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I had to look up what kawaraban (瓦版) meant, which is the Japanese equivalent of a Roman bulletin that's published when a major announcement needs to be made or a major event has occurred.

A couple of weeks ago, Gintama anime stopped updating and went back to re-reuns to allow the manga to progress. Since then, every week at the end of the episode, one actor from the Gintama live action movie is invited to a brief interview. These clips have been pretty hard to find, so I'll post them here, and I'm going to set this post on top until the movie's release date.

Also, if this was the picture they posted of Okada Masaki playing Katsura, I would have been much happier (he looks girly, but Katsura looks girly, so it's all good LOL)

Week 1 - Oguri Shun / Gintoki: YouTube or here | BiliBiliTV
"The atmosphere during the shoot is very nice, you can feel everyone's enjoying themselves. The two of them [Shinpachi and Kagura] are always so high, I get a lot of energy from them."
[While watching themselves do the New Year's dance clip] "What the heck did I just do...I think I must have become an actor all for the sake of this..."
Suda/Shinpachi: "No you didn't."
"It's a work with quite strong contrasts. Sometimes you feel like you're going to finish on a cool note, but it suddenly turns into a joke again. I think that's the most interesting attraction."

Week 2 - Hashimoto Kanna / Kagura: BiliBiliTV
"I'm looking forward to the results. I told myself to give it my all and not do anything halfway. The most memorable part about being Kagura? After I shot the nose-picking scene, everyone started applauding. After the director called 'Cut!' everyone just clapped....I think I tried my best."

Week 3 - Nagasawa Masami / Otae: BiliBiliTV
"Tae is a girl with two facets to her personality. I don't know if anyone in real life is as extreme, but she displays a feminine charisma, with both her gentleness and her strength. I've never really done a role that needs making weird faces, but I'm glad I get to do that in Gintama."

Week 4 - Okada Masaki / Katsura: BiliBiliTV
“I’ve always been a big fan of Gintama, and it’s unbelievable that I’m actually in it, so I really must do my best.”
On acting with Oguri Shun, with whom he’s friends (they’ve appeared in HanaKimi and Space Brothers together), “This time the cast and staff are revolving around Oguri-san, and I want to become one of them to support him. At the same time I want to do my best portraying Katsura and enjoy acting together with him.”
(First person to publicly admit they like the original work, good job Masaki! Kid is such a dork on variety programs it's amazing he hasn't been eaten alive yet. Still, he's not quite the same sort of dork as Katsura, so we'll see how that pans out.)

Week 5 - Muro Tsuyoshi / Gengai: Twitter | BiliBiliTV
"When I read the script I was wondering what to do. Should I adjust my acting to reflect the real age of the character? Director Fukuda said just act as my own age. Even though we might get into strife with the fans of the original work. But this is completely not my fault. It's Director Fukuda's fault."
"The one rule that Director Fukuda and I have at heart is that we will seriously be funny. Please be assured everyone, that I will as Gengai be committed to being ridiculous."

Next week - Nakamura Kanzaburo / Gorilla Kondou Isao
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To finish off the casting round, we have the Murata siblings and the Shinsengumi.

Gintama live action 2017 - Murata Tetsuya and Murata Testuko
Click for original size

The Murata siblings )

Gintama live action 2017 - Hijikata, Kondou, Okita
Click for original size

Cut for the long-awaited Shinsengumi trio )

And that's a wrap!

I think it's a good mix of people who are reliable at acting, and a few unknowns cast in roles that won't require a huge amount of acting. Will that make it a success? Who knows. Japan has gone full steam with live adaptations of manga works in the past few years, and there's been a very small handful that's really struck gold with audiences (Rurouni Kenshin being the only one I can think of).

Just in the next few months, from the ones I've heard of, there's going to be Sangatsu no Lion, Blade of the Immortal, Full Metal Alchemist - not to mention at least another half a dozen romances coming to either the big or small screen. Generally Japan has better results with small screen adaptations of shoujo manga, but has traditionally struggled with shounen due to the scope, often the much darker themes, and the occasional leaps in suspension of belief required of the audience.

Possibly a good comparison will be the Oguri Shun-led Nobunaga Concerto, another historical fiction that has its comical and serious moments. It managed a respectable result at the box office and became the first film to squeeze Star Wars out of its top spot.

It will depend very much on the script and even at the best of times Gintama is not an easy material to convert into live action. Even just converting from manga to anime, given some of the crazy premises and the dependence on comedy, is no mean feat and speaks volumes about the professionalism of the writers and actors, and the maturity of the animation industry in Japan.

I have some carefully measured hopes, but given some recent failures in translation of popular manga onto the silver screen, I'm also carefully preparing myself for a disappointment.
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Moving onto the rest of the team today, starting with the antagonists in Kiheitai.

Gintama live action 2017 - Takasugi, Okada, Takechi, Kijima
Click for original size

Read about the Kiheitai cast )
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Late last month, the Gintama twitter team had finally finished releasing photos of the whole cast, starting with Yorozuya in December and unsurprisingly ending with the ridiculously popular Shinsengumi team. The rumour mill is fairly quiet, unlike *cough* Marvel movies. Judging by the presence of the Murata siblings though, this is going to rehash the Benizakura arc once again, which is a real shame given how far Gintama has come and the other wonderful stories ripe for retelling - but, I suppose, it's the first big serious arc of the series and a good way to introduce the characters.

Fans of the series will recall that the Shinsengumi actually play a negligible role in the Benizakura arc, which was the first proper hint at the complex love-hate/respect-disdain relationships between Gintoki, Takasugi and Katsura. One of the recently released set photos shows what looks like the Yorozuya trio hunting for crickets, which I suppose would be the quickest way to involve the Shinsengumi.

Glaring omissions from the photos so far include Sadaharu (not surprised, and the amount of money they can save by not doing CG for the mascot they can spend on other effects), Otose (it would be nice even if she had a cameo) and Yamazaki (how can you have the Shinsengumi without jimi Yamazaki?)

Before I start discussing the live action cast, I just wanted to say briefly that Gintama anime has been blessed with some amazing casting and after so long in their roles, their voices have become so much of the experience - the joys and sadness and reflective scenes the viewers live through with them every week, so the live action cast will always have that tremendous hurdle to climb over.

Gintama live action 2017 - Shinpachi, Gintoki, Kagura, Katsura, Otae, Gengai
Click for full size

Read about the main round of actors and actresses )
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I would have gone and watched this movie anyway even if all the trailers continued to be as boring unrevealing as the initial ones. But the lastest trailer just made me squeeeek the heck out XD

One day I may actually read the comics (nah).

Avengers trailer #1 (teaser)

Avengers trailer #2 (Superbowl)

* I love the song in the first trailer
* I love how the 3rd trailer balances out the action instead of being Iron Man-centric

None of Marvel's movies have been very good so far in terms of plot or, in particular, climaxes...Iron Man 2 probably the worst offender with Thor coming close in second =_=++

But their characterisation have so far been quite well-written (or well-casted). As much as I found Thor bull-headed, he was probably far more likeable than he otherwise would have been ==; The only one I didn't care much for was Captain America, but that's because he's written as a flawless hero in his own movie, so a clash with a reluctant and very flawed hero like Tony Stark would be interesting. It seems to be Thor vs Captain America and Iron Man in that forest confrontation, but judging by the character clash later on, I'm hoping it will be a three way fight instead XD

I think Tony Stark just about pissed everyone important off in the trailers XD I finally spotted the scene where Loki shoves him (unsuited) out the window of his tower (*first trailer, probably soon after the snark in the 2nd trailer).

I hope there's a good end for Loki. I like Loki. But I think I like Tom Hiddleston more because he's just so damn pleasant and positive and British LOL. I could probably say the same for all the other guys, Hemsworth and RDJ and Evans are just so funny and personable in interviews I'm looking forward to the promotional material as much as I am to the actual movie.

I still find Hawkeye and Black Widow redundant. Perhaps that's related to me finding Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson so clashingly sour in interviews >_>

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Tis the season of the trailers in the build-up to the holidays season, the Oscar season, and even the summer season 2012 >_>; Release dates are according to Eventcinemas, and trailers are linked from IMDB which I don't think you can embed =/

Contagion (Currently showing): I'm actually only putting this link here because the comments are so stupid they make me laugh and restore my faith in the depth of human stupidity. Quote: "For years conventional medicine believes that viruses cause diseases. So far there is no one single proof about the existence of viruses. It is not viruses that kill people but the couple of symptoms associated to a specific emotional-organ disruption that is most of the time healing."...amongst many more.

Puss in Boots (8 December 2011): this trailer makes me LOL non-stop. The first trailer was mediocre, but both the 2nd and 3rd were hilarious. "Show him the golden eggs---" 'NO!!!" XDDDDDDD (Calling to mind Gintama there HAHA) Dreamworks is great at doing female characters with, ahem, character, and great at intertextual humour (wow, haven't used this word since year 12), and always reliable at making feel-good movies without ramming a sentimental message down our throats...want to watch!

TinTin (Boxing Day 2011): the extended trailer looks much better than the first trailer, which looked oddly stiff and plastic. This version better portrays the dynamic movements that they're able to achieve with the 3D animation technology and actually makes me want to watch it. It also looks like they've tweaked the story quite a bit to make it faster and bigger and louder, which is fine by me, since it's a comic after all XD

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (5 January 2012): From what we can see of the trailer, basically the movie is best summarised as more fighting, more explosions and more Holmes-and-Watson-bromance. Ah well, as long as they're having fun.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (12 January 2012): I really need to read the book, but I'm not sure I can stomach something dark and twisted at the moment Orz I am bemused by the fact that Daniel Craig (and most of the other characters) keeps his British accent and yet Lisbeth speaks with a...presumably Swedish accent that she slips in and out of >_>;

Hugo (12 January 2011): I love the look of the set. It looks very magical and very Oliver Twist and it makes me want to go read the book XD I'm a bit confused about the crediting of Depp in the cast, his name was removed a while back and now it's back on so I don't know what's happening.

The Avengers (25 April 2012): The most awaited trailer of all me XDDD There is such a huge geek factor in this movie. I've never even read Marvel comics (or for that matter, DC comics). But at least now I know Batman is DC and X-men are Marvel. The things you learn....*rolls eyes*

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (no release date, currently out overseas T-T): another book adaptation for which I haven't read the source material. However, with a cast list that reads like some of the most venerable British actors of the day and a trailer that looks like more brains than brawn, it's definitely on my to-see list *__*
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What with Captain America coming up in a few days and faced with the daunting task of mountaineering the peak of box office records that is Harry Potter...

You know, I don't think Captain America ever has the trouble that Jack Sparrow has. I can't imagine anyone bellowing "Hey you scallywag, AMERICA", for a start.

Speaking of releases and such, Captain America - apart from test screenings with critics - already had a pre-release screening with an audience of American soldiers, presumably the hardest to please second to diehard Cap fans, given that Captain America was a military-based construct and the whole story sits a lot closer to the military than Iron Man does. The response has supposedly been positive, and from the critics side they're saying it's on par with Iron Man which is probably promising, especially considering how much Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are opposing poles in personality and life.

Captain America will be screening at San Diego Comic-Con tomorrow ahead of release, so it'll be interesting to see the response from the nerd corner after it safely courted the soldiers.

...I am still probably not going to watch it in theatres though, even for the 1 minute of 0.5 second flash montages that's supposed to be a preview trailer for The Avengers. Even for that 0.8 seconds of Tony Stark patronising a god (Thor), which I'm sure he's always dreamt of putting on his "Things to accomplish in life before I die of palladium poisoning" (since he's no longer dying from that I guess the list is scrapped).

And on that line of thought about Captains and superheroes, Captain Planet sort of bubbled out of my pond of nostalgia and like some creepy psychic butterfly vortex, this came up today: Captain Planet to be adapted into a movie




Anyway I don't care who they cast as the man captain himself since he's like final power-up or something and I hope they keep it that way, because most of the time it's the Planeteers that's actually interesting and relevant and proactive and significantly unique enough to set it aside from the swarm of superhero movies set to beset us in the near future.

I really hope that any Cap Planet movie will focus on the Planeteers. AND THEY BETTER CAST A MULTIRACIAL CAST. That would be a great change, with more "coloured" people in the main group than any other superhero movie.

The fact they've signed on the production team for Transformers may not be a great sign. At least at the moment Michael Bay isn't attached.
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I come, bearing horrible news (and the 3rd day of the meme).

This summer, for the first time ever, three dramas are coming to Japanese TV...

Three dramas, all about a girl crossdressing and a horde of supposed bishounen.

Three dramas that will bring ruin upon us all...well, at least upon themselves.

Three dramas that unfortunately take their roots from very popular source material.


Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (aka "HanaKimi")
Coinciding with Maeda Atsuko's (AKB48 front girl) solo debut. The original production team has been brought back to redo this drama, which simply does not make sense. The script for the series that screened, what, 4 years ago absolutely sucked, and that is one role I'm sure Oguri Shun wish he never did. That said, the stars for the original series (Maki, Shun and Toma) are still very current and famous, so remaking it almost seems like biting their thumb at these guys. Maeda's performance in Q10 was so atrocious that I can already foresee myself not being able to sit through the first episode. Besides, no one can take Toma's place, he alone made the original series watchable.

Ouran Koukou Host Club
YES, you read that clearly. YES, after years and years of fans concommittantly fantasising about and dreading this is happening. Tamaki is going to be Yamamoto Yusuke, who was the psychic guy in HanaKimi and I can't say I'm going to like him, although I can rather imagine him doing a cringeworthy representation of Tamaki's exuberant narcissism. Haruhi is not going to be Maki, thank god, but Kawaguchi Haruna, who for one thing is at least still in high school, and though she wasn't a good actress from the last two dramas I've seen with her, at least she tries to act. That said...she's not a good actress. Ugh.

You're Beautiful
People who watch Korean dramas would know what I'm talking about. YES. THAT ONE. This is going to be a Johnny's fare with two Kis-Mai-Ft 2 boys fronting the band and Yaotome Hikaru (HSJ) to round off the third, and supposedly with "cameos of real stars" (i.e. this is going to be Shounen Club). Presumably this is to coincide with KMF2's delayed CD release. I've never watched KMF2 performances but my friend assures me that they can't sing. On the other hand, while Hikaru isn't the best singer in HSJ I believe he can sing AND act (IMO he stole the show in Orthros no Inu), which might just even things out. Especially since the only thing I remember about Tamamori's appearance in Gokusen the Movie is that it is utterly immemorable, even though he was supposedly a major character. I have never heard of the girl, Takimoto Miori, but she looks kinda spunky.

So there you go...some crossdressing fun (or bad camp) to look forward to.

OMG What am I gonna do with my time for the next three months DDDDDD=

Day 3 ~ Character you'd date )
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Kimi ni Todoke with MIURA HARUMA??????????? (That's Falcon in Bloody Monday by the way)


Don't get me wrong, I'm fond of Haruma, just as I'm fond of Kame, in the sense that I like him without believing for any long periods of time that he can act.

Haruma's really cute to watch in real life but.



Haruma is too tall and looming for Kazehaya DDDDX

I'd probably have been perfectly happy if it was Takeru with nice short hair >0<

SAAAAAAAD. (Takeru is sad you called him short)

Well it's a movie, so I'm probably not going to end up watching it anyway. It will be sad to have all the waffy moments in Kimi ni Todoke cut out. That's what made it so likeable.
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Going Postal extended trailers~~~~~~~!!

Can't wait~~~~~~~~

Well, when I say I can't wait, I also realise that it's a telemovie and will most likely never be screened in Australia on a channel I can receive (can't receive ABC T____T)

I don't know if I ever had any luck finding the DVDs for Pratchett's movies =/

It looks a bit different to the book, but if Pratchett says it looks good, then it must at least agree with his general...erm, thrust of the book? O_o; The trailer's a bit too fragmented to tell what the story is about, I thought.

I'm a bit surprised at Angua threatening to make lunch out of Moist since he doesn't guess her identity until Making Money. Vetinari is a bit blonder than I imagined but at least he has the length height for it XD Reacher Gilt also isn't quite as...looming as I imagined, and there seems to be more physical violence from Adora Belle than I remembered. I don't really want to comment on Moist and Adora Belle until I've seen them properly in their roles. Although Stanley the Head of Stamps is exactly as I imagined him XDDDDDDDDD

Pratchett sounds pretty pissed off in his new post about the letters he's been getting on his progressive stance on euthanasia >_>
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I wasn't going to post about my exam so I am not going to but.



Kame in The Wallflower?????

UGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH. Kame you can't act *strangle strangle strangle* You're going to make an already annoying character.....just that much more annoying!!!!!!

The girl is the Obligatory Bitchy Girl from Mei-chan. I can't believe I recognised her just from her chin =__= She wasn't dislikeable in Mei-chan but I don't know if I can commend her ==;

Uchi and Tegoshi too...................errrrrrrrrrrgh =_________=;;;;;;;; I don't know what is worse, a Johnny's special or a D-boys special of this drama.

Kame I forsee bad ratings. BAAAAAAAAD ratings. BAAAAAAAAAAAAA- *gets kicked into space by all Kame fans*

Your bad ratings label is going to continue T______T


PS: To any Kame fans out there who might be annoyed, I'm just saying that the storyline is very much not suited for Kame. He's not a good actor nor a versatile one, and being able to make a silly and generic and uninteresting character likeable isn't one of his strengths (Eita, on the other hand...♥)

Yes...I didn't have a good impression of the manga =/ And sorry to any Tegoshi fans out there...he can't act either. And I don't think Uchi can either!
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Taking a break from the basal ganglia ==;

Very interesting lineup for next season. It looks like JE is coming out in full force, even if we discount Akanishi's Bandage and that strange JE-only drama about Room 0.

Next season's gekku will be the 2nd season of Code Blue. I still stand by my view that Yamashita and Aragaki can't act, so I'll pretty much be, once again, watching it just for Toda Erika. Besides, the plot was pretty good last season, not that I learned any emergency medicine apart from seeing my first TV drama praecordial thump...LOL.

At the same time Erika will still be in the 2nd season of Liar Game, as well as preparing for the launch of the associated movie. She's going to be one very busy girl.

Yama-chan's Hidarime Tantei Eye got the go-ahead for a series. The plot of the special REALLY SUCKED so I'm not expecting anything out of this. Yoko's really delegating himself into a niche if he keeps taking villain roles. But he's so good at them ♥

Sho's going to be in something with Maki-chan, Tokujo Kabachi!!. Something about a law firm, apparently, and my first reaction was ".....boring". And it has Maki-chan! Who has the ability to make any role insipid. I'm sorry. She's cute but she bores me to tears every time. Sho isn't such a good actor either, so it will be....interesting, for all the wrong reasons.

Edit (25/11/09): Bloody Monday season 2 ~ The Chest of Despair (Pandora's Box?) confirmed for Saturday 8pm slot next season. Should be fun! And there won't be K. I hope Satou has better looking hair this time Orz

Aside from the overwhelming JE presence, it's going to be another manga otaku season. Aside from Liar Game, other manga being adapted for next season include:
- Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge/The Wallflower: a shoujo manga about a creepy ugly girl who is actually really beautiful and cool, living with 4 beautiful guys. Unfortunately it's nowhere near as wittily sardonic as Host Club, whatever it tries to tell itself.
- Encounter: a sci-fi manga about encounters with the paranormal
- Shinsengumi Peace Maker: a shounen/fantasy manga that does another take on the Meiji Restoration period. I'm surprised about this adaptation to be honest ==;;;;
- Angel Bank: A spin-off from the popular high school manga/drama Dragon Zakura, before Gokusen stole its thunder. LOL.

There's no indication for a timeslot for The Wallflower yet, but if the recent trends of shoujo adaptations are any clue, it will probably be a late night drama. Or maybe Tuesday night after Liar Game finishes? I'm guessing it will be FujiTV since they have the rights to the anime.

It's cloudy and windy and it is STILL 39 degrees. UGH.

Ah. Just a Toda Erika picture for those who like her )
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Someone tell me if the Gintama movie thing is official or not, because this series is 信用なし in my book, even though the movie already has an official website and there was an announcement in the manga as well.

But they used the exact trailer that they used last time for a fake announcement of a fake movie =0=;;;;;; Although I did LOL at...Gintoki: "Who cares, Sunrise always just recompile old scenes for a movie, like XXXX and XXXX and XXXX" Shinpachi: "ARGH aren't they all just Gundam movies!!"

Yes.......we're still waiting for that Gundam Seed Destiny and Gundam 00 rehash movies!

I actually didn't like the Benizakura arc much, but I guess it was the first truly action-packed arc in Gintama. Personally I'd like to see the Shinsengumi Douran or the Yoshiwara Enjou (or whatever it is) arcs in movie form *__*

To commemorate the occasion, Shounen JUMP released a Gintama wallpaper and made November into a Gintama special promotion month, where you get to read 15 chapters online for free as well as look at other goodies, such as..."Under Construction 1" and "Coming soon 2" =D

I have to say...Hijikata DOES look like a high school student in the coloured pictures ==; Especially since from the side the Shinsengumi uniform looks like the typical gakuran outfit ==;;; No wonder they were petitioning to change his cigarette to a pocky stick, poor guy ==;;;; And this......

My first thought was.........Bleach?!

The anime's gotten to the character poll arc, which I never thought they'd do, but I guess they're really desperate for material by now. Looking forward to the Okita story ♥
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Found this trailer collection on tudou. Some of them are unsubbed, the rest are in Chinese subs except for Inuyasha which also has English subs. I can't believe it's been so long since I last read Inuyasha that when Kouga appeared I was all "OH YEAH KOUGA". And to think he was one of my favourite characters LOL.

Got all excited over the really gorgeous looking 2394809257th franchise about bakumatsu but turns out it's a game T-T (此人乃耽美控+半個幕末控) Figures. Anime never have such gorgeous art. But Hijikata and Okita~~~ *Cough* Who is Saitou? Orz I had him confused with Hijikata before. Kondo looks kinda like Kondo from Gintama, just...much better looking XD

I liked the look of Darker than Black. Whaaat, I'm a sucker for action/sci-fi animes. Even though I haven't seen the first season =/

The Book of Bantorra sounds least the subtitles looked more interesting than the trailer >_>;; Apparently it's set in a world where people's lives are stored as books in a library? Besides, it has Romi Paku and Ishida Akira =D =D(此人馬上就變身聲控了)

The trailer for Nyankoi was so cute...but I got all excited for nothing because I thought it only featured cats ==;

Kimi ni Todoke looked incredibly boring =___=;; It looks like they've decided to go the angsty shoujo way instead of the slapstick comedy way and it's going to be sooooooooo boooooorrrrrrriiiiinnnnnng. It doesn't help that the narration for the trailer was done in such a hypnotic voice =__=;;;;;;;
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Nodame Cantabile movie
The first part will screen 19th December, and the second in spring next year.

The official website is here but I suggest you find the new trailer on Youtube because it takes a while to load from the site ==;;;

Damn Tamaki, you still look as skinny a...psychotic murderer. Which reminds me, I still haven't watched "MW Episode 0" or whatever.

Will this be the last time we get to see Tamaki playing a cool, standoffish, mean but ultimately nice role? =(

He better not go back to playing goof-heads =____= He really sucks at them.

Wow...I really haven't kept up with anime news. Gundam Unicorn? Gundam 00 movie? Wah?

The Gundam 00 special editions are screening from late October to November. If GSD special editions were anything to go by, it's pretty much a 6 hour summary of the 50-episode story, which will be good because it will have to cut out a whole load of crap. Maybe when boiled down to its essentials, we'll actually figure out what the story is about! ....Or not.

If it still manages to be a world of WTFness I think...I think we're just going to have to say Kuroda is a genius beyond any means of human comprehension.

Kimi ni Todoke next season~ I wasn't too excited about this (I am totally not into shoujo anime although I read shoujo manga on a regular basis) until I saw that Daisuke Namikawa will be Kazehaya! Dasuke! Namikawa! (Who?) FAIIIIIIIIIIIII~~~~~!!!!!!!!! Of course =D

The final arc of Inuyasha will also be screened as anime next season. Didn't the manga end quite a while ago? =_=; Without spoiling it for anyone...let's just say it was a happy ending.

Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro in the first police drama ever for a gekku. It also has that annoying suicide chick from Love Shuffle...but anyhow. I hope Hiro makes a better job of this one than he did of the bumbling fool in Mr Brain.

Yamada Ryosuke will be in ANOTHER drama special about a detective kid. What is it with him being cast as a detective!! Although I have to admit, he does 殺氣 (killing aura) better than anyone else his age, but still ==;;;;; I managed to cry half of the way through 24Hr special with him and Ryou-chan, but I cried mostly when Ryou (the person who was supposed to be dying of brain cancer) wasn't onscreen...which I'm sure wasn't the intention =__= Kuroki Hitomi's acting is amazing T___T

We got an electronic sphygmomanometer (blood pressure metre) as a present from a relative recently, and because every time we measure our BP at clinical school, mine's always ridiculously low, I measured it to check......and yes, it's ridiculously low =___= It managed to be 95/55 once, although most of the time it's about 100/60. Normal is 120/80 (although girls tend to be slightly lower). And my systolic drops when I stand up but my diastolic doesn't change =/ Some lecturers say that a diastolic drop is indicative of postural hypotension but others say any drop of 10mmHg.....bah. I hope it's not an exam question. Bloody exam questions that don't have correct answers....GRRR.


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