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I have been out of anime and manga world for so long, but every now and then I go back to check if any of my favourites have finished (answer: NO), but just a few tidbits.

1. Sailor Moon is getting a reboot
This could be good or terrible, however I have high hopes for it as it promises to be "closer to the source material". Supposedly that's a good thing, but I haven't read the original manga either. Presumably any anime that tries to tell a story in 26 episodes will be more bearable than one told over 144 episodes.

2. Gintama anime resumes
After making it look like the Gintama anime is over for good, it comes back after barely 6 months off the block. Or something. That said, I appreciate the anime pausing for a season, every season, just for the manga to catch up instead of filling it up with endless fillers like...Sailor Moon, for example. Or Naruto. Or Bleach. Or Hunter X Hunter. Or any other manga that had the misfortune of not being complete when the anime is still going.

3. And oh, gets a(nother) movie
The script for the new movie will be penned by Sorachi-gorilla. I have no doubts it will be funny and bizarre, but early sketches are teasing a Gintoki origin story. Will we finally canonically know what happened during Gintoki's famous "Shiroyasha" years? Or Sorachi's having a go at us, again. And when will the Shinsengumi ever turn up in a Gintama movie?

4. Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden is still going
And amazingly, NO ONE IMPORTANT HAS DIED YET. What is going on. This is unacceptable.

5. Gakuen Alice is still going
After about 20 chapters of Natsume nearly dying...and then not dying...and then nearly dying...and then not dying...and then nearly dying, I'm going to sit this one out until she makes up her mind.

5. Ludwig Kakumei restarted
As much as Fairy Cube was refreshing, and Ningyou was sweet, Yuki Kaori really hasn't returned to her former epic-ness since Count Cain ended. She's like the Japanese version of Tim Burton, deriving her tales from well-established stories, and like Burton she's lost her touch. As much as I adored Ian, I don't think I've cared much about any of her characters, certainly not in the way I used to love them in the heyday of Angel Sanctuary or Count Cain.

Other things #1
Recently I tried to watch Timeslip Dr. Jin (aka the Korean version). I never managed to watch the Japanese version because as much as I find Ayase adorable I can't stand her acting.

One lesson to learn from the Korean version is...if you have bland, uninteresting main characters, do NOT make your secondary major character a tragic anti-hero who struggles with such profound issues as obligation and filial duty and integrity, because suddenly no one's interested in the main characters. And do NOT, then, make every tragedy imaginable happen to this sole character just to deepen the emotional impact, because suddenly no one gives a hoot about the main characters' own tragic love story. And next, do NOT cast someone who is ten times more eye-catching (that is not, actually to say, he is in any sense of the word a better actor or in fact suited to his role) than the main actor; because everyone's eyes glaze over when the girl opts for the bland guy for no apparent reason. And finally, DO NOT make the story's pivotal events eventuate because of the actions of this secondary character, because then everyone's kinda wondering, so what's the point of the main character?

Other things #2
Searching "Gintama" on Ebay is a very, very bad idea. It reminded me of those long ago high school days, when my young innocent eyes came upon Yuu Yuu Hakusho doujin's. O how I shudder to think of it.

Other things #3
Speaking of Yuu Yuu Hakusho, I drew this for my friend's birthday:

Maybe one day I'll finish it (I'll have to steal my parents' computer for the Photoshop). Does anyone still remember these 2 anime?

Other things #4
After drawing the above picture, I remembered these were some of my first favourite anime characters ever -

...Not to mention the craploads of long-haired guys in Bleach, Saiunkoku, anything by CLAMP or Yuki Kaori, or Kenshin, or Fujiwara Sai...

Suddenly it all made sense =0=;;;;;;;;;;;

(To be fair, only Nuriko acted like a girl despite having the non-girly superpower of superstrength...I'd never accuse Kurama or Inuyasha or Duo of being girly, possibly on the account they can incinerate me with a thumb)
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So, apparently LJ has decided that I shouldn't be able to log-in to my account from the home page. There is a "create account" link and a "log-in via OpenID" link, and apparently no log-in to LJ. Huh.

Click for full picture

That's also meant to be a snerk...LOL
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Finally done zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I don't want to colour anything goldish or gem-like ever again.

Click for actual colour LOL

Have acquired serious thoracolumbar back pain due to trying to colour this picture with really poor posture Orz
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I keep having medically-related dreams with a homocidal twist. Like, this morning I had a dream that some guy fell over near a slicing machine and nipped his carotid and was spurting blood everywhere and had to give pressure on the pumping artery while trying to get emergency surgical attention. And then somehow the dream developed into a gang cornering a guy and trying to knife him and then someone came and kung-fu'ed them into a pile of unconscious bodies.


I finished off the Saiunkoku Monogatari side story novel I had bought and begun reading in Taiwan, which is probably what half-prompted me to draw this. I swear my artbook is under metaphorical lock and key now until after exams.

Click for bigger pic + rant

I suppose in a way it's a matching picture to the last one of them dressed in western-styled costume? LOL

I haven't finished a pencil picture in such a long time. Probably since last year O_o

Saiunkoku should really stick to comedy. Her angst is far too prosaic and she leaves gaping holes where there shouldn't be, and her attempts at working her particular brand of comical humour into it makes the tone really awkward. Maybe because the novel I bought was unfortunately entirely depressing, beginning with Seian/Seiran's backstory where he was stripped of his title and exiled, then fallen to become an imprisoned executioner in a group of bandits. It seemed to hint that the second leader of the bandits had some form of physical relationship with him and I am glad it did not go into any more than hinting =___= I'm pretty sure the guy reappeared in one of the current timeline stories but I have no idea what the outcome was.

The novel then continued with Ensei's (燕青) backstory. He's an awesomely funny guy, especially around Seiran, but she somehow made it dark and depressing too. I mean okay, his backstory wasn't all sunshine but if she's going to keep saying he's like the sun she should stop spending so much time painting a picture of his hate-filled vengeance, which didn't turn out to be particularly convincing anyway. She also has a habit of making characters sound far too old for their years. A five year old giving an almost Hamlet-like soliloquy on whether he should live in order to avenge his family just begs disbelief.

The last short story was Shuurei's father during his years as a young assassin, and how he met her mother. She spent so much of it building Shouka and the Rose Princess as two incredibly apathetic and unfazeable people that by the time they met, any chemistry between them was incredibly forced and awkward.

Or maybe I'm just in a mood to be displeased =___=

Her comedies are always so much more entertaining. She spends too much time on lamentations otherwise. Life, humans, politics, society...sometimes she should just get on with the plot.
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For the record, I started this picture before I realised the royal wedding was on.

Not that it's relevant LOL

See larger version

This is a most unusual pairing. Although in social terms, they are actually well-matched, down to the fact they're now both stripped of their titles and (kind of) exiled LOL

Those plumes look kinda edible XD

Did all of the lining and half of the drawing in Paint Tool SAI, which is apparently (one of) the colouring programs in Japan. Clearly I hadn't gotten around to colouring yet, but so far it feels like OpenCanvas, but apparently SAI can't take many layers so I might end up doing the colour in OC per usual. There's also two giant bars of menu (you can adjust amount of items), a feature that's both convenient and occasionally annoying as it takes up so much space. Colour picker is great though, much better than OC4.02.

I have resolutely put my tablet away so I could get some studying done, so guess I won't be able to look at OC4.5 and SAI properly until after my exams.
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Found a scanner here so shall spend the next few days uploading stuff I've sketched in boredom.

Forewarning pictures (except today's) contain hints of shounen-ai LOL
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I found out today that my USB harddisk died, possibly from that time I accidentally dropped it.

......Hopefully I can get it fixed because it has nearly 8 years of my life on there, especially in terms of photoshop documents and webpages and all my writing...............

Fortunately I've been working off my laptop hard-drive so all of my most up-to-date writing are still here *touch wood*

On the other hand this is good because otherwise I might have been tempted to colour spite of exams coming up verrrrry soon.

Click here to follow me

Umm...sorry about the huge file size...that's usually the size I use to colour my pictures, but since my USB died I had to upload it as-is because I have nowhere else to store it Orz

Speaking of random things that went missing...does someone have a copy of Nodame with the 6-disk mammoth La folle journee soundtrack? I have somehow misplaced mine....T_T
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Am sitting up in the med library at uni. Haven't been here in so long...and at least holidays makes it a quiet place (i.e. there are actually free computers and no noisy pharmacy students). You know we hate you guys, pharmacy students, but you can gloat knowing that once you get your registration you'll know more about ADRs and drug names than we'll ever do in our lives...LOL.

The only reason I dragged myself out of bed at 8:30am this morning was because our med soc book shop is closing down =( They're holding a 30% discount sale and today's only the second day of the sale, but med students being OCD/competitive/cheap/enthusiastic/whatever, by the time I got to the store (which only had one other browser) there was only about 25% of the shop left =0=;;;;;;;;

Damn you, first and second years! *Shakes fist*

I ended up getting $200+ worth of books anyway ==;;;;;;; My consolation is that I'll probably not be able to buy another textbook in a long time...and if/when I do, I'll hopefully have a PDA and get the electronic version instead.

In other news, I got my formal psych exam results yesterday. I passed! By a lot more than I expected! LOL. Well okay, to be fair, our "pass" mark is about 62%, but I haven't seen a score over 70 in so long TT____TT I was surprised at my addiction medicine scores...considering we were told "drug and alcohol is hard...most students fail on that". But full marks? XDDDDD Maybe we just got the easy questions this round LOL. Unhappily this means I lost all my marks (still a whole lot) in the psych section =__= Bloody...clozapine receptors =@

On the other hand, it proved that it is possible to pass psychiatry by turning up to a grand total of 0 lectures..................*hides*

I finally got around to my backlog of pictures I need to colour. The uni computer is also LCD so that doesn't help things, but he's looking a lot yellower than I remember him looking on my laptop...uggghh. That means I should just colour everything with a red tint in the future to save myself the trouble of changing it later.

Click to follow me

Okay~~~~ Off to meet Irene......with 2kg of med textbooks in tow TT___TT
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zzzzzzz =______=


New picture

Guess who? Click to see answer

Night all =_______=

(No close-up cos unimpressed with his face so teaser cap instead)


29 Jun 2010 12:41 am
mayoraasei: There is no such thing as coincidence (Default) time vanishes when one realises that one has to get up at 6:30am again.

I actually enjoy/ed psychiatry a lot. But leaving at 7:20 in the morning is not my beverage of choice. And unlike the last few rotations, I'm generally there til about 4-ish. It's a bit like the good ol' days of ophthalmology...I'm liking it but I'm also frustrated that I don't have time during weekdays except to come home and sleep x__x

Pic dump:

Clickie me to see whole picture

Don't worry, there's nothing remotely shocking about this girly robes, no states of undress, no pretty long hair........


You know, out of the two characters who spend a lot of time smirking (that is, Rossaer and Sigmund), I think this is the first time I've actually drawn one smirking.......LOL.
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I don't think I can ever be a psychiatrist.

It's interesting but every day I feel like I'm losing a bit of my sanity @__@

It's also helpful that more and more of the spectrum of normal is being categorised into silly syndromes for funding purposes.

I don't know if I'd feel better attached to a completely wacko ward, like the one where everyone walks around humming to themselves and chasing invisible butterflies. I'm actually at the ward where if you see these people on the street or as your neighbour, they'd be pretty much on the weird end of normal but you can still hold a fairly normal conversation with them. Sitting in with apparently normal people and then stepping back and realising they're confined in a not a nice feeling. LOL. It also made me realise how many weirdos I've met previously outside....are really quite weird.

That said, there are some........unusual minds in there.

Finished another picture~ This is about all my artistic activity in the last 6 months *sighs*

The guy on the left hand side is the same guy as the smiley girly guy in the last post.........HAHA.

Click to follow the link

I think I like him better with short hair....... I hate thee EBM........*waddles away*
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I wonder if it exists. As opposed to chronic fatigue, which is an actual disease entity, if a little ill-defined and ill-credited.

I have been productive! And it's not even exam time...LOL.

I actually haven't drawn much at all. If there is such a thing as artist's block...occasionally I open my artbook and sit there and wave my pencil over it a few times and give up and put it back into my drawer.

The first picture is actually from last year or the year before.

Vivant, Kamaeh, Xantes...not much to say here

And the second picture, which............will have an interesting reception, at any rate.

WARNING: The following picture does not depict a girl. If that makes you queasy, don't click...any psychological damage inflicted thereafter is self-inflicted. LOL

WARNING: This is not a girl
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I am getting so senile...can't stay up past 1am any more T__T

The Hanged Man

Umm. I don't have much to say because it's too late at night x__x

Except that I keep thinking this looks like a yaoi picture even with just one person, which, I suppose, is some sort of achievement Orz


12 Apr 2010 01:04 am
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Arr I hate EBM. It's killing my brain. I have to present something on Thursday and it's meant to be four weeks worth of work but at the moment I still haven't decided on which paper to use. Ugh. Why must they all contradict each other rarrr. I just have to find a pretty way to say things that will please the examiner ="=

I have been drawing another Tarot picture after a long while. I spent an hour colouring the Hinkan/"The Star" picture last weekend but I still haven't made much progress. The main character of this new one is Rossaer! Yay! So I decided to give him a place amongst the cards after all ~~;;; He is "The Hanged Man" but I'm actually not sure it fits all that well. Initially I thought the card meant sacrifice but apparently it's meant to indicate a moment of epiphany. The hanged man is the fool who shed all his worldly possessions and while hanging upside down on a tree, saw the world in a different view and found the path he wanted to follow. Which, I suppose, could fit.

My main gripe is that somehow Rossaer can look yaoi-like just by himself |||||||||Orz I think I should just change my career and go write yaoi manga or something.

And finally, but most importantly, PLUG: [ profile] going_gonin

Recommended for anyone and everyone who voted for a K_TTUN community =D

Just note that trolls will be sporked and fed to banshees =w=

tis love~

23 Mar 2010 05:30 pm
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No, tis BL~ tis unwavering trust~ No, tis just the two of them trying to find an excuse to kill each other again.........

But I like drawing the two of them =3= Almost as much as I like drawing Vivant with Kamaeh (...but you haven't drawn any pictures of Vivant with Kamaeh =_=)

Well, this picture is at least in contradiction to every impression they have given so far of their lack respect for each other.

Clickie me to read moar

It looks a little washed out many times do I need to tell myself not to trust my LCD before I stop trusting my LCD? ==;

I didn't do the last few Gakuen Alice summaries because I was stuck at hospital full time and by the time weekend came around, the scanlated chapters were out already. I've noticed that Raws-Paradise has dropped a whole bunch of magazines, which I guess is partly the reason for the scanlations also slowing down. I'm still willing to do summaries if people can give me links to raws, Chinese (preferably) or Japanese. Well in the ideal world I'd like both, but I can probably get a summary done from Chinese in half an hour, whereas it'd take me at least a good hour to get through a Japanese chapter. It'll just be much slower than before because....whoever told me that pathology is an easy term was a LIAR. The deceptively empty timetable has filled up like the a stormwater drain during torrential rain. I have a 7am class tomorrow. Means I need to get out of the house at 5:45 |||||||||Orz

But the people there are so NICE. It's so NICE not having to talk to people who have an overinflated sense of their communication skills. Pathologists are like the uber duber nerds of medicine, and there's nothing like not having talked to real people for years to make NICE people cautious and NICE when communicating with others.

It's such a NICE change from surgery. I might even go buy a packet of NICE in celebration, even though I hate it. Maybe I'll just get MORNING COFFEE instead.

.......I'm talking about Arnott's biscuits, by the way.


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