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So the record-breaking 8 day concert finally finished without (much of) a glitch~

After Ueda demonstrated how to BE A MAN ("Even though I'm scared, with all these fans watching, I'll have to jump even if I don't want to"), Nakamaru finally whimpered all the way up to the top and bungee'd from a normal height on the last day. Sasuga ne~ Ueda-san, yappari KAT-TUN no RIIDA ne~

HAHA. I'm always bewildered by fans who say that Ueda's the girliest of the lot even though he's always struck me as the least girly. It's all because of that girly hairdo after their debut =__= And he actually smiles now. Even though I still can't get Jin's "You look like a crocodile" quote out of my head.

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24 Feb 2009 01:14 am
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My laptop is still under attack by the BSOD, and every time I try to connect to the net it kicks the bucket. On the other hand, everything else still works, including the USB port (which was itself a cause of BSOD for a while), so I have been writing rather than doing work.......gah.

Two memes~

So, luna_rainbow, your LiveJournal reveals...

You are... 0% unique and 26% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy writing). When it comes to friends you are normal. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are wary of trusting strangers. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is intellectual.

Your overall weirdness is: 11

(The average level of weirdness is: 29.
You are weirder than 17% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

I object to being only 2.6% peculiar. LOL.


male malefemale female
self oneselfgroupworld world
past pastpresentfuture future

I have no idea how they work out the gender thing. Apparently "the" is a masculine keyword, while "if" is a feminine one. Doushite? Dou~~shite??

Speaking of Voice love, I went supper with family friend on Friday and saw a tea stalk floating upright in my cup. I whipped out my phone and took a photo of it like Toma did, then giggled at it like an Toma did LOL. Oh well, at least, like Ryosuke said, "when you're depressed you can have a look at it and feel good again"...tte, wakenai deshou.

And it's Kame's birthday today...ish. Well, yesterday, now. Speaking of Kame and therefore of KT, I must make an embarrassing confession - as I was watching their new PV for "One Drop" and wondering why people's faces keep failing to fit inside the frame, I suddenly came upon the sight of Akanishi making this face:

I have to point out that no, I didn't cap him in the middle of winking, but rather he dropped his eyelid into this position and kept it that way for 2 seconds.

So 5 seconds after this particular scene, where my brain tried to reprogram itself to deal with the sight, I cracked up at the screen screaming "OMG, HORNER'S SYNDROME!!!"

Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm such a nerd.
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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Thank you CLAMP for finally pulling through with an epic far enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you go into permanent hiatus at this point like you did with the Fuuma stabbing Kamui 5 years ago, you will observe a global spike in voodoo doll sales, in spite of the economic depression. Let us hang our heads and spare one minute of silence for Mr Clonie. I'm expecting more people than this to die though! Don't tell me you're getting soft too, CLAMP (especially after all the eye-gouging and gut-stabbing and arm-amputating).

The scream of a fujoshi

For people who don't read Chinese, this is two different people =P

Decided to take some caps while watching Kame no Shizukun Kami no Shizuku and the episodes I missed of Bloody Monday. The other Kame pic is from Gokusen.

They're also about the same height too, I think ==;;;; Take-chan (LOL at how Miura calls him that...and then he "accidentally" points at Miura and calls him "Micchan" XDDD)...umm, as I was saying, Take-chan only looks like Kame in certain angles but the likeness in those angles are pretty freaky =0=;;;; I don't know if it's because of their personalities or because of the cultures in their different agencies (most likely both). Kame never seems comfortable in the loud excitable role types that Takeru is just adorable in, whereas Takeru doesn't quite have the Johnny's posturing air for the "cool" quieter roles. J家培養出來的孩子是形象第一嘛~~ XD

Gundam nothingness
Newtype is such a treasure trove ^^v The TV guide predicts lots of fighting and a "coup d'etat". Bloody katakana (bloody French)...had to look that up. Setsuna also takes forever (2 episodes) to rendez-vous with the ship, and apparently that's a huge handicap. Like, since when was Setsuna so indispensable =__=;;;; The other guys need to upgrade man. Mr Bushido will also make an appearance in Masurao, the kanji of which means "husband" in Chinese, so it's all manners of ewwwww.

But the treasure is this:
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LOL...what the? I'm sick of seeing Saji being shoved in with the Meisters. Just drop dead already zomg. Then Louise can go on an awesome killing spree. I know this is belated and I probably mentioned it before...but I can't believe how quickly Memento Mori got wasted. I thought it was a boss weapon Orz
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So this week, after a whopping 36 episodes, we finally learn what the heck's up with Double O.

Yes. Observe the O rings

Nostradamus that he might be, Aeolia has weird taste in human DNA templates. He's also a lazy ass:

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It ended the episode of me screaming "WTF JUST HAPPENED?!?!" at the screen, although obviously not out loud since it was nearly 3am in the morning =0=;

There are a few ways Aeolia's Twin Drive system could work - maybe by heightening the pilot's perception it acts like a mechanical "Newtype" system, allowing the pilot to predict the moves of other people.

But the other way it could work in realising Aeolia's ultimate goal is that it does what it did here - connects the consciousness of everyone within its vicinity. War is based on misunderstanding and incomprehension, isn't it? So theoretically if you built a system whereby everyone could communicate in unbridled ways, it would boost understanding and solve conflicts. It would be idealistic and romantic way to end wars - as opposed to the Innovators interpretation, which is to establish a global dictatorship.

I doubt it'll go this way because the Gundam franchise is not given to metaphysical musings and cleverness like this. This is the sort of creepy consciousness network that you'll find in cult hits like Serial Experiment Lain.

I'm probably reading too much into this, but where "Aeolia's plan" is concerned, there seems to be references to organised religion in this, with the different interpretations leading to different sorts of ideals and violence, and the Innovators' unquestioning loyalty to the plan itself. Sure, they don't agree on the ways to do it, but none of them question their own existence as beings to realise his plan.

The scene with Anew is typically ambiguous. Either Revive communicated with her to find CB's nest, or Anew sensed Revive like Soma/Marie did. Soma/Marie did remark that "the brainwave was not directed at me...who was it?" Ribonze seems to be able to use his brainwave just to observe people, so it might not mean there was any communication.

Okay, I admit, I want Anew to be a "good" Innovator. Otherwise our Tieria-kun is going to be so lonely LOL!!!

I wonder if Lockon being especially nice to Anew might suggest Anew is the person behind the curtain the ending sequence holding Lockon's hand.

At any rate, Saji and Marina are so going down as the most annoying characters in this series =__=+
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This new season has been so full with character development episodes that it almost feels like Gundam Seed in one of its slow boring moments.

But at least we ARE getting character development, even if it's all crammed together, and at least all the flashbacks we see are new flashbacks.

The episode is aptly titled "Reason to fight" and thoroughly explores the characters' views on this. A flashback with Soma/Marie shows her first meeting with Allelujah (brought on by a telepathic encounter) and her "baptising" him as Allelujah. His new reason to fight is to rescue her from A-LAWS, even if she might hate him for killing all of the other superhumans. Tieria doesn't say what his reason to fight is, but he no longer disagrees with the idea. Setsuna fights because that's the only life he knows, in spite of Marina's pleas for him to stop and join forces with her in rebuilding Azadistan. Sumeragi used to fight to redeem herself (unclear) but has now lost direction after another heavy loss. Lyle, presumably, joined Katalon for the same reason Neil joined CB, though we're yet to confirm that. Billy is spurned by his anger towards Sumeragi. Shirin is disillusioned with the Federation and joined Katalon in search of a new solution for Azadistan's turmoil.

Also, interesting aside - Mannequin seems to recognise Sumeragi's tactics style.

Saji is invited to work on CB's mechanics and tentatively asks Ian the technician about his reason for being in CB. Ian points out that everyone in CB is here because they have seen too much of warfare - whether they lost people to terrorism, were created for that purpose, grew up in a warzone, etc. They will do anything to end it, and after that, will take their punishment.

Unfortunately, the "end all wars" logic has always been pretty thin last season, and it's even thinner now with the world united under one Federation. Wars have not ended entirely (with the birth of new anti-establishment organisation, especially Katalon), but where does CB stand in all this? Last season they fought so (supposedly) all the anger were directed at themselves, which is the sort of philosophy Sunrise pulled again in Code Geass R2 with Lelouch.

As one A-LAWS member remarks, this time CB has gone personal, and for the first 4 episodes CB have yet to announce its ideology.

In other news, Lyle spends a lot of time training, which is so surprisingly mature and logical that it comes as a surprise (LOL). He forces a kiss on Feldt after catching her perving on him for the nth time and gets slapped for it - which apparently was his way of ramming in the point that he's not his brother. The guy's kind of growing on me. They have chosen not to make him radically different from Neil, or eeriely similar. He's making himself useful (I can't emphasise how much of a shock this is XD), but keeps his distance with that unnerving sarcastic cheer.

Graham Mysterious Masked Man now has a name. Mr Bushido. I have no words. The 24th century Japanophile. =__=

Oh yeh. There was a fight. A fight? It only lasted a minute. A scuffle. In which a new multi-million dollar equipment gets destroyed within seconds of its debut. Ahh money. So useful and so easily wasted.

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I wonder if episode 3 was the height of my adoration for the series last season? Hmm. I loved this episode. There's been more character development these 3 episodes than all last season, some more revelations on the political background, and on top of that, action in the mix! What more can you ask?

It turns out that Marina and Allelujah are locked up in the same complex, which hosts a lot of political prisoners that has useful information (rather than dispatching them off to the labour camp like in episode 1). Both are getting grilled by A-LAWS about their knowledge of the new Gundams that just appeared. Soma was sent to interrogate Allelujah, and she was surprised that he wasn't affected by her brainwaves. He opens his eyes and insists that she's Marie, a name she doesn't recognise. Allelujah believes that her personality has been erased and a new one imposed on her.

Ribonze is providing info directly to the Federation, but I wonder how much Wang Liumei is telling him and how much he's in turn telling the Fed.

Tieria helps Lyle get used to his new Gundam and asks about piloting experience, to which Lyle replies "As if, duh!" Which makes Tieria grumble "Setsuna brought back a complete noob." Lyle then smirks, "So~ There's plenty of things to do, Mr cute teacher~" The gayness of which is just beyond gay, so Tieria gets pissed off even more.

Setsuna's finally speaking to Saji in sentences longer than "Saji Crossroad. I am Setsuna F. Seiei." He points out that the Thrones Gundams were indeed their enemy and engaged in combat that wasn't part of CB's plans. Saji is wavering, but maintains that they're still killing people, and the world was peaceful before they got involved. Setsuna asks if that was good enough, that only Saji himself lived in peace - which is the sort of philosophy Setsuna wouldn't have been able to say 4 years ago.

A-LAWS is sent to strengthen the defence of the prison complex - something which I still haven't quite understood. It either means that the Federation can preempt CB's intentions or it's a big jump of logic, because the CB didn't even know about Allelujah being held at that complex when the A-LAWS decided to strengthen the defence. He's been there for four years - why do they expect now? Just because the Gundams appeared?

Mannequin is sent in charge of the troop, and she remembers Allelujah being removed from his mobile suit and never hearing of him again. She mutters with some discontent about A-LAWS being privy to this kind of information.

Nina informs Wang Liumei that A-LAWS is in place and Allelujah is still there. Wang Liumei forwards that information to CB, who holds a meeting and after much whining from Sumeragi, manages to convince her to take over as tactician again.

Louise asks her superior why they've stopped hunting down the Gundams, and he replies that "a bait has been released at ground level". Does that mean the Federation actually knowingly orchestrated the release of Allelujah's whereabouts?

Sumeragi looks at Lyle's MS-aptitude data and is suspicious at how high they are. It's dodgy how they're not using his code name =__=

The top two bars are "MS Control Aptitude" and the bottom two are "Shooting Hit Rate".

So they then go and rescue Allelujah and Marina, the specifics of which I can't be bothered going into. Lyle's performance is subpar and attributes all his hits to "flukes". He tries to cover for Katalon, whom he's informed and are also there, rescuing their members. Allelujah also has another exchange with Soma, and manages to stimulate some memories in her.

Allelujah meets Lockon on the ship and gives him the standard "GEH WTF?" treatment, which Lyle bemoans is getting tired.

It's been a great three episodes in terms of character development because of the subtle difference in the characters to who they were 4 years ago. Setsuna has gotten a lot more mature and articulate about what he believes in. Tieria is a lot more human and makes an effort to be a lot more easygoing: he even suggests repeatedly to Setsuna that he bail Marina out along with Allelujah. Allelujah is still his same sweet self XD Sumeragi has gotten a lot more hesitant, unsurprising considering the heavy loss of the last battle. Soma, too, has gotten more human - but it's also interesting to see how these characters all resume their no-nonsense selves once on the job. But the changes has brought about one good thing for the Meisters - they are working much better together now than before. "Lockon" aside.

Lyle has grown on me more this episode than last. Him using CB for Katalon's gains aren't so much "betrayal" as more a matter of pragmatism. He's first (and foremost?) a Katalon member, he's said very little about whether he agrees with CB's ideology, and I think it would be more heartless/treacherous of him to completely cut ties with Katalon at a whim.

Next episode......."Lockon" steals Feldt's first kiss~!

Marina, always the damsel in distress

Lyle is TOTALLY enjoying pissing Tieria off XDDD )
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This week settles into the old Gundam 00 pace of lots of talk for mains with just a side of action, but fortunately it's not too bad because it clears up a number of things as well as add a whole heap of other problems.

It's nice to know that they had a lot of difficulty getting the two GN Drives to synchronise on the new Gundams, instead of just plonking an extra one on and voila~ (otherwise, why didn't they try it earlier?) This was ultimately solved by Setsuna making sweet talk to his Gundam, hence the moral of the story is - talk to your computer if it crashes on you =D

Gundam 00 powers up for the first time

Saji's still holed up in the punishment room, but they've given him a free pink Haro for him to access the internet, during which he discovers that the Thrones Gundam (which killed Louise's family) is different from CB Gundam, and a gradual and inevitable change of heart begins..............

Apart from talking Lyle into Celestial Beings, Setsuna also descended upon Sumeragi, who's been enjoying her years off from war by getting herself piss-drunk at Billy's house. As soon as he stepped in the door, he greets her as "Sumeragi Li Noriega, strategist of Celestial Beings." Which leads to the biggest WTF from Billy, as Setsuna then adds, poker-faced, "Now you HAVE to come with me (since you obviously can't stay here any more)."

So Sumeragi gets dragged onto the space elevator by Setsuna, still moaning and whining that she doesn't want to go back to the battlefield, that nothing's changed for the better. She then goes WTF after meeting Lyle, who at first sighs "Gee, do I look that much like my (elder) brother?" (YES YOU DO YOU STUPID PLOT DEVICE YOU) And then corrects Setsuna and introduces himself as "Nope, I'm Lockon Stratos."

Back at the Katalon base, we find out that Lyle had given them some information about CB before he left. Will he continue to work for both organisations?...!

Wang Liumei continues to be a double agent by passing information about the CB's location to A-Laws, and at the same time of A-Laws impending attack to CB. Her motive - "Only warfare will result in change." CB gets attacked at the same time Setsuna et co is trying to get back to ship, and lots of sparkly explosions later, Setsuna now has a new sparkly functional Gundam, Sumeragi has regained some of her cool-headed strategist, and new Lockon is busy being awed by...well, everything.

So after the most glittery battle ever, everyone on CB greets the new Lockon with none other than a group "WTF?!", a reception new Lockon seems pretty happy with. Tieria, still lost around the ship, mutters to himself..."That man is not him!"

For some reason, Marina is now sitting in a dungeon too.

There's a shortened version of the opening theme this time. The ending sequence is a boring sequence of them walking..and walking..and walking. Although it's interesting to note that Tieria is walking in a grassy cemetery (like the one Lockon went to), while new Lockon is walking away from a window.

Although I'd be interested in knowing who this person hiding behind the curtains/wings/white stuff is:

I'd laugh if they're both Lockon XDDDDDDD

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I'd just like to proclaim that the Vampire Knight soundtrack is absolutely beautiful *___* Ahhh strings. Sometimes I can love them so much.

Linebarrels of Iron (ANN Info)
I have seen rave reviews of this anime, in the sense that they all raved on about how utterly pathetic this anime is. So going in with expectations lower than sea level, it turned out to be...not as bad as expected. Or maybe I just don't believe something so cringeworthily bad is taking itself seriously. Some bits made me laugh out loud (at 3am in the morning *cough*) because it was so ludicrous it had to be a joke, right?

So we begin with a wimpy main character who's about 10 times more wimpy than Kira - it's worth mentioning here that the character designer also did the designs for Gundam Seed and it's not as pretty here, but still recognisable - he's getting bullied by a bunch of guys and scoots off to buy bread for them when a mobile suit lands right on top of his head. Quite literally. The mobile suit comes complete with a beautiful naked woman, whom he escorts home to get some clothes, and then he finds out that she grants him access (by letting him grab her boobs...yes) to the MS that just landed on him, and he totally kicks ass after jumping into the MS for the first time ever.

Like...TOTALLY kicks ass. Kira Yamato would be wiping the floor. And boy does he know it. His childhood friend watches on in horror as he broadcasts his maniacal glee by cackling through the microphones in his MS.

MUAHAHAHA LOOK AT ME!! I am a hero!!! Suck on that!!

Two minutes later he's informed by the beauty next to him that, "Gee, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you, but you know, you're dead. Like, NOT ALIVE anymore."

The production is by GONZO, and the series is GONZO's usual quality until the mecca comes in, and then one cringes at the jarring combination of 3D and 2D animation. The Gundam franchise does use 3D animation but as expected, their techniques are much more mature and it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb as it does here.

The whole premise is so laughable that surely it can't be done unintentionally! It's been a while since we've seen the hero this pathetic and dislikeable in a mecca anime. I mean, yes, Shinn and Heero were annoying each in their own ways, but not absolute...oh, I don't know the word for it, but it's not pretty. It's obvious that he has an immense superhero complex as well as inferior complex, and this newly acquired power just bared everything. This show could go both ways - be atrociously bad, or be shrewdly good - and at the moment it doesn't seem to sympathise any more with this "hero" than the audience does.

Kuroshitsuji (ANN Info)
Here's one anime of the season that hasn't been a letdown =D I haven't read enough of the series to comment on the plot, but the art and music for this is gorgeous, as it is in the manga. The series is, of course, 耽美系, which means it's better appreciated for its superficial elements than its plot and depth XD

The story, as I said before, is very much like Yuki Kaori's Count Cain in setting. Set in what looks like Victorian England, Ciel Phantomhive is the young (13y.o.?) master of a wealthy aristocratic estate. His all-powerful butler is the youthful-looking Sebastien, who can do everything a human can and much more. Unsurprisingly(?), he turns out to be a demon butler, signed on to the family by a pact with Ciel.

Of course, we don't find all this out in episode one, just that Sebastien is prone to displays of superhuman dexterity, and something happened to/with Ciel's parents. Being young, Ciel becomes the target of many an adult who think they can fool him, and to these people, Ciel deals out his special kind of revenge..."the Phantomhive treatment".

Whether or not the plot can measure up to the heartwrenching polygon of love and hatred dealt out in Count Cain, the anime offers plenty of drool points, not just on the art. Ono Daisuke puts on his most gorrrgeousss 男公關(LOL) purr for Sebastian. Meanwhile Sakamoto Maaya - who did a flawless job as Host Club Haruhi - goes one pitch lower for Ciel and can rival Romi Paku in how convincingly she does a boy's voice, which once again proves the broad range she has as a voice actress. The anime also keeps much of the comical sequences of the manga, which somehow don't seem out of place in spite of the gloomy ambience of the lighting.

To enjoy this, you probably have to be into this sort of dark gothic stories, topped with angst and sprinkled with comedy. But I recommend it, because I am =D
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Yes kiddos~ (Aha...half the people on my flist are older than me...) The new anime season is upon us~ Spam~ Expect spam!

So anyway, I couldn't fall asleep last night, so I decided to watch something really shoujo-y/lovey-dovey, because that often sends me to sleep straight away. So I bring to you the first anime reviewed......

Toradora (ANN info)
If I had to give it a score out of 5, romantic anime get capped at 4, and this anime earns a solid 3.5. It's cute, it's quirky, its main characters are whacky and whacked and should have no trouble keeping your interest for at least a quarter of the series.

Our main character is Takasu Ryuuji, a boy who lives with his unreliable widowed mother and has a face that people from the mafia would pay money to buy. He looks so effortlessly mean and aggressive that at one glance from him, people bowl over themselves to hand their wallets to him before fleeing like their tails are on fire. Unfortunately, he's not interested in following his dad's footsteps into the mafia, but his mean face meant that he has only ever been able to acquire one friend, the stereotypical nice guy Kitamura.

One day, he accidentally runs into Aisaka Taiga, who has a reputation for being "a palm-sized tiger" for her tiny stature but fierce temper. Takasu finds a love letter accidentally placed in his bag, from Aisaka - addressed to his best friend Kitamura. The same night Aisaka breaks into his house and tries to kill him for being thus embarassed, but then discovers she never put a letter in the envelope. A few hours later and manipulations later, Takasu is unwittingly Aisaka's newly acquired housekeeper/slave......

There's only so much variation one can do in shoujo, and the only thing these days that can carry a story is fresh characters. Aisaka is unpredictably neurotic between clueless and ruthless that it works almost on her personality alone. The addition of Takasu's dilemma offers another source of running gags. The interaction is almost Nodame-esque, with the guy mopping up after the girl, but in this case the girl's the more violent one. The production (animation/art/design/music) is not anything breathtaking, but the comic timing is well-done.

By no means is it deep or surprising, but it is probably the best anime this season with which to sit back, sip your tea and have a good laugh.

Casshern Sins (ANN info)
One of about ten franchise animes released this season, Casshern Sins is set in the apocalyptic future where the world is inhabited by robots who no longer seem to know if humans still exist. Apocalypse/post-apocalypse futuristic stories are always interesting, not because there might be a greater source of inspiration, but because the stories are inevitably steeped by the battle between despair and hope.

The first episode reveals pitifully little. Casshern is a glowing white android, pursued by robots of all forms, some more humanoid than others. All want to kill him for various reasons - "Casshern brought about the apocalypse"; "If you kill Casshern you can live for ever"; "Casshern killed the sun by the name of the moon (Luna)". Casshern himself remembers nothing of why the robots are pursuing him, only snippets of a human girl called Luna that he supposedly killed.

This, of course, is an action film, and the movements are fluid and quick, and the soundtrack unintrusive but appropriate. The palette features lots of soft and dark hues of grey and blue, which makes Casshern's white really stand out when he fights. The colour also adds to the overall melancholic tone, which might be why there are many moments of absolute stillness and silence...that keeps fooling me into thinking my computer seized up.

There is promise in the premises, but the promise is too vague. Too much mystery is planted in the first episode and not enough clues to engage. If I had to choose only one anime out of this season to watch and made my judgement based on first episodes I would watch Gundam 00 I would not choose Casshern Sins.

Not because it was bad - far from it - but because I don't know if I could take that risk. That the plot would half measure up to the quality of its animation and the fame of its lead voice actor. Amuro Ray.
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So~ Finally~ The most awaited sequel this anime season returns! And that's not because it's good, but simply because it's a huge franchise and doesn't everyone want to know what happened to the four psychotic Meisters after their ambiguous not-deaths? =D

Episode 26 (or season 2 episode 1, whichever you prefer) jumps straight into continuing where the series had left off - which was actually 4 years after the main events of the first season. This is both a blessing and a curse, because the first five minutes consists of lots of gunfire between unrecognisable denominations and unfamiliar faces rattling off unfamiliar names and political organisations.

The good side is that this first episode has a whole lot more solid action than the first episode of the first season. Saji is helping out at a space station when his companion, let's name him RC#1 (standing for Random Cannonfodder #1), is arrested on suspicion of being a "Katalon" member - a terrorist organisation that seem to specifically target the State anti-terrorist faction "A-Laws". When Saji opens his mouth to ask "What is going on?" he gets arrested as well, leading to the first "wtf" moment of the series =D

Rest of summary/review under cut. WARNING: IMAGE SPAM )

Setsuna stares lovingly up at his new Gundam - "Gundam 00"
Now we know.

...ranting continues )

Glorious Neil Dillandy pictures. You knew it was coming =P
More spoilerish stuff ahead )
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Haha...I'm quite a loyal fan of BTPig. While they do have mistakes here and there (usually with coding more than anything else), I've never recalled a problem with their translations. Sure, I might not like the way they translate some names, but I completely dismiss names when I watch Chinese subtitles anyway. I probably do a better job of picking up the Japanese when they say it than I do trying to decipher the daunting mass of strokes that forms the transliteration.

This is why I'm often wary of fast English subs. Guaranteed fun. Probably more fun if you were a native Jap speaker. Like the now infamous subtitles of Backstroke of the West.

Unfortunately, that page didn't have this precious cap:

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering where all that talk about Graham suddenly being gay came about XDDDDDDD

What is actually said is this:

Graham: If I don't use some force, we'd never be able to woo the Gundams.
Other guy (smirks): This guy's in love.

"That's what made me fall for him."


Yup, word of advice, AVOID these subs!

Oh god, this is too good not to save.

The best so far is in the 20-40 minute mark.

Oh, dear Aragon, if you had truly introduced yourself as such in that unshakeable gravitas of yours.................

*Dies laughing*
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The freaky sadistic narcissist guy in Saiunkoku (the one who's from the Cha-province and is supposedly really like the emperor) is voiced by Koyasu Takehito (Mwu).


So we have the voice actors of three major characters in Fushigi Yuugi being cast as three major characters in Saiunkoku ==;;

Tamahome = Midorikawa Hikaru = Seiran/Jing-Lan
Chichiri = Seki Tomokazu = Ryuuki/Liu-hui (the emperor)
And now...
Hotohori = Koyasu Takehito = Senya (that weird freaky guy who keeps using fake names)

Interesting how Koyasu Takehito voiced a narcissist beautiful emperor (Hotohori) and now he's back as a narcissist beautiful head of family ==;;; Even their penchant for not bothering to tie up their hair is the same ==;

GOMEN NAAAASSSSAAAAAAAIIIIIIII NURIKO-SAMA I HAD TO chop your head off the picture. Couldn't find a good picture for Hotohori (Hotohori: What are you talking about?! I'm always beautiful! How can you not find a good picture of me?!?) In conclusion, Hotohori looks soooo much better (Hotohori: OF COURSE I DO.)

Seiran is so much better than Tamahome, probably entirely because he won't get the girl =P Both Chichiri and Ryuuki are really cute XDD At least this time he is the emperor, rather than playing dress-up.
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People who loved Host Club (when it was still funny) should definitely watch this.

The first time the hero enters into the eyes of the heroine
More... )


……看下一集我已喷饭数次 =0=

I hope it stays funny. I remember the first episode of Host Club had (misleadingly) made me laugh too.
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After watching this scene 5 times:

I finally get it ==;;;;;;;;;;;

It's all because of the misleading kanji of the last two names that made me think they were different people. Hmmph. So they're all kanji variants of Shibuimaru Takuo ==;;;;; (Okay, I haven't read the manga in ages)

It's lucky he got a guy with an easy name ==;;;;;; If he happened to get "Yagami Raito" I don't think he would ever have guessed Raito used the kanji for "moon" =P


5 Oct 2006 12:23 pm
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Screencaps! Because I got home early.....

Yes yes, I know, Andante =P

Only did a few because uploading is too much of a bother ==;;; And there's overwhelming numbers of Allen's pictures one else appears in the first episode!

Mouseover for (my uncomplimentary) captions

The opening )
The episode )
The good thing about having a bullied main character... )

Overall the anime is quite smooth. The animation, script, music and voice-acting all fit together quite well. Allen's voice sounds a little too girly, but not as bad as the worst I've heard (*cough* Yuki *cough* Hisoka *cough*). At least the awkwardness and tentativeness suits his personality.

Of course...we've only seen two important characters in this episode (Allen and Millenium Earl). Next week is the real thing~

Edit: OMG WTF was the ending with Stargazer?!?! ARRRRGHH!

Edit2: Death Note is cool. Miyano Mamoru is sooooooo much better as Raito than Tamaki, geez. He has the perfect cultured voice for the straight A student, and just enough roughness to carry off the unhinged murderousness...which I frankly can't imagine Ishida Akira (Athrun) doing. Can't wait until L appears~~ Yamaguchi Kappei~ Tanoshimi~~~ As for the anime itself...I hope they don't go the Black Cat way and ruin the whole thing with overdramatisation. The hymn-like music is pushing it a little.


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