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今天中午吃飯的時候,不小心點到銀魂2016晴天祭,結果回過神來已經把昼篇和夜篇都看完了 <-- 這人真的是在複習的節奏嗎

I'm revising my seiyuu-con roots LOL

The most amazing thing about the Gintama matsuris is the amount and quality of amazing afureco (live dubbing) by amazing seiyuus. I just used amazing 3 times in that sentence.

Both the noon and night sessions featured the Shogun Assassination Arc as its main story, which I skipped because I couldn't bear sitting through one of the saddest arcs in the whole series.

The night session used Saitou to voice the event opening...initially I LOL'ed at all the viewer comments going "OMG SUCH A NICE VOICE" until I became "OMG SUCH A NICE VOICE", then I googled and realised it was (of course) Sakurai Takahiro. GAH SUCH A NICE VOICE WHY YOU PLAY SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T SPEAK. Then I realised there's a lot of new characters that have amazing voices which I had skipped (I really can't bring myself to watch the 4th season because of the Shogun arc T-T) like Morikawa Toshiyuki and Hirano Aya (*__*) and Inoue Kazuhiko (!!!) and Namikawa Daisuke (OMGGG)

The confession series were hilarious, and it's always hilarious to hear droolworthy voices ruin themselves screeching as one would in Gintama. Though I don't like Sarutobi as a character, the voice actress is absolutely riveting the way she gets totally into her do-M and jealous character and cannonballs her way through the lines. It always amazes me how different and gravelly Chiba (Kondou) sounds compared to his usual smooth and genteel voice.

Nakai-ossan always has this inexplicable 反差萌 about him, like even though Hijikata is the oni-fukuchou, Nakai always acts more like Tosshi during live events and is a bit of a pushover XDDD Suzumura (Okita) has always been a fan-favourite and though it feels like he's speaking less in recent years, he's usually pretty easy-going and fun-natured, and the character he plays allows him to be coolly judgemental towards everyone else XDDD

Sugita (Gintoki) has the same 死魚眼 as the character he plays but he's a lot more unflappable - though he'll pop out with the weirdest stuff at the most inappropriate times to hilarious effect. Similarly Ishida (Katsura) is usually pretty quiet and hangs in the periphery but would occasionally pop out with some surprising retorts at the least expected times.

I can't tell if Yamazaki and Shinpachi's seiyuus are like a heightened version of themselves or just playing their parts, but they certainly do the whole 地味 and 吐槽 gig to a tee.

I have no feelings towards Kugimiya (Kagura) or the girl who plays Otsu...they seem pretty popular with fans but the whole cutesy thing doesn't really appeal to me. There's no 月咏 this time, which is a pity.

Now, in case anyone hasn't seen it, here's the live action Gintama main cast cameo-ing as their anime counterparts. Sorry Sugita...I still think Oguri has a better voice (even though he's trying to rough it up a bit here). Shinpachi's voice doesn't sound different at all, yappari the megane is the main point ne (whut). Actually Suda Masaki has grown on me a bit in the last couple of months, and I think he'd do a really good job with Shinpachi (not sure it's a compliment LOL).

Ayeee~~~~I just watched a trailer of Oguri Shun kicking ass in his new drama CRISIS. I don't know how I'm going to deal with seeing him as Gintoki...........

It's going to sooooooooo ruin my fond memories of gentlemanly Hanazawa Rui (HanaDan), cool Sano Izumi (HanaKimi), straight-man Takakura Sou (Tokyo Dogs), imposing Danno Tatsuya (Ouroboros) TT_____TT

At least, with a CV like that, I hope it'll be very hard for him to ruin Gintoki.

Also glanced at something with Yoshizawa Ryo in it - I think he'd make a good Okita. 顏值到位 XD <-- 這是重點嗎?

PS: I loved how the bit where the actor for Itou was reminiscing about his recording days, and he said, "When I got the part I didn't know anything about Gintama, and when I recorded the first episode I thought, wow, this is actually really touching. When I said this aloud, all the cast members were like, 'No, no, no, this is not normal, normally it's about pee and poop and nothing much happening.'" All the cast members immediately start nodding XDDD

PPS: Also the number of tweets saying "Thank you Gintama, you have acclimatised me to dirty jokes." to the point the cast members were like, "Are dirty jokes the only thing people remember about this show?" LOL


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