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Moving onto the rest of the team today, starting with the antagonists in Kiheitai.

Gintama live action 2017 - Takasugi, Okada, Takechi, Kijima
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Takasugi Shinsuke
Anime: Koyasu Takehito / Movie: Doumoto Tsuyoshi (Kindaichi Shonen)
Koyasu Takehito has a very distinctive voice that's particularly suited to playing manly playboys (oi), which is not exactly how I envisioned Takasugi to be like. He has that sleazy flirtatious streak in his voice that makes him great at playing creepy villains (oi) which isn't exactly how I thought of Takasugi either. I think in this sense, Koyasu is a bit short-changed by his own distinctiveness.

Doumoto Tsuyoshi followed the path of a typical Johnny's Junior in the 90s before eventually having enough say for himself to concentrate only on singing. He starred in a number of "idol dramas" back in the day but only a handful since the turn of the century. I watched Summer Snow a long time ago and I don't remember much of his acting, only I hadn't liked the story.

The problem with Johnny's kids (and men) is that they're trained to be "idols" and they're great on stage, where they flirt with a live audience who gives them direct feedback. Despite their popularity, a lot of Johnny's struggle to really establish themselves as actors because they can't shake the "idol package". Flirting with the camera is fine when you're singing to a live crowd, but not so acceptable when you're trying to play a policeman, for example. A lot of them fall into the trap of trying to act cool, and overwrite all of the characters' defining characteristics into some cooler version of themselves.

The summary of all that is - Takasugi is a character that is easy to over-act, given the traits of inflated self-belief and radical idealism that exists even in the historical person. I think his actions are big enough to speak for him, and what he might benefit from is a sense of being earthed.

I know Takasugi is supposed to be shorter than the rest of the guys but Doumoto is rather short. His face never did it for me, so I'm not sure how I feel about him tinkling on a samisen dressed in bright purple with golden butterflies.........

We'll have to see what Doumoto brings, though I have a heap of misgivings given his idol background, his limited acting experience in recent years, and the innate extravagance of Takasugi that makes him a difficult line to tread between hyperbole and grounded....

Okada Nizou
Anime: Aoyama Yutaka / Movie: Arai Hirofumi
Even though he's the main antagonist in the Benizakura arc, I really don't remember much of this guy...

In fact, I probably remember more of the ill-fated (alright most of the characters in this era were ill-fated) Okada Izou, an assassin who was captured and killed and was played by Satou Takeru (Kenshin) in Ryoumaden.............

Arai's face is familiar in the sense that I must have seen him hovering in the background of many shows, but I really can't recall where or which....

Takechi Henpeita
Anime: Chafurin / Movie: Satou Jirou
Satou Jirou is great at doing the straight part of a comedic duo, so I think he'll be perfect for this role, and he already looks the part.

Kijima Matako
Anime: Hayamizu Risa / Movie: Nanao
Nanao (to her slight chagrin) has carved out a niche in Japanese film and drama playing the evil anego roles - she's either trying to kill people or she's trying to steal their husbands. I put that down to her being tall and assertive-looking, which apparently worries people in Japan...

This unfortunately would just continue her typecast, but she is on point with being no-nonsense and belligerent when she needs to, an appreciable rarity amongst young Japanese actresses, so I think she'll bring to the role exactly what's required.
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