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Stolen from...somewhere.

Lalalalala )

Other news...

Miyano Mamoru married with child. Way to go! =D

And...Hey Say Jump gets their own manga. Good grief, what would the plot be about?! It's not as if the jimusho would let the artist portray the way that they REALLY work, all the sweat and tears that go into the training, the filming, the promotion work, the stage well as all the ruthless tactics the jimusho uses to ensure their success.

And I only like about four kids out of the ten...and only REALLY like two of them LOL.

Oh yeah, Jenny...remember how I said that one of the guys in HSJ was really cute when he was small? Here's a picture of him and also here when he was younger =D He was soooo adorable~~~ And also he was a little bit evil as well, so he was doubly cute XDD Now he looks like this. Aye Yuuto~ You should've stopped growing LOL...never mind, at least he can still sing. Okay...I'm sorry, I know that picture doesn't exactly have the sort of lighting (or amateur airbrushing) that compliments anyone. Still.
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I haven't actually watched it properly, fast forwarded through most of the sequences.

Black Cat rant )

The Black Cat manga has also been licensed. Finally. I'm actually surprised it too this long.

In other news, Hunter X Hunter has gone on (a second) hiatus. No reason was given this time. Last time (last year) he went on hiatus because he was "sick" ("sick" apparently connotates anything from "flu" to "cancer", let's hope it wasn't too bad).


25 Jan 2006 10:50 pm
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I still don't like the changes they made to Black Cat.

They've removed every last shred of intelligence from Kyoko - in the manga, she at least made a rational, thoughtful decision about quitting the Apostles. It was probably her only insightful decision - that she wasn't too sure she felt safe in an organisation where any sort of individual thought could get your killed, but it suggested more of her personality than her decision to simply quit because they will fight against Train.

In the manga, it was Creed who set up a trap for Sven and Eve, and he tried to shoot Lucifer into Sven when Train blocked it. The off-handed way Train brushed it off - despite that he had witnessed its horrifying effects of turning a man into a werewolf - the "come what may" attitude is what made his character so much more appealing than the anime version.
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Jenny came to my house today <3

We had lots of fun, even though we did nothing but sit in front of the computer and watch anime~

We went through some of Yakitate Japan and Black Cat. Koyasu Takehito and Seki Tomokazu have reaffirmed their coolness ^^v

And we fried rice together ^^v

Black Cat 10 is out. (Yes, it was technically unofficially licensed. Shh.)

I glimpsed through it, will watch properly tomorrow.

Train's giving me the impression of the way Shinn SHOULD have developed.

Which pisses me off both ways (that Train is like Shinn and that Shinn didn't develop).

Well, it's not so much that Train is like Shinn in his incomprehensible alliance, but he has that bull-headed stubborn temper and a refusal to look things in a different way until he gets punched in the face.

Hey, at least he did look at things in a different way when he got punched in the face. Unlike a certain other gaki.

I'm still liking the manga characters better <3

Carmen~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let's meet up~~~~~~~~ o^-^o
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I shall endeavour to summarise Furuba 18 later today ~~;;;

Thanks [ profile] a_cryptic for the manga ^^;

Black cat 9 )

There's a lot of drama on the Animesuki (link database for bittorrent anime files) boards about the rumoured licensing of Black Cat (and indeed, potentially Bleach, Tsubasa Chronicle and others) by FUNimation.

It's all a bit confusing, but Animesuki and certain fansub groups have received a "cease and desist" email from the company claiming that they have licensed, amongst the mentioned - Black Cat and Tsubasa - and demanded that the torrent/torrent links be removed from the sites. The email was also apparently sent to the DNS host of the sites.

This was not preceded, accompanied, and indeed, as of yet, succeeded by a formal and official announcement from the company on the license.

As a precaution, Animesuki has removed all relevant anime torrents from its pages.

Anyhow, as one DVD would cost about US$28 and each DVD contains only 4 episodes, plus importation, conversion, tax and whatever else shops here add onto the original price...


There are both people who commend the quality of the company and (more overwhelmingly) people who criticise the company's output quality and PR management.

Maybe I'll finish watching the series by the raws.....x___x
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Ish late now so I'll keep this one quick

Black cat 08 )
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I shall expect an email from you in a few days, Carmen! =P

Black cat 7 )
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Even though the person this was written for should currently be studying for her exams =P

Black Cat 2 to 6 )
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Was just checking that the file had downloaded properly.

I really like the opening song ToT It's not extremely original music-wise or really nice singing-wise, but it really fits the slightly tragic mood of BC (especially where the anime took from). It's strange, even though it's a pretty upbeat song, it still managed to sound sad.

And I think the lyrics are lovely. They fit the anime and Train's motivation very well...instead of the usual songs that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the anime whatsoever ==;;;

Accuracy again not guaranteed )
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Will change the icon for this later...>_>;

See, new tag!

Comments on BC from the first two episodes )
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Sorry, hotlinking this

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Today I went shopping.



Yesterday I went to Kino, for the fourth time this week >__>; I think I need therapy. But I had an excuse this time! I was meeting up with a friend whom I haven't seen in nearly 2 months. We had an interesting time fact, we both sat down and read manga for 2 hours. Well, it was interesting...nya =P I ended up reading Ranma, it's been a while, old It's still as funny as it had been. I ended up reading Imadoki as well - the first volume which I didn't have. It was very cute and funny ^^ The guy...well, the guy looks like Tamahome, of course, (it's Yuu Watase's work) but he's funny.

My friend spent her time reading Rurouni Kenshin. I'm sort of over RK ever since reading Black Cat. Train is COOL, he's a cool assassin, and his transformation from assassin to the wandering (with some imagination) "justice-doer" is believable. I like Train. I do not like Kenshin. I do not like the fact he always wins when by all rights he should have lost. I like Eve, Sephiria, Kyouko and Rincelet. I can't stand any of the girls in RK except Misao, and even then she's too annoyingly pert. I'm very much a character person, I like Black Cat because there are lots of cool characters.

Sadly, I also liked Fushigi Yuugi because of the cool side characters...never mind how annoying the main couple were *gnashes teeth* I still find it funny that Yuu Watase herself skipped all the Miaka and Tamahome love scenes when she watched the anime.

I feel I'm too verbose with my entires.

Last time I said "verbose" my friend gave me this look and said, "What the heck is verbose? No one says verbose thse days."


*Hides in corner and mourns about her anachronistic speech*

Maybe I've just been reading too much fantasy.


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