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I had to look up what kawaraban (瓦版) meant, which is the Japanese equivalent of a Roman bulletin that's published when a major announcement needs to be made or a major event has occurred.

A couple of weeks ago, Gintama anime stopped updating and went back to re-reuns to allow the manga to progress. Since then, every week at the end of the episode, one actor from the Gintama live action movie is invited to a brief interview. These clips have been pretty hard to find, so I'll post them here, and I'm going to set this post on top until the movie's release date.

Also, if this was the picture they posted of Okada Masaki playing Katsura, I would have been much happier (he looks girly, but Katsura looks girly, so it's all good LOL)

Week 1 - Oguri Shun / Gintoki: YouTube or here | BiliBiliTV
"The atmosphere during the shoot is very nice, you can feel everyone's enjoying themselves. The two of them [Shinpachi and Kagura] are always so high, I get a lot of energy from them."
[While watching themselves do the New Year's dance clip] "What the heck did I just do...I think I must have become an actor all for the sake of this..."
Suda/Shinpachi: "No you didn't."
"It's a work with quite strong contrasts. Sometimes you feel like you're going to finish on a cool note, but it suddenly turns into a joke again. I think that's the most interesting attraction."

Week 2 - Hashimoto Kanna / Kagura: BiliBiliTV
"I'm looking forward to the results. I told myself to give it my all and not do anything halfway. The most memorable part about being Kagura? After I shot the nose-picking scene, everyone started applauding. After the director called 'Cut!' everyone just clapped....I think I tried my best."

Week 3 - Nagasawa Masami / Otae: BiliBiliTV
"Tae is a girl with two facets to her personality. I don't know if anyone in real life is as extreme, but she displays a feminine charisma, with both her gentleness and her strength. I've never really done a role that needs making weird faces, but I'm glad I get to do that in Gintama."

Week 4 - Okada Masaki / Katsura: BiliBiliTV
“I’ve always been a big fan of Gintama, and it’s unbelievable that I’m actually in it, so I really must do my best.”
On acting with Oguri Shun, with whom he’s friends (they’ve appeared in HanaKimi and Space Brothers together), “This time the cast and staff are revolving around Oguri-san, and I want to become one of them to support him. At the same time I want to do my best portraying Katsura and enjoy acting together with him.”
(First person to publicly admit they like the original work, good job Masaki! Kid is such a dork on variety programs it's amazing he hasn't been eaten alive yet. Still, he's not quite the same sort of dork as Katsura, so we'll see how that pans out.)

Week 5 - Muro Tsuyoshi / Gengai: Twitter | BiliBiliTV
"When I read the script I was wondering what to do. Should I adjust my acting to reflect the real age of the character? Director Fukuda said just act as my own age. Even though we might get into strife with the fans of the original work. But this is completely not my fault. It's Director Fukuda's fault."
"The one rule that Director Fukuda and I have at heart is that we will seriously be funny. Please be assured everyone, that I will as Gengai be committed to being ridiculous."

Next week - Nakamura Kanzaburo / Gorilla Kondou Isao
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 いつ滅んでもおかしくなかった星が いつ滅ぶかハッキリしただけぜよ」
「喜べ侍ども 我等(わしら)はまだ戦える 悔いなど一片も残らぬまで戦い切る事ができるのだから」

Lesson 630: The art of Bushido is to recognise that death is but a second away.

Souyou: What does he mean that the Earth is about to disappear?

Sakamoto: There's nothing to worry about.
For a planet that could be destroyed at any moment anyway
The only thing that's changed is we now know when
It doesn't change what we need to do

People say that Bushido is to stare death in its face
Even if in one second's time death will be upon us
We will fight to our last breath so that we may leave no regrets
This is what it means to be a samurai
If this one second can last until dawn
Then what have we to sigh about?
Rejoice, samurai
For we can still fight
We can still fight until there is no regret left behind

-- From, every now and then you get some cool lines Gintama

So I was pilfering the Japanese quotes from a Japanese blog, then I saw the blogger was freaking out because she/he was worried that Katsura looks like he'll do something worrying.
It's okay, he can pull an Athrun and self-detonate a Gundam in there. Worked before =P /不負責任
所以還是犧牲坂本辰馬吧 (喂!)
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To finish off the casting round, we have the Murata siblings and the Shinsengumi.

Gintama live action 2017 - Murata Tetsuya and Murata Testuko
Click for original size

The Murata siblings )

Gintama live action 2017 - Hijikata, Kondou, Okita
Click for original size

Cut for the long-awaited Shinsengumi trio )

And that's a wrap!

I think it's a good mix of people who are reliable at acting, and a few unknowns cast in roles that won't require a huge amount of acting. Will that make it a success? Who knows. Japan has gone full steam with live adaptations of manga works in the past few years, and there's been a very small handful that's really struck gold with audiences (Rurouni Kenshin being the only one I can think of).

Just in the next few months, from the ones I've heard of, there's going to be Sangatsu no Lion, Blade of the Immortal, Full Metal Alchemist - not to mention at least another half a dozen romances coming to either the big or small screen. Generally Japan has better results with small screen adaptations of shoujo manga, but has traditionally struggled with shounen due to the scope, often the much darker themes, and the occasional leaps in suspension of belief required of the audience.

Possibly a good comparison will be the Oguri Shun-led Nobunaga Concerto, another historical fiction that has its comical and serious moments. It managed a respectable result at the box office and became the first film to squeeze Star Wars out of its top spot.

It will depend very much on the script and even at the best of times Gintama is not an easy material to convert into live action. Even just converting from manga to anime, given some of the crazy premises and the dependence on comedy, is no mean feat and speaks volumes about the professionalism of the writers and actors, and the maturity of the animation industry in Japan.

I have some carefully measured hopes, but given some recent failures in translation of popular manga onto the silver screen, I'm also carefully preparing myself for a disappointment.
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Moving onto the rest of the team today, starting with the antagonists in Kiheitai.

Gintama live action 2017 - Takasugi, Okada, Takechi, Kijima
Click for original size

Read about the Kiheitai cast )
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Late last month, the Gintama twitter team had finally finished releasing photos of the whole cast, starting with Yorozuya in December and unsurprisingly ending with the ridiculously popular Shinsengumi team. The rumour mill is fairly quiet, unlike *cough* Marvel movies. Judging by the presence of the Murata siblings though, this is going to rehash the Benizakura arc once again, which is a real shame given how far Gintama has come and the other wonderful stories ripe for retelling - but, I suppose, it's the first big serious arc of the series and a good way to introduce the characters.

Fans of the series will recall that the Shinsengumi actually play a negligible role in the Benizakura arc, which was the first proper hint at the complex love-hate/respect-disdain relationships between Gintoki, Takasugi and Katsura. One of the recently released set photos shows what looks like the Yorozuya trio hunting for crickets, which I suppose would be the quickest way to involve the Shinsengumi.

Glaring omissions from the photos so far include Sadaharu (not surprised, and the amount of money they can save by not doing CG for the mascot they can spend on other effects), Otose (it would be nice even if she had a cameo) and Yamazaki (how can you have the Shinsengumi without jimi Yamazaki?)

Before I start discussing the live action cast, I just wanted to say briefly that Gintama anime has been blessed with some amazing casting and after so long in their roles, their voices have become so much of the experience - the joys and sadness and reflective scenes the viewers live through with them every week, so the live action cast will always have that tremendous hurdle to climb over.

Gintama live action 2017 - Shinpachi, Gintoki, Kagura, Katsura, Otae, Gengai
Click for full size

Read about the main round of actors and actresses )
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今天中午吃飯的時候,不小心點到銀魂2016晴天祭,結果回過神來已經把昼篇和夜篇都看完了 <-- 這人真的是在複習的節奏嗎

I'm revising my seiyuu-con roots LOL

The most amazing thing about the Gintama matsuris is the amount and quality of amazing afureco (live dubbing) by amazing seiyuus. I just used amazing 3 times in that sentence.

Both the noon and night sessions featured the Shogun Assassination Arc as its main story, which I skipped because I couldn't bear sitting through one of the saddest arcs in the whole series.

The night session used Saitou to voice the event opening...initially I LOL'ed at all the viewer comments going "OMG SUCH A NICE VOICE" until I became "OMG SUCH A NICE VOICE", then I googled and realised it was (of course) Sakurai Takahiro. GAH SUCH A NICE VOICE WHY YOU PLAY SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T SPEAK. Then I realised there's a lot of new characters that have amazing voices which I had skipped (I really can't bring myself to watch the 4th season because of the Shogun arc T-T) like Morikawa Toshiyuki and Hirano Aya (*__*) and Inoue Kazuhiko (!!!) and Namikawa Daisuke (OMGGG)

The confession series were hilarious, and it's always hilarious to hear droolworthy voices ruin themselves screeching as one would in Gintama. Though I don't like Sarutobi as a character, the voice actress is absolutely riveting the way she gets totally into her do-M and jealous character and cannonballs her way through the lines. It always amazes me how different and gravelly Chiba (Kondou) sounds compared to his usual smooth and genteel voice.

Nakai-ossan always has this inexplicable 反差萌 about him, like even though Hijikata is the oni-fukuchou, Nakai always acts more like Tosshi during live events and is a bit of a pushover XDDD Suzumura (Okita) has always been a fan-favourite and though it feels like he's speaking less in recent years, he's usually pretty easy-going and fun-natured, and the character he plays allows him to be coolly judgemental towards everyone else XDDD

Sugita (Gintoki) has the same 死魚眼 as the character he plays but he's a lot more unflappable - though he'll pop out with the weirdest stuff at the most inappropriate times to hilarious effect. Similarly Ishida (Katsura) is usually pretty quiet and hangs in the periphery but would occasionally pop out with some surprising retorts at the least expected times.

I can't tell if Yamazaki and Shinpachi's seiyuus are like a heightened version of themselves or just playing their parts, but they certainly do the whole 地味 and 吐槽 gig to a tee.

I have no feelings towards Kugimiya (Kagura) or the girl who plays Otsu...they seem pretty popular with fans but the whole cutesy thing doesn't really appeal to me. There's no 月咏 this time, which is a pity.

Now, in case anyone hasn't seen it, here's the live action Gintama main cast cameo-ing as their anime counterparts. Sorry Sugita...I still think Oguri has a better voice (even though he's trying to rough it up a bit here). Shinpachi's voice doesn't sound different at all, yappari the megane is the main point ne (whut). Actually Suda Masaki has grown on me a bit in the last couple of months, and I think he'd do a really good job with Shinpachi (not sure it's a compliment LOL).

Ayeee~~~~I just watched a trailer of Oguri Shun kicking ass in his new drama CRISIS. I don't know how I'm going to deal with seeing him as Gintoki...........

It's going to sooooooooo ruin my fond memories of gentlemanly Hanazawa Rui (HanaDan), cool Sano Izumi (HanaKimi), straight-man Takakura Sou (Tokyo Dogs), imposing Danno Tatsuya (Ouroboros) TT_____TT

At least, with a CV like that, I hope it'll be very hard for him to ruin Gintoki.

Also glanced at something with Yoshizawa Ryo in it - I think he'd make a good Okita. 顏值到位 XD <-- 這是重點嗎?

PS: I loved how the bit where the actor for Itou was reminiscing about his recording days, and he said, "When I got the part I didn't know anything about Gintama, and when I recorded the first episode I thought, wow, this is actually really touching. When I said this aloud, all the cast members were like, 'No, no, no, this is not normal, normally it's about pee and poop and nothing much happening.'" All the cast members immediately start nodding XDDD

PPS: Also the number of tweets saying "Thank you Gintama, you have acclimatised me to dirty jokes." to the point the cast members were like, "Are dirty jokes the only thing people remember about this show?" LOL
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He matter what happens, we must live.

Even so, must we continue to protect this Edo? This is not what I want...we couldn't protect the Shogun, if we can't even protect our Commander, we're not samurais, just useless trash.

Do whatever you want.

If this is the Shinsengumi you guys want, I'm not going to stop you.

I can't tell who's right any more.

Only that my wish of not wanting Kondou-san to die is the same as yours.

But my wish of not wanting you guys to die is the same as Kondou-san's.

I don't have any right to tie you guys down any more, whether as the Demon Vice-Commander or by the laws of the group, none of these exist any more.

Yet, if even then there is something that ties down your soul, then that must be...the one most important thing to the Shinsengumi.

In that case, believe in it and fight. No matter what sort of road it turns out to be.

You guys are the Shinsengumi.

To see the demon show a face like that...I couldn't do anything.

Is it raining?

Aye...the feeling of having no home to go is not a good one.

---- Gintama chapter 526
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The thing about Gintama is that it's like the kid who cried wolf. After messing around with its readers/viewers for the last 8 years no one believes anything it says anymore, even when the seiyuu are all talking about the movie like it's the last thing they'll ever do for the franchise.

There was a Gintama anime special episode screened just recently, but I'm still holding out in the hopes that they'll continue the anime. Some of the recent manga arcs are pretty interesting and the latest one seems almost like a good note to end on because I'm not sure how exactly you can top a show-down between the Kiheitai against Yorozuya and Shogun allies and Shinsengumi. Obviously I really want to see the fight between Okita and Kamui animated, because as expected...they're the same sort of bloodthirsty monsters with a deceptively shota face.

The Gintama movie is a glossy affair with a plot that does not appear in the manga (though I understand with a lot of input from Sorachi). To be honest, the Gintama anime creators are not above creating independent material that fit with Gintama's tone as there's been quite a few episodes in the anime that doesn't appear in the manga. The story involves time travel, an oddly popular trope in Asian dramas/books at the moment, and there's about three or four parallel timelines.

As is typical in the Gintama vein, every time there's a change in timing the characterisations get completely bust up...though I'd say this time for the better? XD

Yes...the one in there cosplaying Himura Battousai wearing the red and white get-up is Okita. Then there's Hijikata "in (historic) Hijikata-style outfit", Katsura in Takasugi-style cosplay...

Of course, the two biggest wows come from the transformations of Shinpachi and Kagura, who both grew up into bishounen and bishoujo (respectively, thank god - this is from Gintama so any possibility is possible). Can I say that they're super MOE? I know that's the point, but man!! I miss hearing the two of their voice actors doing proper talking! I completely forgot how nice Sakaguchi Daisuke's voice can be!! Especially since he spends most of his time tsukkomi-ing in screeching tones...unlike Gintoki who actually gets the chance to say a few cool lines every now and then.

Random aside: come to think of it, despite his frequent appearance, I can't remember Okita ever being the tsukkomi...

It's a nice movie with impressive animation, some good laughs and some sweet bits, but in the scheme of Gintama hardly one of its funniest nor most moving storylines. In terms of plot, it doesn't quite measure up to the Shinsengumi/Itou arc, or the Yoshiwara Ablaze arc, or even the Elizabeth arc.

I guess it doesn't quite put Gintama to shame if it ended with this movie, but it'll still be disappointing if the later arcs miss out on being animated. I really want to see Saitou vs Katsura, damn it!!
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最近心情不好,又跑去翻了下《銀魂》。真是神品啊,多麽差的心情都可以被鼓舞起來。雖然我只是看了銀魂2010年和2011年兩年的什麽“櫻花祭(偽)”和“反省祭(同偽)”。沒有比看聲優們當場飆演技更讓人熱血翻騰的事!!尤其是中井桑摘自104集那段獨白,從十四那底氣不足的偏高聲綫,毫無痕跡地轉成土方的低沉冷峻……啊啊啊啊~~~ (此人崩坏中)

好吧算我偏心,其他人其實也都很厲害,竟然一次都沒有卡詞也太彪悍了說。銀時的聲音雖不是我的菜,但杉田真的把感情控制的很好,讓這個常年死魚眼的主角又可以吐糟又能齷齪又能卑鄙又能英勇無比。嗯。也算厲害。(銀:喂,你對我的最高評價好像就是個“也算厲害”,我難道不厲害嗎,我好歹也算是主角不是嗎!) 唉~我真的還是很喜歡石田的聲音啊啊~~雖然每次在聼現場錄製都會覺得跟記憶中有差別,上次看SEED的現場配聲也是覺得阿斯蘭不太像,回音的效果嗎?(啊,不過最遊記現場配聲可是超~~~級~~~溫柔的八戒聲哦~~~聼得我冒粉心了~~~) 還有配登勢老太太(忽然感覺到一股寒意?)的那位大媽也很厲害,跟本人的聲音聲調出入很大!

話説我發現一個很雷的事實,而且是遲遲發現的那種,所以很雷……就是演“金時”的那位中什麽的(中村:喂!中村很難記嗎?你個中井都能記,中村有難麽?),原來是杉田(也就銀時)的流傳數年的眾所皆知的大……呃……閨蜜 (中村同杉田:閨蜜能亂用的嗎!) 都坦坦蕩盪地說過什麽 “啊~此生有XX,吾已無憾”什麽的,不叫閨蜜,你們是多想被直接呼成基友啊你們!話説你們的角色監督是多麽的惡趣味啊,好找不找非要找上銀時的那個啥來做金時………………*扶額狀*


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I have been out of anime and manga world for so long, but every now and then I go back to check if any of my favourites have finished (answer: NO), but just a few tidbits.

1. Sailor Moon is getting a reboot
This could be good or terrible, however I have high hopes for it as it promises to be "closer to the source material". Supposedly that's a good thing, but I haven't read the original manga either. Presumably any anime that tries to tell a story in 26 episodes will be more bearable than one told over 144 episodes.

2. Gintama anime resumes
After making it look like the Gintama anime is over for good, it comes back after barely 6 months off the block. Or something. That said, I appreciate the anime pausing for a season, every season, just for the manga to catch up instead of filling it up with endless fillers like...Sailor Moon, for example. Or Naruto. Or Bleach. Or Hunter X Hunter. Or any other manga that had the misfortune of not being complete when the anime is still going.

3. And oh, gets a(nother) movie
The script for the new movie will be penned by Sorachi-gorilla. I have no doubts it will be funny and bizarre, but early sketches are teasing a Gintoki origin story. Will we finally canonically know what happened during Gintoki's famous "Shiroyasha" years? Or Sorachi's having a go at us, again. And when will the Shinsengumi ever turn up in a Gintama movie?

4. Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden is still going
And amazingly, NO ONE IMPORTANT HAS DIED YET. What is going on. This is unacceptable.

5. Gakuen Alice is still going
After about 20 chapters of Natsume nearly dying...and then not dying...and then nearly dying...and then not dying...and then nearly dying, I'm going to sit this one out until she makes up her mind.

5. Ludwig Kakumei restarted
As much as Fairy Cube was refreshing, and Ningyou was sweet, Yuki Kaori really hasn't returned to her former epic-ness since Count Cain ended. She's like the Japanese version of Tim Burton, deriving her tales from well-established stories, and like Burton she's lost her touch. As much as I adored Ian, I don't think I've cared much about any of her characters, certainly not in the way I used to love them in the heyday of Angel Sanctuary or Count Cain.

Other things #1
Recently I tried to watch Timeslip Dr. Jin (aka the Korean version). I never managed to watch the Japanese version because as much as I find Ayase adorable I can't stand her acting.

One lesson to learn from the Korean version is...if you have bland, uninteresting main characters, do NOT make your secondary major character a tragic anti-hero who struggles with such profound issues as obligation and filial duty and integrity, because suddenly no one's interested in the main characters. And do NOT, then, make every tragedy imaginable happen to this sole character just to deepen the emotional impact, because suddenly no one gives a hoot about the main characters' own tragic love story. And next, do NOT cast someone who is ten times more eye-catching (that is not, actually to say, he is in any sense of the word a better actor or in fact suited to his role) than the main actor; because everyone's eyes glaze over when the girl opts for the bland guy for no apparent reason. And finally, DO NOT make the story's pivotal events eventuate because of the actions of this secondary character, because then everyone's kinda wondering, so what's the point of the main character?

Other things #2
Searching "Gintama" on Ebay is a very, very bad idea. It reminded me of those long ago high school days, when my young innocent eyes came upon Yuu Yuu Hakusho doujin's. O how I shudder to think of it.

Other things #3
Speaking of Yuu Yuu Hakusho, I drew this for my friend's birthday:

Maybe one day I'll finish it (I'll have to steal my parents' computer for the Photoshop). Does anyone still remember these 2 anime?

Other things #4
After drawing the above picture, I remembered these were some of my first favourite anime characters ever -

...Not to mention the craploads of long-haired guys in Bleach, Saiunkoku, anything by CLAMP or Yuki Kaori, or Kenshin, or Fujiwara Sai...

Suddenly it all made sense =0=;;;;;;;;;;;

(To be fair, only Nuriko acted like a girl despite having the non-girly superpower of superstrength...I'd never accuse Kurama or Inuyasha or Duo of being girly, possibly on the account they can incinerate me with a thumb)


13 Nov 2011 03:29 pm
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原來是新登場的娘的不行的什麽薔薇組 <--對真選組的敵人的偏見也太明顯了吧



而且為什麽滿身浴血的時候才會顯出來最帥的一面啊~~~ ^////^ <-- 表情符號用錯了喂






所以說完帥氣話後魔鬼般地變臉也不為怪吧 XDDDDDDDDD



勝利的土方滿臉鮮血地一臉得意地大吃美乃滋麵包……真是讓人想痛扁的臉啊 |||||||Orz


不愧是流氓中的精英啊,真選組各位 Orz




22 Jul 2011 04:27 pm
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I need to block ebay from my browser to prevent myself from making impulsive bids.

I made a bid on Gintama figures without expecting to win it and now a week later I have 5 boxes sitting in my room and I don't know what to do with them because I'm too embarrassed to put it all together and besides there's no space for them except, figuratively, between my Ranma 1/2 and Rurouni Kenshin manga, where they rightfully belong LOL

The quality is okay. The faces and expressions are all carefully drawn, but there's some shoddy colouring-out-of-lines on Gintoki's robe (although, surprisingly, some nice shade variation on Takasugi's robe). I've never bought figures before so I'm not exactly sure how you're supposed to judge quality apart from, I guess, checking if they fall apart when you put them together.

Also, can anyone enlighten me to what that piece of grey chewing gum enclosed in the box is for? >__>

Incidentally, this is what they look like

The Okita I got is actually wearing his blindfolds on his hair which I guess is a bonus rather than a mistake? Except the blindfold painting is all over the place.

Katsura came with his head detached which freaked me out a little since that's the first box I opened LOL His hair is really nice though, it's billowing and animated without looking like tentacles.

I really liked the poses of these two from the picture, as well as the detail of the gold trimmings of the Shinsengumi uniform (and accidentally bid because of it Orz). It's a shame that the other three are in fairly boring/standard poses, although now that I look closely there's some nice shadowing on Gintoki's robe too and he's wearing a smirk XD

But the pose is nowhere as interesting as the figure where he's scratching his kintama. But I don't want one of him scratching you-know-whats....... He should have been at least picking his nose, not looking cool XD (Ahem...this guy is the main character after all...)

And Hijikata should've at least been drinking a bottle of mayo. *Shudders*


6 Jul 2011 04:59 pm
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If life was Gintama, Gintoki will have a lot to say about this plushie LOL

It's actually supposed to be a cinnamon roll plushie. There are some foods they should just not make plushies for =_=

As much as I love Gintama, sometimes life in that world just does not bear thinking about...especially that time when Edo got taken over by an infestation of space cockroaches each the size of a pony *shudders*

I never really understood the overwhelming popularity of Kamui (I think he is on the verge of overtaking Hijikata in the last character poll) or even of Takasugi...although the latter made a little more sense since the historical characters tend to have their own fanbase. But I did get an occasional twinge of fondness when Takasugi helped Kamui seize control of Harusame.

Kamui still reminds me too much of a powered-up version of Okita, but at least Okita makes a lot more sense to me...even his trigger-happiness, and he tends to have moving side stories. Besides, OkitaXKagura is just plain cute. I wonder if Kagura at any point thinks of him as like her brother. Well...they bicker like a married couple already LOL
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LOL Gintama returns with that unforgettable WTF arc where everyone's character concepts changed overnight.

Apart from being hilarious it is also perfect to scare the dung out of anyone who hadn't read the chapters in the manga and thought they were returning to something pleasantly repetitive familiar.

Super brief BOSS 2 trailer is up at the official site. Erika's hair is all messy again but at least it looks better than in SPEC ==;

As I thought, it continues the story from the cult guy. While I'm happy for the cult subplot to continue I hope it's not going to be a central theme, because judging from Bloody Monday and SPEC...Japanese dramas in general are very bad when it comes to cult subplots ==;;;;
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Scan source

After this:

It's been a long time ne, Shinpachi-kun *smile* I'm just Hijikata might remember me...or maybe not ne

And this:

And then I thought a lot about many things, whether it's about life or mayonnaise or halving my calorie intake. The result of that is I am now called the errand boy Toshi by the Shinsengumi.

My world is the right shape again after seeing this:

Yeah, like you I am someone abandoned by the two years of time

HIJIKATAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥ I knew there was a reason I loved you XDDDDDDDDDD Someone give the man an Oscar XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
But man, every time something goes wrong with the Shinsengumi, the big turd always gets carried by Hijikata TT______TT

He's the type of character who authors just love to screw over and give them the worst of the deal, huh <-- in no position to talk

Okay, back to ECGs ♥


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