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In contrast to last season dreary selection, there's a host of more interesting dramas out this season, starting from CRISIS, which has screened at Cannes, and Kizoku Tantei starring half a dozen "main character level" actors. Will it save the Jdrama world from its seemingly unstoppable decline?

"CRISIS" Poster

CRISIS -- Oguri Shun, Nishijima Hidetoshi
Synopsis: A group of people with troubled pasts are assembled in a new team of anti-terrorism specialists.

Much of the drama's promotions have centered around the fact it has screened at Cannes. It stars none other than Oguri Shun in probably his last serious role before ruining his image forever in Gintama (ひどい).

CRISIS Screencaps

It also has Nishijima Hidetoshi, who has the dubious honour of being the first ossan I liked even though I think I've only seen him in Strawberry Night. Even though he has a playboyish role in that one, I somehow have it imprinted in my memory that he's a 憂鬱型帥大叔....why.

Apart from the girl, the other 2 team members are all reliable actors who play side roles regularly.

So far, the first episode was...good but disappointing. I think the expectations given it keeps pushing the "we've been to Cannes!" slogan was too high. The episode does not break out of the usual Japanese police drama mold. It drops you straight into the action to introduce the 5 main characters, then without a pause, goes onto another case. The sum is you get a vague idea of each person's specialty, a hint of their quirks, but nothing you can get your teeth into about their personalities or back stories. As far as introductions go, it's good but not as memorable as the tight, tense and occasionally quirky first episode of BOSS, which gave a much stronger impression of each of the weirdos that made up the team.

Almost every Japanese police drama these days seems to open with a (literal) bomb so I'm getting pretty immune to it. Where this first case is concerned, there was not a lot of deduction involved, nor was there much sympathy for the Victim-of-the-Week. When you take those two elements away, you need a villain with a strong presence to really rack up the tension (because to be honest, I would have totally not felt sorry if the guy died, and neither would the main character judging by his own words) but the series has decided to keep the antagonist as a nebulous force or group behind the scenes.

It was an otherwise well-written and well-produced episode, with some good action (fairly rare in J-dramas), good natural acting (except for the guest victim...seriously kiddo) and good pacing that didn't let up until the end. But in a way, as a series pilot that is supposed to draw audiences in, I feel it just scraped past because the case of the week wasn't able to give the audience any emotional connection, either to the victim or even to the main characters. Presumably there is some big conspiracy overarching all of this but the episode doesn't give enough away to really build up the suspense. If it weren't for the quality of actors and the fact I know the production team have come up with some solid works, I don't think I would continue watching.

"Reverse" Poster

Reverse -- Fujiwara Tatsuya, Toda Erika, Koike Teppei
Synopsis: Based on the eponymous novel, Fukase is an ordinary man without much luck or excitement in his life, until he meets the girl of his dreams. Just as he begins to enjoy this blossoming romance, an anonymous note arrives in his girlfriend's hands: "Fukase is a murderer". 10 years ago, Fukase had gone on a car trip with his best friend Hirose Yuki and 3 other mates. Hirose never returned and they promised between themselves to take the secrets of that night into their graves. What happened to Hirose? What are they hiding? Who is hunting them down now?

So...I don't know if anyone else does this, but I'm the kind of person who always reads the beginning, the end, before reading the middle....

So obviously, after watching the first episode, I rushed onto Google to find out "what happened to Hirose?!" "Who killed Hirose?!" "What is the meaning of Reverse?!"

I confess the answer will be much less underwhelming if you read/watch the story for what it is.

This drama was promoted as "a 11 year reunion of Death Note actors Raito and Misa-chan!" which...I didn't know that was a thing until this season (see below and the up and coming Code Blue 3). Fujiwara was first known - and probably best known to western audiences - as the protagonist of the somewhat uniquely Japanese dystopian bloodfest known as Battle Royale. Both he and Erika (and Matsuyama Kenichi who was L) have gone on to forge fulfilling careers spanning a rich library of interesting and varied characters. Koike Teppei I have not seen onscreen for so long that I didn't realise how much I miss his cute ageless face. Every time he smiles it makes me sad at knowing this heart-warming character already died. Apparently in the original story, Hirose is supposed to be a big burly bear-like man who is a sweet and gentle giant. But Koike just screams 暖男暖男 in every scene that I don't think the difference will bother fans of the original work.

Minato Kanae's novels are known for their rational but cutting expositions on the failings of humans and the innate selfishness in all of us. The tone of this particular novel is said to be much warmer than her other works, and will probably be more palatable to the audiences. Fujiwara manages to make the clumsy, ordinary and painfully submissive character into someone for whom we can have some sympathy. Definitely worth watching for anyone interested in the interplay of human selfishness.

"Boku, Unmei no Hito desu" poster

Boku, Unmei no Hito desu (I am the destined one) - Kamenashi Kazuya, Yamashita Tomohisa, Kimura Fumino
Synopsis: Masaki is a guy without much luck with girlfriends. Kogetsu is a girl without much luck with boyfriends. One day, a mysterious man appears in front of Masaki and proclaims he is God, and the reason that Masaki has been failing in his relationships is because he is destined to marry Kogetsu so that their child, 30 years later, can save the Earth from a meteor. Thus starts Masaki's arduous task of wooing Kogetsu for the future of Earth...!


So this one is touted as "a 12 year reunion between Nobuta actors Shinji and Akira!" A lot of politics and arguments came following this casting, which I won't go over here, except that Yamapi is noted down more as a special guest rather than a "secondary main character" judging by the way his name is arranged on the official cast page.

I thought it was joking about the "God" bit, but he does appear out of and disappear into thin air, so...

How do I put it, it's hard not to think about the ugly politics that runs on in Johnny's Entertainment when you see Kame and Yamapi appear together. To their credit, both Kame and Yamapi are much more mature actors compared to their Nobuta days, and the scenes where they appear together were surprisingly impressive by how much presence both of them have.

The role is fairly natural for Kame, and he's always been pretty good at these clumsy but cute characters much more than he is at extroverted or expansive characters like Yamaneko (which I'm still impressed he pulled off). Yamapi, on the other hand, is much closer to what he's like in Nobuta than his more recent 面癱 main characters. I know a lot of people call him 死魚眼 (dead fish eyes) and 面癱 (facial paralysis) and 木頭君 (Mr Wooden), and I'd agree with most of them in his usual roles. I think a lot of people say that he's more suited to the cool roles, but personally I find him much more likable in these expressive roles where he makes use of his surprising sense of comic timing. With introspective roles, he's really not able to emote a lot with his eyes, but here his eyes are twinkling and his smirks are endearing, and there's a strange sense of camaraderie in his scenes with Kame. I have a fondness for Kimura, who I think is amongst the few in her generation who puts a lot of effort into her roles and holds her characters well.

The script is light, humorous and self-aware, which is perfect for the ridiculous premise and the tone of this series. It's one of the few rare romances that actually makes me want to keep watching, at least for the laughs.
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今天久違的看了一下KT的出道曲Real Face













mayoraasei: There is no such thing as coincidence (K5T-TUN)
Even if it's just one step at a time
Don't let go of this hand
Those days we passed together
If only it could go on forever

Til that moment we fall apart
Even if torn to pieces
At that time, at that place
Exists a bond that cannot be erased


Probably still his coolest role to date (made awesomer by the fact that he snarked at Yankumi all the time without liking her romantically).

Those were the golden days. I suppose we would never know what happened, if anything happened. Or perhaps it's so deeply confined in my memory I can't remember if there were any solid evidence. Unlike another certain persons in a certain band who certainly split-but-did-not-split =_=

But the Kizuna you wrote of, I wonder if you think of it now with intense irony.

I wonder if you think of it at all.

I wonder why you never sang that song again, when you sing Seishun Amigo yearly with sardonic resignation.

Quietly thinking back on the days I spent with you
You were the one who taught me that I was not alone
When you come upon hard times I will be the first to stand by you
Don't forget, I love you

Even if, tonight
Even if I were to lose you
Don't forget
I love you

I hope these words were for someone who deserves them.


PS: I can't believe KT's new song is Lock On.

I mean, LOCK ON.


GAAAH I might accidentally buy it just because of the name ||||||||||Orz
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*throws flowers*

I don't know what magic pill it is, but keep taking it LOL


25 Oct 2011 12:47 am
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Had a super long day at hospital.

Came back home in a daze until...

18.9 WTF


News of the day woke me up for 5 seconds.

LOL kame

27 Feb 2011 01:17 am
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After freaking out very briefly over Kame's random and totally unlikely comparison of the demise of KAT-TUN to One Piece...I have come to the following conclusions:

so apparently kame is saying "akanishi was being all princessy and wanted to do things his way, but the ship named KT can't stop sailing, so we're still together regardless of this person...whose departure did not change our bonds bcos he didnt MATTER" W00T


so he was stressed out cos he was like "omg! if he left KT might split up" but one piece helped him realise that EVEN IF THAT USELESS PRINCESSY PERSON LEFT, KT WOULD STILL BE TOGETHER AND UNCHANGED AND MOVE TOWARDS THEIR DREAMS AND GOALS, faster now cos the ship's lighter in regard to losing dead weight

....I am now completely at peace =3=
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Junno is full of awesome-sauce for coming out and giving AO and fake 6nin KT fans a big hard resounding slap.

You have won my love...a bit of it anyway XDDDDDDDDD

And seriously, the fans clamouring over it (and as bloody typical of AOs, blaming Kame for everything)

Oh puh-leez, you AOs having been clamouring for him to fly solo for years, now you've finally got your wish STOP ASSOCIATING HIM WITH KT. WHY do you even pay attention to KT news anyway? You're JIN fans, he's NOT IN KT any more....just....GTFO, it's not your territory any more, thanks.
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Yamazaki Hiroyo is a Japanese reporter on entertainment news. This is apparently from his blog post...and I think he's trying to clear up some fan misunderstanding about the news and about the members' words being taken out of context.

i.e. the press conference was NOT given in context of the announcement of Akanishi quitting.

Translation under cut )
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I thought I had better make a post in English too XD

All I can say is that yesterday was a day of much gloating and well-justified delight.

When I heard the news I was out with [ profile] oncloud999, and the first thing she said to me was "Have you heard the news?"

I thought someone died, but it was, fortunately, much better news than that XDDDDD

I wonder if at some level I'm surprised by my lack of reaction to it. In fact the only thing that's making me react is other fans' reactions to the news.

What can I say...I must really have been waiting for the knife to fall since March. The ties are cut and now all parties are happy. The guy who swaggers into Japan muttering his solo is so much more fun than group concert can now chase his dream as he likes. The five guys who had to spend the last four months doggedly repeating "he has his dream, so we must do our best on our own" can now finally shake him off and concentrate on their own dreams without any reference to him or his happiness or any consideration for his existence.

And the KT fans who've had to spend the last four months trying to tell themselves that they'll have to accept him back to the group now no longer need to worry about that possibility, and the AO fans who've spent the last four months trying to pretend they liked the rest of KT can now throw off their forced pretence. ALL REJOICE~~ YAY! Except 6nin and AK fans, but seriously...this is not like they were forced to split because they have an issue with their contracts or whatever, they practically said outright, "Our dreams are different, our paths need to be different, this is the best for both parties".

Frankly I'm overjoyed that I no longer have to pretend AO fans are part of the group. I can now hate them as much as I like...not that I didn't before LOL. This is probably the best time to part it, with both parties busy with their own projects, and fans are least likely likely to kick up a storm when they're both occupied and this issue's been coming for months.

I'm just glad that the five look so happy going into this. Kame's "It ain't the first time so it's nowhere near as painful" is so sarcastic he's asking to be flamed, especially with that stony-faced "bring it on, and SCREW YOU, too" look. I love how Ueda's nodding non-stop throughout the video, and Koki murmuring to Kame in so much ease.

I love how this announcement comes just as they're talking about launching into their Asia tour, and officially launching "No More Pain" on stage. No hint of subtlety there. ME LIKE.

And can I just say...
My skin colour is yellow, and my life is gold
Yes sweetie...but so is PISS and REALLY BAD DIARRHOEA.

I have to say I love how that interviewer sounds like he's trying to talk to a precious 8-year-old with his exaggerated slow careful pronunciation. "What's the difference between the melody and the track?"

Don't pull him up for it! You know that "arrangement" or "accompaniment" is too many syllables for his Engrish!
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其實說什麽“他不出來説話就不算正式” “KAT-TUN的A永遠還是他”





像中居說的,KT不是他用來當作plan B的,不是賤女人拿來耍的



只是 大家終于不用再懸著心等待他說些什麽

又出來傷害KT其他人 打擊KT飯對他的期待

不喜歡啊 不一樣啊 不同世界不同夢想啊


















Congratulations to KaT-TUN on this auspicious day =v=

May you have a considerably less tumultuous and more fruitful journey, henceforth.

hate fans?

8 Jul 2010 03:12 pm
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It's a well-known secret that Korean fans are more fanatical than most fans of other countries. Perhaps it applies to hate fans too?

Read more... )


1 Jul 2010 05:48 pm
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Finally got around to watching the PV making of "No More Pain".

There is nothing like a live recording to bring out the exact degree of tonedeafness of the singers, hence why I like watching Music Station more than Shounen Club <-- masochist

Kame's always reliably off-tune (made worse by the fact that he usually has more solo than everyone else ==;) but Maru and Ueda have improved a lot in the last two years. Maybe Maru gets more nervous in front of the camera than Ueda does? He tends to be more shaky and tuneless on live performances, whereas Ueda's usually quite stable.

Thanks to being hammered by Japanese culture for years...there's nothing more mabushii than a guy (or a girl) concentrating hard on their work *___* So I actually like this PV making a lot, even though it doesn't have the usual amount of member interactions or of them on the actual set. I suppose most of the set is green anyway, but more than 0.8 seconds of the brick steps would have been a bonus ;__;

The last half where they're actually shooting the PV is really cute. Love how Junno kept referring to Kame's hideous eye makeup as "who punched you in the face?" And yes Kame...we all know you sashay better than you walk straight ==;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Also because it keeps popping up on arama whether I like it or not....

In Australia, we get our eggplants like this:

Now fix that image in mind as you consider anoshito's dangly bits being described with starry-eyed awe as "eggplant-shaped". My first thought was.....what STD did he get himself this time??

I have never been able to see eggplants the same way ever again *facepalm*

If you, like me, have never seen eggplants in any other shape, search up "Japanese eggplants" to make more sense of it ==;;;


30 Jun 2010 10:18 pm
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Is the name we've given to some person whose name starts with A, because it's shorter than ano$hithead.

How did you feel about your solo?
A: Very happy

More so than with KAT-TUN?
A: ....Yes.

[About paparazzi] Making stuff up as in saying you're quitting KAT-TUN?
A: Including that. As I said, not quitting. But right now it's hard to know how things will turn out in the future.

You can take your "honesty" and stuff it up your rear end, honey.

Funnily enough I didn't even get angry =_= It's grown to be more of a pity. The more he says and does stupid things like this, the more he's going to alienate any fans who aren't blindly in love with him and - wake up call - there's more of them out there than the loud A fans. In fact, the more he does this, the more he's going to turn away that subpopulation of his own fans who are also KT fans, because right now he's practically saying "choose between me or KAT-TUN".

Well, I'll choose the ones who spend some time thinking about the obligations of their jobs and then act on it, thanks.

Let's have a look at Ueda's schedule, shall we?
4 Aug - Hokkaido solo
6 Aug - Seoul with KT
7 Aug - Seoul with KT
11 Aug - Fukuoka solo
28 Aug - Taiwan with KT
29 Aug - Hiroshima solo

Mmmm.....if Ueda can fly back from Taiwan and go straight into a solo show the next day...a certain person can't even try to fit his solos in around their bloody debut?? Oh, I know America is farther from Japan than Taiwan, but he couldn't have held it off until September? Or the 3 weeks between Seoul and Taiwan in August?

Whatever, someone kick his head in, please. Maybe brain damage will correct whatever functional personality problems he's having right now.


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