5 Jul 2011 11:10 pm
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You know that horrible feeling you get where you're perpetually stepping forward but contrary to logic the world around you isn't moving and you're just plunkering on in the same spot and you're getting exhausted but when you stop you realise you're still at the same place?

...Or maybe like Sisyphus but instead the summit is still a distant sparkle and you can't stop lest the boulder starts rolling backwards and crush you on its descent. Or something like that.

Anyway, aside from the boulder of impending doom looming constantly like an ominous and vaguely stalkerish storm cloud, I've actually really enjoyed my med terms, which is a vast improvement on last year. Vascular surgery was always so long but there were quite a few interesting cases I had only heard theoretically about but never watched, like open carotid endarterectomy and AAA stenting and varicose veins stripping (really creepy the first time LOL)

Infectious diseases is also really interesting. I've always loved microbiology, and ID is turning out to be a remarkably diverse learning experience. The range of conditions and the complexity of the patients are amazing, and I think I also like the aspect of meeting with very challenging cases but being able to focus on just one aspect of their overall health and manage it. It's probably one of the few medical specialties that focus on getting patients better or cured in a short space of time (unless you're talking about recurrent or chronic infections, then you're in for the long haul). I'm also picking up a lot of antibiotic names, and I can finally differentiate (some) fluroquinolones from (some) aminoglycosides, for example >_>;

A month ago while I was making cake I accidentally caught my finger in a drawer. I was so busy doing the C & E of the R.I.C.E. in order to stop the blood from dripping all over my hand that before I knew what happened my aunt slapped a slob of fresh ash (from burned paper) on the wound. Apparently there is a theory in Chinese medicine - "blood stops when it meets black".

It worked a treat: as I mentioned before the blood was oozing bad enough to trail down my hand, but after the ash went on, even after several hours there was only a small spot of blood on the bandaid I put over it. But then I completely freaked out when, after washing the finger, I realised the ash was not coming off and was completely adherent to the wound ||||||||Orz

Another time I might have taken my aunt's word that it would come off in time, but I had the misfortunate experience of accidentally pricking myself with a pacer 20 years ago and to this day the (graphite) lead that broke off under my skin is still there as an off-colour "mole". It didn't help that no amount of scrubbing or soap would make the pitch black patch even budge. And that the black patch covered half the surface area of all the visible skin between my D.I.P. joint and my nail Orz

Anyway, to cut the long woeful tale short, the whole thing eventually vanished one day, just before the wound itself actually scarred over. Nevertheless, not an experiment I wish repeated unless on a much less visible area ==; It was surprisingly effective actually, because with the ash covering the wound was completely dry, but if I picked the ash off then it would immediately start oozing.

We had a meeting of The Big Bosses today. It's one of those sessions when you realise, in a pinch, who really makes an effort to understand the students whose interests they supposedly foster and represent. My fondness for a number of supervisors has just increased that much more *___* Thank you for acknolwedging people have - and have the right to have - lives and livelihoods outside med.
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It's heartening to read stories like these, considering we have so many diseases in which there is no magic pill.

I wonder if they've found what its side effects are (cardinal rule of medication: there are no such thing as no side effects). It would be nice if it had even less complications than insulin.
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What is it with oncology and the unsheathing of claws of EBM (evidence-based medicine) obsessive nuts.

I'm listening to a lecture discussion about the use of psychotherapy/counselling for patients with metastatic breast cancer and I REALLY WANT TO STRANGLE THE GUY WHO KEEPS WASTING EVERYONE'S TIME by asking really pointless questions like, "Has anyone looked into the detrimental effects of this?"

I don't even know how to be sarcastic about it =________=

I don't know where all the vitriolic comments come from, either from this guy about how counselling was shown to improve quality of life of patients although not survival, or from the guy last week who kept clashing with the lecturer over the benefits of acupuncture on pain in terminal illnesses.

As someone said very insightfully..."Even if it's just a massive placebo effect, if it makes them feel better, WHO CARES. If you ram into them that it's not going to work and as a result you make them lose that placebo effect, then you've done more harm than good."

Especially since these patients are going to die whichever way you put it, it's human nature to cling onto anything that might give you hope. Neither of these methods is claiming to be able to treat cancer...if it makes them happier during their time left...seriously... If a patient came to me with terminal cancer and said they want to try acupuncture, I'd be all "go ahead...just keep taking your meds". You tell them you don't expect it to cure them, but if they feel happy about it, don't chain them down with your stacks of journal publications saying they don't work.

Besides, I think there's something fundamentally flawed about the idea of testing acupuncture and most aspects of Chinese medicine by western scientific EBM methods, but that's another rant that involves more research than I can be bothered with.
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We're currently doing the reproductive system so all our lectures are about sex and parts of the anatomy involved in sex, which means...I can't play my lectures on full volume.......||||Orz

The legal hocus pocus with non-"natural" children is very...hocussy pocussy. In short you can get anything as long as you're rolling in cash and willing to fork it out. And there's a 10 year waiting list for adoption, and they apparently won't accept anyone over a certain age (at the time of adoption) so if you want to adopt you have to start applying in your 20s. If you're a homosexual couple after a child then you'll have to navigate through such a brain-bleeding maze of laws (most likely of multiple countries, depending on what pathway you want your child by) that I'm amazed by anyone who puts in the effort.

Apparently 1 in 30 kids nowadays is IVF, so that's one in every classroom. Fancy that! In NSW you do not need to have a legal father registered on your child's birth certificate. The woman who physically bears the child is automatically the legal mother, which means another round of legal hocussing pocussing to get that maternal right transferred if they were only a surrogate.

Now I just have to figure out which useless bit of information I'll need to remember for the exam.

The point of me posting today was meant to be...I finally finished colouring the Vivant picture. Click the piccie below see/read more =0=;

Umm...yeah...I don't want to touch another picture for 2 months =0=
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Nodame Cantabile movie
The first part will screen 19th December, and the second in spring next year.

The official website is here but I suggest you find the new trailer on Youtube because it takes a while to load from the site ==;;;

Damn Tamaki, you still look as skinny as...as a...psychotic murderer. Which reminds me, I still haven't watched "MW Episode 0" or whatever.

Will this be the last time we get to see Tamaki playing a cool, standoffish, mean but ultimately nice role? =(

He better not go back to playing goof-heads =____= He really sucks at them.

Wow...I really haven't kept up with anime news. Gundam Unicorn? Gundam 00 movie? Wah?

The Gundam 00 special editions are screening from late October to November. If GSD special editions were anything to go by, it's pretty much a 6 hour summary of the 50-episode story, which will be good because it will have to cut out a whole load of crap. Maybe when boiled down to its essentials, we'll actually figure out what the story is about! ....Or not.

If it still manages to be a world of WTFness I think...I think we're just going to have to say Kuroda is a genius beyond any means of human comprehension.

Kimi ni Todoke next season~ I wasn't too excited about this (I am totally not into shoujo anime although I read shoujo manga on a regular basis) until I saw that Daisuke Namikawa will be Kazehaya! Dasuke! Namikawa! (Who?) FAIIIIIIIIIIIII~~~~~!!!!!!!!! Of course =D

The final arc of Inuyasha will also be screened as anime next season. Didn't the manga end quite a while ago? =_=; Without spoiling it for anyone...let's just say it was a happy ending.

Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro in the first police drama ever for a gekku. It also has that annoying suicide chick from Love Shuffle...but anyhow. I hope Hiro makes a better job of this one than he did of the bumbling fool in Mr Brain.

Yamada Ryosuke will be in ANOTHER drama special about a detective kid. What is it with him being cast as a detective!! Although I have to admit, he does 殺氣 (killing aura) better than anyone else his age, but still ==;;;;; I managed to cry half of the way through 24Hr special with him and Ryou-chan, but I cried mostly when Ryou (the person who was supposed to be dying of brain cancer) wasn't onscreen...which I'm sure wasn't the intention =__= Kuroki Hitomi's acting is amazing T___T

We got an electronic sphygmomanometer (blood pressure metre) as a present from a relative recently, and because every time we measure our BP at clinical school, mine's always ridiculously low, I measured it to check......and yes, it's ridiculously low =___= It managed to be 95/55 once, although most of the time it's about 100/60. Normal is 120/80 (although girls tend to be slightly lower). And my systolic drops when I stand up but my diastolic doesn't change =/ Some lecturers say that a diastolic drop is indicative of postural hypotension but others say any drop of 10mmHg.....bah. I hope it's not an exam question. Bloody exam questions that don't have correct answers....GRRR.
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After a conversation with someone whose identity shall be unmentioned lest I embarrass them......

If you, that is any of you who are reading this, ever feel sufficiently ill, SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION. If you feel uncertain about going to the emergency department, go to your GP or a medical centre.

Being sufficiently ill includes but is not limited to:

1. Bleeding from any orifice except during menstruation.
Blood is meant to stay on the inside of the body - the body goes to great length to ensure that, so if it ever appears on the outside, there's something wrong. Apart from periods in girls, the only few "normal" bleeding occurrences I can think of at the moment are from the nose, gums and haemorrhoids, but even within those if you're bleeding more than usual or more than expected, you should talk to a medical professional. DON'T WAIT A FEW DAYS BEFORE YOU SEEK HELP. Haemorrhoids should be just spots of blood on the toilet tissue, by the way. Any more than that when you go to the loo is wrong.

2. If you ever faint and wake up confused and disoriented.
In fact, you should seek medical attention if you have any fainting spell because I think it's technically illegal for you to drive within 6 months of a loss of consciousness, but I'm not sure about the exact law of that. Some people faint without any underlying malignant cause (the so-called "vasovagal syncope" where people swoon from something that freaked them out), but in these cases you should wake up and immediately know where you are and what happened. Any confusion often indicates a malignant cause, whether it's a mild heart attack (can also come without confusion) or a seizure. Seizures don't have to occur with jerking muscle movements, so don't let that distract you. And yes, young people can get heart attacks as well! Usually it's because they were born with the problem...and you can not find out until you're in your teens or twenties!

3. If your temperature rises above 39 degrees Celsius.
You really should be seeing a doctor long before then, but I know especially if you're young, you think it will go away in time (and it usually does). But if the temperature is that high, you're going to be losing a lot of fluid, and you might need some outside help to fight the infection or else your body will cook itself. If you ever get a fever with neck stiffness and photophobia (shy of light), you should immediately seek medical help because it can be meningitis, which is always a medical emergency and tends to kill a lot more young people.

4. Unplanned and significant (more than 10%) changes to your weight within a time shorter than 6 months.
Weight loss is usually the one that people worry about most because it means your body needs so much energy doing something that it's actually breaking itself down to make the energy. Sudden and significant weight loss in older people could mean cancer, but that's not to say it doesn't happen in young people - bone cancers, brain cancers and various leukaemias/lymphomas can occur in the young. Apart from cancers it can also be a slow infection, as well as other chronic diseases. Waking up at night with your sheets literally soaked in sweat is often another sign of cancer (usually blood cancers) or chronic infection. Weight gain is something people might be too embarrassed to talk to doctors about, but there are diseases that cause abrupt weight gain.

If you're losing fluid through any means - blood, sweat (fever), diarrhoea, urine - the first and simplest thing you can do for yourself is to replace it. That means not to drink water, but to drink water WITH SALT. The salt is the important bit.
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I've spent the last two days fantasising about making roast lamb *____* I need to find someone (preferably close by) who will promise to help me eat it when/if I make it because my dad refuses to eat lamb (as well as beef, goat, turkey, duck, and anything with "western" spices, even basil). He also refuses to eat anything too cold or too spicy or too hard to chew or too much of an effort to eat. So after 20-odd years in his company both my mum and I have finally come to realise that he's the pickiest eater of us all ||||||Orz

I want to try making honey mustard chicken as well...considering every time I bake chicken wings my dad doesn't eat it anyway (it falls under the "too much effort" category") I might as well not cater to his tastes. Although the chicken I made last weekend all disappeared somehow ==; I think I ate too much...the aroma of roasted meat and roasted soy sauce made me hungry the whole night even though I ate a lot Orz

I really want to try more baking recipes =(

But first I need a proper baking dish =___= The juices from the last baking attempt fizzed all over the side of the shallow pizza plate I was using and I spent an hour scrubbing the oven and it's still not clean ||||Orz

I watched a renal (kidney) biopsy last Thursday and felt faint afterwards. I am not a fainting person although some people are naturally, and I can count on three fingers how many times I've felt faint in my life. And by feeling faint I don't mean just feeling queasy or a bit light-headed, but my vision was going black...and anyway, I felt better after 30 seconds of squatting down, so that was that. I maintain it was because that biopsy room was so small and stuffy and not designed to fit 10 people =__=;

What is it with criminals in Japanese shows who carry or keep incriminating evidence of them committing horrible crimes just so that it could be conveniently retrieved at a later time to incriminate them =____=

8am start tomorrow. Sigh.


16 Mar 2009 05:36 pm
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Last Thursday we watched an interesting 17-minute video on various types of seizures. It was probably filmed at a specialist clinic of some sort, where they had about twenty to thirty epileptic kids playing sport (probably to bring on the seizures). Every now and then one of them would have a seizure, and it's almost kind of humbling to see how underwhelmed the others are, just giving the person a few reassuring pats until they come out of their seizures.

I think the form of seizure most familiar to everyone is one called "tonic clonic seizures", where the person is usually unconscious and their limbs jerk uncontrollably.

In reality, there's a wide range of seizures, some of them practically unnoticeable and others more obvious.

The physical ones are probably the most obvious: sometimes it can manifest as a face twitch, or a limb that jerks randomly for a period of time. There are also more generalised seizures, the "tonic seizure" where the entire body tenses up and the person drops to the ground in a dead faint, or the "atonic seizures" where all the muscles suddenly lose power and the person drops to the ground. As one can imagine, this is quite dangerous for an epileptic who might seize up in the middle of a road - or, more often, land on their head as they drop.

The ones that are easiest to miss are focal seizures, where only a small part of the brain is affected. This can show up as twitches in certain parts of the body, but it can also be more insidious and so easily missed. Sometimes it can manifest as a sudden mood change, a sudden display of anxiety and paranoia and repetitive reassuring movements (like rubbing arms or hand-wringing).

The one that everyone agreed can be easily missed is the "absent" (French pronunciation) seizures, where all that appears is the person zones out for a few seconds. Unlike the rest of us who frequently zone out in lectures (LOL), they are practically unconscious for that few seconds, although their don't actually drop to the ground and pass out. After the event they have no recollection of what happens during that time. So it often happens to be the quiet kid you see in class who stares absently out the window...whose seizures might go undiagnosed for years.
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So anyhow, yesterday we had a go at spirometry, which is the exotic way of saying "measuring how much air and other things you can pack into your lungs". Well, that's "measuring how much air" and "measuring other things", not..."how much air and other things you can pack into your lungs".

So yeah, my lung capacity was approximately normal when I did the same thing on a cheaper machine 3 years ago. Now it's like...10% over normal. And apparently Asians are meant to have smaller lung capacity (for the same height and age) than the Caucasian values.

So either playing the clarinet (which I started after then) increased my lung capacity or I'm just better at using those accessory muscles now XD (Or the machines could be badly calibrated...ah, experimental errors)

I also discovered that I instinctively glottal stop and take a new breath towards the end of exhalation...maybe because the clarinet squeaks too often and I often try to catch a breath before it does? XD

I don't see how you're supposed to keep exhaling for 6 seconds when you get at least 80% of your vital capacity (the max volume of air you can breathe out) out in the first second and the flow rate decreases in a linear fashion =/ I need Jenny the maths whiz to help!

Maybe if I took up the trumpet (or, for the sake of it, the sousaphone XD) my lung capacity would increase by 20%? =D

In other news, I brought an unopened packet of wafers to my tutorial on Tuesday, and I turn away for 5 minutes and there was only one wafer left =/

Our group's getting better and better at the game. Today we finished a 3 hour tute in one and a half hours, even with a lot of unrelated tangents and jokes =0=;

Anyhow, our course, like all health/medical science-related courses, continues to propagate smoking-hate. I reckon you have to be living in some sort of prehistoric hole to not know about the risks of smoking by now, so if you still haven't given up you either 1) can't, or 2) won't, and realistically there's probably not all that much you can do for either of those patients.

SMOKING KILLS. Slowly and painfully and in a thousand ways. And your doctor will give you evil looks =D

PS: For those who can read Chinese, this is a cute health article XD
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So my winter "holidays" were over before one could say "how's your holiday going?"

It's well and truly into the winter months as today we hailed the coldest day of the year, which was also the only day in this semester that I'm scheduled for an 8am class at Concord. Argh. Left the house before the sun had risen in the east. Got up before the birds had unfrozen themselves and started chirping. Surely must be against some rule of nature to get up before the birds do.

This week we start our "respiratory block", and my body celebrates by contracting an upper respiratory tract infection (also known as a cold =P) Was too headachy to get out of bed yesterday so decided to miss the tute, and was slammed with a demand to get a GP certificate, so after crawling home half-dead in the middle of the day today (and as a consequence missed another tute), had to drag self out of bed 2 hours later to get back down to see the GP. It's the first time I've ever bothered been forced to go to the GP for a cold ==; After confirming my expressed lack of desire to take any medication in spite of a loud gasp of surprise at my inflamed nasal mucosa, he prescribed me "lots of sleep" and "lots of fluid", which I have already been self-administering =D Had an inner LOL at his sudden alarm when I asked him to fill out special consideration, which subsided quickly when I reassured him that no, I didn't have an exam, it was just for a tute.

Seriously, I can't believe my course requires special consideration just for missing ONE TUTE. Good grief.

I shall upload more pictures tomorrow, when I shall feel better.

I've also been reading Mushishi whilst stuck in my bedroom. I see a lot of what would pass as critics in the anime/manga world rave about this. It's quite similar to xxxHolic but broader in scope and less didatic.

Each chapter is a standalone story linked by the presence of a Mushi-shi called Ginko, who is probably the main character, but it's hard to tell. I mean, practically every story in xxxHolic is linked by the presence of Yuuko, but she's not the main character. "Mushi-shi" is pretty much what an onmyouji is in CLAMP world I guess. They are able to see beings that are more primordial than even microbes, and those beings are "mushi", but in fact they're pretty much standard Japanese shinto-type spirits/demons/supernatural creatures. "Mushi-shi" is then someone who is an expert in dealing with these beings, the bridge between the mortal and the spiritual world.

I haven't found it to be an absolute masterpiece as reviews seem to suggest, but there's a sense of gentle pleasure at reading it. Each story is quite imaginative and different, there are good mushi and bad mushi, and there can be good outcomes or bad outcomes. There are people who use the mushi for their own ends, and there are vice versa, and then there are those who merely coexist in harmony. Unlike xxxHolic, it doesn't carry strong moral messages, so each story reads like a plain observation recount, a story and simply that.

Due to its structure and possibly to its publication schedule, one major failing is the lack of well-defined and well-developed characters. Ginko, our main character, often plays second fiddle to the people involved with the mushi in each story. Much like Yuuko, he maintains a strong sense of enigma about his origins and motives. All we know is that he is a wanderer, and he must keep wandering, for if he stays in one place too long, the mushi will gather around him and stir up trouble. Also due to its episodic format, it recycles its character designs heavily, and while it doesn't cause any narrative problems, it does seem to suggest a limitation on the part of the artist. I mean, even though xxxHolic was episodic, each "case of the week" character looked sufficiently different from the previous one.

The manga pictures themselves, unlike xxxHolic's flagrant use of oriental artistic motifs, are full of pictures of nature, vast expanses of empty skies and untouched mountains and open oceans and untamed forests. There's a sense that human characters are dwarfed by the nature that envelopes them, and by the creatures that are closer to nature than any other - the mushi. As a result, though the stories themselves might be happy or sad, the general emotion of the manga is one of light melancholy, particularly as not much emphasis is placed on emotional development either.

It's not a manga for everyone, and I don't think it's an easy manga to get into, but somehow it keeps one reading.
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"Don't blame skinny stars for anorexia".

.....Well, I find the argument logically flawed.

Former anorexics also showed a greater tendency to pay attention to detail and were overly concerned about making mistakes.

Adolescent concern with body image was almost always a passing phase, he said.

Okaaaay, so he's basically saying that the evidence showed that anorexia is associated with people who are perfectionists and in adolescence this manifests as an obsession with body image.

In other words, he's saying anorexics are people who want to be "correct" in the way they look.

Who do you think perpetrates the idea that "being overly skinny is the correct body image"???

....Let's see......could it be those photoshopped and malnutritioned waifs that inhabit the glossy pages of magazines??

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Am currently embittered that my sleep-in day has been ruthlessly snatched from me because plumber needs to come in and look at blocked drain.

*Weeps melodramatically*

Damn. It's also my "save money on lunch" day.

Guess I'll have to have lunch at uni, where the food sucks.

Am firmly convinced of my intolerance for opioids (that includes caffeine and morphine, for you people who can't be bothered wiki-ing).

Other side effects of caffeine overuse include: dizziness, tachycardia, blurred vision, drowsiness, dry mouth, flushed dry skin, diuresis, loss of appetite, nausea and stomachaches.

Yeah......And I only use caffeine about once a week.

Anxiety levels shot through the roof today and got all jumpy and nervous for no reason. Heart rate went up to nearly 90...which is still normal range, but my normal heartrate's usually around 70!!

Theobromine (12%): Dilates blood vessels and increases urine volume.

AHA!!!! I KNEW I wasn't imagining the side effects of drinking caffeinated, uh, drinks and needing to go more often!!!! (There's also a longer paragraph describing the activation of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, which I'm sure no one wants to read about.)

Apparently caffeine also stimulates stomach acid secretion. I'm not sure what that means (doesn't that make you more hungry?) but I always lose my appetite after drinking caffeine.

It's not that I don't get hungry. It's the additive sickening effect of being hungry and not wanting to eat at the same time.

One day I'll get up early enough to watch Naruto on TV.


Hey, at least then I can say "I've watched one episode of Naruto."

.....................Why would I want to say that? =/
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When the Howard Government came to power in 1996 it axed the $350 million Commonwealth Dental Scheme, and it has since blamed the dental crisis on state governments. It says it contributes to dentistry through the private health insurance rebate.

The NSW president of the Australian Dental Association, Tony Burges, said waiting lists for children were getting longer as dental health worsened in young people. This in turn was putting added pressure on the system.

Dr Burges said 200,000 people in NSW were waiting for public dental treatment. Although he did not have a breakdown of ages, he suspected an increasing number were children.

Children's dental health had worsened over the past decade because of diet, especially sugary fruit drinks that parents give to children as "healthy" replacements for fizzy drinks.

Another reason to not vote for Howard ARRGH.

But another major problem lies with parents. STOP GIVING YOUR KIDS JUNK FOOD.

My aunt (and my parents) is a major offender at this. Whenever my little cousin comes over, they never say no to him getting soft drinks, big slabs of fatty meat, chips, junk food, ice cream......the lot. He's OBESE. I mean it, at age 6 he looks like a 12 year old. I tell them to stop giving him stuff that's high in salt, fat and sugar, and for 5 seconds they listen, but once he starts whining they get impatient and just give him what he wants.

It's no longer good enough to be out here in Australia and saying, "Oh, Asians never get fat." WE DO, it's just in the last 50 years, most families couldn't afford obesity. In China the diet is not only mostly low fat and people didn't have that much to live off, the hygiene levels give most of us malabsorption anyway. Diet is a major cause of a lot of health problems, and for Asian kids who grow up in Australia and are used to or prefers eating the high fat, high salt, high sugar diet, no amount of genetic differences is going to protect them.
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A pill that magicks away periods!

Okay, while I'm one of the whatever percentage of women who suffer from debilitating period cramps (although for the last year I've been abnormally free from cramps *crosses fingers*), and a life without needing to wear diapers for 7 days every 6 weeks (my periods are long, heavy and far apart, 'kay?) is infinitely appealing...

I echo the sentiment of the lady at the end of the article: "For women in that situation, I certainly can understand the benefits of taking these kinds of medications, but for most women menstruation is a normal life event - not a medical condition," said Elson, who researches the sociology of gender and medical sociology.

"Why medicate away a normal life event if we're not sure of the long-term effects?"

There are pills to ease menstrual pain. It's never a good idea to meddle with something as complex as hormone systems, because we know so little about them and a little tweak can have a long chain of ramifications...blood clots, emotional imbalance, cancer...

(PS: I envy the girl who looked at me when I complained of cramps and said, "Huh? I don't feel anything when mine comes." ARGH. Blessed she be.)
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If there's anything I hate more than getting sick, it's getting sick on a day that's 38 degrees. I couldn't tell if I was feverish or just too hot =____=;

Am currently coughing up pus-stained sputum, so am assuming is on road to recovery.

Assuming I don't get a viral infection in the next 7 days.

And so much for that 70/80kmh wind hitting at 3am. It's only just arrived.

===============I am a divider===============

While looking up Jigoku Shoujo, the name "Irie Saaya" came up describing the girl as a "real life lolita playing a lolita".

So out of morbid curiosity, searched it up...

There is a photo book out under her name. The cover comment says "the child of god who is blessed with the three godly weapons - big boobs, face and 11 years old". Yes, she was 11 years old when she took these photos, and still in primary school.

There are about 2 dozen photos of her on the web, almost entirely bikini shots. Her expression is exactly the same in every single photo...best described as ginger bewilderment.

What sort of parent would submit their daughter at the age of 11 to being an object of sexual fantasies? Does the girl, with very little idea of her own worth, want to have a life forever identified by her F-cup?

And she's only 148cm tall ~~;;;;

===============I am a divider===============

Finally watched D.Grayman and Death Note episodes 7. DN continues to be high quality, while I am disappointed with D.Grayman. Anime scriptwriters always feel compelled to turn up the angst about 3 notches =_____=

Give me back the carefree Killua~~~~~~ (wrong anime)


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