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Completely random, but thought to look up the actual definition of this very common phrase "the seven passions and six desires" which are inherent in all ordinary humans, and which in Buddhist philosophy are all attachments to be renounced.

The seven passions
As according to Buddhist definition: 喜、怒、忧、惧、爱、憎、欲
Happiness, anger, worry, fear, love, hate, lust

As according to traditional Chinese medicine definition: 喜、怒、忧、思、悲、恐、惊
Happiness, anger, worry, anxiety, sadness, fear, surprise

The six desires
As according to Chinese philosophy: 六欲,生死耳目口鼻也
Yearning for life, (fear of) death, aural, visual, oral, nasal (stimuli)

The Buddhist definition refers to all six desires as pertaining to lust: 色欲、形貌欲、威仪姿态欲、言语声音欲、细滑欲、人想欲
Desire of sex, desire of appearance, desire of mannerism/authority, desire of words and speech, desire of touch and tactile, desire of thoughts

"The six roots" or "the six dusts"
Referring mainly to desires caused by the six "sensations": eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, mind.

Also completely randomly, started reading The Art of War in its original (incomprehensible) glory. It's actually quite an amazing text. Traditional Chinese script is amazing in how much meaning can be conveyed in a few words, even compared with modern Chinese (let alone any form of translation which requires pages of explanation to bridge the cultural barrier). Less a book about how to win a war, it's more about effective planning and management of resources, both human and non-human. It's extremely practical cynical and comes with such gems as:


Hence a commander may have five pitfalls: he fights as though he's unafraid of death - he can be killed; he fights as though he must live at all cost - he can be captured; he acts on reckless anger - he can be provoked; he lives to be righteous and clean - he can be shamed; he loves his people - he can be harassed.

The first three are understandable, but the last two are interesting. Clearly anything in excess is a danger. Being far too much of a perfectionist and being far too benevolent have their flaws when there are big things at stake.
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So I'm reading up a bit about gout and the different mechanisms by which colchicine and allopurinol treat gout (yes, yes, I know I have no more exams and it's a wonder I don't know these things but somehow managed to pass anyway).

Allopurinol is easy enough to understand, but when I got to colchicine, it said this, "At micromolar concentrations, it suppresses monosodium urate crystal-induced NACHT-LRR-PYD-containing protein-3 (NALP3) inflammasome-driven caspase-1 activation"

I think my brain died somewhere after the word "crystal".

*Goes to sleep*

BTW Japanese film festival tickets go up tomorrow. I'm gonna order early in case Gantz sells out, so lemme know, people!
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I came across an article on a Chinese website (Secretchina) that reminded me of a dream I recently had.

In 2004 a man called Hasumi caught a train at 11pm. After travelling without stop for 20 minutes, he posted on 2CH (popular anonymous forum) that normally the train would stop after 7-8 minutes, but it hadn't stopped for a while today. Some netizens suggested that he go to the driver's compartment to check, which Hasumi did but received no reply. After the train passed through a unfamiliar tunnel, it came to a stop at midnight at "Kisaragi Eki" (some translate it as "February" station).

To his bewilderment, there not only was no one in the station, it was very empty outside the station as well, and he was unable to pinpoint his location with his mobile phone. He called his family and asked them to relay his demise to the police, who unfortunately dismissed it as a prank call as "Kisaragi station" does not exist.

As the night grew deeper, Hasumi continued to chat with netizens on 2CH. At 2am he left a message that he could hear the sound of bells and taiko (Japanese drums) nearby, and he caught sight of a one-legged old man. Netizens quickly thought this was unusual and advised him to quickly follow the tunnel and find his way out of the station. After Hasumi left the tunnel he ran into someone who kind-heartedly offered him a lift.

Ignoring the warnings of his fellow netizens, Hasumi got into the stranger's car and posted the following message at 3:44am, "The driver is driving into the mountains and has remained silent the whole way. I am intending to make my escape." That was his final post.

In recent days a netizen had a similar experience and shared it on Twitter, along with pictures of the train and station. This particular person said he got on at Kanto and after Chiba he realised he was at a strange station: the time at this station was 1 hour faster than the internet time. Also, that night there was a Richter scale 5 earthquake notice for Kanto, but he did not feel it.

Fortunately this man successfully left Kisaragi station and found his way to a supermarket, after which the station disappeared from view. Afterwards he checked his ticket information and there was no record for alighting at a "Kisaragi station".

Some netizens analysed his photographs and found that the station name boards are in the style of Kansai area stations, and the particular train was unlike any train that travels close to cities.

This story could easily be a hoax (especially since it's 2ch) but I had a creepy dream just recently that I planned to write about and then thought it was too creepy LOL.

I remember there was a school with grassy hills and two friends (or a boyfriend and a girlfriend?). There wasn't any conflict in that world as far as I could tell. Later on when the boy left the school to do something (while the girl waited for him in the school), he was walking along the street when there were the sound of bells and the atmosphere sort of changed (and I might have imagined this but I remember sakura petals billowing around XD). A green train with red embellishment just rolled/floated along the street past him towards the direction of the school, unimpeded by any buildings or pedestrians or anything. None of the other people turned to look, so none of them saw the train except him. For some reason he realised that it was a train to pick up souls and only people who were related to the incident would see it. He rushed back to the school and found everyone - and there were at least 20 or so people who had stayed behind at the school for various activities - were gone. The school was entirely empty even though they were meant to be there. And he never found his girlfriend/friend either.

The only thing I was comforted by was that there was totally no one in the dream whom I could recognise >__>

PS: I apologise to everyone I owe comments, replies, emails, messages, lunches, dinners, movies, books, etc, to. I shall be more alive after Monday. GAH long case.


9 Jul 2011 12:12 am
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On a random note, the ill-fated story of Eros and Psyche was one of my favourites out of the Greek mythology. There is something really sweet about the god of love falling in love himself (and then having his mother come in and ruin everything).

The Dorothy Dunnett book I was hoping to buy at the 2nd hand book stall in our weekly fair is gone, but I did spot Victor Kelleher's Del-Del, one of the most memorably creepy books I read in high school, but not in the Goosebumps way.

It's about a family whose middle child had recently died of leukaemia. The youngest son - the sibling closest to the child - begins to behave strangely on the first anniversary of her death, and says that he is someone else, called "Del-Del".

As with most of Kelleher's books there's a big twist in the end, and I think this is probably the best twist he's done. I wasn't at all impressed with Parklands, for example.

I remember a lecturer discussing psychiatry in fiction, and though he listed an Isobelle Carmody short story as an example, this book is always the first that comes to mind for me. It was creepy not because it was surreal or supernatural, but that you never knew what was real and whether anything was real, and I think the hanging cloud of dread, of rationality falling away to something that was either alien or insane, was a terrifying thing to confront in a family member. The sense of dread never really clears by the end of the book. There's a sense that the beast had gone to roost but the portal remains open.

Woman tries to cure her PTSD with simulated rape

Without knowing more about this case, I really shouldn't comment. I hope she really had more prolonged contact with the victim and she didn't get PTSD just from the victim screaming at the rapists =___= But I don't know if it's the tone of the article or what, it sounds more like a decadent re-enactment of a rape fantasy than an attempt to adjust to an illness =___= I'm glad they added that psychiatrists really do not recommend her method.

In celebration of SPEC movie and special being announced (and Kimoto's brief return to BOSS?), I have added an Erika icon. Alright, the real reason I'm saying anything is because she looks unrecognisable as herself >__>;;;
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I know this is very belated, but just saw somewhere that "Ariadne" in Inception may or may not take her name from the daughter of Minos, who helped Theseus escape the Labyrinthe.

Yusuf, the chemist, apparently means "(Allah) increases in piety, power and influence". Hmmmmmm.

And Dominic (Cobb) of course means "of our Lord".....Hmmmmmmmm................

Now someone explain Cobb, Eames and Arthur to me XD I'm inclined to think Cobb is probably not something as simple as cobweb LOL

(Well apparently one derivation of Arthur says it means "guardian/watcher (of the Great Bear)" and I suppose he watches rather resignedly over Cobb...


20 Oct 2010 01:40 am
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Yesterday afternoon I saw a pretty tabby staring forlornly down a driveway.

As I approached, it turned its head and stared.

I slowed down, and it mewed and sidled over.

I stroked its head a few times, but it mewed loudly and kept trying to lick my hand.

After a while, I walked away gloating that I had tamed a random cat.

And then I remembered I had BBQ meat for lunch.


24 Feb 2009 01:14 am
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My laptop is still under attack by the BSOD, and every time I try to connect to the net it kicks the bucket. On the other hand, everything else still works, including the USB port (which was itself a cause of BSOD for a while), so I have been writing rather than doing work.......gah.

Two memes~

So, luna_rainbow, your LiveJournal reveals...

You are... 0% unique and 26% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy writing). When it comes to friends you are normal. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are wary of trusting strangers. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is intellectual.

Your overall weirdness is: 11

(The average level of weirdness is: 29.
You are weirder than 17% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

I object to being only 2.6% peculiar. LOL.


male malefemale female
self oneselfgroupworld world
past pastpresentfuture future

I have no idea how they work out the gender thing. Apparently "the" is a masculine keyword, while "if" is a feminine one. Doushite? Dou~~shite??

Speaking of Voice love, I went supper with family friend on Friday and saw a tea stalk floating upright in my cup. I whipped out my phone and took a photo of it like Toma did, then giggled at it like an Toma did LOL. Oh well, at least, like Ryosuke said, "when you're depressed you can have a look at it and feel good again"...tte, wakenai deshou.

And it's Kame's birthday today...ish. Well, yesterday, now. Speaking of Kame and therefore of KT, I must make an embarrassing confession - as I was watching their new PV for "One Drop" and wondering why people's faces keep failing to fit inside the frame, I suddenly came upon the sight of Akanishi making this face:

I have to point out that no, I didn't cap him in the middle of winking, but rather he dropped his eyelid into this position and kept it that way for 2 seconds.

So 5 seconds after this particular scene, where my brain tried to reprogram itself to deal with the sight, I cracked up at the screen screaming "OMG, HORNER'S SYNDROME!!!"

Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm such a nerd.
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Where does time go these days? =__= I feel like I haven't done enough of anything and yet I still don't have time to do anything...? And I know I'm on holidays!

So here's wishing everyone an enjoyable although preferably not memorable holidays season. I say preferably not memorable because 1) you don't want this to turn out to be a particularly bad one and 2) you don't want this to be the best you'll ever have. Ah logic =P

To those people who've been chasing me up on various things...yes I'm reading I haven't gotten I haven't written anything...yes I'm in the middle of drawing I haven't scanned anything...and no I haven't burned any CDs/DVDs/books/incense/houses.

I should also stop going to sleep at the crack of dawn =__=;

Takeru is reminding me of Kame ==; Just with an afro...
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One overcast dawn
Playful nature
Brush laden with viscid white
Smudged cirrus across a tin-coloured sky


Even though that made no meteorological sense whatsoever.

It was last Saturday.

Off-white wisps and tapered strokes liberally streaked on a canvas of uniformly metallic grey.

The storm, though, did not come.

Less poetically, the takoyaki at Chatswood was droooooooool. I WANT YAKISOBA *SOB*

I am, incidentally, starving.

I shall go to bed.
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Apparently the quintessence of the importance of a functioning immune system is best summarised by two Greek phrases:

gnothi seauton - know thyself
meden agan - nothing in excess

As with life, as with life =P

A while ago I saw this as someone's signature on a forum. A search up attributed it to "unknown" because it didn't appear to be written by Frank Outlaw, who was a popular creditee(?) for this clever little verse:

Watch your thoughts, for they become words
Watch your words, for they become actions
Watch your actions, for they become habits
Watch your habits, for they become character
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny

And finally...I shall finish with my favourite Hamlet-is-mad quote, quoth:

I am but mad north-northwest, when the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw.

...which elicits the best sort of "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!" (or a deadpan "so do I") one can in Shakespearean language, and proves beyond certainty that he is mad, but with method within XD

I'm so sick of studying TB. This is the fourth semester I'm studying it. RAARH.
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I'm craving pho.


How the heck did Yuy/Fay manage to read the scroll if he's been stuck in that place for.....well, by the looks of it, at least 4 years? He looked really young when he got locked up.

I guess Valeria is a country with high child literacy rates =0=|||||

...Altador Cup is so damn addictive. Argh.

I like Krawk Island. I like how our "anthem" is "Rum! Rum! More rum! Now!" rather than....something like "we're so adorable, you'll fear our fluffy pink clouds" *ahem*Faerieland*ahem.

I can't believe so many people joined it because of........Pirates of the Caribbean. Come on, that's just sad.
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This year will bring new opportunities for adventure and pioneering previously unnavigated shores. Freedom-advocator to the end, you challenge the oppression on the choice to die freely by leaping off the harbour bridge, Sydney.

Your earthiness entices others to walk over you. Beware of over-indulgence, as that may bring you closer to the bosom of Mother Earth, to whom all life returns eventually. Except where global explosion is involved.

Your conversations with your other imaginary self makes for impressive slapstick comedy but draws a dishonourable mention (and medical attention) after an attempt to poison each other with home-made curry chicken.

You capitalise on your natural emotional wangstage and ability to procure sympathy through coercion by proportionating your mope factor to each carbon dioxide molecule in the atmosphere. You sad thing, you.

Your alluring confidence is like flame to moths. You wake up lonely and frustrated because what drew them to you has burned them to cinders...leaving you to do all the vacuuming.

Your desire for perfection inspires you to journey into space to find perfect darkness, but you discover that not even black holes are perfectly black. Or perhaps it's just hard to tell from the inside.

You spend the year trying to balance things on your head and conclude twelve months later that neither the Earth nor your head is flat.

You own McDonalds and CocaCola. Soon you will succeed where so many others before have failed. Soon the world shall be yours. Yours alone. Nya! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Be spare with your hypocrisy, for if your love for the great outdoors does not kill you first by grace of a leaping marine creature, you will incite sinful thoughts of murderous intent in your associates.

You defined the word capricious, so take care not to define corny, although, worry not, for your emotional frigidity is to corny what Antarctica is to corn, just without the penguins.

In the age of technology, your communication skills find a vast range of outlets for your voice to be heard. This is an excellent year for you to embark on a mission to inspire in your listeners an appreciation for the "off" button.

Your inherent ability to hallucinate will bring you trouble, for not only is it not accepted as an explanation for the results of your procrastination, authorities are also not convinced that a) you are not on drugs and b) you do not need drugs.

luna_rainbow claims no responsibility if any of the above is realised. She will, however, have a hearty laugh. At your expense.
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In the throes of boredom, I checked up my horoscope for next year.

I take this as a very-not-subtle sign from above for me to get off my lazy ass and finish my writing:

You may want to get involved in writing, be it lyrics, poetry or just self reflection. Your idealistic nature is inspired from a strong connection to your surroundings, and you easily express yourself from a place of inner awareness. Your natural ability to communicate ideas to others is keenly perceptive now. Focus on trusting your intuition and you will get through nearly any circumstance. You need to lighten up about difficulties in life. Don't be so critical and overly concerned about details.

Yes, yes, point taken.

For [ profile] jezjezjezza, there are these wise words: Your sunny disposition will bring harmony into your life this year, resulting in an integration of all that you are becoming. (Yes Jenny, you previously existed as differentiated, separate beings.) Guard against taking on too much responsibility this year, otherwise you might end up feeling overloaded. (And spontaneously combust.)
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Yes, I'm online at 3:14am reflecting on all the places I want to visit. And I have an exam tomorrow. As in. The day after this morning.

I want to go the Great Britain. I want to go to England, and then Scotland, and then Ireland, and Wales. I want to see what it is about these places that so deeply shape their writers. Is it the serene beauty of the land that jars with their violent history? Or just the sheer sadness of centuries of petty fighting between themselves that resolved, it seems, in something that's neither independence nor equal unification?

I want to go to Brittany, and get lost in the mist.

I want to go to Scandinavia, simply because I hear so much but know so little.

I'll go to Russia, because Carmen insists =P

I want to go to Turkey, the Arab states, and discover what makes their language so beautifully poetic. ...But I hope I don't get bombed first ==;

I want to go to Nepal and live in a timber house for a day.

I want to go to Kyoto, to rediscover the spiritual past of China. I want to go to Kyushu, simply because...well, it's not Hokkaido.

I want to go to Peru and get lost in the South American forests.


I want to go to sleep.

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My list of half-remembered Shakespeare lines:

1) Over hill, over dale - Midsummer Night's Dream
2) To-morrow, to-morrow and to-morrow - Macbeth
3) Out, damned spot! - Macbeth
3) Put out the light, and then put out the light - Othello
4) Of one that loved not wisely but too well - Othello
5) And smote him, thus *dies* - Othello
6) To be or not to be, that is the question - Hamlet =P
7) I am but mad north-north-west; when the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw. - Hamlet
8) Polonius: My honourable lord, I will most humbly take my leave of you. Hamlet: You cannot, sir, take from me anything that I will more willingly part withal - except my life, except my life, except my life. - Hamlet
9) O, I die - Hamlet (this is so taken out of context...)


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