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Open it up in my heart...
Open it up in my...

When alone, the night tends to be especially black
When alone, the heart tends to quietly fragment
The cold hands tremble, the hot tears fall
When alone, one wishes someone could appear

When alone, it's like falling into a ravine
When alone, it's like seeing through all of the world's lies
Time won't go faster, details won't stop replaying
When alone, one fears that someone might appear

Filthily accept my love
It's contemptible to liberally allow yourself be hurt
Dragging the wounds on a flight across the horizons
Leaving just yourself to return

Sigh a long sigh for my love
No one wishes to leave you alone
But if the world is boiled down to only the passing of seasons
Possessing too much will also become unbearable

Filthily accept my love
It's contemptible to liberally allow yourself be hurt
Dragging the wounds on a flight across the horizons
Leaving just yourself to return

Sigh a long sigh for my love
No one wishes to leave you alone
But if the world is boiled down to only a passing greeting
Possessing too much will also become unbearable

When alone, the night especially tends to turn black
When alone, the heart especially tends to crumble
When alone, even though all the emotions can't...can't...can't be escaped
When alone, you still must force yourself, to let things be


獨處的時候 夜容易特別黑
獨處的時候 心容易悄悄破碎
冷冷的手發抖 熱熱的淚墜落
獨處的時候 好想有誰能出現

獨處的時候 像跌進了深淵
獨處的時候 像拆穿全世界的謊言
時間不肯快走 細節不停穿梭
獨處的時候 好怕有誰會出現





獨處的時候 夜特別容易黑
獨處的時候 心特別容易崩潰
獨處的時候 儘管所有情緒都逃……逃……逃不開
獨處的時候 還是要勉強自己 想得開

Just a little intro - Sodagreen is a Taiwanese band whose main singer is a prolific songwriter and has a very remarkable falsetto. It took me a little while to get used to his voice, but there's no argument his songs are amazing.

My favourite album is their latest (from 2 years ago?) "Autumn: Stories". I think I read somewhere that they're going by the Vivaldi route so expect a Winter album to come soon.

Maybe because I'm an Autumn child (though technically I was born in spring...but now I have my birthday in autumn), or maybe because their music and lyrics have matured over the years. The songs in this album are appropriately filled with a sense of longing, melancholy, sadness and watching the sun dipping unstoppably below the horizon, like taking a walk through fallen leaves as the sound of wildlife retreats, like an old man (or woman) confronted by the reality of his age.

"When Alone" is not my absolute favourite song, but I think there's something universal about these lyrics.

We're living in a world that is more and more interconnected, but only electronically. We see more and more strangers, and more and more of our relationships are built through a screen. Even though we're constantly with people online, many of us are also frequently alone.

And I think, when most of us are alone, we all have these doubts, these fears, these thoughts that seems to take the world apart and strip it of warmth and truth and all good things, and I think it will speak to everyone who's thought of all these things and then forced themselves to carry on.
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Listening to Popasia while I'm working. I haven't listened to it in a while due to the amount of monopoly K-pop seems to have on it. If it's not K-pop then it's Korean bands singing in really bad Japanese...and if there's one thing I can't stand it's weird accents Orz

They used to have southeast Asia pop and now they barely even have Mandarin or even proper Japanese pop, and that rubs me the wrong way when I'm in a bad mood LOL

They now have sections where they introduce Korean bands and they introduced CN Blue, who apparently debuted first in Japan before Korea and now tops charts in both countries, which surprised me since I've never even heard of them.

Thinking exams have made me such a hermit that I hadn't even heard of a Korean group managing to top Oricon so close to their debut, I looked them up....

According to Wikipedia their highest ranking single "Re-maintenance" released this year had a peak of #12 on Oricon.

I don't know what the exact definition of "topping the charts" is, but I was fairly sure that not squeezing into the top 10 on the biggest sales chart in the country automatically gets you disqualified.

Prior to this I always thought K-pop fans exaggerating the successes of their groups was just limited to a few bad apples, but this is ridiculous. The SBS brand has always been one for credible information (at least compared to commercial stations) and now my whole impression of it is ruined =____=

It would be wrong to argue that perhaps they did top some obscure charts in Japan and that the anchor did not mean deception, because when you say "topped the charts in Japan" people would automatically assume Oricon, just as if they topped American charts you'd automatically assume Billboard or one of the bigger charts.

*Back to listening to Nishino Kana*
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銀魂 is my silver lining in a dark dark cloud ^3^ (Stop it with the really bad pun already)

I had no idea they were doing reruns under the name "Yorinuki Gintama". I MISS IT SO MUCHHHH. Write faster!!! Sorachi!!!!

Sorachi: At least I'm not taking 10 month breaks every 4 weeks, like that other series you once liked starting with Hunter and ending with Hunter.

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCHHHHHHH it made me grin from ear to ear which is just what I needed today.

La la la~
It's okay~
You are fine just the way you are~
It's okay~
It'll go well~
Don't give up!


Alright, will dig back into my books tomorrow!
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When I first saw that title I LOL'ed because I thought it referred to the absence of someone.

Incidentally, I have not seen anyone really explore what the title is meant to indicate.

A conversation happened on Thursday. It went like this:
International student from America: What are you doing over the long weekend?

Ah life. Of a med student.

Every time some news of KT comes out and I see the hornet's nest that blows up it makes me glad that I am staying so far away from the fandom.......

To be honest, I don't like this album as much as their last one, which is sad because the last one didn't sell as well as KT's previous albums even though I pretty much liked every group song and most of the solos too.

But before all the whines of "they should stop changing their style!" and "they've just become another JE group!" and "their music sucks without *insert that person in LA here*!" fly up, it's worthwhile to think about:

A) Their music has always been evolving, just as they have. We know they normally have a substantial amount of choice in their music and it's one of the few avenues in which they explore their identities as a group. As they admit quite often, their individual tastes are quite different, so it is no surprise that the styles of their songs vary quite a bit from single to single, let alone album to album.

B) The other groups have been evolving too. It is unfair to pin "they're like *insert JE group name*" simply because of one song. Just because "Going" is like NEWS' usual style or "Heart beat" is like Arashi's usual style doesn't mean they've become that other group. Besides, variation has always been one of the strong points in KT's music when compared to other JE groups.

C) This is their debut venture into Asia. The album songs have clearly been chosen with that in mind. The most obvious characteristic (which Kame also referred to in his J-net comment) is that they've chosen songs that are distinctively different styles - from the disco-pop of "Right Now", the tropical feel of "Hello", the extravagant pop-rock of "No More Pain", the joyous piano of "Faraway" and the beautiful "Promise Song" ballad, not to mention the three included singles "Love Yourself", "D-Motion" and "Going" are three distinctly different styles too. It is clearly not like their previous album choice (BtR) in which several songs sounded quite similar in style.

Instead of choosing definite crowd-pleasers, they've gone for songs that shows their range and versatility, which is a good PR choice considering their upcoming performances. Hence I don't think it's surprising that fans don't like all of the songs on the album. Personally I think I only like about 3 or 4 songs at most, and I only really love "Promise Song". In some ways it's not an album just for fans, but think of it as their introduction, their CV...a collection of what they're able to achieve rather than their most pleasing crowd favourites.

Am I the only person in the solar system who's creeped out by their PV, by the way? T-T

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7 Feb 2010 03:54 pm
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For ONCE Akanishi's solo English song is socially acceptable and people won't give you weird looks if you randomly start humming the lyrics on a crowded train. Well, they still would, but at least they won't try to get you hauled away for indecency.

Except I have no idea what it means even after reading the English lyrics. I'm not sure if it's trying to say anything, but it seems like it is, and I think a lot of people immediately associated it with the LA episode.

Well, "the motivation gets a little stronger" said it man, I'm holding you to it =__= At least cut your hair and stop looking like a goldfish ala sleeping with your eyes open during interviews. He didn't even blink when everyone admonished Kame for having his fly open in front of the camera and Koki tenderly(?) doing it up for him XDDDDDD

"Heart beat" is such an Arashi-like song, not least because the lyrics are so optimistic and sweet and joyous. I think I'm going to like it because of the lyrics ^^v I actually liked Kame's falsetto a lot more than Jin's (what's wrong with me LOL)...Jin sounded really thin during that falsetto bridge and the background music just swallowed his voice.

Yamanade 4 was once again unremarkable. It's starting to remind me a LOT of Atashinchi no Danshi, which I didn't like because in-between long moments of boredom there were flashes of goodness and I do not like waiting 45 minutes to see 3 second flashes of coolness.

Aye, back to the grind again tomorrow. I think ENT is going to be so boring after all the fun we had at ophthal. Half of me suspect we had so much fun at ophthal because we were trying to squeeze 2 weeks worth of learning out of 1 week, and there's nothing like a logbook that drives one's enthusiasm to rush things through. That said, the amount of paperwork is driving me up the wall and while the reg's are very nice about it, they obviously think it's ridiculous too. We have to get signed for every patient we see and every tutorial we go to. It's retarded. Ultimately you get out as much you're willing to put in and I think that alone is reward enough. Forcing people to have records of everything they've seen is such a mothering way of doing things and increases the work of everyone and decreases the enjoyment of everything. So much for "this is adult learning".
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I need to figure out the most ergonomical way of standing for 8 hours straight before I end up with OA of multiple joints ==;;;;;;;;;

Watched 4 cataract surgeries, sorry, cataract extraction and intraocular lens implantations, and one trabulectomy+cataract (wikipedia is amazing). I don't think I saw the iridectomy though O_o;

Pretty much stood from 9 til 4 with one 30 minute break in-between for sitting down ==; Really need to learn how to stand properly LOL I think my shoes are too tight, and it's starting to give me calf pain =0=;

Will be following the patients up tomorrow, so hopefully they all come in gushing about how they can see now, like they did on Tuesday.

These 9-5 days are making me grumpy especially because I am getting no study done =___=

I have been reminded that Kame really isn't suited to ballads...........Orz

Actually, he was not that bad with "Kizuna", as far as my measly memory serves me, so I have no idea why he sounds like he's on his dying breath in "Aishiteiru kara". I think I must be the only one not hot about that song >_>; I love the lyrics, not because inherently they're really amazing or anything, but it screams "hidden meaning" =v= I mean it's a pretty tune but I think I'd get bored of it really quickly and delete it (although that's what I thought too about "Please come back to me" and I still have it). I'm sorry but half the blame is with Kame for his monosyllabic singing. I like the tune better than the arrangement, which gets a bit intrusive sometimes, and so I keep thinking I'd actually like it more if Jin sang it, or if Kame sang it like Jin would sing it......which is to string the syllables together and stop sounding like he's got COPD Orz

Now....let's hope Jin comes up with something that isn't the same level as Love Juice. From the title "A Page" it sounds like it should be okay but better not let our guards down Orz

Wow, he cowrote the lyrics to "D-motion". No wonder the Engrish made no sense whatsoever *gets kicked to space*
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Firstly, ophthalmology is awesome. Not because that it is awesome or that its 9-5 office hour days are awesome and its $200/hr private consultations are awesome, but that the teaching is awesome. Although the other reasons are obviously good considerations for career path XD I hope I get to see a fluoroscein angiogram before I move on to ENT ♥

Secondly, I'm signing up to the hordes of fans who think that the PVs for "Love Yourself" and "D-motion" are ewwsome. I actually prefer "Love Yourself" (but I've only seen the previews for both so I might change my mind). I think my single discriminating factor is that Kame's hair doesn't look quite so fugly in "Love Yourself". I hail the Jin fan who called Jin "a fly with sunglasses on". NOW I CAN'T GET THE IMAGE OUT OF MY HEAD. I hope there's a legitimate reason for Kame not cutting his hair because he obviously thinks it's long since he ties it whenever he can =@ YOU BETTER GO CAMEO IN RYUUMADEN OR SOMETHING << you just want to see him with Fukuyama ==;

"D-motion" turned out less sugary pop than I thought, but I'm not into the whole electro-disco/Perfume type movement. But I liked the MS performance BECAUSE KAME TIED HIS HAIR UP (is it at all obvious how much my opinions of things hinge on his hair?) except it reminded me of the nosebleeding 1582 dance, especially the way he manages to sashay on the spot *facepalm* I wonder why so many people compare it to K-pop. I obviously don't listen to enough K-pop. In any case, KT has always equaled ass-shaking in my book even though it's really just Kame and Ueda. But Kame has been doing it before they debuted and I really don't think it has anything to do with K-pop =0=; The dance sequence reminded me more of some of Arashi's dances than anything else (apart from Kame's random bum shake LOL) At least they don't get off tune on "lives" any more << oi

Thirdly, Kame you still have no chemistry with girls *facepalm* Turning up the fighting between Sunako and Kyouhei was cute (and well overdue) though.

A: Hello
K: It's a bit cold but, is everyone doing gooooooooooooood (fist)(fist)(fist)
A: For a so-called "Mail Special", isn't it a bit ordinary?
K: Ordinary is the best (stars)

SUB: Baseball and soccer
Text: Kame-chan, Jin-kun, hello. A few days ago, about...about that!! I went to Johnny's Sports Day. As someone who has such bad luck with lotteries, I was very happy [TN: tickets are balloted]. The two of you, thanks for the hard work. I stood the whole time to watch, but I didn't feel tired at all~ Kame-chan was very active in baseball and Jin-kun in soccer. In fact I don't play either of them, I don't really understand so please tell me what the attractions of baseball and soccer are. Also, you must you must!! Hold another sports day next year. From kekkoukenoji

A: Yup=w=
K: I want to do it next year too(tension up)
A: It was fun I didn't play much baseball though so I wouldn't know
K: That's right=w= It was fun
A: I've always played soccer, I just like it If you ask why, I don't know Well, it's the feeling Anyway it's just fun
K: Baseball, for each and every person there's a moment to shine(stars) Everyone being gathered together...nowadays I still play grass baseball but...after a match, everyone has a common conversation topic(stars) Like "That time you should've done this~"=w=, a moment in which anyone could be on common ground with each other, it's fun Playing as a team, becoming one, it's great

SUB: Valentine's
Text: Pleased to meet you. It's out of the blue, but what do you think about Valentine's? I think I am going to give three boys chocolates this year, but I think it's best to narrow it down to one person...I think, I'm a bit bothered. Enough of that (lol), I'd like to ask about memories the two of you have of Valentine's. You must have gotten a lot of chocolates~ Even though I can't use them as an example for what usually happens, but I'd definitely definitely like to know. Please tell me. From aryamakoryama

K: Valentine's is...for, for me not something that I celebrate During high school it did happen, but since working in this job What exactly is Valentine's? I wonder
A: I don't remember much of it either
K: Such as someone to like...
A: Getting chocolate is good, not getting chocolate is also goodlightning) Don't eat much sweets anyhowlightning)
K: Once you become an adult, occasions like Valentine's stop being an essential way of being a witness to your love (hurricane) You make your own special occasions ne Well, if you receive anything it's still something to be happy about
A: Yup See you next month(tension up)

After extensive psychological profiling by me and my friend << uso desu, we have concluded that Kame is the creepy obsessive type who likes to celebrate random anniversaries like, "The first day I went karaoke with Fukuyama" and "The first day Kimura gave me a present" and "The first day I went to have ramen with Uchi" and "The first day Koki confessed to me".....(Jin: WHAT ABOUT ME?!) You? Who are you? XD

Kame really loves teams doesn't he ;__;
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The winter season of J-dramas is finally here...except none of the subs have started coming out yet. I tried watching Code Blue 2 raws and gave up after being bombarded with medical jargon in Japanese at the speed of gunfire Orz

But THANK YOU Gakki for cutting your damn lanky fringe. Except now she and Erika and even Manami in some shots look indistinguishable from each other >__>;

Erika looks so much more mature in CB2 than in Liar Game 2. Miracle of hair styling? O_o;

I have no words about Aizawa-sensei =___= I thought that curly mop was bad enough in CB, but this lanky long hair.........argh. Not only do I have to put up with Kame in dase lanky hair, I have to put up with Yamashita too =_________=;

People who are excited that CB2's first episode rated at 18.8 should be reminded that the first episode of its first season rated at 21.2/20.2 And it's a Gekku this time.

After all the drama about Kame's drama, I'm actually kind of looking forward to it after seeing the Ousama no Brunch previews. As long as I don't go and read the original manga in the next few years, it looks funny and cute and completely ridiculous. I just hope it's not like Atashinchi no Danshi, which, in spite of being funny and cute and completely ridiculous still bored me to tears =____= I blame Maki-chan.

I'm a bit undecided about the theme song, which sounds like a music salad at the moment >__>; Seems to have a bit of rock/R&B type beat/electro all in random parts. At least it doesn't sound quite as boring as D-Motion.

Not that it really matters, I never get their singles anyway, and hence I can stand aside and point my finger and laugh at the people who do collect their singles. 2 limited editions and a regular! All different! Johnny-san must be rubbing his hands and cackling in anticipation of the cash pouring in.

Hope Akanishi comes up with something better than "Love Juice" this time, or I'm going to go get the "Aishiteru kara" version just to spite him =_______= (stop wasting your money)

I wonder if the next single will include TT solos? Wish people would be patient before they start whining about unfairness...unfortunately KAT-TUN does start with KA. It doesn't necessarily mean they're concentrating on pushing those two as they did back in the pre-debut days, even if it's timed rather cleverly to coincide with their dramas/movies/solo shows.

Can't wait to see Kame on Waratte iitomo SP ♥
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A lot of groups actually turned up to the countdown O_o; I thought Kinki Kids would be missing as usual, and Arashi and Tokio would be stuck at the Red/White showdown, but they were all there, even V6 weren't out eating ramen this time XDDD As always Takki was on video link, and this year Kanjani8 as well from NEWS ended up with only five people. To think that the group debuted with 9 people...Orz

Most of the songs were so natsukashii~ T&T even sang "Sotsugyou". I LOVED that song...but man it was so long ago, back in the days the first Inuyasha series was running. Inuyasha had such popular artists.

Yamashita looks really wasted ==;;; I don't know what's wrong with him. I keep mistaking (in longshots) Shige for him because I keep thinking he should look better than that. Is he really going into Code Blue 2 like that? *Palmface*

Toma appeared~~ Toma~~♥~~ He hasn't been onstage dancing in SO long...since 4tops split up? But he's in time with everyone else...Unlike Uchi, who is FAIL LOL.

Speaking of can't-dance-ness...LOL Kame, we all know you hate Shuuji to Akira, but try not to be so obvious about it XDDD Being about 1.5 beats behind everyone else, messing up the steps so badly that the poor Hey!Say!JUMP kid right behind you got confused too and messed up....tsk tsk! And Akanishi during Macchi's song...even though you cleverly hid yourself in the middle of the crowd, your out-of-time-ness is still really obvious since the people in front of you are shorter |||Orz

MatsuJun is so nice to Jin (and Toma~) XD Jin even pulled a 撒嬌 face...haven't seen him do that in soooooooo long ==;

The groups singing each other's songs bit was variously cool or hilarious XDDDD Arashi's rendition was probably the most on-tune version of "Sukiyanen Osaka" (K8) I've heard all these years =_____= It was so cute though XD In contrast, Kanjani8 singing "One love" (Arashi) had me curled up in my seat with my hands over my head. It didn't help that they were obviously doing a comedy version...My "One Love" T_______T What have you done to it T______T

I KNEEWWWW either KT would do NEWS' song or vice versa...uggghhhhhhh. This sudden KT/NEWS buddy-buddy act is starting to piss me off. Haven't heard the original version but at least KT singing together sounds on tune (unlike K8 who can't keep on tune even singing in a's really scary actually Orz). Mr Akanishi again was...I don't know what he was doing =___= Not singing, obviously.

TOKIO singing KT's "Keep the Faith" sounds exactly as off-tune as it would if KT performed it................LOL.

年男 this year - Uchi, Massu and Kame, and poor Kokubun who is turning 36 so he wasn't put in the ranks. Aww...I would so want to see Koichi up there when he's 36 XDDD Tsuyoshi didn't shower him with flowers this year...awww...
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I'm nearly 3 days late, but at least it's here...LOL

Still have a month or so to go, but once CNY passes it'll be our year~ 2 rounds of zodiacs will have passed since the year I was, what a depressing thought.

Of course, that means Kame was on this year's Johnny's Countdown as 年男...along with Uchi~! (There are probably others, probably in NEWS, but since I don't know them......meh)

Apparently your own zodiac year is meant to be the worst year...but what? I loved year 7! It was the peak of my life! (Not really LOL)


Watching Best Artist 2009...yappa none of the Johnny's groups can sing Orz Kanjani8 made me cringe, V6 was pretty bad, NEWS was surprisingly horribly off-tune, and KAT-TUN was just as off-tune as expected Orz

Kame was surprisingly on-tune during "Seishun Amigo" (even though he missed half of the first line LOL) but once "One Drop" started he was so high it was just =0=;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Kid...settle down and stay on tune please |||||Orz

Thank you Jin for being the only one on-tune and normal, if only you'd stop looking like an African-American wannabe and at least show your pretty face to your fans =___=;;;;;;;;

青春阿米歌最後還對視說 “彰♥~ 修二♥~” 小心你回家被人吃了 =___= 這小子多少年都沒變,一心虛就變得超嗨的 ==;;;;;;; One Drop時就差沒從舞臺上蹦出去

Ayaka's live singing is so nice and ON TUNE (I'm sorry...people going off tune really creeps me out Orz) 實力歌手果然不一樣 *望天*

So Exile has 14 members now...2 singers and 12 backup dancers ||||Orz One of the guys sing better than the other in live performances, but I like the other guy's voice better...=T

Arashi sounded like they were synching for "One Love" and "Truth", because they suddenly went off-tune in "Happiness". Not that it really mattered because they sung most of it in a group and you can't usually tell with groups going off-tune, and the solo bits were carried by Ohno, who is rarely off tune =v=
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The new trailers for Yamanade doesn't look too bad. Kame's character seems completely unrelated to Kyohei so far but he looks rather cute and cool and not annoying so I'm happy =v= I'd probably be less happy if I were a manga fan but thankfully I didn't like the manga LOL

And he (occasionally) ties his hair up =__= Thank god for that. Any chance they'll cut it halfway? *Crosses fingers* Kyohei had short-ish hair. I don't understand this long lank hair business Orz

Now, for the yearly recommends~

2009 Drama recommendations
Nice cast (targeted more at the older audience), good pace, passable plot, broken up by cute funny moments and headed by a really cool female lead. That's all I need to be happy =v=
2. Ninkyou Helper
I never ended up finishing this because it's not my type of drama, but I think it's a good social commentary, and it avoids being cheesily positive as J-dramas tend to...and besides, Kuroki Meisa is HOT.
3. Voice
Not for everyone, but moving short stories about people and relationships are what the Japanese does best. Death and parting is always sad for those who are left behind, but this series says there is also hope, and it does so without forcing it down your throat.
4. Tokyo DOGS
I probably wouldn't have liked it much if it weren't about the only thing watchable this season (apart from that Jin doctor thing which I can't bring myself to watch). The plot is disorganised and there are too many loose threads, but it is at moments cute and engaging and gripping, although the switching between subplots tends to be jarring.
5. Mei-chan no shitsuji
This is extremely popular although I didn't actually like it much Orz Rihito is probably, to date, Hiro's best role, where his shortcomings in his acting skills are covered by the fact that he is only required to be self-possessed and cultured and courteous for the role. Arriving at the same time as Kuroshitsji, the two shows are responsible for the number of girls swooning over butlers serving English tea..............

2009 MUSIC PVs
These are personal favourites, not Oricon rankings, since Arashi took 4 out of the top 5, while KAT-TUN and Kanjani8 took 3 out of 6-10, making it a total of 7 Johnny's releases in the top 10 alone Orz

Not in order of preference, but in order to balance out the colours Orz These are my favourite PVs, rather than songs by themselves...

1. Juju ft Jayed - Ashita ga kuru nara
This is a song you could cry to, presumably why it was chosen for the 2839475th movie about someone young and beautiful dying of terminal disease. "If tomorrow comes, I don't want anything but you, I want you to smile, always." Besides...Eita ♥ Nana ♥
2. Exile - Futatsu no kuchibiru
Ending song to Tokyo Dogs. LOVE the chorus, no idea why. The PV is typical Exile style - visually impressive, high budget, and entirely irrelevant. (PS: this is the band that Gintama called "the 12 peopled omake" Orz)
3. GReeeeN - Setsuna
It was a toss up between this and "Ayumi", but I couldn't find the PV for it. Apparently no one knows who GReeeeN is except that they're four dentistry students O__o;;;; They do the sort of optimistic catchy J-rock that I actually like.
4. KAT-TUN - Rescue
One word: kuroi |||||||||Orz I like their new album songs better, although both "One Drop" and "Rescue" were okay. I think I liked "Rescue" because it was different to their usual style. And also when I watched the PV I was wowed by the fact that they could actually dance! Even though they started out as backup dancers! But all they do these days is just flap their limbs half-heartedly! Actually, the only one I was wowed by was Akanishi, because he's never danced properly in a group setting ==;;;;;
5. Arashi - My girl
I had to put an Arashi song since they've bagged out the top 5 Orz I didn't like their songs this year as much as last year's, and I probably liked Ohno's solo and "Ashita no kioku" better...but I like the PV for "My girl". It's so sweet. AND THEY CAN ACT. In fact, I spent more time watching than I did listening and so I don't know how good (or bad) the song sounds.
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In the spirit of controlled procrastination(?), this is the only drama I've watched this season. I've tried My Girl (Aiba) and Untouchable (Nakama Yukie, Kaname Jun, that chick from Bloody Monday) but didn't manage to make it through the first episode of either.

Tokyo Dogs has Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro, so it was always on my to-watch list, and it's helped along by the fact that it's also a police drama. So far, it's very well put together. It's not like BOSS, which was too much of a weekly procedural (even though I liked that too on its own merits), nor is it like Orthros no Inu, which was a lot of tension strung on a very flimsy and underdeveloped plot. It's a bit more like some American crime shows - Veronica Mars, for example - in that there is a "weekly mystery" but also a bigger and deeper subplot that runs as an undercurrent to the main events of the week.

At the moment, the "weekly mystery" aren't so much mysteries as a weekly mission, but somehow the time spent on it doesn't feel wasted. I guess there is some good in that because so far I've been fairly unimpressed with Japanese crime-solvers, so I'm happy for it to stay in police drama territory.

I hadn't been too hopefully with the setup going into this series. The "elite cop" coupled with the "trashy cop" has been done to death, not least in Taiwan's recent hit drama 《痞子英雄》 (Black and White). Fortunately, Tokyo Dogs brings a fresh slant onto these stereotypes. Takakura Sou might be elite but he's also a social retard, in an adorable way; Kudou Maruo may be insouciant and careless, but he's also someone whose abilities you can trust at your back. Shun is absolutely adorable in the straight-laced but out-of-his-depth role, and while Hiro isn't quite as suave as in Mei-chan no Shitsuji, he's hilarious and much less annoying than he was in Mr. Brain. The bickering, in the hands of any other actors, might seem forced and fake, but somehow these two make it work naturally.

I have bad memories of Yoshitaka Yuriko from Love Shuffle, although in real life she's so squeaky and excitable that she's the other extreme of her detached suicide role in Love Shuffle. She's sort of in the middle with Tokyo Dogs, which makes her character more natural, but I still don't like her very much ==;;; Oh well, she's much better than watching Maki ==;

The ratings for Tokyo Dogs has stayed pretty high for the last two weeks. It's finally breathing life back into the golden Gekku time slot after two consecutive disappointing Johnny's performances.

Also, Tokyo Dog's ending song by Exile is nice (Futatsu no Kuchibiru)...but ever since Gintama I haven't been able to look at Exile the same way again. A 14-personned omake =0=;;;;;;; Shitsurei dana.....
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When I first heard "Ashita ga kuru nara" I was a bit torn between two minds about it. The piano bit in the beginning is so beautiful, but once the drums came in it started sounding like a typical pop song.

I thought I'd grow tired of it over time, but it's become strangely more addictive ~~;;;

And today I finally saw the promotional video and nearly fell off my chair.



EIKURA NANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so it looks like the 239048572335th Asian drama/movie/show about someone young and beautiful and happy until they're suddenly struck with terminal disease but.



EIKURA NANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually I'm not too big on Nana-chan, although she did grow on me in Mei-chan no Shitsuji and her smile is so infectious.




Damn damn DAMN DAMN damn DAMN

I hate wasting tears on stupid shows that go out of their way to make you cry but.

Eita T^T ....Will I do it for Eita? T^T

I can't wait til he's back in Nodame because his last two dramas were just tearjerkers. Last Friends was so sickeningly depressing and Voice made me cry every episode =_______=

Damn. Now my impression of the song totally changed too ==; I thought it was a happy love song.
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On 10th April (I'm guessing the date LOL) radio...I'm guessing it's K's by K's?

Well, if we were to talk about the meaning behind the song, there's a lot to be said, but, let me make it a secret~ Actually there's no need to make it a secret. The song name should be pronounced just as "1-5-8-2". It's amazing, there are people who read it as "Ichigo pantsu" (Strawberry undies) and "Ichigo hani" (Strawberry honey) and "Jyuugo ya ni" (In the fifteenth night/On the night of the full moon). It's actually fine to just read it as the numbers "". If you search the name of the song, there's lots and lots of meaning, so I hope people have lots of fun researching this area. If you take into account the lyrics and the intro, you should be able to understand most of it...So, on this Friday night I'm spending with you, let's start by playing this song. The hotly debated song, not called "Ichigo pantsu" or "Ichigo hani" or "Jyugo ya ni", it's "1582".

Damn you Kame! Stop dragging the suspense out!

I'm still going with the Nobunaga theory cos I like it better XDDD

Damn hotel aircon...we've turned up the temperature to as high as it can go but it's still freezing.


8 Apr 2009 03:19 pm
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Edit (11/05/09): I've made a mistake with the name of the guy who killed Nobunaga...oops. Sorry guys LOL. It's now been fixed.

I'm going to Brisbane in a few hours so I'm sorry if I haven't been able to reply some of the messages/emails/comments. Hopefully I'll have access to the internet over there but I won't count on it.

So this is the last post before I get internet again, and it is a lesson in Japanese history! (Liar)

Yesterday Kame's new solo "1582" was leaked and I just want to make this post so that people can stop calling it "the perfect song for Twilight", thanks ="=

Right before the song was released, there were two conjectures:

1. 1582: the year in which Oda Nobunaga was killed in the famous "Honnouji Incident"
2. 1582: "15"=ichigo "82"=hani. i.e. Strawberry honey.

The only thing that had the second theory going was that Kame loves strawberries.

But the first theory was the most likely one because of a number of things:
1. Kame (and Jin) always named Oda Nobunaga as their favourite historical figure during the Sengoku (warring states) period.
2. Before the song was leaked, Kame said that it was strongly Japanese flavoured (liar).
3. The songs starts off with rapid tapping, which sounds like Japanese togs running. It also talks about arrows and blood and death, which would fit with the siege.

The lyrics more or less confirm it's not about strawberry honey, which means it's most likely in reference to the Honnouji saga.

But then it gets creepier from here on.......

Oda Nobunaga and his favourite page, Ranmaru )

結論是,1582是陳述性格隨便不拘小節的仁被對冤仇耿耿於懷的大親友山P刺殺,導致小龜跟著殉情。找不到倆人尸身的山P越來越神經質,遭受衆叛親離,甚至被斗真嫌棄,最後身首異處死在山溝 (錯錯錯!!)

I just want to add a few things:
In the March issue of Potato or Duet(?), Kame said that he was still choosing his solo. One has to keep in mind that the interview probably took place at least a month earlier. Jin (and Maru?) said that they were also still looking.

I want to add this because I'm a bit sick of people saying "Care" is something Jin fell back on because a new song he wrote was rejected. The interview suggests that neither Kame nor Jin had anything concrete decided. Taguchi and Ueda both said in the same interview that they had something prepared themselves. Frankly, I'd rather Jin go back to his old way of writing, rather than writing things of incredibly poor taste.


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