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I came across an article on a Chinese website (Secretchina) that reminded me of a dream I recently had.

In 2004 a man called Hasumi caught a train at 11pm. After travelling without stop for 20 minutes, he posted on 2CH (popular anonymous forum) that normally the train would stop after 7-8 minutes, but it hadn't stopped for a while today. Some netizens suggested that he go to the driver's compartment to check, which Hasumi did but received no reply. After the train passed through a unfamiliar tunnel, it came to a stop at midnight at "Kisaragi Eki" (some translate it as "February" station).

To his bewilderment, there not only was no one in the station, it was very empty outside the station as well, and he was unable to pinpoint his location with his mobile phone. He called his family and asked them to relay his demise to the police, who unfortunately dismissed it as a prank call as "Kisaragi station" does not exist.

As the night grew deeper, Hasumi continued to chat with netizens on 2CH. At 2am he left a message that he could hear the sound of bells and taiko (Japanese drums) nearby, and he caught sight of a one-legged old man. Netizens quickly thought this was unusual and advised him to quickly follow the tunnel and find his way out of the station. After Hasumi left the tunnel he ran into someone who kind-heartedly offered him a lift.

Ignoring the warnings of his fellow netizens, Hasumi got into the stranger's car and posted the following message at 3:44am, "The driver is driving into the mountains and has remained silent the whole way. I am intending to make my escape." That was his final post.

In recent days a netizen had a similar experience and shared it on Twitter, along with pictures of the train and station. This particular person said he got on at Kanto and after Chiba he realised he was at a strange station: the time at this station was 1 hour faster than the internet time. Also, that night there was a Richter scale 5 earthquake notice for Kanto, but he did not feel it.

Fortunately this man successfully left Kisaragi station and found his way to a supermarket, after which the station disappeared from view. Afterwards he checked his ticket information and there was no record for alighting at a "Kisaragi station".

Some netizens analysed his photographs and found that the station name boards are in the style of Kansai area stations, and the particular train was unlike any train that travels close to cities.

This story could easily be a hoax (especially since it's 2ch) but I had a creepy dream just recently that I planned to write about and then thought it was too creepy LOL.

I remember there was a school with grassy hills and two friends (or a boyfriend and a girlfriend?). There wasn't any conflict in that world as far as I could tell. Later on when the boy left the school to do something (while the girl waited for him in the school), he was walking along the street when there were the sound of bells and the atmosphere sort of changed (and I might have imagined this but I remember sakura petals billowing around XD). A green train with red embellishment just rolled/floated along the street past him towards the direction of the school, unimpeded by any buildings or pedestrians or anything. None of the other people turned to look, so none of them saw the train except him. For some reason he realised that it was a train to pick up souls and only people who were related to the incident would see it. He rushed back to the school and found everyone - and there were at least 20 or so people who had stayed behind at the school for various activities - were gone. The school was entirely empty even though they were meant to be there. And he never found his girlfriend/friend either.

The only thing I was comforted by was that there was totally no one in the dream whom I could recognise >__>

PS: I apologise to everyone I owe comments, replies, emails, messages, lunches, dinners, movies, books, etc, to. I shall be more alive after Monday. GAH long case.
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Aside from the sheer enormity of the disaster that struck Japan and the continuing aftermath, it's so moving reading tweets from Japanese celebrities many of whom continually give updates and information for their followers.

Utada Hikaru is amazing (or her PR team is...but I'd like to think it's her). She's pretty much been posting nonstop in Japanese and also in English about where to access information and help as well as offering condolences and updates on the situation, presumably for the millions stranded in subways or far from their homes without access to news.

But this retweet (by her) nearly made me sniffle:
@utadahikaru この呼びかけを広めて下さいm(__)m⇒『皆さんにお願いです。今現在 命の危険が差し迫っている方が消防、救急へかける電話が最優先です。各地で電話を使ってしまうと回線が混合います。安否確認できたら電話は控えて下さい。今 電話が繋がれば救える命があるんです』

Roughly translates: @utadahikaru please spread this call m(__)m --> "Please everyone. Right now the most vital phone calls are those going through to emergency services due to life-threatening situations. A lot of phonelines are getting clogged up around the country. After you've checked the safety of your loved ones please resist using your phone. Right now, there are lives that hang on whether contact can be made by phone."

It's sweet, and so thoughtful, and so logical in such crazy circumstances.

I hope Fukushima's nuclear plant turns out okay. Rising radiation levels does not sound promising...

Also, this is so true:

(Hope no one minds me hotlinking)
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Japan begins its first trial by jury, which reminds me I've never managed to finish Majo Saiban ==;; Oh well, not finishing stuff is pretty typical of me XDDD

I went with [ profile] jkylk to some stew/hotpot (not steamboat) place in Hurstville for lunch yesterday. The flavour's really nice, but they don't give you any vegetables, and I don't like being a carnivore =__=;;;;; I also managed to pick four hairs out of the rice and the waitress explained it was "oh, that's from the beef, don't worry", at which I was tempted to ask, "Then can I run a PCR analysis on them?" but she wouldn't have known what PCR was. I'm craving ramen, as usual =/ I swear...when I first ate ramen I didn't like it, but it grows on you. Too bad Menya chashu looks so mangled and yuck now.

Going Postal now has an incomplete cast list!!! I've never seen anything of Richard Coyle's stuff, but at least his face could pass as immemorable, although I don't think this is usually a compliment ==; I wonder if Vimes appears. Probably not =( I can't believe how high Angua is on the list though. In the book she only appeared as a werewolf Orz

Orthros no Inu is so cool. The story isn't actually getting anywhere, but I swear...this is probably the first time in many years that I'm watching a drama just for the guys.

Takki好帥~~~好幾年沒看他的戲了,都忘了他有多帥。記得LotR剛出來時還覺得Orlando Bloom跟他長得有點像。其實Takki的戲我好像只看過Antique ==;;;; 本來説想看Strawberry on Shortcake最後也沒看成。真的很多年沒看到Takki了~~好懷念好懷念♥ 當時KT還只是一幫沒出道的小鬼在後面給Takki伴舞啊~ Takki的演技怎樣我不太清楚,但是他的氣質真得很厲害♥ 一直覺得Takki雖然歌唱的不好、長的不一定很帥、演技不是最出色、人品不是很好,但他真的很有領導天賦,而且他真的是很耀眼。不像某木頭君=__=++

小亮也很帥~~說實在的我對他的期望本來不大==;;; 他是……演本色的時候最厲害 ==;;;;; 《流星》里他好可愛好自然,但是Last Friends里那個木然的表情可以跟山下木頭君比上下了 ==;;;;; Orthros的角色不算難演,不過性格是跟小亮差很多啦,當初還擔心他能不能演好那麽柔弱的角色呢 XDDD

小光好厲害~ 支持小光出演594(會有麽)。自金八以後小光好像就沒有上過電視劇,要説這是他第一次作爲“大人”出現在屏幕上……真的,自然得讓人吃驚。不像多數J家出來的孩子,演戲還不忘了耍帥,時不時還擺一下Pose……整個很做作的模樣 Orz 小光好像不是想把這個角色“演帥”,而是“演好”。J家孩子畢竟走舞臺走多了,走路的樣子都很……耀 Orz 但小光感覺很自然,很“普通”,是因爲他在舞臺上也不怎麽喜歡炫耀?不太清楚 ==;;; 不過畢業後初次出演竟然演反派……好大膽,公司好大膽(拇指),早就看膩了只演正派的J家人了 ==;;;;
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I've actually downloaded Futatsu no Spica, the horrid Koishite Akuma as well as Ninkyo Helper, but I've only watched the last one ==;

Koishite Akuma seems like a Japanese version of Twilight, except made 10 times worse by the fact that there's also a teacher/student hence adult/underage romance in there, even if you say the vampire is blah blah blah old, the actor is still bloody fifteen and omg he looks like a Martian.

Anyway. It'll get its own rant in time, if I ever bring myself to watch it.

Ninkyo Helper
I wasn't too keen when I first heard about it because it seemed like a publicity stunt to get Kusanagi Tsuyoshi back on his feet after that extremely embarrassing drunken incident back in April. I also have to say, his face really does not do it for's like his features are intended for a face 2 sizes bigger. But surprisingly, after a while, one gets used to his face.

The synopsis also didn't sound that appealing - a bunch of yakuza bosses are forced to work in an aged care facility. It sounded like a rehash of My Boss, My Hero but with old people instead of young...

Surprisingly, it was quite different. Less humorous, for one thing. The main character also isn't instantly likable. Unlike Nagase's pea-brained yakuza boss in My Boss, My Hero, Kusanagi's character is a disillusioned, selfish bastard who had set up a scam ring targeting old people who live alone, telling them that their beloved children were in trouble/arrested/etc. He has no sympathy or patience for the demented elderly, and considers people who put themselves in a position to be used then deserve what happen to them. Obviously it's set up so that he becomes reformed and there's also some angsty past hidden there somewhere.

But the thing that struck me most about this drama apart from HOW HOT KUROKI MEISA IS is that we're finally getting a thoughtful drama dealing with one of the biggest problems in the developed world - the ageing population. Even more so than Australia, Japan faces the problem of a rapidly shifting age imbalance, and in 20 years or so aged care will be one of the most significant drains on the national economy. In western countries it's less of a problem since parents tend not to live with their children, but in Asian communities where traditionally families remained together for most of their lives, the growing numbers of working families pushing their elderly out into nursing homes is having a devastating effect on the emotional well-being of these people.

Geriatricians will tell you that there is the difference is very small between the people on either extremes of life - both the elderly and the children are dependent, needful, your care often involves communicating with both the patient and their carer, they are frail and prone to many diseases...etc. However, society and the media tend to have a lot of sympathy for children who are unwell or in other ways unfortunate, but we forget our elderly. We give them meager pensions and we put them in nursing homes until they disappear from society. We prosecute parents who allow their children to die of neglect, but we say nothing to the children who allow their parents to die of neglect.

But it's not a change of law that matters, but a change in social values. I think this drama brings to light an important and very pertinent issue, not just for Japanese society but for many developed countries today with a baby boomers population ready to head into their retirement years in the next two decades.

And Kuroki Meisa is HOT. And Yabu is so tanned =_____=||||||| And Mukai Osamu has such a small role T__T And if Naka Riisa didn't look so chubby she'd actually be kinda cute ==;;;


4 May 2009 12:39 am
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According to the Oricon website, Imawano Kiyoshiro died early morning on 2nd May.

I know all of you are thinking "Who?" He was in Nobuta wo Produce as the eccentric bookshop keeper who only allowed beautiful people in to his shop.

I have no idea what がん性リンパ管症 means, though it's obviously something to do with the lymph system ==;;;;;; Lymphoma, possibly?

He was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer in 2006 (which was not that long after Nobuta!!!) which subsequently spread to his gut.

This is the second Nobuta cast member to die recently - Fukaura Kanako (Shuuji's mum) died in August last year of cancer.


8 Apr 2009 03:19 pm
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Edit (11/05/09): I've made a mistake with the name of the guy who killed Nobunaga...oops. Sorry guys LOL. It's now been fixed.

I'm going to Brisbane in a few hours so I'm sorry if I haven't been able to reply some of the messages/emails/comments. Hopefully I'll have access to the internet over there but I won't count on it.

So this is the last post before I get internet again, and it is a lesson in Japanese history! (Liar)

Yesterday Kame's new solo "1582" was leaked and I just want to make this post so that people can stop calling it "the perfect song for Twilight", thanks ="=

Right before the song was released, there were two conjectures:

1. 1582: the year in which Oda Nobunaga was killed in the famous "Honnouji Incident"
2. 1582: "15"=ichigo "82"=hani. i.e. Strawberry honey.

The only thing that had the second theory going was that Kame loves strawberries.

But the first theory was the most likely one because of a number of things:
1. Kame (and Jin) always named Oda Nobunaga as their favourite historical figure during the Sengoku (warring states) period.
2. Before the song was leaked, Kame said that it was strongly Japanese flavoured (liar).
3. The songs starts off with rapid tapping, which sounds like Japanese togs running. It also talks about arrows and blood and death, which would fit with the siege.

The lyrics more or less confirm it's not about strawberry honey, which means it's most likely in reference to the Honnouji saga.

But then it gets creepier from here on.......

Oda Nobunaga and his favourite page, Ranmaru )

結論是,1582是陳述性格隨便不拘小節的仁被對冤仇耿耿於懷的大親友山P刺殺,導致小龜跟著殉情。找不到倆人尸身的山P越來越神經質,遭受衆叛親離,甚至被斗真嫌棄,最後身首異處死在山溝 (錯錯錯!!)

I just want to add a few things:
In the March issue of Potato or Duet(?), Kame said that he was still choosing his solo. One has to keep in mind that the interview probably took place at least a month earlier. Jin (and Maru?) said that they were also still looking.

I want to add this because I'm a bit sick of people saying "Care" is something Jin fell back on because a new song he wrote was rejected. The interview suggests that neither Kame nor Jin had anything concrete decided. Taguchi and Ueda both said in the same interview that they had something prepared themselves. Frankly, I'd rather Jin go back to his old way of writing, rather than writing things of incredibly poor taste.
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The dress is pretty, although that giant headdress is a bit terrifying, especially if you're a bird. I think it's white flowers (lilies apparently), but they make her head look like it is being devoured by a feathered creature ~~;

She's married - if my Japanese didn't fail me - to a guy twice her age (44), the creator of Hypermedia (what?). Like...why, on both sides =__=;;;

Since I've never watched 1 Litre of Tears, the only times I've come across Sawajiri Erika is all the bad press about her attitude.

Is she like the Lindsay Lohan of Japan or something? 1 Litre of Tears was like the height of her career and ever since then she's been putting on that snobby face for the media instead of actually doing anything to show that she has the right to be up herself. Including that infamous "betsu ni" incident. [ profile] e_dimension can manage a better translation than me, but basically she said three lines:

MC: On the subject of your soon to be released movie, please say something to the audience.
Sawajiri: Thank you everyone for being here today.
MC: Which particular scene did you think was particularly memorable?
Sawajiri: None at all.
MC: There isn't? Ah...there isn't. So all of them were quite memorable? Or not? Umm...
Sawajiri: *Completely ignores MC*
(Don't really understand this bit)
MC: How did you think of the baking of the cookie? (Referring to rumour)
Sawajiri: Whatever.
The MC then tries to encourage Sawajiri to say a bit more, and she turns and gives her the bitchiest look ever.

And I really shouldn't say this since I haven't watched 1 Litre of Tears, but I'm sure any number of actresses could have pulled that role off. Even - yes even though I hate them - Aragaki and Masami.
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Sometimes I profess to being a Johnny's Juniors fan. At least I know what "Johnny's Juniors" means, and can name about 10 groups under Johnny's Entertainment. I'm generally rather partial to Jdrama that stars JE artists, although that's a given element of partial. I'm fond of Arashi, I like some people in Hey! Say! JUMP and KAT-TUN (I also can't stand some of them, but anyway), I occasionally enjoy watching Kinki Kids and listening to their songs (incidentally, their new song "Yakusoku" is really pretty), like 80% of the Japanese population I think Kimura Takuya is a great actor if rather up himself, I like Ikuta Toma though most of all I like him going back to being best buddies with Yamashita Tomohisa.

But I don't generally follow up on their news except the little bits I come across in non-fan-directed sites, so I've never heard of the term "Yarakashi" until today.

There's no translation of "Yarakashi" in either English or Chinese, and from my understanding it's a breed of fans that's absolutely nutters - they stalk their idols, invade their personal space, camp outside their house, amongst other things.

The most recent "skirmish", if that, involves a "Yarakashi" fanclub of Hey! Say! JUMP (hereafter HSJ) who calls themselves "Heisei Maiden Army" (like, wtf?). Its members take the last names of the HSJ members - Yamada Erika, Chinen Mei, Yabu Iku, Takaki Shihomi, etc. At their head is an absolutely crazy bitch nutso who calls herself "Nakajima Mare". She is absolutely obsessive about Nakajima Yuuto - a quick scan through some Japanese fansites suggest that she stalks him, disrupts his schooling, bothers his family. Yuto's little brother is terrified of her.

Recently, in the PV making video for HSJ's new song "Mayonaka no Shadow Boy", Chinen Yuri makes a passing comment that Nakajima Mare interpreted as "The most despicable person is Yuto". Before I go any further, let's just point out that to any other HSJ or Yuto or Chinen fan, it's extremely obvious that this was a joke, because Yuto and Chinen have always been very good friends.

But Nakajima Mare, the crazy nutso she is, started really hating Chinen for the comment. She and her cronies gatecrashed the filming site for Chinen and Yuto's drama "Scrap Teacher", and while Chinen was trying to memorise his script, they screamed:
"That's disgusting! Stop pretending to be a girl! It's so disgusting!"
"Stop talking, your voice is so girly! Who's the despicable one? You're the one being hated! Can you quit JUMP?"

They then went to the HSJ concert at Osaka and screamed at him from the audience, "Girly" "Apologise to Nakajima-kun" "Get out of JUMP" "You're the most despicable one".

Now, it's not the first time that "fans" have stooped so low. In 2006 a bunch of "Yarakashi" fans brought placards of "Kamenashi die!" to a concert and screamed at Kame while he was MC-ing to shut his mouth. There's also reports of fans who camp outside Akanishi's house and steal his phone bills, then call his number incessantly. It's also no secret (to fans) that some of the older JE's are really harsh with fans like these and there's been rumours of encounters that resulted in verbal or physical assault.

But I think the major difference is the average age of these HSJ kids is about 16. Chinen, Yuto and Yamada just turned 15, and their youngest member Morimoto is only 14. They still go to school, they still live with their families, many of them have siblings, and they all have friends outside the entertainment world. It's crazy enough to be growing up living two lives simultaneously without having your showbiz life forcefully shove itself into your normal life.

Nakajima Mare is known to sleep outside Yuto's house. "Yamada Erika" also camps outside Yamada Ryosuke's house. Supposedly "Yamada Erika" claims that she forced a kiss on Yamada Ryosuke. Yamada Ryosuke's younger sister - who is not in the entertainment industry - has had her picture leaked.

Earlier, HSJ had already released a statement asking fans to get out of their private lives - especially fans who had gone so far as to install hidden cameras in Yamada Ryosuke's house. But recently they were forced to further and had made a video criticising the behaviour of some fans.

* I translated the first plea (from Chinese) since haven't (been bothered) found any English versions. It can be read at the end of the post.
* The video transcript, kindly translated, can be found here.
* The same person also made a concert report highlighting the same issues.

It's really sad. These kids are trying so hard to do well at their job, and their families obviously love and support them, but how does one feel when you see your own job getting the people around you into trouble, inconvenience, and sometimes even danger?

Thanks to Nakajima Mare, rumours about HSJ disbanding are flying everywhere. While I don't care about HSJ as a group (since I only like about 4 of them), they get along really well (unlike, ahem, KAT-TUN ==;) and it's unfair to both the HSJ members who've worked so hard and the properly behaved fans.

I know some fans are unhappy that a few groups were split to form HSJ, but that's nothing compared to the controversy caused by NEWS' debut. They now get along so well. Just leave them alone =__=

HSJ plea Transcript )
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Recently, the two authors of Death Note drew in their effort together once more - but Bakuman is no intellectual thriller. Instead, it's a much more realistic story of two high school kids trying to realise their dreams of becoming a mangaka.

Even in the first few chapters, Bakuman emphasised the importance of a good editor-mangaka rapport that will ensure both parties are happy - the publishing company have something to print, and the mangaka gets to write stories and get paid for it.

Judging by Bakuman's fond tone of Shounen Jump, this is either a big marketing ploy to attract more new stars, or Obata and Ooba have had very good luck with editors.

The manga world is rife with unhappy relationships between editors and mangaka. Even someone like me, who doesn't really follow mangaka news, can count a number of cases - mangaka being forced to drag out a story past its use-date (e.g. Togashi Yoshihiro with Yuu Yuu Hakusho); mangaka told to axe series because it wasn't popular enough (Shiina Ayumi with Penguin Brothers); and most recently, mangaka being told that all her works would be pulled from shelves if she leaves the publishing house.

For a long time, I had always been a bit iffy about Sho-Comi's serialisations - it had many artists whose art I liked: Watase Yuu, Ikeyamada Go, Oda Aya, Minami Kanan - and yes, even Shinjo Mayu and Aoki Kotomi, when they're not trying so hard to do sexy.

But apart from Watase Yuu, all of these artists had something in common that really irked me - their stuff were smutty. Not only smutty, there seemed to always be a continual inexplicable need for the main characters to undress spontaneously. And not only that, all the girls seem to fall for the most...oh, bondage-wielding guy?

If it weren't for that, I might actually read their stuff.

It's always amazed me that Shinjo Mayu drew the same format over and over again, the same tall, long-legged male who's got a libido that can power a truck, when she herself said a few years back that she actually prefers drawing younger, more innocent characters.

It seems at least now we know why. Billwang forums has a more complete translation of her decision to leave Sho-Comi.

She claims that the editors were intent on directing her stories, even when she wanted to move away from erotica. She produced 120 pages of manga per month, often surviving on no more than 3 hours sleep each night, and felt under-appreciated for all the effort she's put in, when the chief editor dismissed her request to change her style with an uncaring, "Fine, we'll transfer you to another magazine." When she finally decided to leave, she was threatened with having all her works pulled from the shelves. Shocked, she asked, "Is this a threat?" and the response was, "The one who's threatening anything is you."

She argues a good case. The creative cooperation disintegrates when the editor uses the mangaka as a drawing machine for the same trite plotlines that sells without amusing.

She points out that Shogakukan's biggest fault is its lack of respect for the mangaka, the lack of acknowledgement that it's a relationship built on both giving and taking. Yes, the company does give mangaka a job, but the mangaka also gives the company something to publish.

I hope Shinjo-sensei finds a good publisher and let us see what she's really capable of, rather than those carbon-copy soft porn she's been producing over the last decade.

I wonder if Watase Yuu leaving Sho-Comi stems from the same reason? Granted, she's probably popular enough that she's warranted her erratic publishing schedule, but even Watase's given to random bouts of needless fanservice (vis Zettai Kareshi), and her propensity to write silly love stories when she herself claims that she much prefers action to romance.
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Le what? ==;;;;;;;;;;;;

A news article from Sports Houchi announces L'Arc En Ciel's new song "Daybreak's Bell", on sale in October, will be the first theme song for Gundam 00.

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Contrary to popular consensus (was that a tautology?) L'Arc-en-ciel's songs have always been either "ugh" or "meh" for me. No! Don't bombard me with comments to the contrary! I know I'm contrary! XP

Then again, I didn't like T.M. Revolution until Gundam Seed, probably due to that Rurouni Kenshin song.

The choice isn't really a surprise though. I've always associated L'Arc-en-ciel with an image similar to TMR, though more versatile.

Though I'm not usually interested in mecca, the sleeker look of these early models definitely looks better than Strike Freedom and Destiny's chunky apocalypse-causing armoury =__=;; I hope they upgrade slowly. If we get another Freedom, we're all going to head screen. Damn overpowered plot devices suits.

At least the grunt suits are different enough from each other for someone mecca-insensitive like moiself to tell apart. They remind me of the FMP villain suit, for some reason.

I had to laugh at this sentence in Sun-Herald's Travel section, in an article about shopping in Osaka...
...hordes of beautiful boys with plucked eyebrows who hold deluxe shopping bags over their 'dos when it starts to rain in between the covered arcades.

With their moisturised skin, fitted suits and discreet make-up, the boys' careful androgyny is another blow to the egos of the dishevelled traveller.


That's Japan, yep.
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Remember a long time ago when I briefly mentioned The Horror called "Koutetsu Sangokushi"? Which is an adaptation of the story of the three kingdoms that's approximately as respectful as, say, Gintama is of Meiji era Japan, except it takes itself seriously *shudders*

I was going to post these pics up earlier, because I went on a mad capping spree when I realised how BUTCHERED the characters were...

And then my brain bled too much from the thought to post them up.

Well, you can now suffer with me. )

In other news...The Gundam00 website is now open, even though most of the pages are empty. I want to know who the cast are!!! ;__; (100 points if it has Miyano Mamoru!! *Snickers*)

But for now, here's a pretty screencappie of a TV promo(?)

I still can't get over the fact that the person who did the character designs wrote Loveless Orz

At least the characters look less......candy-like *cough*Hirai Hisashi*cough*person who did Gundam SEED*cough*

I mean...if they all participate in Leukaemia Foundation's the World's Greatest'd still be able to tell them apart afterwards. Unlike GS characters.

Am putting a pause in my string of "Nyaaa" avatars XD This one features Mikan and Hotaru from Gakuen Alice, one of the best Oobeshimi/Shikami combos in shoujo anime XDDD

So this is 般若...I always thought it was some weird Taiwanese translation ==; Hannya Kyouya senpai...LOL!! The other masks are interesting, too bad I know next to nothing about Japanese theatre.
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Crimes against sushi

I suspect nationalism might be at work here, but hey. I'm not even a big fan of sushi (thanks to overdosing on crap ones in high school).

I love how the guy in this article totally dumbed down the disease process by being so vague that it's almost correct XDDD

Haha.....confirm the presence of botulism XDDD

Although proving that the botulism was from the nachos would be pretty hard, considering that the food poisoning is from toxins and not the bacteria, which means you can't actually test the bacteria (because there won't actually be any in the patient) to check that it's the same strain. The bacteria is also a common enough environmental (more like faecal, but anyhoo) microbe...

On the other hand, botulism is one of those diseases that are a headache for the canned food industry. The bacteria thrives in anaerobic conditions, and also produces highly resistant even if you've gotten rid of all the live bacteria by "sterialising" it, the spores can still divide into live bacteria after you've canned the meat. Which leads to the whole "you must sterialise meat broth by boiling it enough times so that the number of viable spores approaches zero".......all very mathematical, you see ==;;;;;;
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Read up a little bit on Wikipedia on the Meiji Restoration.

It's a period of history that the Japanese remember well (i.e. almost as done-to-death as The Tales of Genji). The role of the samurai probably holds the same sort of breathless fantasy that knights and their code of chivalry hold in western literature. And the best remembered ones lead the highly romantic lives of a classical tragic hero.

Okita Souji is probably one of the most bishounen-fied amongst popular fiction. A brilliant swordsman, a young man who laughed often but spoke little, kind to children, and died, tragically, at the age of barely 25 from tuberculosis. It also helped that dying from tuberculosis (or consumption) has its inherent tragic beauty in that one spends a lot of time coughing blood and fainting dramatically. (Although apparently, his face was described as "flat-fish-like", whatever that might be.)

And then there was Taira no Atsumori almost 700 years before Okita's time, who played his flute before battle and carried it with him as he fought. He was supposedly only 16 when he was killed in battle by Kumagai Naozane, who regretted it so much that he became a monk. ...It also helped that Atsumori was purportedly very beautiful and now has a flower named after him...

But the Meiji restoration (1860s) really was a messy time, not just in Japan but also in other parts of Asia. It was when traditions and ethnic pride clashed violently with the need to adapt and survive. A lot of idealistic youths died for what they believed was the right way. Even now, even retrospectively, it is impossible for us to point at any one side and say "they were the righteous ones". Japan's decision to open up was almost directly responsible for its later domination and the terrible crimes its army committed in Asia during the second world war, and its own tragic defeat and economic slump following that. On the other hand, China had tried to close its doors, only to have invading nations jam it open again and again, until the disheartened and battered empire crumbled meekly into nearly a century of ensuing instability.

All that said, there must be some kind of perverse pleasure in watching Gintama tear the historically well-loved images of Okita, Hijikata, Kondou and Katsura to shreds. ...And it helps that Okita and Katsura, on opposing sides, are done by Suzumura (Shinn) and Ishida (Athrun). LOL.
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I bet there's something mortifying about being a guy and leafing through a random manga before realising, after 10 long minutes, that one is standing in an aisle clearly labelled ボーイスラブ and the only other occupants of said aisle are schoolgirls, clearly tittering, though probably not quite out loud.

If you had no idea what the katakana said, you wouldn't want to know.
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