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In a spasmodic moment of geekery, I have copied down three of the notable quotes that appeared in the first 2 episodes of Zetsuen no Tempest.

If this anime inspires everyone to read Hamlet all the better, because it's one of my favourite Shakespearean plays, highly recommended for indescribable amounts of teenage angst XD

I really need to find my Hamlet =(

The time is out of joint: O cursed spite / That ever I was born to set it right! -- Hamlet

Spoken by Hamlet after seeing the Ghost for the first time. In Zetsuen it is frequently referenced: at the introduction by Yoshino-Aika and then Mahiro-Yoshino, and frequently quoted in part by Yoshino.

Forty thousand brothers / Could not with all their quantity of love / Make up my sum. -- Hamlet

Hamlet after the death of Ophelia. Yoshino after revealing the identity of his girlfriend.

怒りよ、火と燃えておれの脳味を干あがらせてしまえ! お前の狂気の怨み存分に晴らさずにおくものか!いかに冷酷無残な仕返しになろうとも。
Translation: O anger, turn to heat, dry up my brains! Thy mad vengeance shall be paid by weight. However merciless and ruthless I must become.

1. O heat, dry up my brains! Tears seven times salt / Burn out the sense and virtue of mine eye! / By heaven, thy madness shall be paid by weight / Till our scale turn the beam
2. O from this time forth, my thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth.

Not a direct quote but rather an adaptation of one (thank you, O learn'ed one on Chinese forum HAHAHA). Original quote is from an angry Laertes after witnessing Ophelia driven mad. The second part of the quote is more likely to be original than adapted from Hamlet but I thought I'd put that in there. Aptly, Hamlet spoke it whilst witnessing Prince Fortinbras leading 20000 men to battle (and likely to death). Interestingly Fortinbras is a foil for Hamlet - they have the same backstory but Fortinbras is supposedly more brash and hot-headed, much like our main character Mahiro.
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Tudou has become very difficult to access as of late and so I haven't been getting onboard with Japanese dramas even though there's quite a few interesting-looking ones out. The sociopathic female surgeon one rated really well, and considering I'm starting my surgical term in 2 weeks I really want to be able to have a laugh at it.

Every time Gintama resumes it picks a very clever place to do so. Last time was the crazy hiatus chapter where everyone (except poor ol' Shinpachi) changed their personalities or characteristics or jobs or...genders.

This time it picked the excellent Kintoki arc to start on. The only drawback is that the Shinsengumi doesn't appear for any of this arc. The comedy timing continues to be as hilarious as it's always been. I'm looking forward to the movie.

Zetsuen no Tempest
Written by the author who penned the deeply wistful Spiral ~ Suiri no Kizuna, this is a sci-fi affair full of interesting personalities and unexpected twists. And as I remember, the author is not afraid to kill people off. Though that in itself doesn't qualify for literary excellence (ahem Gantz), it makes for a suspenseful read when the author carefully builds up the character until the heart-rending end.

The original manga and the anime are littered with Shakespearean quotes. This prompted me to upend the room looking for my old Hamlet text and I'm sad to report I still can't find it. The story is set in a pseudo-future where magic and science co-exist, the magic granted by the "Tree of Beginnings" to a princess who has been stranded by her clan on an island to curb her magic powers. However, through a clever wooden doll, she was able to form a contract with an embittered teenager whose step-sister and parents were murdered in mysterious circumstances.

The anime is another high quality, glossy affair: pretty enough to pass as shoujo, but the action is fluid enough to be shounen, a perfect balance for its story. I highly recommend this anime, if only for the mindblowing revelation about a girl first introduced as...well, dead.

Ever since the disturbing Battle Royale made it famous, gruesome survival games have become a feature in popular media, from the gore-fest Gantz to the slightly more cerebral Hunger Games. Even Bakuman made a feature of it in one of its manga plots...or am I getting it mixed up with something else?

BTOOOM is a little too similar to the above-mentioned for a variety of reasons: a survival game set on an abandoned island where competitors try to kill each other with bombs. The ones who get thrown onto the island tend to be the scum of society, or nominated by those who spite them. The main character is a Freeta who escapes to the online gaming world to hide from his real life financial helplessness. His companions include a girl who ran away while her friend was raped and an abused boy who takes pleasure in killing.

The production value is not bad, but I was distracted through the whole of the first episode by Kanata's monologue. It's not that he's bad...but I'm just distracted by the fact it's him. Unfortunately with this anime preceded by the abovementioned franchises, it's hard not to feel like this is a retread that is precariously Gantz-like in its gratuitous sex and violence.
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After Gundam 00 honourably turned me off anime for 3.5 solid years (yes! Really! It was back in 2009! ...Feels old Orz) I finally summoned up the attention span courage to watch the new season of franchise hopefuls.

Project K
Thanks to my temperamental internet, I only managed to watch half the episode. This anime is SEIYUU GALORE. It has every popular voice actor of the day. There is a paucity of details about this drama, except that it is "sci-fi" and "fantasy" involving teenagers, and that it is co-written by a group of 7 (or other random number) writers who have chosen to remain anonymous.

The whole anime is extremely stylistic. It feels like an art experiment, in a good way. It is flush with psychedelically hyper-saturated colours, tuned to uneven guitar chords that's more hip-hop than anything else, which matches perfectly its bizarre stop-and-go motion, full of long dramatic slow-pans and slow-motion sword drawing.

By the time it approaches the closing credits, one can't help but wonder if the sneaky group of writers is CLAMP in one of their variations. The bold experimentation aside, it puts style and personality before story and plausibility. Oh, and also there are distinct BL undertones.

Like anything to do with CLAMP (now I'm practically assuming it's from CLAMP though I have no evidence of it), it is a very pretty thing to watch, but probably makes you go WTF more often than you really should.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
I have long ago given up on watching shoujo anime, but I heard this was funny, and I have, once upon a few very apart times, liked a few shoujo anime.

The premise is a mix of, say, KareKano and say, maybe, KimiTodo, with a hint of Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu, and probably every other high school shoujo title you can think of except, possibly, Fruits Basket.

It's a story about an introverted heartless anti-social study nerd who meets an extroverted reckless sociopath who inexplicably gets better marks without studying, and sparks fly.

The manga is better than the anime, as I expected, which is low budget and it is always a poor effort when the audience can see how budget is being saved with bizarre frame cuts and pointless panning shots of furniture.

As with most shoujo that become special, the characters are distinct enough to rise from the masses of pretty faces that plague the genre. There's something likeable about Shizuku's cold rationality and Haru's frank idiocy is always adorable. That said, Haru is not much of a character as an inconsistent jigsaw of characteristics, and while their best friends are very sweet there's not much to entice the readers to continue.

I'd love a return to the days when shoujo were no longer than 10 volumes, and dark angsty pasts are dug up and aired before the sickly romance settles in, pretending to be plot.

Shin Sekai Yori
Adapted from the critically acclaimed novel of the same name, and frequently referencing Dvorak's eponymous symphony, this anime is the creepypasta of the season.

Sporting deceptively wide-eyed moe-style characters, the story instead tells of a disturbing future set 1000 years from our time where children with superpowers are brought up in a seemingly utopian setting. And yet, sometimes the children disappear and are never remembered again. And there is a barrier they must never cross...and if they do, they are taught they should sacrifice themselves to protect everyone else. There is a liar cat that takes away children. There is a graveyard behind Harmony school. And there was a time, when children had stepped out onto the street and turned people into bloody pulps, just by thinking. It is an interesting comment on prejudice, fear, propaganda and doubt taking at least some influence from X-Men.

The anime itself is very sleek, with appropriately creepy music; and by hiring a number of lesser-known voice actors, they're able to spend a good amount of budget on the other features. The jarring thing about it is the abrupt weaving between flashback and the "current" timeline, which I assume arises from its novel origin. Otherwise, this anime is a must-watch for anyone who wants something different and least until I get too creeped out.
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I have been out of anime and manga world for so long, but every now and then I go back to check if any of my favourites have finished (answer: NO), but just a few tidbits.

1. Sailor Moon is getting a reboot
This could be good or terrible, however I have high hopes for it as it promises to be "closer to the source material". Supposedly that's a good thing, but I haven't read the original manga either. Presumably any anime that tries to tell a story in 26 episodes will be more bearable than one told over 144 episodes.

2. Gintama anime resumes
After making it look like the Gintama anime is over for good, it comes back after barely 6 months off the block. Or something. That said, I appreciate the anime pausing for a season, every season, just for the manga to catch up instead of filling it up with endless fillers like...Sailor Moon, for example. Or Naruto. Or Bleach. Or Hunter X Hunter. Or any other manga that had the misfortune of not being complete when the anime is still going.

3. And oh, gets a(nother) movie
The script for the new movie will be penned by Sorachi-gorilla. I have no doubts it will be funny and bizarre, but early sketches are teasing a Gintoki origin story. Will we finally canonically know what happened during Gintoki's famous "Shiroyasha" years? Or Sorachi's having a go at us, again. And when will the Shinsengumi ever turn up in a Gintama movie?

4. Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden is still going
And amazingly, NO ONE IMPORTANT HAS DIED YET. What is going on. This is unacceptable.

5. Gakuen Alice is still going
After about 20 chapters of Natsume nearly dying...and then not dying...and then nearly dying...and then not dying...and then nearly dying, I'm going to sit this one out until she makes up her mind.

5. Ludwig Kakumei restarted
As much as Fairy Cube was refreshing, and Ningyou was sweet, Yuki Kaori really hasn't returned to her former epic-ness since Count Cain ended. She's like the Japanese version of Tim Burton, deriving her tales from well-established stories, and like Burton she's lost her touch. As much as I adored Ian, I don't think I've cared much about any of her characters, certainly not in the way I used to love them in the heyday of Angel Sanctuary or Count Cain.

Other things #1
Recently I tried to watch Timeslip Dr. Jin (aka the Korean version). I never managed to watch the Japanese version because as much as I find Ayase adorable I can't stand her acting.

One lesson to learn from the Korean version is...if you have bland, uninteresting main characters, do NOT make your secondary major character a tragic anti-hero who struggles with such profound issues as obligation and filial duty and integrity, because suddenly no one's interested in the main characters. And do NOT, then, make every tragedy imaginable happen to this sole character just to deepen the emotional impact, because suddenly no one gives a hoot about the main characters' own tragic love story. And next, do NOT cast someone who is ten times more eye-catching (that is not, actually to say, he is in any sense of the word a better actor or in fact suited to his role) than the main actor; because everyone's eyes glaze over when the girl opts for the bland guy for no apparent reason. And finally, DO NOT make the story's pivotal events eventuate because of the actions of this secondary character, because then everyone's kinda wondering, so what's the point of the main character?

Other things #2
Searching "Gintama" on Ebay is a very, very bad idea. It reminded me of those long ago high school days, when my young innocent eyes came upon Yuu Yuu Hakusho doujin's. O how I shudder to think of it.

Other things #3
Speaking of Yuu Yuu Hakusho, I drew this for my friend's birthday:

Maybe one day I'll finish it (I'll have to steal my parents' computer for the Photoshop). Does anyone still remember these 2 anime?

Other things #4
After drawing the above picture, I remembered these were some of my first favourite anime characters ever -

...Not to mention the craploads of long-haired guys in Bleach, Saiunkoku, anything by CLAMP or Yuki Kaori, or Kenshin, or Fujiwara Sai...

Suddenly it all made sense =0=;;;;;;;;;;;

(To be fair, only Nuriko acted like a girl despite having the non-girly superpower of superstrength...I'd never accuse Kurama or Inuyasha or Duo of being girly, possibly on the account they can incinerate me with a thumb)
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Today I locked my bag in my locker and discovered that the spare key I had was merely a key that could fit in the lock but NOT OPEN IT and I didn't have my original key with me. *Facepalm*

Luckily I had taken everything useful out of my locker first, like wallet and phone and travel pass...

Was so tired today. 7am start

Day 6 ~ Character who would probably be your rival

Miyazawa Yukino ~ Kareshi to Kanojo no Jijou
Do people remember this classic? I never understood its popularity even if I did read and enjoy the whole manga. It must be because it resonated with Asian children being driven to succeed beyond their means.

I don't like Yukino very much and she's not a character I can relate to, but I chose her because she would be everyone's rival, simply out of principle.
Hiyama Mihoko ~ Code Blue
One of Toda Erika's bitchier roles, but also one of my faves. She plays bitch the way it should be done, not like Maki's spineless whiners, but she's also a very human character and a very familiar one. It's the classic type A personality who was not born into a family of doctors but had to work their way up, so she has a lot of embittered pride. She's had to fight for her place, and she feels she has to continue fighting even if it costs her friends and associates. She's one of those people who would do night shifts as a medical student just to push herself ahead of everyone else.
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I come, bearing horrible news (and the 3rd day of the meme).

This summer, for the first time ever, three dramas are coming to Japanese TV...

Three dramas, all about a girl crossdressing and a horde of supposed bishounen.

Three dramas that will bring ruin upon us all...well, at least upon themselves.

Three dramas that unfortunately take their roots from very popular source material.


Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (aka "HanaKimi")
Coinciding with Maeda Atsuko's (AKB48 front girl) solo debut. The original production team has been brought back to redo this drama, which simply does not make sense. The script for the series that screened, what, 4 years ago absolutely sucked, and that is one role I'm sure Oguri Shun wish he never did. That said, the stars for the original series (Maki, Shun and Toma) are still very current and famous, so remaking it almost seems like biting their thumb at these guys. Maeda's performance in Q10 was so atrocious that I can already foresee myself not being able to sit through the first episode. Besides, no one can take Toma's place, he alone made the original series watchable.

Ouran Koukou Host Club
YES, you read that clearly. YES, after years and years of fans concommittantly fantasising about and dreading this is happening. Tamaki is going to be Yamamoto Yusuke, who was the psychic guy in HanaKimi and I can't say I'm going to like him, although I can rather imagine him doing a cringeworthy representation of Tamaki's exuberant narcissism. Haruhi is not going to be Maki, thank god, but Kawaguchi Haruna, who for one thing is at least still in high school, and though she wasn't a good actress from the last two dramas I've seen with her, at least she tries to act. That said...she's not a good actress. Ugh.

You're Beautiful
People who watch Korean dramas would know what I'm talking about. YES. THAT ONE. This is going to be a Johnny's fare with two Kis-Mai-Ft 2 boys fronting the band and Yaotome Hikaru (HSJ) to round off the third, and supposedly with "cameos of real stars" (i.e. this is going to be Shounen Club). Presumably this is to coincide with KMF2's delayed CD release. I've never watched KMF2 performances but my friend assures me that they can't sing. On the other hand, while Hikaru isn't the best singer in HSJ I believe he can sing AND act (IMO he stole the show in Orthros no Inu), which might just even things out. Especially since the only thing I remember about Tamamori's appearance in Gokusen the Movie is that it is utterly immemorable, even though he was supposedly a major character. I have never heard of the girl, Takimoto Miori, but she looks kinda spunky.

So there you go...some crossdressing fun (or bad camp) to look forward to.

OMG What am I gonna do with my time for the next three months DDDDDD=

Day 3 ~ Character you'd date )


18 May 2011 11:17 am
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After being told for five years that Christopher Nolan's Batman is THE defining films for superhero movies, finally sat myself down and watched both today.

...Can I just finish off by saying I like Inception better? LOL

To use Joker's phrase..."Why. So. Serioussss?" By the way, Ledger's Joker reminded me a lot of Depp's Willy Wonka. The purple suit and the caked makeup and the gleeful love for dramatics didn't help.

It's not just the body count or the immensely high and personal stakes, but the whole tone of the movies is so...nocturnal. Which I guess is part of the point, but it would nice not to feel suffocated by darkness in a superhero movie. And I think I just don't like Christian Bale, ever since he turned The Prestige dark and depressing. If Bruce and Tony (Stark) are both meant to be billionaire playboys, I can vaguely see the billionaire but hardly see the playboy in Bruce =__= Does that guy even know how to crack a smile? =__= I guess the difference is that Bruce is motivated by anger and Tony by regret, which fosters a hugely different outlook.

Ledger did a great job with the Joker, but I'm still not sure about all the adjectives handed to the character, like deep and complex >_> Sure, I think the Joker put forth some provoking questions about humanity, but complex suggests there are non-psychopathic aspects to his character, which I could not see.

Also, the first 90 minutes of The Dark Knight really dragged for me. I think...I think I'll just stick with the fact I don't like Christian Bale. I mean, I loved Michael Caine and Gary Oldman (!!!) and Morgan Freeman in it, and Maggie Gyllenhaal was cute. In fact I loved everyone except the main characters - who were both difficult to love and difficult to hate, which puts them in an uncomfortable position somewhere close to "I really don't give a hoot what happens to them", which is NOT a place you want your main characters to be in. Nolan is great at weaving multiple storylines together (as he showed convincingly in Inception), but I'm sorry, I must be the first person to find The Dark Knight to be a bore >>;;;;

Now, for the second day of memes~

Day 2 ~ Least favourite character )


12 Apr 2010 07:08 pm
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After a long debate with self, I did sit down and watch that Uragiri nantoka (sorry, name is too long ==;)

It has every voice actor I liked/cared about! Hoshi (Kira)! Sakurai (Suzaku)! Fukuyama (Wataknuki/Lelouch)! Ishida (Athrun)! Miyano (Raito/Setsuna)! Miki (Lockon/many other people)! Ono Daisuke (Sebastian)! Koyasu (Mwu)!! Like, seriously @___@

But it is soooooooooooooooooooo slooooooooooooooooooooow. UGH. It is so slow I spent the entire 24 minutes marvelling at the ways they were saving money on animation by cutting to really random scenes when people are talking =_______________=;;;;;;;;;;; Also apart from a little bit in the beginning and a little bit in the end, it had NO music. Like......did you spend all your budget on the voice actors??

Also.....Hoshi Souichirou's voice-acting (or voice-non-acting) is annoying me Orz He has a grating voice usually, to be honest, but it works as a outgoing kid or someone awkward like Kira, but I don't know...I expected Yuki to sound...prettier Orz

Ishida's voice is pretty as usual, but he would randomly go high-pitched, presumably so he doesn't sound as monotonic as he does as Katsura but it sounds weird ==;;;;;;;; Sakurai's voice is so awesome...he would've made an awesome Sebastian XDD I'm pretty sure I heard Koyasu's voice but it was uncredited. Fukuyama made Tsukumo (I loved his name LOL) so....high-pitched and.....well, girly Orz Fukuyama can do really brash voices (e.g. Watanuki) as well as soft voices but...Tsukumo I imagined as cool/cold, not gentle T__T

It feels like it only covered a quarter of chapter one or something (I'm sure that's not true) but it's soooooo sloooooooow uggggh. At least get to an explosion by the end of the first episode T__T I don't think I can stand to keep watching *sigh*
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Thank you to all those people who came out and agreed with my opinion =w= You are all awesome, although obviously not just for agreeing with me LOL

Maru and Koki are made of so much LOVE. They're not even bothering to come up with any excuses, just "we're sorry it has to be this way" T-T

So anyway, after all this furore I thought it's time to make a return to anime, which I haven't touched since Gundam 00 turned me off last year.

.........Why are the only 2 anime I want to watch BL? Orz

Wait! Wait! Wait! Hakuoki is not even BL, right? It's a girly romance + vampires + shinsengumi + HOT GUYS = girly fantasy galore. Why do I get the impression that it's BL? Orz

Gundam 00 movie
It actually has a release date now, unlike the rumoured Gundam SEED movie. Seriously, is that still rumoured any more? Or has it been scratched off the sketching board? There's going to be a new character.......voiced by the side kick of the side kick in Tokyo DOGS. LOL. Apparently it will be set after the conclusion of the anime. Oh well, anything is better than a 90 minute widescreen recap.

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru
I remember reading the manga for this and thinking that the set-up was oh-so-shounen-ai but somehow the atmosphere was so.........not. Which. Somehow annoyed me Orz It's like...if you're going to use a gay setup like that and then have the other characters keep trying to get them together......there better be at least some chemistry between the leads Orz Although, to be fair, the two main characters themselves were actually quite likable, just......not together =__=;;;;; However, the awesome thing about this anime, and I suspect the only reason I'm going to watch this is IT IS ABSOLUTELY VOICE ACTORS HEAVEN *__________________* I would watch it for any one (okay, maybe any two) of the first 10 voice actors on that list *___________* Well, at least the manga had a plot.....even if it was rather slow and pointless >_>

Ahhhhhh~~~~~~~ ANN used the beautiful Hijikata picture T_______T Actually, is that Hijikata or Saitou? IT DOESN'T MATTER. THEY'RE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL T_____T Apart from the 15 hot guys and ridiculous demonification story and Shinsengumi bastardisation, apart from all that...I really don't know why I want to watch it Orz

Kaichou wa Maid-sama
I am NOT going to watch this, but I'd recommend it to people who like shoujo. The heroine is quite strong, but it pisses me off that every time she crosses path with the guy, she becomes helpless and ineffectual and he has to come to her aid ALL THE BLOODY TIME. Okay, I know the point is that he keeps butting in to help when she doesn't want it, but it's done in a way to suggest that she couldn't have done without his help. It pisses me off. It pisses me off as much as SA pisses me off, and I know a lot of people liked I recommend it to people who liked SA =/
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I unburied my only volume of Rurouni Kenshin very confused by different translations of different factions =0=;;;; And I'm still trying to figure out the whole 維新、親皇、親幕、維幕、倒幕、攘夷 alignments and which goes with which |||||Orz

But~ According to the freetalk, Shinomori Aoshi was based on Hijikata Toshizo and Seta Soujirou was based on Okita Souji~~~ They were my two favourite characters in RK~ I guess I'm destined to like them (no, you just end up liking the characters that authors have an obvious bias for, you idiot.)

Both the RK and Gintama mangaka confess to being Hijikata fans, which is probably why Sorachi originally considered setting Hijikata as main character =v=

So in memory of this discovery, I have changed my picture to the great Prince Mayoraa-sama from planet Mayoraa, mayo XDD (Don't blame unrelated people for your whims =0=) Voila~ 夢幻版土方 *被拖去切腹*

His charater design reminds me of Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist...and I don't even watch that so I don't know why I know the guy's name =0=;

Watsuki (RK mangaka) said this about Aoshi:
...Once I decided to use my beloved Shinsengumi as blueprint, Aoshi naturally came to use Shinsengumi's vice captain "Hijikata Toshizo" as blueprint. But even so, in actuality, there are two "Hijikata" that exist within books or novels. (Shinsengumi fans should be well aware of this.)

One "Hijikata" is the "Burn, Sword" version, who indulged his natural warrior instincts until he fought to his death upon the battlefield, the obstinate version of Hijikata (Watsuki is a fan of this Hijikata). The other is a Hijikata who, for the sake of the Shinsengumi, was able to discard personal sentiments, who was cold on the outside, who would only shed tears in his heart, who in particular was able to perfectly conceal all human weaknesses. Aoshi was created upon the basis of the latter.

Ah, so Gintama Hijikata actually had some resemblance to other portrayals of him after all~ (Sorachi: What did you take me for?) Well, you made Okita a prince from planet Sadistic, so what can I say =0=

Gintama Hijikata seems to be more of the first kind, with some qualities of the second.

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw a bubble on my Shinsengumi Douran arc CD (Hijikata being possessed by Tosshi) but fortunately it still works. I'm surprised to discover that Itou actually did exist and did clash with Kondo et co! (Sorachi: ...dakara, what did you take me for!) The Shinsengumi were not such the good guys in the historical event, even though they did kill Itou because they heard that he was plotting Kondo's assassination...Still. It was an ambush and they killed Toudou Heisuke, who didn't appear in Gintama =( I wonder why Sorachi also dropped Yamanami (captain of Shinsengumi) from the story. It would have been good development for Okita.

I watched the Benizakura arc and wasn't half as impressed as I thought I should be >_>; I expected Katsura to be cooler T-T Come to think of it...his first appearance was his coolest and he's been getting steadily less awe-inspiring ever since, even though the short Ramen arc was nice Orz I wish he'd get a serious arc when we get to see him fight properly for a lot longer than 3 minutes...with some impressive Shinsengumi-type speeches, preferably =D
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From a recent recap episode. At least Gintama mocks the frequency of its recap episodes. It's a Sunrise thing, ne ^_~ In this vein, Gundam 00 didn't have many recaps...or maybe I'm getting success erasing that anime from my memory =v=

1. 銀時:今も昔も俺の護るもんは何一つ変わっちゃねエエ
Gintoki: Even now as in the past, the things I protect has not changed a single bit.

Every now and then, Gintoki gets a Main Character moment like this XD

2. 土方:俺はただ惚れた女にゃ幸せになってほしいだけだ
Hijikata: I just want the girl I've fallen for to be happy.


3. 銀時:美しく最後を飾りつける暇があるなら、最後まで美しく生きようじゃねーか
Gintoki: If you have the free time to fantasise about a beautiful ending, why not live beautifully until that ending.

4. 銀時:こんなもんじゃ俺の魂は折りねーよ
Gintoki: This isn't enough to break my soul.

5. 銀時:手前らが宇宙のどこで何しようとかまわねえ、だが俺のこの剣、こいつが届く範囲は俺の国だ
Gintoki: I don't care what you bastards get up to somewhere else in the universe, but within the reach of my sword, it's my country.

Yappa main character da ne, what's with this abundance of cool lines that are so not a reflection on his character normally. This is how Shinpachi got fooled XD

7. 沖田:得るものなんざ何もねぇ、分かってんでよこのこと、だけどここで動くねーと、自分が自分じゃなくなるんでぃ
Okita: There is nothing to gain, I know this, but if I don't do anything right now, I won't be able to live with myself.

When he gets serious he comes out with scene stealers like these. Not fair XD

7. 銀時:魂が折れちまうんだよ
Gintoki: My soul will break.

8. 銀時:俺は自分の肉体が滅ぶまで、背筋をのばして生きてくだけよ
Gintoki: Until my body perishes, I will live straight-backed.

9. 桂:ヅラじゃない桂だ
Katsura: It's not Zura, it's Katsura

How did it even get to the top 10 Orz They even put in the "Zura janai, Ill Smith desu" line in there for good measure Orz Katsura has plenty of reflections on the ways of the warrior they could have used =0=;;;;;

10. 沖田:俺がいつ仕事なめだって?俺がなめてんのは土方さんだけでさ!
Okita: Since when have I not been taking my job seriously? The only one I don't take seriously is Hijikata-san!

Okita-san, you don't take anyone seriously until someone is really on the brink of death, and even then ==;;;;

According to Wikipedia, Hijikata was originally slated to be the main character, which would explain why the author keeps drawing parallels between Gintoki and him...I think it would be a lot more boring if Hijikata were main character (Hijikata: WHY?!) Because he's too...morally upright. You need someone who will hightail it like any other selfish human being sometimes ^_~ Besides, he's too serious.

Apparently Okita was originally designed as a girl. I think this series already has too many aggressive women and they're all starting to get on my nerves ==;; Besides, this sort of ruthless DoS in a guy in shounen is refreshing XD

The character popularity poll was surprising...I didn't realise Okita was so popular XDDD Hijikata lost out even though he has more scenes...then again, I think Okita has much better serious arcs.

And finally, a random page from a random chapter: he really believes he's being nice. Moron XDDDD
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Went and caught up with Gintama episodes (not all of them, no!) I think I've just been systematically going through episodes in which the Shinsengumi appear. I can't bring myself to watch teh Tsusengumi episodes unfortunately...even though Hijikata pretending to be an otaku cracks me up.

I think I now like Hijikata more than Okita XDDDD But Okita's few rare serious moments are very memorable...and also very, very rare. In fact, I think there's only been two arcs so far when the situation overwhelmed his neverending quest to surreptitiously knock off Hijikata.

Watching episode 119 (citywide ban on smoking drove Hijikata on a intergalactic mission to get a smoke) made me sympathise with smokers for the first time ever in my life XDDDDDD I bet the exploding ash bin was installed by Okita. Maa, maa~ I'm sure Okita had vice captain's health in mind, and the best way to quit smoking is to go cold turkey =v= (as if)

I'm actually starting to like Gintoki as well because of the utter married-couple-like hilarity between him and Hijikata (*especially that episode where they got handcuffed to each other and waltzed down the streets in the name of "not raising notice"...yeaaaaaah good work). For some reason I've never managed to connect the two of them as similar in spite of what the anime extols. They're both idiots who will get worked up over some silly reason just as a matter of pride...just like 50 other characters in the show.

I don't think I'd like Hijikata nearly as much if he were in a different anime, and maybe that's why I took so long to warm to him...but he's so...serious. He's the embodiment of the whole Japanese "ganbatte" philosophy. Everything he does, he puts all of himself into it...whether it's arresting lawbreakers, or quelling terrorists, or defending the supremacy of mayonnaise, or becoming the king of otaku =0=; Anything that he settles himself down to, he will drive himself to the very end and to the very best. In an era of hedonism, in real life he would be one of those people mocked for his pretty ideals and big dreams, but he will keep to them until the world around him succumbs. By such people is history made =v=

And he's very alone in this - Kondo spends most of his time worrying about all the wrong things, Okita won't fight unless it interests him, Gintoki is equally lazy unless the script calls for a Main Character Moment™, even Katsura will choose running away when things don't work out. Hijikata alone charges on, keeping to his course and keeping to his word.

So you feel sorry for him, because in Gintama's world, he's like a true Shinsengumi stuck with a crowd of lazy asses. He's called the demon vice captain only because he's normal. He's feared by his own people, hated by criminals, harassed by Gintoki, hunted by Okita...and possessed by an otaku nut ==; You feel for him when he says "Every moment is a battle for me..." Poor guy ;_;

I'm sure it's intentional, but he doesn't seem to realise the charisma he has. He has all the skills and abilities, he practically runs the Shinsengumi, he's an utter cynic but inside he is full of romantics (hey, Vimes!), he binds himself with duties and rules in order for his heart to always be in the right place...but he would never ask to be Shinsengumi leader because he believes that the one who stands at the top has to be a bigger dreamer.

He's too sweet for this anime XD
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Found this trailer collection on tudou. Some of them are unsubbed, the rest are in Chinese subs except for Inuyasha which also has English subs. I can't believe it's been so long since I last read Inuyasha that when Kouga appeared I was all "OH YEAH KOUGA". And to think he was one of my favourite characters LOL.

Got all excited over the really gorgeous looking 2394809257th franchise about bakumatsu but turns out it's a game T-T (此人乃耽美控+半個幕末控) Figures. Anime never have such gorgeous art. But Hijikata and Okita~~~ *Cough* Who is Saitou? Orz I had him confused with Hijikata before. Kondo looks kinda like Kondo from Gintama, just...much better looking XD

I liked the look of Darker than Black. Whaaat, I'm a sucker for action/sci-fi animes. Even though I haven't seen the first season =/

The Book of Bantorra sounds least the subtitles looked more interesting than the trailer >_>;; Apparently it's set in a world where people's lives are stored as books in a library? Besides, it has Romi Paku and Ishida Akira =D =D(此人馬上就變身聲控了)

The trailer for Nyankoi was so cute...but I got all excited for nothing because I thought it only featured cats ==;

Kimi ni Todoke looked incredibly boring =___=;; It looks like they've decided to go the angsty shoujo way instead of the slapstick comedy way and it's going to be sooooooooo boooooorrrrrrriiiiinnnnnng. It doesn't help that the narration for the trailer was done in such a hypnotic voice =__=;;;;;;;
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I must have missed this anime in my sick-of-anime-ness brought on by the terrible Gundam 00.

I haven't actually watched the anime properly except to scan through the last two episodes (*cough cough*) and I probably won't because it doesn't seem to actually end in the anime.

The manga is published in Square Enix's Monthly G Fantasy, which is home to another recent and extremely popular anime, Kuroshitsuji, as well as older titles like E's and Nabari no Ou. This magazine is supposedly "shounen", but a discerning eye will tell you any of the series mentioned above is really shounen-ai dressed up as shounen...or shounen dressed up as shounen-ai, whichever way you'd like to have it =__=;

In that respect it reminds me a lot of Asuka, which published stuff like X/1999 and D.N.Angel and Kyou Kara Maou, many of which are fantasy epics full of interesting fight scenes but also laden with shounen-ai overtones, although these Asuka comics tended to be a lot stronger on the shounen-ai than Monthly G Fantasy.

None of this is really relevant of course, since, depending on the author, shounen-ai overtones can pop up even in the purest shoujo mangas as comic relief or subconsciously because the mangaka used to write doujinshi ==;

Except...except it gets creepy after a while, if the author doesn't take note. Guys starting to act like girls, sit like girls, look like girls, go all emotional wreckage on people like's...ick. Especially since I find most girls in manga rather...ick.

Pandora Hearts is an interesting manga, if only its plot wasn't so convoluted, which is the first of its problems. Most synopses online start off with something like: on his 15th birthday and coming-of-age ceremony, Oz Versalius got thrown into "the Abyss" for the sin of existing, and in order to escape there, he made an illegal contract with "a Chain" called Alice, also known as the Blood-stained Black Rabbit. In fact, it wouldn't be so confusing if it stopped giving weird names to everything. Even now I still don't know what the Abyss is except it's some dark place with horrible broken toys that people end up if they form an "illegal contract" with "a Chain". And a Chain is supposedly a monster from the Abyss.

What it really seems to be about is a bunch of emotionally screwed up people with crossing loyalties and gaping vulnerabilities, who try to make the world right by their own standards and end up making it even more screwed up than it was before, and now they're trying to fix it except no one really seems to know what is actually right.

Every now and then I like to read manga about emotionally screwed up people because it reminds me of the good ol' days of high school, when all these mangaka *cough* Kaori Yuki *cough* CLAMP wrote stories about how the world was going to end in 1999 and the way it did so was pivotal on the actions of a few really really screwed up people. Fortunately, the people in Pandora Hearts are very normal by their standards.

But somehow the people in Pandora Hearts fail to endear themselves to me, which confused me because I couldn't pin down what I disliked about them.

They all seem inconsistent. It's not that they're unlikeable - in fact, quite the opposite, they all seem to be rather charming - but maybe that's the problem. They're all charming, in mostly similar ways. Oz is mostly cute and smiley but he can be scary or angsty. Alice is mostly scary but she can be angsty or cute. Gilbert is mostly angsty but he can be cute or scary. Break is mostly smiling mysteriously but he can be cute or scary or angsty...........the list goes on.

I know in most series, most characters can hit most of these emotions.....But....the way the characters do it in this series seems extremely wilful.

Alice is a very strong female character and I like her. I would have liked Oz too if he didn't spend so much time being angsty while wearing an ingratiating smile on his face. I'm not sure what it is that irks me about Oz ="= Normally, he's the kind of character I like, but something about him is failing to click. I think this goes back to the shounen-ai comments...sometimes he acts exactly like a girl...up to making really really girly poses and giving pages of emotional wangstage =____= Sometimes he seems really pampered, other times he seems world-savvy, and at even other times he's just plain insecure. I DON'T KNOW WHAT HE'S MEANT TO BE ARR. It just seems he has random issues that make him one thing or another, instead of one well-defined problem, like his father complex.

I would have liked Break too if he didn't remind me so much of Narumi (Gakuen Alice)...and plus he has Naru's voice actor (Athrun =__=). Gilbert too reminds me too much of Riff (Count Cain), except he's extremely uselss.

The relationship between Gilbert and Oz, and similarly with Gilbert and Jack, if handled by someone like Yuki Kaori, would have been such a heartwrenching story...and yet =__=; In the same vein, a lot of its other relationships are built on tragic circumstances - Gilbert and his ostracised brother, Jack and the best friend he was forced to kill, Oz and his estranged father...etc. Somehow, none of them seem to wring the pity they deserve out of the audience.

I think this series has all the elements and all the just really needs to figure out a way to make them work.

The anime ended the story prematurely at about 30-odd chapters. Like Gakuen Alice, to make up for the plot it couldn't do, it sidetracked into an alternate climax, which seemed to culminate in a showdown between Oz and the father that despises him. Now, fathers that despise their kids is a staple with Yuki Kaori, so I'm perfectly fine with the angst, but at no point was this a focus in the manga ==;;;;;

The one interesting thing about the manga is that its timeline spans 100 years. There are people who re-emerged from the Abyss after 100 years, there were people who were killed back then and their hatred inherited, or people glorified because of what they did. It's really a story that crisscrosses back and forth in time, and linking it all together are characters whose resolves spanned the century.

Shall now go back to my essay on the graduated licensing system. Seriously. How is this medicine? =___=
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Nodame Cantabile movie
The first part will screen 19th December, and the second in spring next year.

The official website is here but I suggest you find the new trailer on Youtube because it takes a while to load from the site ==;;;

Damn Tamaki, you still look as skinny a...psychotic murderer. Which reminds me, I still haven't watched "MW Episode 0" or whatever.

Will this be the last time we get to see Tamaki playing a cool, standoffish, mean but ultimately nice role? =(

He better not go back to playing goof-heads =____= He really sucks at them.

Wow...I really haven't kept up with anime news. Gundam Unicorn? Gundam 00 movie? Wah?

The Gundam 00 special editions are screening from late October to November. If GSD special editions were anything to go by, it's pretty much a 6 hour summary of the 50-episode story, which will be good because it will have to cut out a whole load of crap. Maybe when boiled down to its essentials, we'll actually figure out what the story is about! ....Or not.

If it still manages to be a world of WTFness I think...I think we're just going to have to say Kuroda is a genius beyond any means of human comprehension.

Kimi ni Todoke next season~ I wasn't too excited about this (I am totally not into shoujo anime although I read shoujo manga on a regular basis) until I saw that Daisuke Namikawa will be Kazehaya! Dasuke! Namikawa! (Who?) FAIIIIIIIIIIIII~~~~~!!!!!!!!! Of course =D

The final arc of Inuyasha will also be screened as anime next season. Didn't the manga end quite a while ago? =_=; Without spoiling it for anyone...let's just say it was a happy ending.

Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro in the first police drama ever for a gekku. It also has that annoying suicide chick from Love Shuffle...but anyhow. I hope Hiro makes a better job of this one than he did of the bumbling fool in Mr Brain.

Yamada Ryosuke will be in ANOTHER drama special about a detective kid. What is it with him being cast as a detective!! Although I have to admit, he does 殺氣 (killing aura) better than anyone else his age, but still ==;;;;; I managed to cry half of the way through 24Hr special with him and Ryou-chan, but I cried mostly when Ryou (the person who was supposed to be dying of brain cancer) wasn't onscreen...which I'm sure wasn't the intention =__= Kuroki Hitomi's acting is amazing T___T

We got an electronic sphygmomanometer (blood pressure metre) as a present from a relative recently, and because every time we measure our BP at clinical school, mine's always ridiculously low, I measured it to check......and yes, it's ridiculously low =___= It managed to be 95/55 once, although most of the time it's about 100/60. Normal is 120/80 (although girls tend to be slightly lower). And my systolic drops when I stand up but my diastolic doesn't change =/ Some lecturers say that a diastolic drop is indicative of postural hypotension but others say any drop of 10mmHg.....bah. I hope it's not an exam question. Bloody exam questions that don't have correct answers....GRRR.


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