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 いつ滅んでもおかしくなかった星が いつ滅ぶかハッキリしただけぜよ」
「喜べ侍ども 我等(わしら)はまだ戦える 悔いなど一片も残らぬまで戦い切る事ができるのだから」

Lesson 630: The art of Bushido is to recognise that death is but a second away.

Souyou: What does he mean that the Earth is about to disappear?

Sakamoto: There's nothing to worry about.
For a planet that could be destroyed at any moment anyway
The only thing that's changed is we now know when
It doesn't change what we need to do

People say that Bushido is to stare death in its face
Even if in one second's time death will be upon us
We will fight to our last breath so that we may leave no regrets
This is what it means to be a samurai
If this one second can last until dawn
Then what have we to sigh about?
Rejoice, samurai
For we can still fight
We can still fight until there is no regret left behind

-- From, every now and then you get some cool lines Gintama

So I was pilfering the Japanese quotes from a Japanese blog, then I saw the blogger was freaking out because she/he was worried that Katsura looks like he'll do something worrying.
It's okay, he can pull an Athrun and self-detonate a Gundam in there. Worked before =P /不負責任
所以還是犧牲坂本辰馬吧 (喂!)
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From the director and scriptwriter who brought you the phenomenon Descendants of the Sun, comes another phenomenon, The Lonely and Great God ~ Goblin.

900 years ago, a general returned victorious from war, only to be accused of treason by his king and killed. As he lay dying, his own blood dripping from his sword, awoken by the prayers of the people he had protected, he turned into a "goblin". His immortality is a curse, a punishment to bear for the thousands of lives he had killed with his sword. The only one who can release him from this curse is "the goblin's wife", someone who can see the invisible sword in his chest and pull it out. 900 years later...he saves the life of a pregnant mother who was meant to die in a hit-and-run accident. A child who should not have been born comes into this world and grows up, able to see supernatural beings...and the sword.

If this was a *cough* novella, it would be encapsulated with 大叔年上x陽光少女,副CP重生

And I think therein lies its problem, for me.

A large age gap is a bit of a landmine for me, even more so if the younger character starts off in high school. I mean technically it shouldn't matter, right, because we've had Twilight tell the world that it's okay for centuries old vampires to hover outside (or inside?) the bedroom of a 16 year old girl. Fortunately the ahjussi is the more passive one in the relationship, so it doesn't feel like something illegal is happening...

But because of my personal taste, I can't get into the romance between the two main characters, and I ended up skipping almost all of their scenes after the first few episodes.

The more interesting story comes in the middle and is courtesy of the two side characters, the "grim reaper" (or one of) and the boss of a fried chicken shop.

The thing about 重生 (rebirth) stories is that it provides the perfect background and atmosphere to 虐 and 騙眼淚. It really is the highlight of the story - the love between a sister and brother, a husband and wife, and a general and his liege.




There's some undeniable holes in the plot, like why random people kept saying the main girl will die if the guy doesn't but in the end the girl dies anyway...and the guy stays immortal anyway??? In fact the plot holes detract so much from the main romance that the side story, being more emotionally piquant to start with, stood out a lot more.

It's a bit of a shame that the main girl had no role in the past. I don't think it is a flaw per se, but somehow her lack of involvement and the way her character is construed makes her seem really bland in the face of the cruel star-crossed destinies that the other 3 people went through.

The cinematography is gorgeous, and the plot is pretty good for about 7 episodes...and that would be episodes 1-3 and 10-13. I personally skipped the rest, but your taste will vary.
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今天久違的看了一下KT的出道曲Real Face













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This song kept turning up on TV when I was in Taiwan. In a way it is unforgettable. Maybe because I miss Taiwan LOL

This is comparatively a much simpler song, but the tune is quite nice.

Sigma 淚奔 translation )
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Recently went K with a friend and since we had 3 hours between 2 people, practically booked every Japanese and Chinese song I've vaguely heard of, simply because I don't actually know that many XDD

And so I came upon 花太香 and fell in love with it all over again. Apart from the fact that Richie Ren's 楚留香 was amongst the worst I've seen, the song encapsulated the very spirit of 古龍 *__*

Hua tai xiang lyrics+translation )

You know...years later, with the experience of years behind me, I have a feeling that "flowers" don't actually refer to flowers at all >_>; At least not all the references refer to real flowers >_>;;;
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其實說什麽“他不出來説話就不算正式” “KAT-TUN的A永遠還是他”





像中居說的,KT不是他用來當作plan B的,不是賤女人拿來耍的



只是 大家終于不用再懸著心等待他說些什麽

又出來傷害KT其他人 打擊KT飯對他的期待

不喜歡啊 不一樣啊 不同世界不同夢想啊


















Congratulations to KaT-TUN on this auspicious day =v=

May you have a considerably less tumultuous and more fruitful journey, henceforth.
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By the spate of posts you'd think KT has taken over my life, which is not strictly true because what's taken over my life is really boring clinics and the perpetual need to sleep. I keep having creepy dreams these days, like my bedroom would mysteriously restore itself after we rearranged the furniture, or people prescribing drugs to kill each other...................yes. But mostly they have been mundane but unhappy, which is a bit annoying because even though most of my dreams tend to contain homicidal themes be mildly unhappy, they're not usually mundane, and not usually of such high frequency ~~;

"Love Yourself" sold 35.4k copies, which is an improvement on their last few singles. As usual, it prompted more bickering between DBSK and KT fans ==;; It's starting to annoy me as much as the AO vs KO bickering.

純粹是想練習一下英翻中 倒不是因爲我很喜歡它
後來發懶就沒翻 而且想著人才那麽多 遲早會有人翻出來
發現意思不太準確 所以又找出這首歌來試一下

2:這首歌的英文水平要比love juice等遜色很多,有些地方不是語法不通就是不知所云
4:鑒于第二和第三條,我翻譯的版本也有很多地方是猜測,因爲真的…………有時不知道他想說什麽,沒有人會那麽用詞的感覺 @__@
6:you = 你們或你,我覺得歌裏的you可能多數指“你們”。不過除非有特別指定是複數,我決定還是用“你”。
7:我是以這首歌是獻給他的粉絲為基點這麽翻譯的,雖然我覺得它好像還在暗示其他的事,不過……再次出於第二條,只能做到這種地步 Orz

Akanishi Jin - A Page translation )
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Had a creative itch last night and opened a new A5 artbook with a character who is far from the nicest of characters...oh well.

Follow me

*Warning: graphic heavy.

On the subject of Gintama, it was amusingly satisfying to see Hijikata command everyone to bazooka Okita in episode...44? 43? What a role reversal it was to hear Okita yell, "Hijikata-san........HIJIKATA KONOYAROUUUU!!!!!"

Well then. Hijikata deserves every bomb dropped on him thereafter XDDD Okita is the sort of brat who keeps grudges like "Kondo-san likes him better than me" for fifteen years.

I also had no idea that Hijikata/Gintoki was an item ==;;; I had no idea that Hijikata/Gintoki was such an item it's practically an official pairing ==;;;; I had no idea it was so official that the anime even revealed a fake DVD cover out of the OTP that looked incredibly. Uh. Not something you'd want to pick up in shops unless you're a yaoi fangirl of the explicit sort.

There's some major Hijikata/Gintoki fan floating around in the producing department who wrote episode 166, which wasn't in the original manga, and which you could read insinuations into like you could into a CLAMP manga. But probably cruder Orz

And notice how I keep saying Hijikata/Gintoki? ==;;;; They've even decided that.! I thought the whole thing started only because the author liked Hijikata and was going to use him as main character and so the two of them turn out to be quite similar and hence get into hilarious situations where they want to strangle each other while doing the same thing. But...seriously, H/G? =0=;;; Since when is Gintoki the u...u...u...uwaaaaaaah *bangs head into wall* Seiyuu no sei da, seiyuu no sei da...must be that =0=;;;;;;

聲控的姐姐們都是BL飯麽 Orz 想找一下中井和哉其他的作品 結果土豆上全是他的BL作 囧 我不要聼土方跟桂(桂阿!桂!真選組的死對頭桂小太郎!)的青春少年愛情劇啊啊啊 *抱頭*

說實在的 土方X沖田更養眼 (群毆:你根本就是在意那種小事嗎?!)


17 Oct 2009 05:53 pm
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I was reading a Chinese article which translated "Edo shogunate" as "爱都少干内特"

服了 ==; 我真的服了 ==; 懶得翻就隨便用音譯代替 ==;;;;;;;;;


可是至少也要查一下詞典啊 囧

那篇文章還說新宿是Edo shogunate于1601年建的……但wikipedia怎麽說德川幕府是1603年才正式登臺的 ==;;;; 誰來給我上上日本歷史課吧

On Tuesday had to crawl out of bed at 5:30am to get to Concord at 7:30 to the very eloquent words of my friend..."shit" ==;;;; We were supposed to watch a colonoscopy but we ended up watching 3 gastroscopies and half a colonoscopy. One room has really nasty nurses that keep trying to kick us out even though the doctor was more than willing to talk to us =__=;;

I've started studying for exams, although not very much ==; I have a feeling anything I learn now I will forget by the end of November, when we have our last written exams ==;;;;;;

I cut my hair last week. First time I went to a hairdresser. It's now layered and shorter and so I can tie it up with two elastic bands instead of 5 ~~;;;; I can also clip it, which makes me very happy LOL

I want a really long holiday, during which I want to run a 200 episode marathon of Gintama =0=; I wonder how many days that would be LOL. Assuming 2 hours per 5 episodes.........................80 hours?!?! Orz

I wish I didn't like the Shinsengumi so much, because it's really getting in the way of me enjoying the episodes in which they don't appear >_>;; But I find Shinpachi really annoying and boring, and I also find Otose and Otae and Hasegawa really annoying and boring. I think I would have liked the Yorozuya trio a lot more if Shinpachi didn't exist...I'm so sorry ==;;; It's not that I dislike the guy...he's a really normal and nice kid, but when he's with Yorozuya he's just....annoying. He gets in the way of everything, whether it's fighting or having fun or being crazy =__=;;;
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我看我乾脆去開個專門的AK博 ==; 這樣子我想瘋就瘋,想黑就黑,不想看的人也不用看










山下是怎麽想的我不知道 ==; 這個人説話做事……說高深莫測吧,也不是,只是摸不清他到底打什麽主意

也許我只是不想說破他到底打什麽主意吧 ==; 我承認我目前對他有很嚴重的偏見,所以傷人的話最好還是別説


結果又非要把修二と彰這陳年舊事拖出來玩上一把 =__=

小龜你不是很會官方嗎 不是很會fanservice嗎 ==; 你那張鐵青的臉又是咋回事

從頭到尾只笑了兩三次,基本上都沒有正眼看山下(不過有瞟哦 ==; 我的AK-trained雷達太靈敏了),唱歌時兩人之間像是有堵很厚很厚的透明的墻,對拇指的時候臉還沖著正前方……你們這算啥破阿米歌羈絆阿 Orz (此人明明很爽)


有人的臉很明顯的黑了一下……讓我想起Bridget Jones裏的一句名言:“(某人)的好處就是,他的不爽會一瞬間流露在臉上” 雖然我不知道他到底爲什麽黑臉啦

不過小龜你不要太過分 Orz 不要那麽明顯地說:歌いくてならお前ら歌うよ、これはお前らの絆でしょう、俺には関係ない


不過我也太佩服你了……幾個月不見,本來歌技就不怎麽樣的你竟然還更下了一層樓 囧

竟然是由那個能唱准就算奇跡的小龜撐場把音準撐住了……是咋的 Orz

我寧願看修也とアキジン啦 ==;;;;;;;;
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Japan begins its first trial by jury, which reminds me I've never managed to finish Majo Saiban ==;; Oh well, not finishing stuff is pretty typical of me XDDD

I went with [ profile] jkylk to some stew/hotpot (not steamboat) place in Hurstville for lunch yesterday. The flavour's really nice, but they don't give you any vegetables, and I don't like being a carnivore =__=;;;;; I also managed to pick four hairs out of the rice and the waitress explained it was "oh, that's from the beef, don't worry", at which I was tempted to ask, "Then can I run a PCR analysis on them?" but she wouldn't have known what PCR was. I'm craving ramen, as usual =/ I swear...when I first ate ramen I didn't like it, but it grows on you. Too bad Menya chashu looks so mangled and yuck now.

Going Postal now has an incomplete cast list!!! I've never seen anything of Richard Coyle's stuff, but at least his face could pass as immemorable, although I don't think this is usually a compliment ==; I wonder if Vimes appears. Probably not =( I can't believe how high Angua is on the list though. In the book she only appeared as a werewolf Orz

Orthros no Inu is so cool. The story isn't actually getting anywhere, but I swear...this is probably the first time in many years that I'm watching a drama just for the guys.

Takki好帥~~~好幾年沒看他的戲了,都忘了他有多帥。記得LotR剛出來時還覺得Orlando Bloom跟他長得有點像。其實Takki的戲我好像只看過Antique ==;;;; 本來説想看Strawberry on Shortcake最後也沒看成。真的很多年沒看到Takki了~~好懷念好懷念♥ 當時KT還只是一幫沒出道的小鬼在後面給Takki伴舞啊~ Takki的演技怎樣我不太清楚,但是他的氣質真得很厲害♥ 一直覺得Takki雖然歌唱的不好、長的不一定很帥、演技不是最出色、人品不是很好,但他真的很有領導天賦,而且他真的是很耀眼。不像某木頭君=__=++

小亮也很帥~~說實在的我對他的期望本來不大==;;; 他是……演本色的時候最厲害 ==;;;;; 《流星》里他好可愛好自然,但是Last Friends里那個木然的表情可以跟山下木頭君比上下了 ==;;;;; Orthros的角色不算難演,不過性格是跟小亮差很多啦,當初還擔心他能不能演好那麽柔弱的角色呢 XDDD

小光好厲害~ 支持小光出演594(會有麽)。自金八以後小光好像就沒有上過電視劇,要説這是他第一次作爲“大人”出現在屏幕上……真的,自然得讓人吃驚。不像多數J家出來的孩子,演戲還不忘了耍帥,時不時還擺一下Pose……整個很做作的模樣 Orz 小光好像不是想把這個角色“演帥”,而是“演好”。J家孩子畢竟走舞臺走多了,走路的樣子都很……耀 Orz 但小光感覺很自然,很“普通”,是因爲他在舞臺上也不怎麽喜歡炫耀?不太清楚 ==;;; 不過畢業後初次出演竟然演反派……好大膽,公司好大膽(拇指),早就看膩了只演正派的J家人了 ==;;;;
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My timetable for next year just came out and if I pass everything, I start uni on January 18th. Yes. SIGHS.

So if you want to see me during that break........make your appointments early =0=

Buzzer Beat
I have to admit, I watched about 70% of the first episode on fast forward ==;;;; I really am no good with romantic soap operas...and plus, the only actor I liked appeared in about 10% of screen time XDDD

Buzzer Beat is this season's "Gekku" and the TV station is counting on Yamashita to pull the timeslot back from its dismal under 10% ratings last season. Yamashita's character, fortunately, is kinda adorable, although completely immemorable apart from the fact that his hair looks like Toma's in Majo Saiban. This is a good improvement on Aizawa in Code Blue, at least, because it means he has more than 2 expressions. And he also looks good in a white shirt, although I think two-thirds of the human population looks good in a white shirt, so maybe it doesn't count.

The story is about a guy on a basketball team who has a girlfriend on the cheerleading team but who then meets a girl from a second-rate music college...and that's really about it. Unfortunately, this show isn't doing it for me. Then again, I can't stand romantic stories or sports stories, so maybe this is the lethal combination (kinda like One Pound Gospel, which was full blaah even though it had Kame AND Kuroki Meisa AND Yama-chan). And I think the fact Kitagawa had such long nails even though she played the violin just broke the straw somewhere (quote my viola teacher on the first, second, and third weeks: "CUT YOUR NAILS").

But I kinda like Aibu Saki's role, up until the last 5 minutes anyway. I'd be pretty annoyed at a childish boyfriend like that too. And Junpei is adorable...or maybe it's just fond feelings from BOSS. He certainly has the exact same hunted squirrel expression, so it feels like Boss just kicked him out and now he's on a basketball team.

I didn't dislike Kitagawa as much as I thought I would, mainly because her character isn't dislikeable.....but her crying skills really needs to move up a few notches =____=|||||| Even Yamashita cries more convincingly than she does.

Really not my cup of tea, and if my opinion had any relations to the ratings, I don't think this is a drama that will get all the ratings back for the slot. 15.5% for a first episode "Gekku" really isn't all that high, heck, even Konkatsu! rated over 16% for the first episode. There's more material to the story than Konkatsu!,'s not a show that will hold its first view audience, unlike BOSS.

PS: I don't know what to say about the fact that Junpei is actually taller, yes TALLER, than Yamashita. That Yamashita is too short...or that Boss is really, really very tall Orz


啊!!!超生氣超生氣!!小龜客串Mr Brain那天收視率下降就說他是收視毒藥,根本無視當天的棒球比賽直播加上Mr Brain裏最差的劇本,而山下智久的第一集收視率連Konkatsu連Sapuri都比不上還說“電視臺指望他可以拯救月九”……………………まじムカつく!!!!
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Popularly hailed as Martian, it was announced on 5th July that Nakayama Yuma is going to debut as part of the group "Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I.Shadow". This is the first step in Johnny's Entertainment expanding their business, not just beyond the borders of Japan or Asia, but into the outer reaches of the Solar System and beyond.

As part of the marketing strategy, Nakayama will also become one of the few JE artists debuting in two groups at once, the other being a limited time combination with Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuri of "Hey! Say! JUMP". Their group name, taking a page from their seniors KAT-TUN, will be formed by their initials and called NYC, a clever ruse to attract uneducated aliens who think that New York City is the capital of planet Earth.

On the press release for this new group formation, Nakayama was asked what he considered as his "Charm Point". His answer - his eyes - was presumably popular with the people on his home planet Mars.

Depending on Nakayama's success in the upcoming months, Johnny's Entertainment may consider promoting idols from other planets in the future.

Source: me, with three free helpings of sarcasm )
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出道已經三年了,這三年來,我真正有做KT fan也最多3-4個月? Orz


嘛~ 難得一個機會,留一下言吧 )

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部落格成分: 光前裕後 - 21.98% 裝神弄鬼 - 27.24% 色色俱全 - 31.47% 魚魚雅雅 - 19.30%

LOL What?


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