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The raws of the last chapter of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle came out today (is this person really writing her essay?) YES. I AM. I have 100 words to go and I need a really really long break.

My reaction to it is best summed up as WWWWWW. TTTTT. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.


I have to admit, this series tops Gundam 00 in WTFness. I KNOW.

CLAMP has always been a master of WTFness and I don't know if I put up with them before because I was young and tolerant =__=

But this, on top of Tokyo Babylon's type WTF WHYYY? also has X/1999 random cliffhanger's WTF WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!

This series is made of one long string of WTFness. Starting in page one chapter one with Syaoran and Sakura being locked in a glass tube. WTF!!!!

After the fans got used to the fact it's a protracted self-doujin, CLAMP changed pace from shounen to epic and that's when the WTF$hit really hit the proverbial fan.

So okay, by this point I don't care if I'm spoiling anyone any more, so Real!Syaoran is the son of Clone!Syaoran and Clone!Sakura, and he gets captured by trying to stop Real!Sakura getting killed, and in the process he gets locked up and cloned and Clone!Syaoran starts leading his life until the point where Real!Sakura's? Clone!Sakura's? feathers got scattered?.....okay, now I can't even remember when the Clone!Sakura came in Orz And Watanuki was also a clone of Real!Syaoran to fill some convoluted time loop. ARRRRRGH. What is this? Aeronautical engineering?

And all this Fei Wang crap was about him trying to resurrect Yuuko, who then disappears anyway, and WHY DID THE CLONES DISAPPEAR TOO?! Where's the plot device that forced the stupid choice on Watanuki and Real!Syaoran?

And so wait, wait, so, Clone!Syaoran and Clone!Sakura met in Hongkong in a scene reminiscent of CCS!Syaoran and CCS!Sakura, but THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT, RIGHT?! DON'T GO RETCONNING A PERFECTLY HAPPY SHOUJO MANGA FOR THIS STUPID WTFNESS!!!! Leave CCS!Syaoran and CCS!Sakura alone *cries*

The ending was exactly the same as the spoilers that came out a few days ago ==; Syaoran and Watanuki made opposing choices - Watanuki will always stay at one place (Yuuko's shop), unable to leave, while Syaoran will never be able to remain at one place. Syaoran said he can still feel the other Syaoran alive inside himself, hence even though it is impossible to revive the dead, it should be possible to find a physical form for a soul that's still alive. Sakura said she can't go with him because she will make it harder for him (why girl, learn how to fight and make use of yourself ="=) Fai and Kurogane both said they will travel with Syaoran, and Mokona is obviously going too because they need its magic. And just as Mokona teleports them away...Syaoran and Sakura reaches for each other and shouts, simultaneously, "My real name is...Tsubasa."


Let's hope it redeems itself in xxxHolic =____= It really needs a backstory about Fei Wang's obsession.
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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Thank you CLAMP for finally pulling through with an epic far enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you go into permanent hiatus at this point like you did with the Fuuma stabbing Kamui 5 years ago, you will observe a global spike in voodoo doll sales, in spite of the economic depression. Let us hang our heads and spare one minute of silence for Mr Clonie. I'm expecting more people than this to die though! Don't tell me you're getting soft too, CLAMP (especially after all the eye-gouging and gut-stabbing and arm-amputating).

The scream of a fujoshi

For people who don't read Chinese, this is two different people =P

Decided to take some caps while watching Kame no Shizukun Kami no Shizuku and the episodes I missed of Bloody Monday. The other Kame pic is from Gokusen.

They're also about the same height too, I think ==;;;; Take-chan (LOL at how Miura calls him that...and then he "accidentally" points at Miura and calls him "Micchan" XDDD)...umm, as I was saying, Take-chan only looks like Kame in certain angles but the likeness in those angles are pretty freaky =0=;;;; I don't know if it's because of their personalities or because of the cultures in their different agencies (most likely both). Kame never seems comfortable in the loud excitable role types that Takeru is just adorable in, whereas Takeru doesn't quite have the Johnny's posturing air for the "cool" quieter roles. J家培養出來的孩子是形象第一嘛~~ XD

Gundam nothingness
Newtype is such a treasure trove ^^v The TV guide predicts lots of fighting and a "coup d'etat". Bloody katakana (bloody French)...had to look that up. Setsuna also takes forever (2 episodes) to rendez-vous with the ship, and apparently that's a huge handicap. Like, since when was Setsuna so indispensable =__=;;;; The other guys need to upgrade man. Mr Bushido will also make an appearance in Masurao, the kanji of which means "husband" in Chinese, so it's all manners of ewwwww.

But the treasure is this:
The Gundam Meister Rock Band )
LOL...what the? I'm sick of seeing Saji being shoved in with the Meisters. Just drop dead already zomg. Then Louise can go on an awesome killing spree. I know this is belated and I probably mentioned it before...but I can't believe how quickly Memento Mori got wasted. I thought it was a boss weapon Orz
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Felt tremendously duped this morning when got there at 7:35 for a schedule 8am start that didn't actually start until 8:30.

Felt even more duped when the scheduled 50 minute lecture was beautifully wrapped up in 33 minutes =0=

Why can't all lectures be like that.

One of the terrible things about having money to spend is that one's always spending it and as a consequence one's always approaching "no money to spend" much quicker than planned. Bah.

Tomorrow I have 4 hours worth of class spread over 9 hours =__=

Stupid timetabling.

Edit: What is it with the anime/manga I follow and their w-t-f-?!-ness? G00 had its share but that was still more or less within the realms of logic. I know being a CLAMP fan means hanging all disbelief at the door, but Tsubasa is reaching unprecedented levels ==; It's that delicate balance of disabling enough brain cells to believe the crap they cough up, and keeping enough to actually follow what the crap is going on =___=

If spoilers are to be believed, R!Syaoran is now CCS!Syaoran and CCS!Sakura's son? And R!Sakura is CCS!Sakura's parallel, which makes R!Syaoran x R!Sakura some sort of terrible Oedipal incestuous complex? So where does Watanuki-closest-person-to-R!Syaoran fit in? And how exactly did R!Syaoran (since son of CCS couple = from our world) and R!Sakura (from some other world) meet again? Or does CCS!Sakura have power to cross dimensions? And why was R!Sakura chosen and not CCS!Sakura or the other !!!Sakuras out there? GWWAAAAHHH BRAIN EXPLODES

The only one who has yet to throw multiple copies of himself across the worlds is Kurogane. Good man!
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It's so nice to be, once in a while, able to put up one's feet and watch anime XD Surprisingly, all three anime I managed to catch have gotten off to a strong start. I'm actually most surprised by Vampire Knight, which has exceeded (admittedly, low) expectations.

Nabari no Ou
I've always wanted to read this manga after seeing posters of it around, but I've never been able to find it. Basically it's about the ninja world clamouring over a boy who has the ultimate hidden technique sealed inside him, a power he hasn't learned to use yet but will obviously ultimately propel him to become the King of the Hidden (Nabari no Ou).

It's really hard to decide what genre this anime falls into. It has the palette of shoujo anime, but the action sequences are fluid and dynamic like shounen. There's a lot of anime about the main character having a hidden power just waiting to be awakened, and the main character often turns out to be a bit of a bumhead when that comes about. It's hard to pin down on Miharu, who walks through the show with a bored, imperturbable air mixed with sarcastic cheer.

Normally I'm quite fond of Kugimiya Rie, especially since Gintama, but she does Miharu with all the conviction of whoever did Souma Yuki from Fruits Basket, which is.........really girly!!!

This anime has potential, but it's treading a really precarious path of being trite.

xxxHolic Kei
It's been so long since the first season that I don't know if it picked up where it stopped, but the storyline so far is familiar, in that it's appeared in the manga somewhere.

It has started at a good place, a length of plot that retains the humour of the first season - particularly with the way Watanuki screeches at everyone - but also a bit more meatier on the emotional side, stepping into the spiralling tragedy where CLAMP is most comfortable. Of course, the manga by this time has gotten a lot more depressing as well, with Watanuki's eye problems, then Himawari's secret, and now Kohane-chan's dilemma. Again, there has been no crossover from Tsubasa, and it's hard to say whether it will remain the case for the rest of the season. It will certainly be a pity, because the two manga plots are becoming very intertwined, particularly as the finale is approaching.

And Yuuko-san is still as cool as ever ♥

Vampire Knight
I was a bit iffy about this because the manga depended a lot more on its beautiful art rather than riveting story to sell, and there's a tendency in these gothic ventures to overdo on the wangst.

Surprisingly, from the looks of the first episode, they've hired a great scriptwriter for the show. It's tighter structured than the original manga, introducing a lot of the later elements earlier on and probably providing a better sense of continuity than the original did. It does also add in a bit more dialogue than the original, but this is done unintrusively and doesn't detract from the original feel or flow of the manga. The characters continue to develop in the same way, the humour is still there, and the angst is still subtly brewing under the surface.

Obviously the art can never match up to the original, because Hoshino's style is very distinctly manga and doesn't translate at all well across the medium, but it does well enough on its own, and the chibis are really cute ^^ The colours are interesting as there seems to be two distinct palettes, the bright vibrant shoujo colours, and the dark bluish hues of its gothic undertones, and it switches between one and the other, sometimes to quite jarring effect. As for the voice acting...I can't complain about Miyano Mamoru as Zero, of course!
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It's times like this that I'm glad I first read it in Japanese....

It's amazing how simple words can hold so many meanings, and become the most difficult to translate.

A simple "no" in English could translate into a whole range of words in Japanese, from "iie" to "chigau" to "dame" to, even loosely, "yamete".

And either way you translate, meaning is lost.

When Fai says to Syaoran, "Please look after Sakura-chan", Syaoran grabs Fai's arm and says "dame".

The sort of wonderfully cryptic CLAMP word that means so many things.

"I can't."

"I am not capable of it."

"I refuse to."

"Don't ask it of me."

"Whatever you're planning, it won't work."

"You're not up to it."


I've always found the Real!Syaoran-Fai dynamic fascinating. Okay, Kuro-Fai is so obvious it's nauseating enough without KuroXFai fans squealing at every page of Fai getting vaguely angsty over Kuro's latest hissy fit. Both Syaoran and Fai are inexplicably protective of each other. Syaoran, implicated as someone who was much more aware of Fai's lies than Kurogane, is nevertheless considerate and protective whenever Fai isn't at his best.

Too much pointless talk in Tsubasa lately ==;

What the hell is going on with Watanuki anyway.

Don't die ;___;

You're like one of the very very few male main characters I like.
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Miyano Mamoru has been cast as Kamui for Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations.


Kamui always gets the most popular voice actors.

Seki Tomokazu, then Suzumura Kenichi, now Miyano Mamoru.

I sniggered at a comment once said by a Chinese reviewer: that Suzumura's whiny brat Shinn Asuka had the (un)popularity of whiny brat Kamui. HAHA.

I feel sorry for Seki though. He probably had the worst version of Kamui ever. It was the only other movie I laughed through when I wasn't supposed to (the other is Star Wars 3). Ahhh...Good memories XDDD I think it was also in canto. Damn.

I prefer Tsubasa's Kamui slightly better, if only because he doesn't get molested as much.

Even though him turning into a vampire + him being twins with Subaru + him being a PROTECTIVE twin of Subaru + him still getting pwned by Fuuma + him being a Chi no Ryuu are totally OTZ OTZ OTZ

But this made my world incredibly waffy... )


I thought I'd never see the day when there is justice in the world and Kamui finally gets his PURPLE EYES back.

Which is approximately the only reason I liked him at all, anyway.


I have never forgiven the day the anime turned his eyes yellow.

(In other news, Fai is also incredibly pretty♥ And so is Subaru♥ Kurogane is pw....*gets shishkebabed by Kuropin*)

Damn, I have a feeling I'm going to just watch this for the PURPLE EYES and Miyano Mamoru.

Oh, and of course, Fai's "ouch-there-goes-my-eye" scene. Ouch.

Oh, and Real™ Syaoran. Haha. What. I like him. At the rate he's going in the manga, he's going to become my nth-character-I-like-who-dies Orz

It's soooo pretty *___* Her style's much easier than Mokona's for anime adaptation and OVA are always better quality animation than TV anime.



15 Aug 2007 10:33 pm
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Instead of researching rickettsia like I should be, I'm instead exploring the anime prospects for next season.

Looks like I'm sticking to Gundam00 only Orz

Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro, a name I'm never going to remember, sounded interesting from the synopsis, but never trust the synopsis.

A 2nd season of XXXholic was approved!

In other news, its counterpart, the incredibly tedious Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle was unceremoniously dumped due to CLAMP for once agreeing with their fans. On the brighter side, XXXholic's production company has picked it up to produce a very pretty-looking OVA called TRC: Tokyo Revelations.

The decision isn't surprising, not only because TRC anime is only half as interesting as watching grass grow, but because the Tokyo arc encompasses more than a decade of CLAMP's insidious plotting. Tokyo Babylon was first published in 1991, and in TRC we see a return of that young, wide-eyed Subaru. For CLAMP and for many of CLAMP's old fans, the Tokyo arc recalls a lot of (not-quite-pleasant) memories (namely: GET ON WITH X DAMNIT).

Should Kamui be voiced by Suzumura Kenichi or Seki Tomokazu? LOL!

Unlike TRC, the Holic anime's actually well-made. Ranks among the very few manga to anime adaptations I'm happy with. Too bad they cut all the Tsubasa references (due to licensing or copyright, most likely). Now that they're produced by the same company, maybe we can hope for TRC references popping back in? Especially since the two are bloody linked and Holic is becoming increasingly plot-dependent on TRC ="=

And my daily accomplishment: stalking!

Tanemura Arina blog: (Full Moon wo Sagashite, Shinshi Doumei Cross, etc) I still love her art ;__;
Higuchi Tachibana blog: (Gakuen Alice) The navigation is soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!

...I was kidding about the stalking, you know.
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I'm craving pho.


How the heck did Yuy/Fay manage to read the scroll if he's been stuck in that place for.....well, by the looks of it, at least 4 years? He looked really young when he got locked up.

I guess Valeria is a country with high child literacy rates =0=|||||

...Altador Cup is so damn addictive. Argh.

I like Krawk Island. I like how our "anthem" is "Rum! Rum! More rum! Now!" rather than....something like "we're so adorable, you'll fear our fluffy pink clouds" *ahem*Faerieland*ahem.

I can't believe so many people joined it because of........Pirates of the Caribbean. Come on, that's just sad.
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Damn CLAMP and their insidious plotting!!

So, according to the latest chapter, Fay and his twin Yuy were imprisoned in a tower.

Fay was imprisoned at the top of the tower. Yuy at the bottom.

But, when Fei Wan cursed "Fay", the twin who died had fallen from the top of the tower (vis c148).

In other words, the real Fay died.

The real name of "Fay" is Yuy?!


This is just after discovering there was a "real" Syaoran too.

........................Don't tell me there's also a "real" Kurogane out there somewhere. Argh.

Well, we have 2 mokonas, 2 Sakuras now, 2 Syaorans and now 2 Fais...............

Kurogane, you're next!!!

............Okay, back to studying PCR..........
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Before the great OTZ....'s been such a while since I last made an animated gif I've forgotten how to use ImageReady ==;;;; It all worked out in the end XD

I can't believe XXXHolic raws has so little furigana OTZ Where's all my furigana damn it!!! I'm kinda surprised I understood most of it....HAHAHA, poor Watanuki. Doumeki's rare moment of courteousness - giving him a birthday present - turned out to be an apron = a-not-so-subtle-demand for Watanuki to cook for him.

Poor guy XDDD

And what is it with foreigners and their obsession with Zhuang Zhou's "I dreamt that I was a butterfly and flew away, and while I flew I thought I was a butterfly, and I thought I was a butterfly that thought it was Zhuang Zhou. Then I woke up and I realised...I am both the butterfly and Zhuang Zhou." Which is probably the biggest OTZ statement in early recorded Chinese philosophy.

...Yes. CLAMP brings it up in XXXHolic. OTZ.

And then Sakura appears at the end of the chapter.........siiiiigh. I'm really hoping for a swift (thus less painful) finish to both series. Finally, I remembered CLAMP told us the two Rayearth guys' names: Geo and Lantis. Of course. How could I forget. ......>_>;

But my Japanese fails at the most important moments, as always ==;
Watanuki: "Isn't Yuuko-san going to give me a birthday present?" "Oh well, I'm happy just with this."
Yuuko: *Sad smile in front of a cloud of sakura petals* "Sou ne."

It's the first time we see her show ruefulness in front of Watanuki. Her absolute equal-price policy might be what saved her from getting shishkebabed by Fai, but it also means she can't give out any favours for free.

Kino's getting quicker with orders~~~ I went to Kino today on the way to Allan's Music and Lo! Vampire Knight 3 was out on the shelves. I remember when the first volume came out, I couldn't order it until the first orders arrived, the first orders consisted of 4 volumes that arrived 5 weeks later and was snapped up within the first day.

Kino has now fully appreciated its popularity and is giving it a Host Club type release (meaning it's actually on the new releases shelf now and not squished in the publisher's corner, and there's actually enough copies to go around to the first 10 buyers to get there).

Surprisingly, Penguin Kakumei 4 was also there. Was shocked! Less than a month after a release and the book's already in Australia! What next? Not charging AUD13 for a magazine that costs only 400yen? *Gasp*

Alright, I'll keep dreaming...

I suspect I'll start collecting Penguin Kakumei, simply because I'm lacking manga where the characters I give a damn about actually get together in the end ==;;;;;
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("Let's hope they don't drag it out to 7-8 volumes more." Oh puh-leez, this is CLAMP. They haven't ended anything since Chobits in 2001.)

Since CLAMP has forcefully marched XXXHolic and Tsubasa into the unbuoyant mooshpits of angst and haemorrhage and eye-lossage, this new avatar is in memory of happier times...when everyone thought Holic was comedy and Tsubasa a narcissist masturbatory crossover, which it happily still is.

Apparently Subaru-chan graces the cover of volume 18 (deluxe), looking for all the world like an uke torn between two creepy semes, but in actual fact he's just torn between Seishirou and Kamui, who is also torn between Fuuma and, er, I'm-not-Fuuma-I'm-Kamui-Kamui.

He's also a vampire *headdesk* While I like all that goth getup, the Subbie of Tokyo Babylon would probably cry if he saw "himself" like that, moping behind Kamui, who still has limbs so thin you could probably snap them with one finger [1]. Kamui-chan also now has CLAWS.

It is also in homage to fans who are exercising their mastery of applied physics to a dream involving blood (they needn't have bothered, the answer was SPOILER ALERT***!!!!~~~!!!***11!!11 this lovely tableau 3 chapters later).

All this happened in a Rayearth crossover world, the only squee factor of which was the sight of Eagle Vision pretending to be evil. It also had two other Rayearth guys whose names I would have known six years ago, but now they're named simply as "Meh One" and "Meh Two". The girls did not make an appearance except in the form of the Angel Hikaru. Yes, the Angel that (which they insist is called "automata", but I insist Angel as it's so much cooler when it reminds me of) @--\\--****ICCHAN-SAN****--//--@ made and was named after Rayearth Hikaru, who had a name very much like Hikaru no Go no Hikaru not only because both of them were Hikaru, but because one was Shindou Hikaru and the other Shidou Hikaru.

Don't ask me which is which! Google it yourself!

CLAMP appears to have a Cassandra complex. "The future cannot be changed," uttered Hinoto, Kakyou, Yuuko, Fei Wan, random person in XXXHolic. It's still a question mark whether Sakura managed to change her future or she's just rushing into it like a lemming to the sea.

And in the train wreck, Tsubasa now has Evil!Murderer!Clone!Syaoran and Real!Taciturn!Syaoran and Guilt-ridden!Vampire!Fai and Depressed!Weepy!Mokona and one Kurogane who's mightily pissed off, and not just because Sakura's raining blood ruined his new bondage wear. Ahem.

This is moving more into familiar CLAMP territory, and the tacky shounen plotline is buried neatly under CLAMP's house special - angsty bishounens. It's an investment that's paid off, and the fans that stayed will enjoy what comes.....

Or at least cry themselves to sleep...over the good old times when we thought there was only one Syaoran; when the family had Daddy Kurogane, Mummy Fai, good boy Syaoran, good girl Sakura and cutie cute Mokona; and when Fai still had two blue eyes and a beautiful smile and called Kurogane Kuro-sama, Kurorin, Kuromin, Kuropon, Kurobin, Kuropin, Kuropinpin♥....


In the other world, Yuuko is still my all time favourite female main character of any manga and anime series ever ever. Yeah. Like. Ever. *Fangirls Yuuko*

[1] I've always considered Subaru to be much more mature and stronger than Kamui, and that's not just because he's older. Subaru lost his twin sister and the one person he trusted, but he was able to walk through it on his own. As soon as Kamui lost Kotori and Fuuma turned evil, he was running into Subaru's arms and moping like a wet dishcloth. Yeah, it stank.


1 Apr 2007 11:53 pm
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I don't know how many times I've said it since starting to read X (which still reigns as the one manga that got the most DAMN CLAMP's yet, mainly because it went into permanent hiatus on the biggest WTF-est cliffhanger in manga history).

They have to be the only mangaka that I read consistently without any assurance of the main characters still being alive in the end (or the main characters still being the same main characters, or the main character won't wish they were dead instead).

This also continues the trend that all my favourite CLAMP characters have the most screwed up plot lines/personal histories possible (in relative terms, as some of their series are more screwed up than others). And no, Watanuki getting his eye eaten doesn't even measure up.


More incoherent ramblings/spoilers ahead... )
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If only it wasn't gold but just sparkly stuff. I should like a power that makes everything I touch turn sparkly. That should be so...sparkly.

Anyway, that stem from this meme:

Calculating? =0=;;;;

In other news: FRUITS BASKET IS FINISHED. YES. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. THE MANGA HAS FINALLY FINISHED. At 136 chapters or somewhere around that. Let's give it all a round of applause and get it out of our heads as quickly as possible.

(Highlight to view ending spoilers...I hope the style commands work on browsers other than IE)
The ending ties up all loose ends when it comes to character relationships. Ultimately it's a happy ending. The pairings are as such: TooruXKyou, YukiXMachi, AkitoXShigure, HatsuharuXRin, MayuXHatori, Ayame X the shop girl, and surprise! Kyou's Master X Hana...................I hope it was a joke. As far as explaining the curse is concerned, I still feel it's a crappy, botched job. In fact I feel that the entire ending of Fruits Basket is a crappy, botched job, although I hope I'm only speaking from the frustration of seeing it dragged out over so many months. It was given to melodrama and hysterics, and incredible sappiness, and the way the curse was "lifted" was probably the most blatant deus ex machina I've seen in a long time.

Amen, we loved it when it was still happy. RIP. Let's hope she comes up with something even better come next year. And I mean that sincerely.

I am totally in love with XXXHolic. I totally didn't realise when I read the manga that the daffodil vase was from Lawful Drug. I read LD last week, and though the main guy is kind of similar to Watanuki, I like Watanuki so much better.

In fact it's kind of surprised me how much I like him. By CLAMP's standards, he's not "pretty", he's clumsy, loud, whiny, petty (when it comes to Doumeki)...and most of the time he serves the comical role.

But maybe that's why I like him, because he's so unlike CLAMP's usual tragic heroes. Because he's always so "genki" (energetic), you almost forget how difficult his life must have been. CLAMP can be so beautifully subtle when need be. The weight of his past only shows when he is pressed into making decisions about his and his friends' well-being...the alarming disregard for himself.

I hope there's a second season of Holic *___* If there is, I also hope that they would link it up with Tsubasa this time, since XXXHolic has caught up with Tsubasa 2 at the ends of both series. I miss looking for the parallel =(

The manga for both are marching into the realm of angstiness =0=;;;
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The first half of part II )

Overall: It is, again, extremely rushed. It's really not something that one should watch instead of the series. It really doesn't have time to settle into the moods of the series, which in some aspects is good (Athrun and Cagalli moping, for one thing), but in others it makes the relationships less convincing (Stellar especially).

Individual scenes and the dialogue make MUCH MORE SENSE now. Athrun is actually *gasp* cool!! And Shinn is cuter. Kira appears much less (in this episode anyway).

I went back and read X volume 16 yesterday. It's related because Shinn's voice actor did Kamui, and they're both mopey characters who didn't get all that much fan-love (awww). As someone said once, everyone flocked to X to see Subaru, and everyone flocked to GSD to see Kira (awww).

I realised that Kamui is actually really sweet, in the same way that Shinn is ==; It's the kind that you don't usually notice and will probably never notice because by the time it comes through, you're already sick to death of the character.

I also realised why I loved X so much, even though I complain non-stop about CLAMP's marketing ploys. Whatever their commercial techniques, CLAMP's art is beyond a doubt amongst the best in the industry. The symbolism in the construction of panels and the contrast between Subaru and's obvious, but it's not patronisingly obvious, and CLAMP's flowing, wordless beauty is really quite breath-taking in the empty, sakura petal-filled blackness.

And in the neat, self-contained young man he has become, the shadow of sweet innocent Subaru the frank, honest gaze and the neverending reserves of gentleness.



I went to Kino today. Was standing in the Jap section when a guy crept (I swear, he looked nervous) up to me and asked if I could read Jap, to which I replied "Not really". But he enlisted my "help" anyway and asked how he would known whether the artbooks are coloured or not, and I said "They usually are." And added, "I've bought a few and they were coloured," for good measure. He seemed convinced. I should probably have advised him that my version of "usually" has less frequency than "often".

...When I got back I realised, hmm, his eyes were a really really dark green O___o;;;


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