. For some reason Gintama has not spoofed the GS (or G00) franchise at all, even though they've taken on the other Gundam series.

Sugita Tomokazu actually looks somewhat like Gintoki...especially the dead fish eyes *gets kicked by his fans to Mars*

Okita's drama CD track (memorable lines) was totally facepalm. Out of nearly 20 phrases, 6 directly referred to Hijikata by name (starting off with "I'm begging you, die Hijikata you bastard"), 2 was him introducing himself as vice commander (and thereby wiping Hijikata out of the picture) and 1 was making fun of Hijikata's mayonnaise...Okita-san, Okita-san, your immense Hijikata complex is getting a bit too obvious Orz Even Hijikata only mentioned mayonnaise 5 times in his track LOL

I always wondered why Okita always refers to Hijikata as "Hijikata-san" (unless they're strangling each other, at which point it becomes just "HIJIKATAAAAAAA"), even though Hijikata calls him (surprisingly affectionately...considering) "Sougo". In the CD track Hijikata actually says "The only one who can call me Toshi is Kondou-san". Hearing him say without background music "Ore wa ai no senshi, Mayora 13" (I'm the warrior of love, Mayora 13) is just hilarious XDD
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Found this trailer collection on tudou. Some of them are unsubbed, the rest are in Chinese subs except for Inuyasha which also has English subs. I can't believe it's been so long since I last read Inuyasha that when Kouga appeared I was all "OH YEAH KOUGA". And to think he was one of my favourite characters LOL.

Got all excited over the really gorgeous looking 2394809257th franchise about bakumatsu but turns out it's a game T-T (此人乃耽美控+半個幕末控) Figures. Anime never have such gorgeous art. But Hijikata and Okita~~~ *Cough* Who is Saitou? Orz I had him confused with Hijikata before. Kondo looks kinda like Kondo from Gintama, just...much better looking XD

I liked the look of Darker than Black. Whaaat, I'm a sucker for action/sci-fi animes. Even though I haven't seen the first season =/

The Book of Bantorra sounds least the subtitles looked more interesting than the trailer >_>;; Apparently it's set in a world where people's lives are stored as books in a library? Besides, it has Romi Paku and Ishida Akira =D =D(此人馬上就變身聲控了)

The trailer for Nyankoi was so cute...but I got all excited for nothing because I thought it only featured cats ==;

Kimi ni Todoke looked incredibly boring =___=;; It looks like they've decided to go the angsty shoujo way instead of the slapstick comedy way and it's going to be sooooooooo boooooorrrrrrriiiiinnnnnng. It doesn't help that the narration for the trailer was done in such a hypnotic voice =__=;;;;;;;
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Nodame Cantabile movie
The first part will screen 19th December, and the second in spring next year.

The official website is here but I suggest you find the new trailer on Youtube because it takes a while to load from the site ==;;;

Damn Tamaki, you still look as skinny a...psychotic murderer. Which reminds me, I still haven't watched "MW Episode 0" or whatever.

Will this be the last time we get to see Tamaki playing a cool, standoffish, mean but ultimately nice role? =(

He better not go back to playing goof-heads =____= He really sucks at them.

Wow...I really haven't kept up with anime news. Gundam Unicorn? Gundam 00 movie? Wah?

The Gundam 00 special editions are screening from late October to November. If GSD special editions were anything to go by, it's pretty much a 6 hour summary of the 50-episode story, which will be good because it will have to cut out a whole load of crap. Maybe when boiled down to its essentials, we'll actually figure out what the story is about! ....Or not.

If it still manages to be a world of WTFness I think...I think we're just going to have to say Kuroda is a genius beyond any means of human comprehension.

Kimi ni Todoke next season~ I wasn't too excited about this (I am totally not into shoujo anime although I read shoujo manga on a regular basis) until I saw that Daisuke Namikawa will be Kazehaya! Dasuke! Namikawa! (Who?) FAIIIIIIIIIIIII~~~~~!!!!!!!!! Of course =D

The final arc of Inuyasha will also be screened as anime next season. Didn't the manga end quite a while ago? =_=; Without spoiling it for anyone...let's just say it was a happy ending.

Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro in the first police drama ever for a gekku. It also has that annoying suicide chick from Love Shuffle...but anyhow. I hope Hiro makes a better job of this one than he did of the bumbling fool in Mr Brain.

Yamada Ryosuke will be in ANOTHER drama special about a detective kid. What is it with him being cast as a detective!! Although I have to admit, he does 殺氣 (killing aura) better than anyone else his age, but still ==;;;;; I managed to cry half of the way through 24Hr special with him and Ryou-chan, but I cried mostly when Ryou (the person who was supposed to be dying of brain cancer) wasn't onscreen...which I'm sure wasn't the intention =__= Kuroki Hitomi's acting is amazing T___T

We got an electronic sphygmomanometer (blood pressure metre) as a present from a relative recently, and because every time we measure our BP at clinical school, mine's always ridiculously low, I measured it to check......and yes, it's ridiculously low =___= It managed to be 95/55 once, although most of the time it's about 100/60. Normal is 120/80 (although girls tend to be slightly lower). And my systolic drops when I stand up but my diastolic doesn't change =/ Some lecturers say that a diastolic drop is indicative of postural hypotension but others say any drop of 10mmHg.....bah. I hope it's not an exam question. Bloody exam questions that don't have correct answers....GRRR.
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Stolen from...somewhere.

Lalalalala )

Other news...

Miyano Mamoru married with child. Way to go! =D

And...Hey Say Jump gets their own manga. Good grief, what would the plot be about?! It's not as if the jimusho would let the artist portray the way that they REALLY work, all the sweat and tears that go into the training, the filming, the promotion work, the stage well as all the ruthless tactics the jimusho uses to ensure their success.

And I only like about four kids out of the ten...and only REALLY like two of them LOL.

Oh yeah, Jenny...remember how I said that one of the guys in HSJ was really cute when he was small? Here's a picture of him and also here when he was younger =D He was soooo adorable~~~ And also he was a little bit evil as well, so he was doubly cute XDD Now he looks like this. Aye Yuuto~ You should've stopped growing LOL...never mind, at least he can still sing. Okay...I'm sorry, I know that picture doesn't exactly have the sort of lighting (or amateur airbrushing) that compliments anyone. Still.
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I'd just like to proclaim that the Vampire Knight soundtrack is absolutely beautiful *___* Ahhh strings. Sometimes I can love them so much.

Linebarrels of Iron (ANN Info)
I have seen rave reviews of this anime, in the sense that they all raved on about how utterly pathetic this anime is. So going in with expectations lower than sea level, it turned out to be...not as bad as expected. Or maybe I just don't believe something so cringeworthily bad is taking itself seriously. Some bits made me laugh out loud (at 3am in the morning *cough*) because it was so ludicrous it had to be a joke, right?

So we begin with a wimpy main character who's about 10 times more wimpy than Kira - it's worth mentioning here that the character designer also did the designs for Gundam Seed and it's not as pretty here, but still recognisable - he's getting bullied by a bunch of guys and scoots off to buy bread for them when a mobile suit lands right on top of his head. Quite literally. The mobile suit comes complete with a beautiful naked woman, whom he escorts home to get some clothes, and then he finds out that she grants him access (by letting him grab her boobs...yes) to the MS that just landed on him, and he totally kicks ass after jumping into the MS for the first time ever.

Like...TOTALLY kicks ass. Kira Yamato would be wiping the floor. And boy does he know it. His childhood friend watches on in horror as he broadcasts his maniacal glee by cackling through the microphones in his MS.

MUAHAHAHA LOOK AT ME!! I am a hero!!! Suck on that!!

Two minutes later he's informed by the beauty next to him that, "Gee, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you, but you know, you're dead. Like, NOT ALIVE anymore."

The production is by GONZO, and the series is GONZO's usual quality until the mecca comes in, and then one cringes at the jarring combination of 3D and 2D animation. The Gundam franchise does use 3D animation but as expected, their techniques are much more mature and it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb as it does here.

The whole premise is so laughable that surely it can't be done unintentionally! It's been a while since we've seen the hero this pathetic and dislikeable in a mecca anime. I mean, yes, Shinn and Heero were annoying each in their own ways, but not absolute...oh, I don't know the word for it, but it's not pretty. It's obvious that he has an immense superhero complex as well as inferior complex, and this newly acquired power just bared everything. This show could go both ways - be atrociously bad, or be shrewdly good - and at the moment it doesn't seem to sympathise any more with this "hero" than the audience does.

Kuroshitsuji (ANN Info)
Here's one anime of the season that hasn't been a letdown =D I haven't read enough of the series to comment on the plot, but the art and music for this is gorgeous, as it is in the manga. The series is, of course, 耽美系, which means it's better appreciated for its superficial elements than its plot and depth XD

The story, as I said before, is very much like Yuki Kaori's Count Cain in setting. Set in what looks like Victorian England, Ciel Phantomhive is the young (13y.o.?) master of a wealthy aristocratic estate. His all-powerful butler is the youthful-looking Sebastien, who can do everything a human can and much more. Unsurprisingly(?), he turns out to be a demon butler, signed on to the family by a pact with Ciel.

Of course, we don't find all this out in episode one, just that Sebastien is prone to displays of superhuman dexterity, and something happened to/with Ciel's parents. Being young, Ciel becomes the target of many an adult who think they can fool him, and to these people, Ciel deals out his special kind of revenge..."the Phantomhive treatment".

Whether or not the plot can measure up to the heartwrenching polygon of love and hatred dealt out in Count Cain, the anime offers plenty of drool points, not just on the art. Ono Daisuke puts on his most gorrrgeousss 男公關(LOL) purr for Sebastian. Meanwhile Sakamoto Maaya - who did a flawless job as Host Club Haruhi - goes one pitch lower for Ciel and can rival Romi Paku in how convincingly she does a boy's voice, which once again proves the broad range she has as a voice actress. The anime also keeps much of the comical sequences of the manga, which somehow don't seem out of place in spite of the gloomy ambience of the lighting.

To enjoy this, you probably have to be into this sort of dark gothic stories, topped with angst and sprinkled with comedy. But I recommend it, because I am =D
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It's so nice to be, once in a while, able to put up one's feet and watch anime XD Surprisingly, all three anime I managed to catch have gotten off to a strong start. I'm actually most surprised by Vampire Knight, which has exceeded (admittedly, low) expectations.

Nabari no Ou
I've always wanted to read this manga after seeing posters of it around, but I've never been able to find it. Basically it's about the ninja world clamouring over a boy who has the ultimate hidden technique sealed inside him, a power he hasn't learned to use yet but will obviously ultimately propel him to become the King of the Hidden (Nabari no Ou).

It's really hard to decide what genre this anime falls into. It has the palette of shoujo anime, but the action sequences are fluid and dynamic like shounen. There's a lot of anime about the main character having a hidden power just waiting to be awakened, and the main character often turns out to be a bit of a bumhead when that comes about. It's hard to pin down on Miharu, who walks through the show with a bored, imperturbable air mixed with sarcastic cheer.

Normally I'm quite fond of Kugimiya Rie, especially since Gintama, but she does Miharu with all the conviction of whoever did Souma Yuki from Fruits Basket, which is.........really girly!!!

This anime has potential, but it's treading a really precarious path of being trite.

xxxHolic Kei
It's been so long since the first season that I don't know if it picked up where it stopped, but the storyline so far is familiar, in that it's appeared in the manga somewhere.

It has started at a good place, a length of plot that retains the humour of the first season - particularly with the way Watanuki screeches at everyone - but also a bit more meatier on the emotional side, stepping into the spiralling tragedy where CLAMP is most comfortable. Of course, the manga by this time has gotten a lot more depressing as well, with Watanuki's eye problems, then Himawari's secret, and now Kohane-chan's dilemma. Again, there has been no crossover from Tsubasa, and it's hard to say whether it will remain the case for the rest of the season. It will certainly be a pity, because the two manga plots are becoming very intertwined, particularly as the finale is approaching.

And Yuuko-san is still as cool as ever ♥

Vampire Knight
I was a bit iffy about this because the manga depended a lot more on its beautiful art rather than riveting story to sell, and there's a tendency in these gothic ventures to overdo on the wangst.

Surprisingly, from the looks of the first episode, they've hired a great scriptwriter for the show. It's tighter structured than the original manga, introducing a lot of the later elements earlier on and probably providing a better sense of continuity than the original did. It does also add in a bit more dialogue than the original, but this is done unintrusively and doesn't detract from the original feel or flow of the manga. The characters continue to develop in the same way, the humour is still there, and the angst is still subtly brewing under the surface.

Obviously the art can never match up to the original, because Hoshino's style is very distinctly manga and doesn't translate at all well across the medium, but it does well enough on its own, and the chibis are really cute ^^ The colours are interesting as there seems to be two distinct palettes, the bright vibrant shoujo colours, and the dark bluish hues of its gothic undertones, and it switches between one and the other, sometimes to quite jarring effect. As for the voice acting...I can't complain about Miyano Mamoru as Zero, of course!
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Nearly had a heart attack yesterday when I thought I spent $300 in the last 2 weeks. Fortunately I then uncovered a very crumpled transaction record that showed I had in fact withdrawn only $200, not $300.

Still...that's $200 in 2 weeks. Even though about half of it was "inevitable spending" (e.g. club registration fees ==;)

I'm spending too much on food ToT Damn expensive North Sydney food. I am so glad I don't work in Wynyard ==;;;

YAY!!!! I finally found it!!! After searching the net for ages for his blog...

The best Chinese GS/GSD parodies ever, now bringing youG00 parodies XDD

Okay, Vampire Knight anime will be starting in April.

Here is the official site. (Official manga site here)

*Cough cough cough*

...Interesting character design. The angst-o-meter already reads about 500%

BUT!!!!! Miyano Mamoru as Zero!!!!!!! Woohoo~~~~!!!!!!

I bet he's feeling so ripped off with his lack of lines as Setsuna that he's busy trying to grab other roles ==;;;

Although G00 will be finishing in time for VK to start...still. I bet his bored.

The sound director is the voice actor for Leorio in Hunter x Hunter ==;; The what?
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Well, assuming they haven't made a mistake with naming/candidate number/emails/ranking/whatever, I've been offered a rural bonded place for medicine =__=;; The revised scheme means that for every year I study, I must work one year at a rural location.

In other words, that's going to be 4 years stuck at Wagga Wagga, or some other outback waterhole.

My friend (who's still waiting for her results from ANU) has been very encouraging, pointing out that city placements can be much more difficult to find, and the government doesn't subsidise such placements, even in areas of shortage like the outer suburbs.

I'm getting a case of wedding blues (hahaha). I'm not sure I really want to do med... Don't get me wrong, I find med a very interesting subject, the sort of thing that'll keep my short interest span occupied enough for the rest of my life, I bet. But boiled down, it's only the thing I would like to do more than any other job short of choosing one that will never support me, like writing or whatever.

Good thing I won't have to think about that for a week or so. The logistics of trying to get all the paperwork and first aid recertification and VACCINATIONS done all before February next year is just frightening.

I don't remember a single thing about vaccinations. Vaguely I seem to remember something involving needles in year 8 for MMR (measles/mumps/rubella). Argh.

Anyway, will think about that later. First must finish that stupid 30 minute presentation due tomorrow.

As an aside, if anyone wants to hear the English voices in Gundam Seed, here's episode 28. The only one missing is Lacus. God. Athrun's voice sounds like a weasel. WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO HIM T___T I don't mind Kira's voice too much...though it reminds me a lot of someone, but not Kira =__= here's episode 42 with Lacus and Andrew. Lacus' voice doesn't grate, but it doesn't have the extreme girliness but cool authority that she managed to command in Japanese.
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Miyano Mamoru has been cast as Kamui for Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations.


Kamui always gets the most popular voice actors.

Seki Tomokazu, then Suzumura Kenichi, now Miyano Mamoru.

I sniggered at a comment once said by a Chinese reviewer: that Suzumura's whiny brat Shinn Asuka had the (un)popularity of whiny brat Kamui. HAHA.

I feel sorry for Seki though. He probably had the worst version of Kamui ever. It was the only other movie I laughed through when I wasn't supposed to (the other is Star Wars 3). Ahhh...Good memories XDDD I think it was also in canto. Damn.

I prefer Tsubasa's Kamui slightly better, if only because he doesn't get molested as much.

Even though him turning into a vampire + him being twins with Subaru + him being a PROTECTIVE twin of Subaru + him still getting pwned by Fuuma + him being a Chi no Ryuu are totally OTZ OTZ OTZ

But this made my world incredibly waffy... )


I thought I'd never see the day when there is justice in the world and Kamui finally gets his PURPLE EYES back.

Which is approximately the only reason I liked him at all, anyway.


I have never forgiven the day the anime turned his eyes yellow.

(In other news, Fai is also incredibly pretty♥ And so is Subaru♥ Kurogane is pw....*gets shishkebabed by Kuropin*)

Damn, I have a feeling I'm going to just watch this for the PURPLE EYES and Miyano Mamoru.

Oh, and of course, Fai's "ouch-there-goes-my-eye" scene. Ouch.

Oh, and Real™ Syaoran. Haha. What. I like him. At the rate he's going in the manga, he's going to become my nth-character-I-like-who-dies Orz

It's soooo pretty *___* Her style's much easier than Mokona's for anime adaptation and OVA are always better quality animation than TV anime.

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Just when I was whingeing that there's nothing to watch next season, [ profile] e_dimension came up with this beauty.

I still haven't watched FMA ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

But her art's instantly recognisable.

I have to say, I must have ignored this title when I saw the words "Hero Tales". It's never been a good sign. But.

It's by the author of FMA!

Should be good!

...Although I'm a bit miffy about the main character being voiced by none other than Suzumura Kenichi (Shinn) Orz

Well, Fukuyama Jun, Sakurai Shunsuke and KAIDA YUKI (Kurapica LOL) makes up for it XDDD

Okay, I won't be mean, I actually do like Suzumura's voice. I just really dislike Shinn.

Well, FMA's director has been dragged off to do Gundam00. The director for this show is credited as "unit director" (whatever that means) for a few of the Gundam series (GS/Turn A/V).

...I don't know if that's a good sign or a bad sign.

Curiously, he(?) wasn't involved with GSD. Which must be a good sign!


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