5 Jul 2011 11:10 pm
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You know that horrible feeling you get where you're perpetually stepping forward but contrary to logic the world around you isn't moving and you're just plunkering on in the same spot and you're getting exhausted but when you stop you realise you're still at the same place?

...Or maybe like Sisyphus but instead the summit is still a distant sparkle and you can't stop lest the boulder starts rolling backwards and crush you on its descent. Or something like that.

Anyway, aside from the boulder of impending doom looming constantly like an ominous and vaguely stalkerish storm cloud, I've actually really enjoyed my med terms, which is a vast improvement on last year. Vascular surgery was always so long but there were quite a few interesting cases I had only heard theoretically about but never watched, like open carotid endarterectomy and AAA stenting and varicose veins stripping (really creepy the first time LOL)

Infectious diseases is also really interesting. I've always loved microbiology, and ID is turning out to be a remarkably diverse learning experience. The range of conditions and the complexity of the patients are amazing, and I think I also like the aspect of meeting with very challenging cases but being able to focus on just one aspect of their overall health and manage it. It's probably one of the few medical specialties that focus on getting patients better or cured in a short space of time (unless you're talking about recurrent or chronic infections, then you're in for the long haul). I'm also picking up a lot of antibiotic names, and I can finally differentiate (some) fluroquinolones from (some) aminoglycosides, for example >_>;

A month ago while I was making cake I accidentally caught my finger in a drawer. I was so busy doing the C & E of the R.I.C.E. in order to stop the blood from dripping all over my hand that before I knew what happened my aunt slapped a slob of fresh ash (from burned paper) on the wound. Apparently there is a theory in Chinese medicine - "blood stops when it meets black".

It worked a treat: as I mentioned before the blood was oozing bad enough to trail down my hand, but after the ash went on, even after several hours there was only a small spot of blood on the bandaid I put over it. But then I completely freaked out when, after washing the finger, I realised the ash was not coming off and was completely adherent to the wound ||||||||Orz

Another time I might have taken my aunt's word that it would come off in time, but I had the misfortunate experience of accidentally pricking myself with a pacer 20 years ago and to this day the (graphite) lead that broke off under my skin is still there as an off-colour "mole". It didn't help that no amount of scrubbing or soap would make the pitch black patch even budge. And that the black patch covered half the surface area of all the visible skin between my D.I.P. joint and my nail Orz

Anyway, to cut the long woeful tale short, the whole thing eventually vanished one day, just before the wound itself actually scarred over. Nevertheless, not an experiment I wish repeated unless on a much less visible area ==; It was surprisingly effective actually, because with the ash covering the wound was completely dry, but if I picked the ash off then it would immediately start oozing.

We had a meeting of The Big Bosses today. It's one of those sessions when you realise, in a pinch, who really makes an effort to understand the students whose interests they supposedly foster and represent. My fondness for a number of supervisors has just increased that much more *___* Thank you for acknolwedging people have - and have the right to have - lives and livelihoods outside med.
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So let me tell you the story about a scary hotel that I once lived in (LOL)

Last weekend because of some lapse in communication between my dorm, the uni and me, they were apparently pre-booked for a conference over the weekend and proceeded to kick everyone out. Because it was such last minute notice and it was December and most of the inner city hotels were booked out over weekends, I ended up being booked into a dingy little place opposite 師大 called 泰安.

Frankly if I had done the booking I would never look for a hotel that charges by the hour...especially this close to Japan LOL.

Snip for length )
Was an absolute relief when I got back to my dorm after three nights =0=;;;;

Spent most of Christmas having 2min noodles in dorm because overblew my budget buying REALLY CHEAP TEXTBOOKS *_____*

Don't worry guys, my 2min noodles are always 豪華版(群毆) XDDDDDDDDD Noodlesx4 ($41) + lettuce 4 servings ($41) + tofux4 ($39) + eggsx4 ($24)...less than $40 a bowl, which is less than $1.50AUD XDDDD
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Just got a call from an overseas dude who said he was from Microsoft because "your computer has been sending us error messages".

At this point alarm bells started going off because
a) Don't remember any recent messages
b) Since when was Microsoft customer service this good
c) Unless they're calling to kill my pirated Windows

Played along with him just to see when he was going to start pulling the "now download this program..." or "now give us your bank details..."

But got bored of trying to decipher his accent after five minutes.

Judging from Google, he'll ask you to run eventsvwr (at which I stopped and questioned him), which logs Windows errors, and con you into thinking that you need to fix something. He'll either tell you to download a patch or, apparently, ask you to send them $520 with 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

When I asked him how he got our number he said, "Microsoft has a database of everyone's numbers."

I LOL'ed and wished him luck XDDDDDDDDDDDD

But yeah, watch out guys, this scam is still running.
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This morning while I was walking happily under an overcast sky o'er fresh green lawns full of invisible pits and a road of loose pebble designed to permanently scar your BMW, two dogs, a large dark brown one and a smaller tan one, both the same breed...kinda like a lab but bigger and thicker in build, appeared on the other side of the road, sniffing around for...something.

As a car overtook me from behind, the two dogs stopped at the noise and looked up, then they came onto the road and waited for the car to pass.

And then they trotted over to me with very intent looks on their face, and I was like OMG I'm gonna get mauled! And I started walking really fast, and they stalked me and kept following me for half a street until I turned >0<

On Tuesday when we went to do a nursing home visit, one of the bulldogs they kept there kept hiding under the table when the doctor said hi to it, but after the doctor went away it sidled up to me and bumped against my knee...and hid under the table again when the doctor turned around XD

And on Sunday a random cat at someone's house we visited (not their cat, apparently) kept mewing loudly and rubbing its head against my leg and even put up with me pulling on its tail XDDDDDDDD (evil)

.....Conclusion of the story is, I should change profession and become a vet =3=v
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On my way home just then I got jumped by a dog and now I feel itchy all over =(

Well, I say jumped, but it was partly my fault. I was walking by and saw this grey mongrel propping itself up by someone's brick fence and I thought...aww, the dog is wearing a yellow T-shirt, how cute. Then it turned and looked at me and then just started following me =0=;;; I turned the corner and it turned the corner with me, and then when I crossed the road, it followed me across, even though its dogsitter was shouting at it from a distance for it to come back LOL.

I stopped to wait for her to catch up (and it stopped with me), and she shooed it home, except then it came over to me and made those puppy faces so I patted it and then it just stood on its hind legs and LATCHED onto me and WOULDN'T LET GO. It put a paw into one of my hands and kept licking the other one (ew LOL). When I tried to let go of its paw, it kept grabbing for my scarf and then trying to latch onto my hand with both its paws =0=;;;

And then it got shooed home LOL.

....Aiiee. Let me find my alcohol handwash <-- this is becoming a nasty occupational habit XDDDD

That dog shall henceforth be called Gaspode. By me, only. LOL.

In other news I am so bored out of my brains in my rotation ==;;;;; It's KILLING me. And as I said to someone, the act of DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING every day but still being forced to turn up is KILLING me because it's taking my life away from me against my will, which is the definition of killing.

I hate this term. Apart from the really nice and good value Japanese restaurant I found. I have never before been compulsorised into doing nothing Orz
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to me~

I would normally be against putting up a picture of a stranger to celebrate, but this is too cute a coincidence to miss XD

The important bit is the date in the bottom left hand corner XDDDD

Ah Kame, if you kept that hair then I'd have to resort to telling people I'm fan-ing a GIRL. Why must calendars every year be taken when Kame has long hair *shakes head*

I wanted today to be less than 25 degrees =( Oh well, can't have everything.

....Since I'm actually posting after such a long time, just wanted to add this:
Kame: I like Valentine's. I like giving gifts, but of course I'm really happy receiving them too.

WHAT THE HELL KAME. You don't give gifts on the 14th February if you're a Japanese guy!

WHO DID YOU GIVE IT TO? Honmei choco to ka? Giri choco to ka? XDDDD
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Clickie to follow me~

This picture almost didn't make it on time XDD

Christmas is actually a really boring time of the year because nothing...NOTHING is showing in any part of the world |||Orz North American series take a break, Japanese dramas have just ended their season and the new season doesn't start til mid-Jan...SIGH. I wonder if anyone will sub the Gokusen movie after its Christmas Eve screening? *___*

It will be Gokusen against Hana Yori Dango, so unfortunately I think Gokusen is going to lose out. I want to see how Shun looks like in Gokusen though ♥

Tokyo Dogs ending was pretty sweet. I think given the badly organised and badly written plot, the actors did a pretty good job of getting a nice onscreen chemistry going. I still don't like Yoshitaka Yuriko's face but she can act, which is more than I can say for other girls her age and more famous than her... (Apparently she's going out with Tamaki? O_o; Watch out for Ueno-san, love)

Went around taking photos of Christmas decorations tonight. It's becoming a pre-Christmas tradition XD Ate at Ajisen Ramen because Ramen Kan was closed (I really wanted to eat the tsukemen there, damn it!!!)...the soup base wasn't as bad as I've heard, but the chashu wasn't as nice as they used to make it at Menya. Unfortunately Menya's getting a bit stingy with toppings these days ==;;;

There were a lot of people waiting at Darling Harbour for the fireworks to start, and there were a lot of families still around at 10pm looking at the Christmas tree in Martin Place. David Jones actually change their window decorations every year! It featured a lot of animals this year and dryads(?) whom we thought were Peter Pan. There were lions dining on a pie of birds...is it a biblical reference? O_o;;

My Boxing Day movie watching tradition/streak will be broken this year...so sad T_T
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For the one person who was interested in knowing whether I am still alive, I am, sort of. LOL.

Our two days of OSCEs finished yesterday, which is the practical part of our assessment gone. I hope there's going to be some massive scaling there, because pretty much everyone said they screwed up the paediatrics bleeding history and the thoracolumbar/sacroiliac examination on the first day. Both of which I screwed up, too ==;

Then again, I don't trust other med students when they lament about screwing up, because they're just neurotic obsessive-compulsives who've asked every single bloody question except one minor thing that I bet isn't even on the examiner's checklist. While I, on the other hand, really screwed up ==; I would have been totally fine doing a spinal exam, but they threw the sacroiliac in there and I went.......WTF. We had such a great rheumatologist last year, but WTF sacroiliac joint (that's the bum joints) =__=++++ I swear we haven't learnt it. Basically walked in, freaked out and forgot everything.

The bleeding history kid didn't even have a paeds history ==; I asked the dad when the kid was weaned off breast milk and he mumbled "About the normal time?" ...Gee. That's just helpful. People wean anywhere from 3 months to 12 months =____=||||| And then he massively confused me by referring to himself in 3rd person, TWICE. Me: "Are there any other health problems in the family?" Man: "Like, on the father's side?" Me: *WTF* "UMM. YOU'RE HIS FATHER RIGHT?" For a moment thought I walked into a really bad soap opera script where the kid was not the kid of his parents and this guy was the real dad but.....anyway, not the sort of thing you want to be thinking during an exam. Especially if you've only got 5 minutes to ask all the right questions. UGH.

Well, we are allowed to screw up 4 stations, so there goes 2 of them ==; I always walk out early of an physical examination station. I don't know if that means I've missed half the stuff or if I was just able to get through it quickly ==;; I'm banking on the latter.

Tuesday was just a crappy day for everyone I think, even aside from those two stations that threw most people off-track. We were initially given the impression that we'd be out by the time the last group that's gone in, but apparently the five different clinical schools didn't have the same amount of people and so we had to hang around for an extra two hours waiting for a mystery clinical school to finish. And then someone spread the rumour that it was us who kept everyone up! Dreadful, dreadful lies!

I was first on Tuesday which meant by the time we got out, I had been at the bloody place for 5 hours for an exam that went on for 45 minutes =__=++++ We had to be "kept quarantined" to stop us from giving tips to our mates, whatever ==;

So anyway, yesterday wasn't too bad. I was surprised at this year's procedural skills stations, blood pressure and peak flow! I can do those! With my eyes closed! (Yes, really XDD But I'm sure most people can...it's about the two easiest stations you can get) But I think I missed half the steps in peak flow because it seemed incredibly short ==; But the patient did the procedure correctly...what other feedback am I supposed to give? T_T Everyone was thinking CPR (because the first years apparently failed it) or intramuscular injection (because it was brought up as a practice station) or venepuncture/cannulation (because they're evil).

Afterwards went with two friends and completely splurged on lunch in Burwood. $15.50 for a unagi bento is pretty expensive, but it came with miso soup and soft drink and apart from the unagi, it also had salad and salmon sushi and tempura!! With a prawn! Was happy when I saw that, even though there was only a few tiny pieces of unagi. Don't eat raw fish so gave salmon to friend XDD

Came home and pretty much just...chillaxed. Shall get back into the studying groove today...maybe... LOL. Final exam finishes 1st December. One of the admins was saying yesterday, "There's no point cramming. If you don't know it by now you won't."

Nooo lady, never underestimate the power of cramming. The fate of many a HSC student had been changed by skilful cramming!

Maybe today I'll just tidy up my room. Step 1 of the idiot's guide to procrastination...LOL.

My computer died a few days ago so I'm functioning on one that only has 2GB of storage max ==; It's good because it means I'm not downloading stuff to distract myself, but still a bit sad =( I shall have to reinstall everything after exams. Had a bunch of music files and sheet music on C that I'm just going to have to find all over again. Sigh.


17 Oct 2009 05:53 pm
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I was reading a Chinese article which translated "Edo shogunate" as "爱都少干内特"

服了 ==; 我真的服了 ==; 懶得翻就隨便用音譯代替 ==;;;;;;;;;


可是至少也要查一下詞典啊 囧

那篇文章還說新宿是Edo shogunate于1601年建的……但wikipedia怎麽說德川幕府是1603年才正式登臺的 ==;;;; 誰來給我上上日本歷史課吧

On Tuesday had to crawl out of bed at 5:30am to get to Concord at 7:30 to watch...in the very eloquent words of my friend..."shit" ==;;;; We were supposed to watch a colonoscopy but we ended up watching 3 gastroscopies and half a colonoscopy. One room has really nasty nurses that keep trying to kick us out even though the doctor was more than willing to talk to us =__=;;

I've started studying for exams, although not very much ==; I have a feeling anything I learn now I will forget by the end of November, when we have our last written exams ==;;;;;;

I cut my hair last week. First time I went to a hairdresser. It's now layered and shorter and so I can tie it up with two elastic bands instead of 5 ~~;;;; I can also clip it, which makes me very happy LOL

I want a really long holiday, during which I want to run a 200 episode marathon of Gintama =0=; I wonder how many days that would be LOL. Assuming 2 hours per 5 episodes.........................80 hours?!?! Orz

I wish I didn't like the Shinsengumi so much, because it's really getting in the way of me enjoying the episodes in which they don't appear >_>;; But I find Shinpachi really annoying and boring, and I also find Otose and Otae and Hasegawa really annoying and boring. I think I would have liked the Yorozuya trio a lot more if Shinpachi didn't exist...I'm so sorry ==;;; It's not that I dislike the guy...he's a really normal and nice kid, but when he's with Yorozuya he's just....annoying. He gets in the way of everything, whether it's fighting or having fun or being crazy =__=;;;
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I know it's incredibly bad luck to say things like that but =___=

Was having an extremely realistic nightmare about my computers being infected by a virus that was spreading through the network and infecting my computers while they're being started up and writing it into the system or whatever...

And then I woke up to bright orange light (and I mean BRIGHT ORANGE) streaming through the window, the wind sounding like a giant sandpaper scraping through the trees, the continuous ominous thunder of aeroplanes flying low through the cloud cover and the wailing of multiple sirens in the distance.

I thought I woke up to the apocalypse Orz

Oh great...it's gotten even more orange now. Is the scratchy quality of the wind I hear rain? Should I even go to PPD today? +0+

I smell something strangely...metallic. But not like iron. GAH. What is this an omen of?
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For those who want to know what's going on with my life these days...rest assured there's nothing much. I need to start cramming. It's a sad fact of med student life that one should start cramming preferably 1 year before an exam. Unfortunately, at the moment I'm approximately 10.5 months too late.

I'm also currently reading Douglas Adams' trilogy of four. What is it about life that makes people who are farther along such embittered souls? LOL. I swear both Adams and Pratchett started off a lot more sillier and therefore light-hearted than their works ended up being.

But wow, that immortal alien who went around alphabetically insulting everyone in the known universe. That is actually kinda awesome, especially when you really don't have much else to do with your time.

I grazed my knee on Thursday because my foot isn't adapted to walking on small round objects. I am almost entirely certain that it's not meant to be oozing green...whatever it is. Because the graze is actually bigger than any bandaid I have on hand, I had to wrap it in crepe bandage and it looks very important in spite of being nothing more than a graze. And because of the bandage and the habit of wounds trying to contract while they heal, I've been subjected to the annoying inconvenience of being unable to bend my knee, which is a bigger inconvenience than one realises, especially when one's life involves navigating stairs. And sitting down.

Anyhow, today I went with a friend to a Taiwanese restaurant in Hurstville, which is probably called Diamond Cafe. I highly discommend anyone from going (and I suspect I'm using the word discommend with the wrong syntax). The taste was passable but not good, the serving size was passable but not big, and the cost was passable but not cheap. Three passables make a very big BLEH. I also think that restaurants should be banned from calling the dish "Three Cups Sauce" when they neglect to include the basil.

Mmmm...yes, and I'd also like a piano.
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Yesterday, while in the middle of a serious group discussion about a serious group problem, our OME officer related a story she had heard just a few days earlier, "A doctor said that he had a colleague who would call him every year to wish him happy birthday. One year the colleague didn't call, and he assumed that the colleague must have been too busy or forgot. The next thing he heard was that the other doctor had committed suicide."

Moral of story: you guys should wish me happy birthday every year

LOL (Actually I'm quite serious about this...you don't have to call me on my birthday, but give me an email or message at least once a year to let me know you're doing well.)

Anyway, true to my prediction, yesterday I left home before 6:30am and got home after 6:30pm, after which I got some food down, showered, bummed online for a short while and crawled into bed. The cake is still sitting in the fridge...untouched. It's the 3rd year in a row I've spent my birthday at a hospital =__=;;;;

In other news, I went back and watched the 2006 and 2008 KAT-TUN concert recordings and realised that hey, I actually like more of their songs than I thought!! LOL. Whaaaaat~~ I haven't liked any of their singles between "Bokura no Machi de" and "Don't U Ever Stop", and I don't think it's entirely related to me being really fed up with Akanishi.

Their 06 concert was held before they debuted and a lot of the songs are STILL unreleased damn it! I really like "Le Ciel ~ Kimi no shiawase inori kotoba", and "Gold", amongst other songs the names of which I can't remember. I'd really like to have a version that doesn't have rabid fans screaming in the background |||||Orz But that concert was the first and only time that I thought Taguchi was cool when he did his solo in the cage ==;;; It's probably unintentional but his smiling face always looks so fake...........

Already ranted pages and pages about the 08 concert. I really love the opening song "Taboo", even though it was a bit mellow for an opening...thought they'd open with something with louder beats. I skipped all of Maru's solos...I'm so sorry ==;;;; I skipped Akanishi's stupid solo song as well, but I have to admit I was a tiny bit moved when after That Stupid Song, he sang BokuMachi's chorus solo and a cappella, straining to hold the notes in spite of being all puffed out from dancing.

Someone tell me if Arashi sings "Kumori no chi" or if it's an Ohno solo...cos I swear the entire song sounds like what MatsuJun might sound like on a good day ==;;;;


1 Feb 2009 12:39 am
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I think Gundam 00 must be blamed for singlehandedly turning me off all anime. I mean, the second season started off with so much potential...with potentially even more potential than the first season. But ever since it derailed in that WTF episode it hasn't gotten back onto the rails, with each new episode either being more boring or WTF than the last.

Went K with a bunch of high school friends, and then dinner, and then dessert. I think I've had my sugar intake for the month. I'm on such a sugar high I can't sleep, even though I've only had about five hours sleep this morning. I think I've also spent my budget for the year ||||||||Orz Am a poor barely-employed student, must note to self I can't afford to spend $50 per outing =__=;;;;;;;; The highlight of the day was finding KT's "Bokura no machi de" (do you know how HARD it is to get contemp Jap songs in K here?) and also finding it actually HAD THE PV ♥♥♥ Although I spent too much time trying not to read the crappy incorrect romaji to look at Kame's kireina kao. Sad. On the other hand, a certain person was "studying in America *coughcough*" when this song was released so I didn't need to avoid looking at his face either. Man, they must update the Arashi songs!!! I want "One Love"!!!!

Came home to watch Love Shuffle, which is currently on my list of "sit down and turn off brain" dramas. And then totally flipped at this scene:

Are..............nande kore? Orz

This was totally out of nowhere, and I'm glad the other characters agree with me. In fact, the entire plot of Love Shuffle at times feels like it's all coming out of nowhere. What's with the recent obsession with random onscreen kisses between the same sex anyway (I say so because they're not between homosexual characters), what with Shun going on a mad kissing spree in HanaKimi. But uwahh...Tamaki and Shota. Somehow that makes me want to go scrub my eyes out with soap. I think I'll stick to seeing Eita and Toma walk arm in arm in companionship.

flying by

8 Sep 2008 12:42 am
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I have trouble customising this layout, so we'll have to live with ugly 12-pt Arial font for the time being, until my love for Verdana (10-pt, to be precise about the size =P) overcomes my love for this colour scheme.

Anyhow, it has been an interesting week, but I'm variously too tired or too stressed out or too busy to write anything up. I really should be in bed now, seeing as I start at 8am every day over at CONCORD, the holeness of which I can not stress enough.

I haven't written an angry diatribe in such a very long time, I kind of miss it. I wonder if I'm too lazy or too apathetic these days?

So anyway, just an update on my life: the week started off a little unsteady on its gait. Half the lectures had technical problems, and about 80% of them were pre-recorded, which kind of defeats the whole point of spending 3 hours on a return journey just to listen to lectures that are already online. The one lecture that was not available online had major transmission difficulties, was one of the most fundamental lectures in the course (meaning it had the most important basic knowledge - and which we haven't learnt before), and the lecturer is majorly uptight about copyright issues and would not redistribute the lecture. Convenient.

Thursday we went on a home visit to an elderly lady who is now legally blind due to glaucoma. Quite an interesting soul, though far too independent to be lovely. Would have loved to take a proper medical history from her, except that like most old people, she took forever getting to the point.

Funny how yesterday I got the same feeling while listening to Jack talk. Well...he did insist he's 312, give or take 12 months.

I wonder if it's a product of the environment or something inherent in one's personality? I for one am a fan of those "summaries of a movie in 60 seconds", though of course like anyone who's done HSC English, can still BS like no tomorrow.

....Which I'll need to do for my 15 page personal reflection due next week.


On Friday was venepuncture, which was fun in retrospect, only because I passed it. I keep suspecting I would have passed it faster if the nurse hadn't been bellowing in my ear "PUT THE NEEDLE IN DEEPER", which I obeyed, and as a result went too deep past the veins, and she made me pull the needle back out a millimeter to get the vein. =__= If you had just.....you know, had some faith. Not that I had any faith. But just sayin'. My hands only started shaking when she started bellowing. The girl who tried to take blood from me couldn't find my veins, which isn't entirely unsurprising since girls have small veins and are probably not great guinea pigs for first time venepuncturists. Got jabbed in both arms and had the needle moved around...oh well, I found it pretty hilarious.

Spent Saturday arvo practising clarinet and Sunday going to some tiny little suburb on the outskirts of Sydney to perform to about 5 people. It was pretty sad LOL

The place was really pretty though. I still don't know what it's called, apart from that it's nominally in "the Shire of Castle Hill", though in reality it was 49km from Castle Hill according to the road sign. There was a river running through the town, which was supposedly the Hawkesbury, and one side was relatively flat and had a giant park, while out of the other bank of the river rose a green mountain. It was pretty warm during the day, which is lovely after yesterday's sogging windy weather, but probably not quite so lovely in summer...

It seemed to have a pretty deep-rooted rural culture though, what with the SES and rurul fire service joining in the festivities, and line dancing, and demonstrations of various whip techniques by a left-handed 12-year-old kid wearing jeans and a cowboy hat. It was cute XD

I had really wanted to go see the Med Revue this year, not least because it's our year putting it on, and it's never quite the same watching other years perform. Still, I didn't have a chance since I got home really late every day the Revue was on =0= I heard it was one hour of utter brilliance interspersed with one hour of not so brilliance, which apparently makes it twice as brilliant as last year's Revue. Figures. LOL.

Hmm. If I sleep now I shall get 5.5 hours of sleep, which is much better than I got on Thursday night after drinking one flat white and feeling nauseous for the rest of the night and also rather insomniac. Always look on the bright side eh.

If the guy I took blood from knew how little sleep I got, I wonder if he would have volunteered? LOL!

what joy

15 Jul 2008 07:25 pm
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World Youth Day spokesman Bishop Anthony Fisher said the infusion of teen spirit and unbridled joy had wowed the often grumpy residents of Australia's biggest city. He said pilgrims had won over those who had complained of the expense and of the disruption.

"Even people who have been a bit cranky with World Youth Day, or have their own other issues whatever they are, will be swept along by the beauty and joy of these young people, by their goodness, and they'll just want to be part of that," he said.

Uhhhhhhh.........NO IT BLOODY HASN'T!!!!!!!!

I woke up in a great mood today, but walking by the teeming masses of chanting people breaking out randomly into song and dance and rabid screeching just made it impossibly worse =__=+ I think I'm even turning xenophobic just by seeing them too much.

I haven't been swept along by no beauty and joy! I've been tossed and pummelled by their outpouring of inebriated glee and now I'm feeling bruised and indignant and cranky.

Aye, just let me go back to my cynical gloomy world where all celebration (apart from one's own) is the cause of annoyance.


(Seriously, I'm not saying they should all shut up and go home, though I can't deny a secret small part of me wishes exactly that, but we grumpy people of Sydney certainly have not been placated by the screaming thousands taking up precious travelling time and eating space.)

And what's with the Americans screaming USA! U! S! A! and Italians screaming "ITALIA!!!" and Australians screaming "AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!!" .........You'd think you accidentally walked onto a movie set for a bad musical about sports. =0=;


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